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February 9, 2010

Malaysia is made up of 3 countries as equal partner

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Taken from DayakBaru.com

Written by: Dr John Brian Anthony

There is no 13 States in Malaysia

There are 11 Federated Malay States in Malaya. Sabah and Sarawak are NOT  in the same category of Malacca, Johore, Selangor etc. Sabah and Sabah are independent countries before forming Malaysia.

Who says that there was no agreement when Malaysia was formed? Do you really think that Sabah and Sarawak are so silly so as to form Malaysia without an agreement. Most people in Malaya ( i will not refer to Malaya as West Malaysia anymore from now on) were told lies in school and wrong facts of history to create the impression that Sabah and Sarawak are of the same status as the Malay State.

Are WE in TWO Malaysia?

I was on a flight today and sitting besides a “senior Malay” Civil servant in a plane from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur. He told me he did not understand why he needed passport to enter Sarawak – are WE two Malaysia – he asked.

My response was immediate – we are Malaysian BUT in Malaysia there are 3 countries as equal partners. He seems taken aback – and he asked me “how come?”. I told him Sabah and Sarawak are not States but countries, and we made agreement when we formed Malaysia. One of the agreement is that Sarawak and Sabah has control over immigration.

Is there such an agreement? he again asked me. My reply is,  if there is no agreement why do you think that you have to use travel document to enter Sarawak? He said “Sarawak is part of Malaysia”. I said YES – without Sarawak and Sabah there is NO Malaysia. We have an agreement known as the 18 -20 points.

How do you feel about 1 Malaysia? he asked.

That is a good question I said. We do not have 1 Malaysia. He asked “Are you serious?. I said calmly “YES”.

The reasons are many.  I am a Native of Sarawak, my rights is enshrine in the constitution. If that is so, why are we NOT given quota in the civil service, in the armed forces, in the NEP? Why are we Dayak treated like second class citizen?

Then he said the most shocking of things – “you are not a Muslim, how can you be bumiputera?”. Now I know why the Natives of Sabah and Sarawak are  not as considered “bumiputera”   because we are not Muslim and without a “bin”  in our name by some people in the civil service. If we are denied our rights by civil servants and the civil service is made up of almost “one race” can we truely be 1 Malaysia.

Have you heard or know about PKR ( Parti KeADILan Rakyat) he asked again.

In truth I said “YES”. “What is it that you want to know?” I asked him. He wanted to know whether PKR is well accepted by the people of Sarawak. Honestly, I have never made any study or even try to understand whether PKR is acceptable to Sarawak people or by how many % of the population etc. What i told him was not about Sarawak accepting PKR but really the issue is beyond politics. Without PKR, marginalized Sarawakian will still challenge the BN government. I narrated to him a few examples:

1. “Allah Taala” is beyond politics.

2. NCL / NCR Land grabbing by the government in Sarawak is a sure way to keep the Dayak poor in the future

3. Low participation in the civil service will be detrimental to non-Malays

4. Lack of basic amenities (clean water and electricity and health services) is beyond politics

5. High incidences of “hard core poor” in Sabah and Sarawak is beyond politics

6. The issuance of real MyKAD to immigrants who are Muslim in Sabah and Sarawak are products of politics

7. Not recognizing the existence of the 20 -18 point agreement is a cheat

8. Ketuanan Melayu ideology is not politics it is the genocide of non Malays etc.

9. High incidences of corruption in the government show a flaw in character and culture of those in government. They want to get rich quick and sell the country to the dogs.

10. ( he told me he wanted to go to the toilet). My guessed was he cannot take the feedback I gave him. So i said to myself, if he comes back and sit beside me again after visiting the toilet he is an honest guy. If he sits somewhere else, he is just another Malay in the civil service who would not want to learn and accept feedback on the state of democracy and rights in Malaysia, he would be just another agent of ketuanan Melayu.

He sat 2 seats in front of me when he came back from the toilet. However he was cultured enough to tell me that he wanted to take a nap because he was very tired.


Malaya do not see and treat us from Sabah and Sarawak as their equal. The Federal government wanted to take away everything from us and impose all their whims and fancies on us – that is we should not ask any question and we should not show that we have the ability to think of what we want, how we want it and when do we need it.

But ignoring the 20 -18 points agreement is beyond politics. I would not like to see my Dayak community disappear into poverty as a result of a few Dayak  politicians who sell themselves out to a “one race” agenda.

