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February 26, 2010

PKR to respect the 18/20 Point of Agreement?

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PKR move to renew federal-state ties

KOTA KINABALU – Fears and concerns expressed by leaders in Sabah and Sarawak during the months prior to the formation of Malaysia in 1963 have become a reality, PKR vice president Dr Jeffrey Kitingan said here today.

“We have never had a compliance mechanism to ensure that the conditions for the formation of Malaysia are implemented,” he added.

He said that was why he had taken the initiative to set up a Sabah Sarawak Consultative Council (SSCC) to service the party’s Federal-State National Integration Council (FSNIC).

jeffrey-kitingan“Under its national integration council, the party has accepted a common policy platform to review the Malaysia Agreement,” he disclosed to the Malaysian Mirror in an interview.

“We need to move together. The federal and state stand must be similar,” he added.

The SSCC held its inaugural meeting here last Sunday (Feb. 21) under his chairmanship during the two-day working visit to Sabah by PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

Jeffrey said the PKR president came to formalize the SSCC that had a preliminary meeting in Kuching previously and the one last Sunday kicked off action by leaders from Sabah and Sarawak.

According to him, the agenda for the SSCC is to promote political and economic cohesion in the Borneo states.

“It is an informal body that will service and provide policy inputs into the formal structure of the FSNIC of PKR and to make this council at the national level meaningful and useful,” he explained.


February 15, 2010

Asri urges review of Islamic laws on banned words

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Taken from Malaysian Insider

By G. Manimaran, Bahasa Malaysia Editor

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 15 — Influential cleric Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin (picture) has come out to ask all states to review their Islamic enactments that bar non-Muslims from using terms and words such as ‘Allah’, saying laws should be updated from time to time.

The former Perlis mufti defended Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad’s proposal for Selangor to review laws such as its Non-Islamic Religion Enactment 1988 (Control of Propagations Among Muslims) that has raised the ire of some Muslims.

“Yes, I feel the proposal should be considered as part of contemporary development. The requirements from the past and present are not the same at all,” Asri told The Malaysian Insider in an exclusive interview yesterday.

Khalid’s proposal came in the wake of the controversial High Court ruling last Dec 31 when the Catholic weekly Herald was given the constitutional right to use the word ‘Allah’ to describe the Christian God among the Catholic congregation to the consternation of Muslims who say its exclusive to them.

“If the Internal Security Act (ISA) can be reviewed, don’t tell me these others laws cannot be reviewed,” he said, pointing out there are many words and phrases that have been barred from usage by non-Muslims.

Ten of Malaysia’s 13 states have banned non-Muslims from using up to 35 Arabic terms including the word ‘Allah’, ‘solat’ or prayers and even ‘masjid’ or mosque.

“How can we propagate our religion to others if we stop them (non-Muslims) from using certain words,” he asked.

Asri said the government should issue clear guidelines on such usage rather than rely on enactments.


Who are lying?

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Source: www.thebrokenshield.blogspot.com
We often hear from our ministers and elected representatives telling their constituents that the government does not take away the people’s NCR land without paying compensations.

They accuse the Opposition people of telling lies, exploiting and manipulating the NCR land issues.

“Yes the government does pay and we do not deny it,” said a senior PKR leader, especially when NCR lands are taken by the government for the construction of public utilities such as for the construction of roads, schools and hospitals, the government will compensate according to the values determined by the Department of Lands and Surveys.

Before such projects begin, compensations have to be paid first.

But our ministers and elected representatives are deaf and dumb large tracts of NCR lands are taken away and leased by government to big companies and its cronies. Not only compensations are not paid, the NCR land owners themselves are being chased away, their houses are demolished, their fruit trees, rubber, cocoa and pepper gardens destroyed.

And when the land owners reported the matter to the authorities, no one will listen to them; instead they condemn the land owners for being “anti-development”, and for listening to propaganda by the Opposition. And what is strange is that when the companies lodge reports to the Police, the Police are quick to take action as if they work for the companies, resulting many of the land owners being arrested for defending their rights and lands. There are literally hundreds of these cases against land owners who have to resort to Court to intervene.

Now at a story headlined by The Borneo Post on 4 February 2010 on page 6: “Stop activities on disputed land: claimants”.

The 100 or more people of Bekelit Ulu and Ili in Sibuti have occupied their 320 acres of land since 1945 – about 65 years ago. Under the Land Code, they have the native customary rights over the said land. But a company has planted oil palm on their lands against their will or even without their consent. They have reported the matter to the Police and likewise the company has also reported the matter to the Police.

