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June 19, 2010

Jesus and Muhammad

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Jesus and Muhammad (Profound Differences and Suprising Similarities)

Click the picture below to download the PDF Version in Bahasa Indonesia

“Finally,the truth about Jesus and Muhammad.This provocative book presents a factual analysis of the two most influential men of all time-Jesus, the founder of Christianity, with 2 billion adherents, and Muhammad, the founder of Islam, with 1.3 billion followers.

Dr. Mark A. Gabriel allows you to walk side by side with Jesus and Muhammad from their births to their deaths. You will discover that both were prophesied over as children, endorsed by their cousins, rejected by their hometowns, and assisted by twelve disciples.

With an understanding of their biographies, you are prepared to compare their teachings, including:

1.How they described themselves
2.How they responded to challenges from Jews
3.The healings and miracles they performed
4.Guidelines for acceptable prayer
5.When to fight an enemy
6.What they taught about women

Dr. Gabriel’s balanced historical comparison will shatter false images and give you new insight into the influence of Jesus and Muhammad in the world today.

About the Author:

After earning a Ph.D. in Islamic history, Mark A. Gabriel became convinced that Muhammad did not speak for God. His search for truth led to the love of Jesus Christ, as well as complete rejection from his family and two attempts against his life by political fundamentalists.

Now pursuing a Ph.D. in world religion at a Christian university, he speaks and writes about the true nature of Islam with the non-emotional accuracy of an academician. As a reflection of his new life in Christ, he has chosen a Christian name to replace his Islamic name.”

List of other books which written by the same Author http://www.amazon.com/Jesus-Muhammad-Differences-Surprising-Similarities/dp/1591852919

Ps:To those who were interested to get a copy of this book,click the picture above as i had upload the PDF Version (Bahasa Indonesia) as the book is being banned in Malaysia.This book has been “Gave” to me by one of my relatives OR click here for the SUMMARY https://pengayau.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/jesus-vs-muhammad.doc

Or just send me your email adress to Pengayau@ymail.com

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