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December 8, 2009

NCR Land Owners’ biggest dilemma?

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Tuesday, December 8

NCR Land owners’ biggest dilemma?
PANTU – Tuai Rumah (longhouse headman) Masa and 700 NCR land owners of Kampung Tekuyong, Empaling, Gayau, Isu, Abok and Kerangas have called on Land Development Minister James Masing and chairman of NCR land task force Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang to stop Tetangga Akrab Pelita Pantu selling their NCR land within the company’s plantation.

Tuai Rumah Masa has also lodged a Police report against the sale of their native customary rights land within the plantation belonging to Tetangga Akrab Pelita Pantu at the Pantu Police station on 2 December.

It was reported in the New Straits Times that a plantation group Kim Loong Resources Berhad plans to buy a 60 percent stake in Sarawak’s Tetangga Akrab Pelita (Pantu) to increase its land bank for oil palm plantation.

Some 2.02 million shares of RM1 each in Tetangga Akrab Pelita are being sought, while the remaining of 40 percent owned by Pelita (10 percent) and the rest by NCR land owners through a joint venture scheme.

The agreement is expected to be signed next month.

“Our NCR land is not for sale as it is on which we the natives will survive and work on for our livelihood,” said Tuai Rumah Masa angrily.

“Please help us to stop the sale,” he said, asking Masing, Jabu, William Mawan (Minister of Urbanisation and Social Development) and other Dayak elected representatives to help stop the sale.

“Without your help, we will lose our land to another peninsular company,” he stressed.

It is learnt that as of 31 October 2009, Kim Loong has made advanced payments totaling RM11.43 million for the acquisition of the Tetangga Akrab Pelita plantation.

It is also reported that for the past three years the company had been losing some RM3.151 million due to immature plantations.

The company which has planted about 6,283 ha of land, the bulk of which is native customary rights land, has been given licence to plant oil palm in some 10,471 ha of land held under NCR land in Sungai Tenggang and Bukit Begunan.

Jetty’s comment: Tetangga Akrab cannot sell NCR land. Firstly, the lands are still under dispute and they have filed a legal action against Tetangga Akrab in 2006 for planting oil palm in their land without their permission. The case is pending.

Secondly, any NCR land cannot be sold to non-natives. There is a law in the Land Code preventing the sale to non-natives. (I am not sure of the Section, but I know there is a law. Any non-native who buys NCR land will stand to lose as the purchase will not be approved or recognised by the Lands and Surveys Department. Usually non-natives used the names of natives to purchase NCR land.)

But Taib’s government is smart. First he declares that NCR land is a State land. After that the land is leased to their cronies to develop. These cronies, in the case of Tetangga Akrab will sell it to another company in order make fast money.

Anyway, once the NCR land has been declared State land, it is incumbent on a landowner to prove that the said land is NCR land. His Aki (grandfather), the creator of the rights, has long gone. He cannot defend on any Tuai Rumah and other community leaders to help him provide proof of ownership as they have been warned by Awang Tengah (aka as Awang Tanah), the most powerful second minister of planning and resource management not to endorse any claim of NCR land. Otherwise, they will lose their allowance of RM450.00 a month.

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