Under the Iban Adat, if you plant something on someone’s land without his consent, then all the fruit trees planted there belong to the land owner. The NCR land owners in Ubah and Tekuyong in Pantu have applied this Adat and are collecting oil palm fruits from their NCR land and many earn a few thousand ringgits per day. The company and Police cannot do anything, because the lands are their lands.

“Who ask you to plant oil palm in my ancestral lands?” they asked.

Now coming back to our ministers and YBs, it appears that many of them are either talking through their noses or simply accusing the Opposition of lying and manipulating the issues for a political mileage. Now who are lying: The BN YBs or Opposition? – The Broken Shield


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Taken from Abun Sui Blogspot

Seperti yang kita sedia maklum, polisi kerajaan Barisan Nasional Sarawak sekarang adalah polisi pembangunan yang dipanggil politik pembangunan.

Di bawah politik pembangunan ini antara lain yang terlibat adalah pembangunan tanah dan pembangunan hidro elektrik.

Di bawah rancangan pembangunan tanah terutamanya tanah NCR, kerajaan BN akan mensasarkan keluasan ladang sampai lebih kurang Satu (1)juta hektar tanah.

Sebelum menulis lanjut, ingin diingatkan lagi kepada pembaca bahawa konsep tanah NCR adalah termasuk:
1. Temuda;
2. Pendam;
3. Pemakai menua; dan
4. Pulau Galau.

NCR tidak terhad kepada temuda sahaja seperti yang diwar-warkan oleh pihak tertentu. Sila rujuk kes keputusan Mahkamah dalam Madeli Salleh yang telah diputuskan di Mahkamah Persekutuan iaitu Mahkamah tertinggi di Malaysia. Kes ini mengiktiraf dan menghormati konsep yang betul dan sebenar. Kerajaan Sarawak seolah-olah tidak mengiktiraf hak NCR rakyat dalam keputusan ini.

Di Sarawak selagi BN berkuasa, melalui politik pembangunan, BN akan memberikan lesen perladangan kepada syarikat-syarikat untuk membuka ladang-ladang sawit mahupun penanaman semula hutan tanpa meminta kebenaran dari rakyat tempatan.

Kerajaan BN juga akan terus membina 12 lagi empangan sehingga tahun 2030 kalau mereka terus diberi kuasa oleh rakyat.

Kesan – kesan langsung daripada perladangan dan pembinaan banyak dam ini, adalah TANAH NCR rakyat akan habis sebab pemilikan tanah NCR akan bertukar tangan dari rakyat rumah panjang kepada syarikat-syarikat dan NCR di tepi sungai pula pasti akan TENGGELAM.
Kerajaan BN hari ini hanya mengiktiraf tanah NCR yang dibuka sebelum 1.1.1958 yang kebetulan pula berada berdekatan tepi-tepi sungai. Sebabnya kebetulan pengangkutan utama sejak dulu adalah sungai sebelum kemudahan lain seperti jalan darat muncul.

Oleh itu, apabila Empangan atau Dam dibina, takungan dari Dam ini pasti akan menenggelamkan tanah NCR rakyat. Keluasanya mencecah ratusan ribu hektar. Contohnya Bakun Dam sahaja keluasan Tanah NCR yang ditenggelamkan adalah seluas Negara Singapura.

TANAH NCR Rakyat dan anak cucu cicit punya MANA? HABIS!

Contoh paling jelas, Tanah NCR rakyat Orang Ulu di Belaga sangat luas di ulu Sungai Balui (ratusan ribu hektar), diberi ganti hanya dengan Satu(1) hektar sahaja. Malang lagi kalau tanah itu berbatu dan berpasir dan tidak sesuai untuk aktiviti pertanian.

Tanah yang luas di kawasan Asap Belaga pula telah diberi kepada syarikat-syarikat. Penduduk mengatakan mereka umpama dalam “penjara” di Asap Belaga.

Pihak tertentu pula mengatakan mereka tidak merampas tanah rakyat dan memberi amaran kepada rakyat agar jangan dengar hasutan pihak tertentu yang melawan kerajaan.

Rakyat ditakut-takutkan dengan pelbagai ugutan dan gertakan sama ada dari rakyat kelas kurang berpelajaran hinggalah kepada mereka yang memiliki PHD. Semua ditakut-takutkan.


February 12, 2010

SPDP crisis may be taking a turn for the worst


KUCHING – The deputy secretary general of Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP), Paul Igai, said today that the party is aware of the move by the five elected representatives and three members of its supreme council to leave the party.

“Yes, we are aware of their move, but we still want them to come back,” said Igai who is also a political secretary to the Chief Minister.

He said: “We must, instead, reconsolidate and re-energise the party. Focus must be on the strength of the party and the Barisan Nasional in view of the coming state election.

