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January 28, 2010

Tr Nor Ak Nyawai and nembiak(Sg Sekabai,Sebauh,Bintulu)

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I was being informed that their Lawyer,Mr Baru Bian or the longhouse folks has not been informed or served with a notice much earlier.Be it from the Land&Survey Department or from Court order
They only being issued with merely a Blanket Order from a Court Interpreter who have been “ACTING” like a lawyer on the very day that their longhouse were being demolished.I also has been informed that the groups of 70 Police,Land&Survey personnel has arrived as early as 4 am with their bulldozers,some source saying that even some road which led to their longhouse has been BLOCKED by the Police too during the DEMOLITION

The actions of Tatau Land Sendirian Berhad, a subsidiary of the ASSAR Group and their agents together with the authorities were uncalled for since the residents of Rumah Nor are still contesting the land dispute claim over the area

In fact the case were still pending for an appeal,so it is MORALLY WRONG!!

When Dr Stephen Rundi(ADUN N.60 Kemena) saying that that was actually a ‘LANGKAU” High drama in Tatau illegal settlement demolition

Which in english,it literally mean “HUT” was very wrong and is misleading.In fact,the longhouse have been “RE-BUILT” at the exact location where their house have been demolished a few years back,and this is the 2nd time.

It is their HOME,not a LANGKAU.Those picture speaks for the truth.Furthermore,Dr Rundi himself might have been confused with the NCR Land Concept when he was quote saying that NCR Land and Tanah Temuda is two different things which has always been misunderstood by the land owners.This has been clarify by Mark Bujang(Executive Director) of BRIMAS in their Blogs..Dr Stephen Rundi sendiri belum faham maksud Hak NCR

YB confused of the NCR Land concept??Isnt it quite ironic in their capacities as Wakil Rakyat??I dont expect them to know everythings and anythings but they MUST KNOW..It is their Responsibilities to take care of the Rakyat.Otherwise,what sort of Leaders they are?Where were our so called Dayaks Leaders when their longhouse being demolished?Isnt it these are the Rakyat?

Agi ukui deh di beri kitai pemakai,di beri kitai utai dempa,sida tu MENSIA..iga ga kempang ndar ngaga urang bakanya???Tu kedua kali iya Rumah panjai sida tu kena rubuh Perintah BN.Enti utai bakatu majak nyadi,ujung2 anak,uchu,ichit kitai dudi ari ila ulun,nyadi kampar ba menua dirik empu!!!

Read also Nor Nyawai granted temporarily injunction against demolition by court and Tr Nor Ak Nyawai NCR Land Case Judgement 2001

Below is the video clip being taken during the first demolishment of their longhouse way back in 1997.This is the 2nd time their longhouse being demolished by the Government

Heartless, Cruel Demolition of Iban Settlement at Sekabai, Bintulu

You can bank in your contribution to the ADMINISTRATOR of Dayakbaru weblog. Please be generous to show our support and strength for our fellow Dayak who has been victimised by the government.

For further details,please click  the first picture or this link  http://dayakbaru.com/weblog08/2010/01/21/it-is-rainy-season-donation-for-rh-nor-and-nembiak/


  1. Hi there,
    I was touched by the demolition photos. Good job for highlighting the plight of the real “Peribumi” which has without fail support the BN government. For your information, I am a Malay, from Sarawak now staying in KL. I have a vision to highlight the plight of the real Peribumi i.e the ibans and etc, to the people of Semenanjung. I am not by any chance a member of PKR or any Semenanjung based party. I always and truly believe we Sarawakian are more better than the idiots that I live with every single day here. FYI, I still receive comments from orang malaya who try to act smart and ending up confusing themselves with Ibans staying in Sabah and Kadazan staying in Sarawak. They always think that my Iban or Bidayuh brothers are illiterate… Everyday I have to live up with all the stupidity around me.

    I always pray to God and will spread this tyranny against my fellow countrymen by their own countrymen to all my friends and try to make them understand that we do have A LOT of Iban PHD Holders..Keep up the good job man

    Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

    Comment by Idris — February 16, 2010 @ 4:19 pm | Reply

  2. Prepare for war!

    Comment by Calvin — July 30, 2010 @ 3:13 pm | Reply

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