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May 6, 2010

‘Why oil blocks handed over in secrecy?’

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Taken from Free Malaysian Today

By FMT Staff

KOTA KINABALU: The federal government has forfeited the right to serve out its term in office if it has surrendered Malaysian territory to a foreign nation, PKR leader Jeffrey Kitingan said today.

The Sabah leader said that if the Barisan National government was indeed guilty of surrendering three million acres of territory, it has then been misleading the people and has committed an offence under the constitution.

“It is bound by law and has a moral obligation to make honourable restitution by resigning to allow the people to secure a new mandate or allow a national referendum to be carried out in order for us to gauge the feelings of the people on the issue,” he said in a statement.

Kitingan said that from what he read about this “explosive issue”, it looked like the government did not comply with the provision of Article 2 of the Federal Constitution which says that any portion of the country can be ceded only with the approval of the relevant state legislative assemblies or parliament and the conference of rulers.

Former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, during whose rule the handover of Sabah territory was made, said that he had secured the approval of the federal Cabinet.

Kitingan, who is a PKR vice-president and its chief for Sabah and Sarawak, pointed out that based on Abdullah’s statement it was clear that he did not comply with the country’s constitution.

“He needs to answer a lot of very serious questions with regard to the country’s sovereignty,” said Kitingan who also heads the Common Interest Group Malaysia (CigMa), an ad hoc apolitical NGO dedicated to ‘reversing the re-colonialisation of Sabah and Sarawak since 1963’.

“There is also a serious doubt whether the territorial dispute with Brunei on the sovereignty over Limbang was actually resolved because Brunei disclaimed any such surrender after the cession of Sabah maritime territory. There was no rebuttal form Malaysia on Brunei’s disclaimer.”

The younger brother of the state BN government’s deputy chief minister Joseph Pairin, Kitingan said the big question now is whether surrender has achieved anything.

“If it has nothing to do with Limbang, why was the surrender made? Was the territory sold, how much money was involved, and who received it?

“Why was there no announcement on the matter, and why was the whole thing done in a secretive manner and generally unknown to the people until (Dr) Mahathir (Mohamad) revealed it?

Powers usurped by Putrajaya

Kitingan said that if the federal government could simply surrender part of Sabah’s territory without referring to the state, a great precedence has been made for the future possibility of ceding off of a much bigger portion of Sabah or even the whole of Sabah.

“I would also like to know why the federal government has no qualms about surrendering RM320 billion worth of oil to a foreign country and yet refuses to discuss the request for higher oil royalty for the oil-producing states.

“A parallel to this issue is the problem of the National Registration Department issuing MyKads to illegal immigrants in Sabah without referring to the Sabah state government.

“The question is, does the state government recognize these illegally issued MyKads?

“It is very obvious now that the matters of Sabah security, citizenship, territorial rights, autonomy, and oil have been badly messed up by the federal government.

“If we don’t put things right and make sure we have leaders living up to their responsibilities, sooner or later, our country will be in even worse situation,” warned Kitingan.


From the Federal Constitution:

Article 2,Admission of new territories into the Federation

Parliament may by law-
(a) admit other states to the Federation
(b) alter the boundaries to any State

But a Law altering the boundaries of a State shall not be passed without the consent of the State(Expressed by a Law made by the Legislature of that State) and the Conference of Rulers..

So now we should ask Pak Lah with his UMNO lead Barisan Nasional Goverment,do they get the consent of State Legislature either from Sarawak or Sabah in the said matter???

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