“Parking permits must never be an option. They are still needed in the party,” said Igai.

He said the party president, William Mawan, had met the Chief Minister and the chairman of the State Barisan Nasional, Abdul Taib Mahmud, to explain the party crisis.

Political observers, however, see the crisis has worsened because of the move by the five elected representatives and three of the supreme council members to quit the party.

Decision to leave SPDP

The elected representatives are Sylvester Enteri (state assemblyman for Marudi), Peter Nansian (state assemblyman for Tasik Biru), Rosey Yunus (state assemblywoman for Bekenu), Paulus Gumbang (state assemblyman for Batu Danau) and  Dr. Tiki Lafe (MP for Mas Gading).

The three supreme council members are Peter Gani, George Garai and Eda Egar.

According to highly-placed sources, the group met the Sarawak Chief Minister on Wednesday to inform him of their decision to leave SPDP. They are asking to be parked with Parti Rakyat Sarawak which is headed by James Masing.

Last Thursday, they met with the Prime Minister informing him of their decision to leave the party.

The sources said that they were told by the Prime Minister not to form another party as they might not be able to join Barisan Nasional later.

Maintaining status quo

But the Prime Minister was said to have told them to consult the Chief Minister as to which party they should be parked.

The crisis precipitated last month after Mawan dropped Enteri as secretary general and replaced him with state assemblyman for Ba’Kelalan Nelson Balang Rining,

Enteri accused Mawan of not honouring his promise of maintaining status quo after listing him as one of the “President’s men” before the party went for its election last year.

A PRS leader, who refused to be identified, has welcomed the move by the group to be parked with PRS as it would not only enlarge the party’s elected representatives, but would also open the way for the merger of Dayak-based parties.

Currently, PRS has nine state assemblymen and six MPs. — Malaysian Mirror

These are the “Explaination” by some of the Rebels at the very first stage of the Crisis

SylvesterEntri(Marudi):”Mawan abused his pregorative and acted according to the advice of only few members.He has ignored the wishes of the Majority”
Rosey Yunus(Bekenu):”I was rushing for a flight back to Miri”
Peter Nansian(Tasik Biru):”I only left when the meeting was over and that was after i informed the President that i had function at home”…
Paulus Palu Gumbang(Batu Danau)=”Paulus,an appointed Vice President said he had to protest because what was announced at that meeting turned out to be different thing”
Tiki Lafe:So far no statement for him but he was present at the Press Conference which being held by Entri
Peter Ghani:”Gani,an SPDP founding member, had called on Mawan to resign, saying the members had lost confidence in his leadership”
George Garai,Cr Eda Igar:Both of them were Supreme Council members.Up to date,no statement from them

**So thats mean all together 8 walkout with 4 CONFIRMED Protest Walkout(Tiki,Entri,Paulus,Peter Ghani) 2 walkout with Good reason(Rosey,Nansian) and 2 Supreme Council Members,George Garai and Cr Eda Igar but yet to come with their statement

Ps:James Wong the former President of SNAP( Sarawak National Party) is still alive and he would be clapping his hands and clenching his fists and saying..Yes about time and Thank God History Does Repeat Itself. William led a walkout in SNAP 8 years ago and now he is swallowing his own medicine and its all his own doing. He has been trapped and he should have listened.

February 11, 2010

What is Dayak Syndrome?

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Taken from  http://knightadventure.blogspot.com/2008/10/dayak-syndrome.html

By James anak Bond (Founder of Dayak Syndrome)

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed in the 20th Century noticed a spoiled brat in the Malays and boldly he spoke up. I am not a Tun neither a notable lord in the society, but so was farm girl Joan of Arc when she appeared before the disheartened French Army in the 15th Century. I, too, want to save my people and boldly must I speak. A wretched soul who is nobody is probably what it takes to point out the spiteful rats in the Dayak. Our leaders must despised the rodent, too, if they are not rats themselves.

The reason for this article is to probe the pride of the Dayak. So at the end of the day we will start asking ourselves this pertinent question: Are we still a Dayak? If we are Dayak then by all means we had better start working on Dayak image. Or else, we can do away with Dayak altogether. Time is now to make the choice.

