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January 29, 2010

Perfect man for Engkilili???

Taken from the Borneo Post

Dr Rayong says the people want local candidate and he’s from Skrang – a local

ENGKILILI: The local assemblyman Dr Johnical Rayong Ngipa has asked the people not to question his political position for the time being because he has served them well all this while under the BN umbrella.He said this at ‘Programme Mesra Rakyat’ organised by Lubok Antu Community Development Department (Kemas) at Rumah Dancon in Bua here.

“The proof is enough. I have pledged my allegiance and I have been handing out minor rural project (MRP) funds to the people of this constituency ever since I was elected in 2006,” he said.

“Non-BN assemblymen do not have MRP funds. So I hope that the people would stop doubting my political position and realise that I have been fighting on the BN side.”

He pointed out that his involvement as a friend of BN has borne fruits when the government channeled plenty of funds through him to develop Engkilili.

“The people should, therefore, know how to assess the situation deeply before they ever think of supporting the opposition when the next general election comes.

“After all, the people have expressed their desire for a local candidate to be their leader based on the result of the last state election.

“If this is what you want, then I am the perfect candidate as I am from Kuching and Kota Kinabalu for the people to scrutinise and give their views on over 2,000 projects and 100 programmes.

The public sessions reflected the greater transparency on the part of the government to engage the people in mapping the way forward.

In a televised interview this week, the prime minister said the government would emphasise on speed to deliver the people’s expectation because if the country lagged behind, it would erode the people’s confidence.

“For 2010, I will stress on speedy decisions, quick implementation without sacrificing quality. This means we will stress on making fast and accurate decisions as it will be used as a yardstick to measure the country’s competitiveness in the frontline,” he said.

The Prime Minister, who has embarked on moving Malaysia from an upper middle income economy to high income economy by 2020, is spearheading the GTP himself.

Ministers in the Prime Minister’s Department, Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, who is in charge of National Unity and Performance Management, and Datuk Seri Idris Jala, are responsible for the overall execution of the policy and strategy.

Idris is also the chief executive officer of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) which oversees the implementation of the Key Performance Index (KPI) in the ministries, an integral part of the NKRAs.

Koh said Tuesday the government was seriously looking at adopting the reward and punishment system under the GTP for the civil service as the programme entered its first year of implementation.

“However, in our first two years of implementation, our emphasis is on how to encourage and support everyone to perform, rather than to start on punishment… it is far more important at this stage,” he said.

To boost productivity and inculcate better work ethics, the government was mulling over a ‘carrot-and-stick’ system for the 1.2 million strong civil workforce. — Bernama

He said it was timely that civil servants be assessed and rewarded based on their individual performance.

The six lead ministries for the NKRAs are Home Affairs Ministry, Prime Minister’s Department, Education Ministry, Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, Rural and Regional Development Ministry and Transport Ministry. — Bernama

1.I still remember the exact words of yours during my dad and i paid you a visit at your Clinic at Batu Kawa,Kuching back then

2.I still remember you were once a Pro Tem Deputy President  of Malaysian Dayak Congress(MDC) during the early days of your career as ADUN for Engkili

3.I still remember who was supporting you in your Election campaign in Engkilili way back in 2006

4.I still remember how many times you have been standing in the State Election in Engkilili before you finally won in 2006

5.I still remember that you was once apply to be a member of  SUPP but  was rejected due to Political Strategy within SUPP itself

6.I still remember that you was once very vocal and sceptical with BN and its Politics Of Development Policy

7.I still remember that you was once being embarrassed by Jawah Gerang when you was caught campaigning for BN in Batang Ai  eventhough you are not even a member of any Party

8.I do REALISE that you are such a SPECIAL YB and in fact the only Non BN YB who were allocated with MRP Funds for your area

9.I do REALISE that you were always seen with William Nyalau(MP for Lubok Antu) in any official fucntion in Lubok Antu area

Dear Dr Johnicol Rayong,there are something that you dont realise:

1.You has been used by BN to gain supports from the Engkili voters

2.You has been used by BN to further OPPRESSED,SUPPRESSED and DEPPRESSED our own Dayaks people

3.You has been used by BN to further strenghten their slogan which is “Perintah BN aja ulih mai pemansang”

4.You has been used by BN to spread the so called policy Politics Of Development to our own Dayaks people as a mater of fact,you has been very VOCAL agaisnt it in the past.

Well Sir,i only have a few question for you.Why did you do all this?Do you expected that you will be NOMINATED in the upcoming State Election?And if so,from which Party to be exact?Where is Dr Rayong whom i known before?

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