Change WE Must


I did experience the same situation.I managed to gave this 45 years old Malayan guy lectured about the Formation of Malaysia in 1963..(That was probaly his Bad Day indeed)

He was SHOCKED when he came to know about the 18&20 Point of Agreement and also when i EXPLAINED to him that Sabah and Sarawak were indeed 2 different country and not one of the states in Malaysia.He did complaining about the imigration control since he is married to a Sarawakian and i have to explained in details to him on why the Malayan people need to use passport to enter Sabah&Sarawak.

Based on my observation and experience,majorities of the Malayan people know NOTHING about the 18&20 Point of agreement and even our own Sarawakians for God sake!!!We could do a random survey among Sarawakians and i wouldnt be suprised at all if the maybe just 20% of us know the EXISTANCE of the  20/18 Point of Agreement

Federation of Malaysia was form with Sabah&Sarawak TOGETHER with Malaya and Singapore 1n 16th September 1963.It means that we are an EQUAL PARTNER  and we are a SEPARATE ENTITY in the spirit of Federalism.This is why the 20/18 Point of Agreement was drafted to SAFEGUARD us(Sabah&Sarawak)But now,we have ended up with being one of the states in Malaysia.

Why?It is very simple,because the 20/18 Point of Agreement has been eroded either being ammended or axed from time to time for their Political Agenda and not to mention the Federal Constitution itself.In fact,this 20/18 Point of Agreement were such a “Sacred Promise” to us by the Malayan Government prior to the formation of Malaysia.From Colonism to Federalism,and from Federalism?we are now were under Imperialism of Malaya

It clearly stipulated in the 18/20 Point of Agreement that:

Point 1: Religion

While there was no objection to Islam being the national religion of Malaysia there should be no State religion in North Borneo, and the provisions relating to Islam in the present Constitution of Malaya should not apply to North Borneo
Federal Constitution:
Article 11
Though Islam is the religion of the Federation, Article 11 provides that every person has the right to profess and practice his own religion. Every person has the right to propagate his religion, but state law and, in respect of the Federal Territory, federal law may control or restrict the propagation of any religion, doctrine or belief among persons professing the Muslim religion. There is, however, freedom to carry on missionary work among non-Muslims.

But yet,the Allah issue has prove that there are “some” parties who are above the Law and Constitutionand showing disrespect to the Agreement for the sake of their Political Agenda

It clearly stipulated in the 18/20 Point of Agreement that:

Point 3: Constitution

Whilst accepting that the present Constitution of the Federation of Malaya should form the basis of the Constitution of Malaysia, the Constitution of Malaysia should be a completely new document drafted and agreed in the light of a free association of states and should not be a series of amendments to a Constitution drafted and agreed by different states in totally different circumstances. A new Constitution for North Borneo (Sabah) was of course essential.
Is there any NEW Document being drafted prior formation of  Federation Of Malaysia as in the Agreement?

It clearly stipulated in the 18/20 Point of Agreement that:

Point 8: Borneanisation
Borneanisation of the public service should proceed as quickly as possible.

From what we see today,there is no such thing as Borneonisation but more to Malayanisation of Borneo

 It clearly stipulated in the 18/20 Point of Agreement that:

Point 11: Tariffs and Finance
North Borneo should retain control of its own finance, development and tariff, and should have the right to work up its own taxation and to raise loans on its own credit.
In laymen terms,i believe we can called it an Autonomous Power to control over those matter which has been stipulated.But are we?

It clearly stipulated in the 18/20 Point of Agreement that:

Point 12: Special position of indigenous races
In principle, the indigenous races of North Borneo should enjoy special rights analogous to those enjoyed by Malays in Malaya

Are we?Perhaps maybe we are 3rd Class Bumiputra here in Sarawak and we have been marginalised for so long.It seems like there are 2 categories of Bumiputra which is:

1.Muslim Bumiputra

2.Non Muslim Bumiputra

 It clearly stipulated in the 18/20 Point of Agreement that:

Point 17: Representation in Federal Parliament
This should take account not only of the population of North Borneo but also of its seize and potentialities and in any case should not be less than that of Singapore

With 31 Parliamentary seats in Sarawak and 25 in Sabah make up total of 56 out of 222 Parliamentary seats in total?

Is it a Grave MISTAKE for us to form the Federation Of Malaysia together with Sabah,Singapore and Malaya in 1963??

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