1. Prologue
2. Dayak Syndrome: The Origin
3. Dayak Syndrome: The symptoms
4. Dayak Syndrome: Tribal characters
5. Dayak Syndrome: Application in everyday challenge
6. Why James anak Bond hates Dayak
7. Prescription against Dayak Syndrome


When a Dayak disagrees with another Dayak in a society or even in their own longhouse, the Dayaks have all but two options:

  1. They can ignore, forgo or decline all attempts of reconciliation and raze to the ground the foundation upon which their alliance was forged so no one is left with anything to gain from the lose-lose situation, which in Dayak sense is a fair deal – sepik asai, says Iban; paja’k dalo’k, says Kayan.
  2. Or, if the first option is unattainable, either party can walk out to start another home somewhere, similar in architecture and design and function, only smaller – kelap tong tana juu juu sitei ami itao, says the Penan. The longer the juuuu the farther is that somewhere.
  3. While Option 1 offers opportunity to both losers to come to a talking term again, Option 2 is a dead end. It is for that reason the squabbling Dayaks are quick to resort to Option 1 in many cases, which is total demolition of everything they have started. Standing before the ruin, they watched with glee.Option 2 may offer opportunity of remerging in the future. That can happen in other societies but not Dayak. As far as any hornbill can recall, never once two separated Dayak groups come together again.When a Dayak divorces another Dayak, the two Dayaks will only remarry after there’s no more singles, no more widows, no more infidel spouses, no more bitches to choose from. Of course that is only a metaphor. But even that is not entirely remote from Dayak reality. Exception is the Penan; they’re made in pairs till death do them apart. Maybe because living in a small colony of four or five families don’t give them much choice.

    We have no qualms about liking Dayak to traitors to their own future because every argument they can employ to quash this claim will rebound to stare at their face, and they know that.

    The Dayaks always want to be in control. If we cannot take over the ship as a whole, we divide the ship in two to be fair to everyone in the hull. A halved ship will sink! Oh, we forgot that. But we can worry about that after we split the ship.” – James anak Bond.

In 2002, a Dayak started a Dayak-based web forum, the first of its kind. Quickly it was rewarded with a huge popularity among the Sarawakians, Dayak and non-Dayak alike. Sometime later, the site administrators, some IT fellows of Dayak origin, embroiled in a power tussle among themselves. Long story short, a splinter group moved out to start a Dayak-based web forum of its own. Then a long-standing issue of ‘members pinching’ come between the two sites. The moral of the story is, when Dayak envies another Dayak their sense of community is blurred by a sense of competition, although often the competition is not necessary. But the saddest calamity in this case is not even one Dayak, not even those standing in the sideline, can see anything wrong with that. That is Dayak Syndrome case 1.

Dayak Syndrome case 2. In 2006, a Dayak wanted to start an association for his fellow Dayak. He mooted the plan. He was given a lukewarm response; critics were aplenty. Yet while he was finalizing the framework and now everyone can see the relevance of the movement, out of nowhere the many Dayaks hustled into the association and started nominating themselves to the committee board; somehow, they hijacked the whole thing from the first Dayak. The moral of the story is Dayaks are mites without honour.

Dayak Syndrome: The origin


Define native customary lands

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Taken from MalaysianMirror

By Joseph Tawie

KUCHING – The problems pertaining to native customary rights (NCR) in Sarawak are largely a consequence of the native customary lands (NCL) being issued out to private firms without the knowledge and consent of the land owners, claims prominent NCR land lawyer Baru Bian.

He alleged large tracts of NCL had been included in timber licences, oil palm provisional leases, re-planting licences, quarry licences and mining licences.

The problem, he said, stemmed from differing views of what amounts to NCL.

“The government, in all these years, is of the view that only the farmed lands or temuda cultivated before January 1958 are NCls.

“On the other hand, the natives had all the while believe that their NCLs extend beyond the temuda, to the pemakai menua (communal or territorial domans) and the pulau or pulau galau (community forest reserves) areas.”

A hero among the natives

Baru said the natives’ view was confirmed to be the correct legal position following the landmark case of Nor anak Nyawai  vs BPP Sdn Bhd and Others about 10 years ago.

NCR Land Concept can be read here  https://pengayau.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/konsep-tanah-hak-adat-bumiputra.doc

nor-anak-nyawai(Nor, 70, (pic) was a local hero who took the Sarawak government proxies to court. It was almost unthinkable then.

(He was barely able to write, but Nor was brave. He brought the multi-million ringgit Borneo Pulp Paper (BPP) – a company backed by the state government – to court over land disputes.

(Many thought he was insane as he was up against  Malaysia’s longest serving chief minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud.

(Nor and his people won the fight. It was a landmark NCR land dispute case in Sarawak).

“Notwithstanding the legal judgment coming from the highest court in the land, the government is still not willing to recognise this NCL definition as NCL are still affected by such licenses and leases.

The most pressing issues in Sarawak

“For this reason, it is incumbent upon the government to survey and demarcate the boundaries of NCLs and either gazette or issue titles to such NCLs,” he said.


