"Mangkang Menua,Mangkang Dunya,Ngetan Ke Bansa!!"

June 22, 2010


Would BN win the next election in Sarawak? Who is more desperate to hang on to power? The rakyat or BN?. Who will be the next Chief Minister of Sarawak?

After the conclusion of the last BUY-election in Sibu, Taib Mahmud confidently said that the bumiputera in Sarawak still rally behind BN?

Tun Rahman said Alfred Jabu is the leader of the Iban. Rahman is just short of saying that Jabu is the next Chief Minister of Sarawak.

Taib is making some round on the ground and is very convincing about BN’s victory.

Najib is making statements about election as well. Some say of possible snap election. All these seem to create a synchrony to make the best possible chance of BN to win Sarawak or even a general election.

Well, would voters not caught by surprise if there is a knee jerk pre-planned action or strategy made purely fail the opposition, if there are one or a few of such to happen?

Will Sarawak or Sabah remained a fixed deposit for umno led BN government?

The above, coupled with some relevant scenarios on the ground in Sarawak, make me ponder long enough that BN could win if they succeded in executing the move.

These million dollar question need to be answered before the comming election.

Now, How if i say the next chief minister of Sarawak is Tansri Alfred Jabu. Forget about Abg Joe, Dato’ Adenan or Awg Tengah. They would not help BN to win Sarawak based on the racial and religious polarization that mounts in Sarawak today. Would the Iban and other native rally behind BN again? To some extent i would stupidly answer my own question, YES… the Ibans would throw support for BN again and failed the opposition again and again.

If this scenario happened, then what Taib said after Sibu Election is correct….The native is still behind BN.

Now, after BN win and back to power through executing the plan, would the Taib dynasty be happy with Jabu at the helm? My porr guess…NO. Not happy!!

They have enough resources to create havoc and make it a difficult time for Jabu.

One possible option is to throw a vote of no confidence towards Jabu’s leadership and placed him with Tun Rahman’s daughter Norah or anyone from their dynasty.

Another option is to create a scenarios similar to what had happened to Pairin Kitingan in Sabah. This would not be hard to execute as there are precedence to the case.

The bottom line now is BN remained in power again with Taib Dynasty at its helm. The rakyat PUTIH MATA, and worst of all, the opposition leaders in Sarawak are seen as FOOLS.

Just my one cent theory on how BN may retain power in Sarawak. ..


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