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June 17, 2010

Sarawak State Election and 13th General Election will be held simultaneously?


“I help You,You Help Me” Part2

Based on current Political situation for both in context of Sarawak and Malaya,there is a big possibilities that it will be held simultaneously with Sarawak State Election.Bear in mind that Sabah&Sarawak is BN safe deposits in every sense of words.The upcoming State Election is crucial for both Taib Mahmud and Najib

BN could not afford to lose in the case of Sarawak fall to Pakatan Rakyat.Sibu momentum is still going on untill the State Election.For now,we Sarawakians has sensed that a Wind Of Change or even a Political Tsunami is about to reach our shore.By hook or by crook,BN by all mean will try to keep Sarawak in their safe  hands.Once again,it has further prove that Sarawak is BN safe deposits in every sense of words,even Najib has to called General Election simultaneously with Sarawak State Election.I personally believe that the 13th General Election is around the corner following the prime minister’s statement yesterday that the date of the election “will be a surprise to everyone”.

Element of Suprise

This is an indication that the 13th General Election will be held earlier than expected schedule.There’s a possibility that the 13th GE will be held simultaneously with Sarawak’s state election early next year.This possibilities has been further admit by Chief Minister Taib Mahmud when he said that “he has not ruled out the possibility that Sarawak state polls may be held simultaneously with parliamentary elections in the future as it is in accordance with the law.”http://www.malaysianmirror.com/sabahsarawakdetail/12-sabahsarawak/35146-taib-simultaneous-polls-possible

Yesterday, Najib Razak, responding to a suggestion by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad that he could call for elections in view of his improved rating, hinted that there would be a snap election anytime.“If it (general election) happens, it will be a surprise,” he said. http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/134739


BN Safe deposits is in deficit

BN has already sensed that they were losing support in Sarawak as support was moving towards Pakatan Rakyat which comprise of PKR,DAP,PAS and SNAP.The defeat for BN in Sarawak would have an effect on voter sentiment in West Malaysia, adding that BN’s lifeline depended heavily on Sarawak as we all know that Sarawak is BN safe deposits in every sense of words http://www.bernama.com/bernama/v5/newsindex.php?id=505486

Tactical Maneouvouring

BN would restrict PR’s concentration in Sarawak by having the elections simultaneously.BN knows that Pakatan Rakyat has a chance to put them into a Chapter of Malaysian History in Sarawak if the “Sibu 4 Change” momentum and the results as the turning point

It would be very risky and they put themselves at high risk if they hold the elections separately as Pakatan Rakyat can fully concentrate on Sarawak alone.The current Sarawak State Assembly’s term expires in July 2011.

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