February 9, 2010

Malaysia is made up of 3 countries as equal partner

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Taken from DayakBaru.com

Written by: Dr John Brian Anthony

There is no 13 States in Malaysia

There are 11 Federated Malay States in Malaya. Sabah and Sarawak are NOT  in the same category of Malacca, Johore, Selangor etc. Sabah and Sabah are independent countries before forming Malaysia.

Who says that there was no agreement when Malaysia was formed? Do you really think that Sabah and Sarawak are so silly so as to form Malaysia without an agreement. Most people in Malaya ( i will not refer to Malaya as West Malaysia anymore from now on) were told lies in school and wrong facts of history to create the impression that Sabah and Sarawak are of the same status as the Malay State.

Are WE in TWO Malaysia?

I was on a flight today and sitting besides a “senior Malay” Civil servant in a plane from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur. He told me he did not understand why he needed passport to enter Sarawak – are WE two Malaysia – he asked.

My response was immediate – we are Malaysian BUT in Malaysia there are 3 countries as equal partners. He seems taken aback – and he asked me “how come?”. I told him Sabah and Sarawak are not States but countries, and we made agreement when we formed Malaysia. One of the agreement is that Sarawak and Sabah has control over immigration.

Is there such an agreement? he again asked me. My reply is,  if there is no agreement why do you think that you have to use travel document to enter Sarawak? He said “Sarawak is part of Malaysia”. I said YES – without Sarawak and Sabah there is NO Malaysia. We have an agreement known as the 18 -20 points.

How do you feel about 1 Malaysia? he asked.

That is a good question I said. We do not have 1 Malaysia. He asked “Are you serious?. I said calmly “YES”.

The reasons are many.  I am a Native of Sarawak, my rights is enshrine in the constitution. If that is so, why are we NOT given quota in the civil service, in the armed forces, in the NEP? Why are we Dayak treated like second class citizen?

Then he said the most shocking of things – “you are not a Muslim, how can you be bumiputera?”. Now I know why the Natives of Sabah and Sarawak are  not as considered “bumiputera”   because we are not Muslim and without a “bin”  in our name by some people in the civil service. If we are denied our rights by civil servants and the civil service is made up of almost “one race” can we truely be 1 Malaysia.


February 8, 2010

Politics of Fear and Supression

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Taken from MalaysianMirror
Jabu accused of using “Scare tactics”


BETONG – Stanny Embat, a retired senior police officer, has accused Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu of using ‘scare tactics’ against the people in order to maintain their support in the Layar constituency.“Jabu is not doing any thing to help the people of Betong, whom he represents for the past 35 years. He has not helped the people to improve their economic well-being,” said Embat at a political gathering organised by PKR at Melayu Ili near here on Sunday.

“No doubt there are physical developments in Betong, but the people have remained poor with no sources of incomes,” he said.

Alfred Jabu accused of using scaring tactics
“Jabu has no more idea to help the people, so enough is enough. He must be replaced,” said Embat, who is likely to be a PR candidate to challenge Jabu in the Layar constituency in the next election.

‘Rights of the people’

He said some years ago when Jabu was minister of agriculture, he tried to commercialise ‘kepayang’, and urged the people to plant it, but the “kepayang project was a total failure”.

What Jabu was good at was carrying out politics of fear against the people in order to maintain their support, he added.

PKR state chairman Baru Bian, who was the main speaker, said that the present state government did not practise the concept of “people first” when they took away native customary rights (NCR) land and leased them to big companies for the planting of trees and oil palm.

“They do not care for the rights of the people; they only care for themselves,” he said and pointed out that PR has an “extraordinary” policy – the policy of giving priority to the people’s interest as can be seen in states under its administration.

He said that the present government refused to survey NCR land saying that the government has no money.

“That is not the real reason. The reason is that they are scared that all the lands in Sarawak will be NCR lands, and that being the case, the state government cannot give such lands any more to the companies for the planting of trees and oil palm,” he said.

‘Life of the people’

“Nor do they want to give titles to NCR lands, because if the lands are not titled the land owners will not be able to use them as collateral when borrowing money from the banks to carry out their own businesses.

“In other words, if their businesses are successful, they do not depend on government on hand-outs and, therefore, cannot be intimidated to support the government.”

For PR, Baru said that it regarded NCR lands as “life of the people” and pledged to survey all NCR lands and issue them titles if it takes over the state government.

“But if you do not help us (vote this government out), then nothing can be done to help you,” he said.

State PKR deputy chairman Wan Zainal Wan Sanusi and PKR adviser Jimmy Donald, a former MP fo Sri Aman, also spoke at the function.

