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June 13, 2010

Q&A with one of Pelita Holdings Sdn Bhd employees

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Lembaga Pembangunan dan Lindungan Tanah (PELITA) was established in June 1981 as a state-owned statutory body with the objective to be the catalyst in land development in Sarawak. PELITA core business activities include Urban and Property Development, Plantation Development and Rural Growth Centre. PELITA has subsidiaries and associates companies with group assets worth over RM790 millions. After more than 20 years in the business, PELITA aims not only to be the catalyst of growth and development but also the catalyst of change.

PELITA has contributed significantly towards land development in the state. PELITA has teamed up with the private sector to synergize both property and plantation development in the state by mobilizing the financial resources, capital and management expertise of the private sector in the joint development of projects which are geared towards generating economic development and wealth for the state and its people.

PELITA has contributed in adding new landmarks in Kuching city and other major towns for both residential and commercial complexes and urbanization of the rural areas and improvement of the existing small towns. As a catalyst, it spearheads the development of growth centre in the State, renewing old towns and establishing new township to provide and improve basic amenities and infrastructures for the benefits of rural as well as urban populace

For further details,please go to Pelita Holdings Sdn Official Website http://www.pelita.gov.my/index.html

Pengayau Comment

Below is an excerpt from a Chat with one of my friends in the Facebook.I believe by sharing it here,all of us can get a clearer and better picture of the so called Joint Venture between the NCR Land Owners,Private Companies and the State Government

Anonymous March 23 at 3:39am

Bro.Actually this Oil Plam JV bc 2 types, Stateland JV n NCR JV

1.Stateland JV

This one I don’t like it! Under this concept, the gov’t identified certain areas based on aerial photograph after 1.1.1958, once the photo shows there are jungles, the area is identified as Stateland. The L&S will issue PL for that area and give (sale) them to certain companies or individual n tht individual will sell to big companies. Or certain timber concession areas given to companies/individual earlier,given PL(Provisional Lease) n sold to big companies to develop oil palm. The gov’t will get the money frm the land premium. Tu meh ke selalu ngerudu tanah rakyat. Ulu Niah case n some other cases. Why…bcos to the company, its their land bt nt to the people…
Leslley Kalom March 23 at 3:57am

1.So thats mean this is the JV that always chase away our own Dayak people from their land and bulldozed their longhouse?

2.Somehow i found out that during this process,the Government try to denied and dismissed any evidence by the land owners to claim the status of NCR over the said land or area..
**Yes or no?

3.So far,this is not the best way and not the best deal and in fact,it is more to SYSTEMATICALLY SUPPRESSED the rightful land owners.
**Yes or no?

4.Though so far there is 4 Courts Rulings has favour the NCR Land owners to claim their Pulau Galau and Pemakai Menoa and yet the goverment still denied this and even challenged the court decision

5.So far,do you how many of these JV has benefits our own people?
**Im talking about in the context of “Stateland JV”

6.To a certain extent our own Dayak Leaders,YB Dr Stephen Rundi has came out with a statement saying:

“Ingin saya maklumkan bahawa tanah NCR ialah tanah yang diwarisi turun menurun sebelum 1958 manakala tanah Temudak ialah tanah yang diduduki selepas tahun tersebut (1958)”, kata Dr Stephen Rundi.”

**This is very misleading..NCR Land consist of Tanah Temuda,Pulau Galau and Pemakai Menoa.

7.What about the NCR JV?
Anonymous March 23 at 4:07am

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. Gov’t already spend the premium money paid 4 PL n land price…how to pay back?
5. None…except petty jobs here n there (only few people)
6. Thts might be wrongly qouted..NCR land means tanah temuda which according to land code, any land cleared before or on 1.1.1958 only. Pulau Galau, Pemakai Menoa…no more recognized Bro..TQ.
Leslley Kalom March 23 at 4:08am

Ps:Just ignored my question no.5 because it doesnt involved the peoples,it is just between the companies and state government
Leslley Kalom March 23 at 4:16am
“6. Thts might be wrongly qouted..NCR land means tanah temuda which according to land code, any land cleared before or on 1.1.1958 only. Pulau Galau, Pemakai Menoa…no more recognized Bro..”

**Ya,i do know that only the land being cleared on or before 1.1.1958 can be claim as NCR Land but read this:

“Selepas 1hb Januari 1958 pula hak NCR masih lagi boleh diwujudkan: (1) jika masyarakat Orang Asal masih lagi tinggal ataupun masih menjadi ahli masyarakatnya yang tinggal di dalam kawasan pemakai menoa mereka

(2) jika masyarakat Orang Asal mendiami kawasan tanah tersebut dengan menebang hutan dara, menanam pokok buah-buahan, bercucuk tanam, membina tapak perkuburan atau tempat keramat, mendapatkan hak laluan ke atas mana-mana kelas tanah dan apa-apa cara mengikut undang-undang seperti yang termaktub di seksyen 5(2) Kanun Tanah Sarawak 1958

(3) mendapatkan permit mengikut seksyen 10 Kanun Tanah Sarawak 1958.”

Ps:You mean Pulau Galau and Pemakai Menoa is not recognised as NCR Land anymore?
NCR Land JVs

Anonymous March 23 at 3:58am


This one s ok. No forcing. The NCR owners are invited to participate in the JV. Normally the Community Leaders frm the area apply for the project n gov’t access their application, check the land status of the area 2 determine either it is NCR or Stateland. When approved, dialogues frm longhouse will be carried out to explain the concept..the do’s n don’t. (this s my part). The NCR owners are given the choice either to participate or not. We normally advised them 2 register those land which is far frm their longhouse n none productive. The developer/contractor are not allowed to bulldoze land tht s not surrendered. If they do…when the owner claimed, they are responsible for the claim.

Now wht s wrong? It s no strict monitoring frm the start of the project implementation…be it the works being carried out or the cost. The project incurred very high cost, ended up longer period for the JV 2 break even n declare dividend..n people get nothing after 12 years frm project started.

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