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January 28, 2010

The role of YBs

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The role of YBs

Like Members of Parliament, Council Negeri (Dewan Undangan Negeri) Members represent the concerns of the people of their constituencies in the State Legislative Assembly and to help solve problems of their constituents on a variety of matters – from checking on individual problems with government departments to providing information on government development programmes and policies. They also maintain a high profile in their ridings (constituencies) and take part in local events and official functions.

While the cabinet and government make policies, laws, and etc, the elected representatives can help influence legislation through debates in the State Assembly and during party meetings.

In short, our YBs are our “voices” and our “bridges” to the government.

But how many of our YBs are doing just that? Instead, many of them are trying to find businesses to enrich themselves and are only seen during election times.

On this score, I would like to mention one YB who has been helping the people who voted for him. I particularly refer to YB Abdul Karim Hamzah, the Member for Asajaya.

When he heard that more than 3,000 hectares of NCR land belonging to Ibans in his constituency have been allegedly leased to Chief Minister’s sister by the Second Minister of Planning and Resource Management, he went to see the Chief Minister.

He requested the Chief Minister to return the land to the land owners as they are his strong supporters who have ensured his victory in the previous elections.

The Chief Minister claimed that he did not know about it and agreed that the land be returned to the land owners starting from next February or March 2010.

This story was told by the YB himself during the Xmas and New Year visit to a friend of The Broken Shied.

This is the type of YBs that we need, the YBs who have courage to speak on behalf of their constituents and the ones who are not scared of losing their “periok nasi”.

But what are our Dayak YBs (and Dayak Ministers too) doing as many of NCR land in their constituencies have also been forcedly leased to big companies for the planting of oil palm, which also destroyed their fruit trees and cash crops and demolished their longhouses? – The Broken Shield

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