February 5, 2010

1998-1999 Trial “The Return”

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Taken from AnwarIbrahim Blog

Hanya sebelas tahun semenjak Anwar Ibrahim dipecat dari jawatan timbalan perdana menteri, beliau menerima tamparan dengan dakwaan liwat dan seolah-olahnya tuduhan rasuah (penyelewengan kuasa). Beliau berdepan dengan dua perbicaraan yang dikutuk seluruh dunia sebagai perbicaraan tidak adil dan bermotivasikan kepentingan politik pihak tertentu. Hasilnya beliau menghabiskan enam tahun dalam tahanan di Penjara Sungai Buloh, dikurung bersendirian selama pemenjaraan hanya dibenarkan bertemu dengan ahli keluarga dan para peguam sahaja. Akhirnya bekas Perdana Menteri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad mendapat hukuman setimpal dengan berat hati dipaksa bersara pada bulan Oktober 2003. Kemudiannya Anwar dibebas dan dilepaskan pada 2 haribulan September 2004 pada tahap terakhir rayuannya di mahkamah mengubah penghakiman kes liwatnya.

 Sekarang mimpi ngeri itu bermula lagi. Pada 16 Julai 2008, Anwar ditangkap atas tuduhan kes liwat yang baru, selepas suatu laporan polis dibuat oleh Saiful Bukhari, pembantu berpangkat rendah dalam pejabatnya pada 28 Jun 2008. Anwar berkata tuduhan ini, sekali lagi bermotifkan politik, sebagai cubaan terbaru untuk menghalang kerjaya politiknya yang kembali bangkit mendadak kegemilangannya. Ramai orang di dalam dan di luar negara bersetuju dengan penilaian ini.

Kes terbaru ini hanyalah ulang tayang skrip lama dengan para pelakon yang baru – skrip sekarang ini juga menampilkan episod-episod campurtangan politik, kecurangan dan penyelewengan para pegawai di pejabat Peguam Negara dan pihak polis, penipuan bukti-bukti yang muncul daripada suatu konspirasi politik untuk menghentikan kerjaya cemerlang politik Anwar.

Kes hairan yang benar-benar pelik

Terdapat banyak fakta terhadap dakwaan yang dibuat Saiful dan tindak tanduknya yang sudahpun berada dalam pengetahuan orang ramai. Fakta-fakta ini bercakap dengan sendirinya. Secepatnya ia menunjukkan betapa tidak kukuhnya kes yang direka-reka ini, selain bertujuan menjatuhkan Anwar.

Saiful mendakwa dalam laporan polisnya bertarikh 28 June 2008 di Hospital Kuala Lumpur (”HKL”) yang dia diliwat Anwar pada tengahari Khamis 26 Jun 2008 di sebuah kondominium di Bukit Damansara. Saiful bercerita kepada pihak polis dalam kenyataannya yang mendakwa dia telah diserang paksa sebanyak 8 ke 9 kali tanpa kerelaan hatinya oleh Anwar sepanjang dua bulan yang berlalu itu. Dalam laporan polisnya dua hari kemudian pada 28 Jun 2008, dia mendakwa kejadian liwat ini memang berlaku tanpa kerelaan hatinya. Cerita Saiful ini menimbulkan kecurigaan kenapa dia sebagai kononnya “si mangsa”yang dipaksa liwat 8 ke 9 kali tanpa kerelaan hatinya, selama dua bulan tetapi tidak membuat sebarang aduan kepada pihak berkuasa. Sepanjang waktu itu dia berhubungan secara biasa dengan Anwar dan kesemua kakitangan di pejabat Anwar Ibrahim.

Turut didedahkan pada Rabu 25hb Jun 2008, sehari sebelum serangan seksual terakhir pada hari Khamis keesokan harinya, Saiful telah bertemu dengan pegawai polis berpangkat tinggi Penolong Kanan Komisioner SAC Rodwan Mohd Yusof (waktu itu Timbalan Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Pasukan Polis DiRaja Malaysia, sekarang Ketua Polis Melaka) di Hotel Concorde, Kuala Lumpur di bilik bernombor 619. Apabila ditanya wartawan tentang pertemuan ini, Rodwan tidak memberikan sebarang komen. Rodwan telah memainkan peranan penting bersama pasukan polis dalam kes Anwar tahun 1998/99 dahulu. Rodwan terkenal dengan peranannya mengambil sampel darah Anwar untuk ujian DNA tanpa mengikut lunas undang-undang. Dia juga terkenal dengan tuduhan meletakkan kesan DNA yang direka-reka pada tilam yang diusung ke mahkamah. Sewaktu perbicaraan pertamanya pada tahun 1998, bukti DNA tidak dapat dipakai hinggakan hakim Augustine Paul yang jelas berat sebelah terpaksa membuang bukti tersebut daripada membantu kes pendakwaan.

