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January 28, 2010

Rumah Nor ak Nyawai being demolished once again!!

One of the affected structure. Pix by TAHABAS President

The land and survey department insisted they were merely discharging a court order while Tahabas president insisted that  the problem arrived from overlapping mistake.

Superintendent of Land and Survey Bintulu, Haji Ajmaen Haji Superi told Sarawak Update: “We are only carrying out our duty. The court has made its decision. The court have communicated to the lawyer, and it is the lawyer duty to inform their clients that they lost the case,” he explained, adding that failure to vacate the land is contempt of court. Full story, here.

TAHABAS president in his widely circulated email, was telling otherwise.

To be fair, we are publishing both Land and Survey statement and Tahabas statement, for the readers to understand.

The court have decided that the land is State Land while TAHABAS insisted that it was the residents ownership despite the court decision.

However, ironically three days have lapse but the affected resident lawyer choose to keep mum and is not replying to our email seeking clarification.

It was not immediately known the affected resident lawyers who happened to be PKR Sarawak leaders are staying away from ICT technology due to Dr Rais Yatim advisory against twitter and FB.

Attached below are unedited email circulated by TAHABAS.


1. What say you when you see this kind of situation before your eyes? Do you feel happy…….? Do you feel angry….? Do you feel sad…? This is what happen to the peoples of rumah Nor ak Nyawai whose 25 individual houses on their own land were cruelly destroyed and demolished by the Land & Survey enforcement of Sarawak with the protection of the country’s Army personnel and policemen. They got the eviction order from the court after the company(Tatau Land Sdn Bhd) managed to apply for the repossession of the said Lot 16 Block 3 Sangan Land District Ulu Tatau. The application for execution no 38-01-2009(BTU).

2. This could be an overlapping mistake on the ground that could be very confusing as this Lot 16 is part of the longhouse’s territorial domain of Tr. Nor ak Nyawai which was ealier recognized by the High Court. The counsel for Tr. Nor, Mr. Baru Bian had said that he has filed an appeal and suing the company afresh. Unfortunately the eviction still went on. So this is another matter for us to reflect upon. The demolition took place without any prior notice given to the landowners. Nothing can be saved by the house owners.

3. By looking at the pictures you can judge for yourselves what is happening on the ground right now. Firstly, they have lost 25 houses and their properties within. As this is raining season where do they put up during the night? These longhouse folks built their houses on their on land because they cannot live in their longhouse as there is no access road to the longhouse. Secondly, the enforcement personnel did not only demolish the houses but they smashed them into pieces. This means that all their belongings like cooking pots, kettles, plates & spoons and many more things are no more there to be used. How would they eat? Their water tanks were also smashed up. They depend on rain water for cooking and bathing. Thirdly they are left with nothing right now. They have nothing to eat, no one helping them, no authority come to their aids and many more unneccesary problems caused by the demolition. Now they are living in fear cum anger because these monsters might come again these few days

Update by TAHABAS President on 20.01.2010 at 5.00pm

Justice served or injustice? - Pix by TAHABAS

Refusing to move government allocated land, insisting this is their land.

These longhouse folks built their houses on their on land because they cannot live in their longhouse as there is no access road to the longhouse – TAHABAS President

What now?


  1. Anyone know what happened yesterday – the injunction ran out didn’t it?

    Comment by Mary Maguire — February 10, 2010 @ 4:35 pm | Reply

    • As far im concern,Baru Bian has obtained a court Injuction because the case was in fact still pending for trial

      Comment by Pengayau — February 15, 2010 @ 1:24 pm | Reply

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