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June 11, 2010

Residents Requested Company to Pay sum RM20M for encroachment and logging in their NCR Land territory

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Media statement from JAWATAN RUMAH UGOH, SEBAYAK, ENTULOH MARRIRAI C/o: Rh. John Ramba, Sungai Sesibau P.O. Box 174, 96800 Kapit, Sarawak

Residents Requested Company to Pay sum RM20M for encroachment and logged in their NCR Land territory

KAPIT – We representative of residents from a longhouse affected directly by the logging activities in our Native Customary Right Land (NCR Land) within our territory in Entuloh, Merrirai, Balleh, Sarawak since the past six months. We, the Dayak Iban, as residents of a long house, Rumah Ugoh had lodged a police report on mid April, 2010 regarding the encroachment and logging activities by the logging company. Several representatives of our long house had visited to the ground where the logging activities was still ongoing and requested the company concerned to stop from continue the logging activities for many times orally but ignored by the company.

Knowing that the matter is a serious to us, especially will affect our livelihood and future generations, we had proceeded with a meeting on 15.5.2010. In the meeting we decided to appoint a lawyer to deal with this matter in helping us to write to the timber company, Sanjung Etika Sdn. Bhd which is believed to be owned by Sarawak Foundation. In the letter, we requested the company to stop the logging activities in our NCR Land.

We also asked the company to pay for the loss of our valuable products and resources in our NCR Land, among others, the timbers and other jungle products from our NCR Land. After assessing the value of our loss in relation to the logging activities, it is estimated to be not less than RM20Million. This is the amount that we asked from the company concerned to pay us. The letter also copied to our representatives, leaders of the country and the state hoping that they would lend their hand to settle our NCR Land problem before it is too late. We also requested the company concerned to stop their logging activities with immediate effect.

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