Umum juga telah didedahkan “si mangsa” ini telah juga bertemu dengan Perdana Menteri sekarang (waktu itu masih Timbalan Perdana Menteri) beberapa hari sebelum kejadian yang didakwa itu berlaku. Apa yang lebih menarik lagi tentang pendedahan ini Najib pada awalnya menafikan pertemuan dengan Saiful kepada pihak media, tetapi kemudiannya mengakui, menjelaskan pertemuan itu berlangsung kerana Saiful (gagal dari universiti, tidak habis belajar) meminta bantuan Najib untuk mendapatkan biasiswa. Selepas itu barulah Najib memberi tahu pihak media bahawa Saiful diliwat Anwar dan dalam pertemuan tersebut Saiful kelihatan cukup traumatik.

Tindak tanduk Saiful selepas kononnya dipaksa liwat pada hari Khamis turut menimbulkan tanda tanya. Pagi besoknya, Saiful ke pejabat Anwar seperti biasa. Dia tidak mengadu kepada sesiapapun dan muncul dalam keadaan yang normal.Pada sebelah petangnya dia menghadiri acara anjuran Anwar Ibrahim Club di rumah Anwar, yang mana Anwar sendiri turut hadir. Di sana dia membantu menghidangkan kopi kepada sedozen orang yang hadir, tanpa memperlihatkan tanda-tanda takut atau cemas, dia mampu berdiri dan duduk tanpa menunjukkan tanda-tanda ketidak selesaan.

Pada hari Sabtu berikutnya, pada sebelah tengahari, kira-kira jam 2 petang, Saiful memutuskan untuk pergi ke hospital swasta Pusat Rawatan Islam (PUSRAWI) di Jalan Tun Razak. Di situ, dia mengadu kepada Dr. Osman yang dia merasa sakit di dalam lubang duburnya selama beberapa hari dan kelihatannya dia merasa seperti ada bahan “plastik” yang dimasukkan. Pemeriksaan protoskopi (menggunakan alat protoskop yang bertujuan memeriksa hujung lubang dubur) oleh Dr. Osman menunjukkan tidak ada tanda-tanda penembusan atau kemasukan dan keadaan normal dubur dan rektum hujung usus.

Selesai pemeriksaan, dia memberitahu Dr. Osman yang dia diliwat oleh VIP (orang kenamaan) dan Saiful telah dinasihatkan untuk mendapatkan pemeriksaan di hospital kerajaan. Meskipun HKL hanyalah terletak di seberang jalan, Saiful mengambil masa selama dua setangah jam untuk sampai ke sana. Di HKL, dia melaporkan yang dia diliwat, dia kemudiannya diperiksa oleh oleh tiga orang doktor pakar, yang mana bukanlah suatu prosedur yang biasa. Ketiga-tiga doktor tersebut dalam laporan rasmi mereka menyebut, “tidak ada rumusan hasil pemeriksaan klinikal yang dengan pasti dapat mencadangkan penembusan ke dalam lubang dubur …” sekali lagi ia menguatkan kesimpulan yang dibuat Dr. Osman.


February 4, 2010

Update Janji Bepilih ari Lubok Antu

 Taken from DayakBaru

Dayakbaru : Bala kitai  enggau bala2 bukai tau merati ke pemansang ke di sebut perintah tu lalu meri kitai “status” update tiap 6 bulan nentu ke projek tu amat di gaga. Dalam itong kasar semua duit kena ngaga jalai dalam genturong menoa Lubok Antu iya nya RM366 million. Di banding ngena mata kasar Lubok Antu deka ngembuan jalai ti manah lalu jauh mansang ari Kapit, Marudi enggau Kanowit.


Enggau pemisi infrastruktur jalai ke manah ti mungkur mayuh rumah panjai ba pelilih menua Lubok Antu deka terus ngangkatka pemansang sereta ekonomi orang mayuh ba pelilih menua nya.

Penerang ari Opis Kereja

Injinia Pelilih Menua Opis Kereja Sri Aman Mehan Jorai maya meri penerang ngagai Kaban Parlimen Lubok Antu William Nyalau Badak enggau Kaban Kunsil Nengeri Batang Ai Malcolm Mussen Lamoh madahka mayuh ari ungkup jalai ke udah dikemendarka ba baruh Stimulus Pakej Kedua mayuh udah dikena ngenembuka jalai ke udah dijanji maya bepilih mit Batang Ai taun siti nyin tadi.

