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June 28, 2010

Sebuyau Iban,in direct action,confiscate logging equipment


Taken from  Borneo Independent News Service’s


In a mass action on 24th June 2010 , Sebuyau Iban travelled upriver to confiscate the keys of logging vehicles and equipment found on their territory. The vehicles are the property of Quality Concrete Sdn Bhd, a logging company who had entered into their forests without the consent of the landowners. The keys have been surrendered to the local police.

Travelling upriver from village to area of tresspass

Taking action as a community

The illegal equipment…

“SEBUYAU: Is an uprising against a neglecting state government, corrupt Forestry Department and district office simmering through the native networks in Sarawak?That’s a question uppermost on activists’ minds following a series of confrontations in recent weeks between native communities with loggers in Sarawak.
In the latest incident, 500 angry Ibans from five longhouses in Sebangan and Sebuyau in the Simunjan district stormed the site and office of logging concessionaire Quarry Concrete Holdings Sdn Bhd in a bid to protect their communal forest and land.
The natives confiscated keys of the company’s five bulldozers, two excavators and five lorries in the incident which occurred last Thursday after the local district office failed to resolve a dispute between the natives and the Quality”

This is the report from Free Malaysia Today Uprising brewing in Sarawak’s wilderness

Pengayau comment

Below are subsidiaries wholly owned by Quality Concrete Holdings Berhad.
Click here for their  Annual Report 2010

◦Agrowell Sdn Bhd
◦Hong Wei Holdings Sdn Bhd
◦Kutex Sdn Bhd
◦Lee Ling Timber Products Sdn Bhd
◦Polyflow Pipes Sdn Bhd
◦Polyflow (B) Sdn Bhd
◦Quality Concrete Sdn Bhd
◦Quality Concrete (Mukah) Sdn Bhd
◦Seri Bumijaya Sdn Bhd

Board Of Director

Dato Tiang Ming Sing
(Executive Chairman)

Tiang Ching Kok
(Managing Director)

Edmund Goh Chze Jin
(Executive Director)

Datuk Hajjah Raziah @ Rodiah Binti Mahmud
(Independent Non-Executive Director)

Michael Ong Kee Tuan
(Independent Non-Executive Director)

Robin Lo Bing
(Independent Non-Executive Director)

Henry Law Kah Kwong
(Independent Non-Executive Director)

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