“Pejalai kami saritu deka meri penerang ngagai dua iku Yang Berhormat (YB) pasal penembu projek jalai ba Batang Ai kelebih agi ke udah dikemendar ba baruh Stimulus Pakej Kedua ke mungkur empat buah jalai alun ba sitak menua tu,” ku iya.

RM8.814 di kena ngemanah ka jalai

Pelin ngemanahka jalai Batang Ai enggau jalai nuju alai baru ke nyadi alai mindahka orang mayuh ba Batang Ai skim ke ditaga kena ngaga jalai nya ba kandang 28 Mei 2009 ngagai 27 Februari 2010 digaga ba penyampau RM8.814 miliun lalu diatu projek nya bisi dalam urung 95 peratus nyauka tembu.

Janji Bepilih?

  • Jalai Lemanak-Engkari ke deka digaga enggau penyampau skim ke ditaga ngena ungkus RM60 miliun udah dikemendarka ba baruh Langgur Malaysia ke sembilan (RMK-9)
  • enggau penembu projek keterubah kena ngaga pemanjai jalai Lubok Antu/Ng Kesit iya nya 8.35km jalai batu ngena ungkus RM6.18 miliun,
  • ngaga sereta nembuka jalai 1.7km Lubok Antu/Lemanak/Engkari (Pakej B) (Fasa kedua)ke ngena ungkus 6.878 miliun, lalu penembu iya diatu semina baru 15 peratus laban agi ngemutarka penanggul tanah ke berbukit ba sitak nya, ngaga jalai Lubok Antu/Lemanak/Engkari (Pakej B) (Fasa Ketiga) belabuh ari pemanjai jalai 1.7km lalu deka diteruska mungkur 6km agi deka ditembuka dalam kandang setaun tu.

Kontrak deka di serah ngagai kena 17 Februari (RM 35.798 million)

“Surat ngagai kontraktor pasal skim nya udah diberi ngagai sida iya minggu nyin tadi ke udah dikemendarka urung RM35.798 miliun lalu endur nya deka di serah ngagai sida kontraktor kena 17 Februari tu ila.

Jalai  Lamanak/ Ulu Engkari RM 300 million  ( proses deka nuduh konsultan)

“Jalai kelebih nya nengah Jalai Lemanak/Engkari  ke nuju ngagai jalai Ulu Lemanak/Ulu Engkari diatu kami benung dalam proses deka nuduh konsultan ke deka diasuh ngaga design jalai nya ke begunaka tender RM300 miliun ke deka digaga ba baruh RMK-10. Kami ngarapka perintah deka ngemendarka penyampau ba baruh RMK-10 tu,” ku iya.

Jalai Wong Pandak-Wong Panjai ke deka disemin (Rm 4 Million)


February 3, 2010

Sabah 20 points / Sarawak 18 points agreement

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Taken from DayakBaru Weblog

Written by: Dr. John Brian Anthony

 For further information in regards to the related article, kindly refer to Wikipedia.


 The 20 point agreement / 18 point agreement is between made between TWO countries ( Malaya and Sabah / Malaya and Sarawak).

 Such being the case, no changes can be made on the agreement without the consent of the other. In the case, they seemed to be effort by the Federal Government to put aside this agreement or even ignore this agreement as it gets their way of integrating Sabah and sarawak according to West malaysia UMNO point of views and political agenda.

 Sabah and sarawak must NEVER give up on this agreement as it provides us with more autonomy. The founding fathers has the foresight to see the greed of West Malaysian and sadly for Sabah since UMNO has come in and rule Sabah it has lost most of its autonomy. sarawak should continue to fight to uphold the 18 points agreement. While working with PKR those leaders from sarawak MUST insist that Pakatan Rakyat respect and enforce the 18 point agreement when they do come into power.

 Monitor and review the implementation of the agreement

 The government of Sarawak may like to consider setting a monitoring and reviewing committee to consolidate the implementation status and audit the programme that has been set to comply with the agreement. That will help Sarawak Malaysian to understand how much has been done in respect to the 18 point agreement.

 Probably it would be good initiative to trace this document back in the UK to find more detail on the intent, spirit, process and even minutes of discussion leading to the signing of these agreement.

 A memorandum for House of Lord in UK

 Where is the Cobbold commission report now – probably in UK too. Malaya would never want to show it because the result is 33% want Malaysia, 33% do not want Malaysia and 33% undecided. How they concluded that Sabah and Sarawak should join Malaysia based on the statistics only “Allah” know. The British has some explaining to do to both Sarawak and sabah. Maybe a memorandum should be sent to the House of Lord to ask for explanation on the matter.

 What is the agreement all about?


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