"Mangkang Menua,Mangkang Dunya,Ngetan Ke Bansa!!"

July 12, 2010


Take from DayakBaru

Written by gkm2020

Nadai Salah Nukar Perintah Dalam Adat Bedemokrasi

In our society, most of the key decisions that affect our everyday lives – our work, our family/children, our environment, our health, our food, our education, our public transport, our housing – are made behind closed doors by unelected officials who are heavily influenced by business interests or “kekayaan dan kuasa” (KK).

Changing political platform is like amending the governmental platform to administer the country ‘s constitutions, laws and policies. Adaptation also mean changing to new styles; just like changing your clothes and/or color to suit your favor.

DBs must stands for a recognition of society to transfer real power to the rakyat of Sarawak. Remember this, “Democratic Government” is not “Authoritarian Government”.

We shall stand for the following policies:

  • Proportional representation and a pluralist democratic system.
  • Representative democracy balance with greater opportunities for local participatory democratic processes.
  • Parliament playing a greater role than it does under the present form for Cabinet Government. Severely restricting the convention of collective cabinet responsibility. Cabinet Ministers should not be restrained from arguing their case in public and in Parliament.
  • Decisions to be made as much as possible by the people affected by them, recognizing that a greater degree of central planning is necessary for a planned economy.
  • The extension of public ownership and community control with greater openness and transparency in decision making.
  • Finding; “Competitive Leadership” (Leaders of Tomorrow); Abolition of Poverty; Reform Native Court Jurisdiction & Legislation; Reform Land Ordinance Policy & new “Native Land Act”; Prosperity & Modernization Strategy(s); Equality, Natural Resources & Income Distribution; Fair Wage & Employment Policies; End of Nepotism & Capitalism; new “Native Act”, Promoting Dayaks’ Art, Culture, Tradition and Intellectual Property; Education For All; Small Farmer Strategy; Clean Water, Health, Safe Transportation, ICT to underserved areas, Infrastructure Accessibility to all remote/ rural areas; stop all logging licensing and mass dam projects under the new “Global Warming Policy”; Intensive Modern Farming, Halal and Organic Products; People Oriented Banking-Community Banking and Micro Financing for small farmers/ NCR landowners, etc
  • To contribute to a more balanced, accountable, quotability, equitability, transparency and realistic perspective

Juluk Politik Baru

“Nukar” ukai reti ia ngelaban. “Anang Ngelaban Perintah” laban perintah tu ditubuh ulih rayat empu. Enti nadai rayat nadai perintah. Enda sema polisi tauka undang-undang bisi jai/ ‘double standard’, ia ka manah simpan – ia ka jai buai/ tukar.

Pia mega ketuai ka manah patut disukong kitai, ketuai ka jai buai/ alah ka kitai; ketuai ia ‘corrupt’ sigi tau dibuai/ ditukar tauka dihukum ngitih ka atur undang-undang menua Malaysia.

Ketuai sigi selalu betukar (bisi nya badu enggau manah, bisi nya pencen enggau manah, bisi nya kena buai, bisi nya nyadi “katak raong”, etc) pia mega pengawa kitai bepolitik, pengawa dagang, pengawa merintah tauka betukar polisi/ posisi.

Parti politik tau dilaban nang adat kitai bedemokrasi; 5 taun sekali beradu milih parti ni tau meggai tampuk merintah menua kitai. Enti pedis ati enggau parti politik ia ka jai tau dilaban/ ditumbang kitai alu nganti enggau ia ka baru. Politik lama tau dilaban/ dibuai kitai nganti enggau politik adat baru.

Adat Bekimpin Politik Baru

Dalam adat dunia baru kadiatu cara kitai bekempin sigi mayoh bengkah cara tauka teknik/ taktik;

  • Bisi nya bekempin rumah ka rumah, ‘awareness seminar’, ‘ceramah road show’, ‘festive roadshow’, ‘concert sponsorship roadshow’,
  • Bisi nya bekempin ngena konvensional media; surat khabar/ buku, DVD, VCD, ‘billboard’, ‘photo opportunity’,
  • Bisi nya bekempin ngena Digital Media Masa; TV/ Radio, ‘TV Pra-bayar’,
  • Bisi nya ngena dunia maya – ‘Internet Blogging’, ‘Facebook’, ‘Email’, ‘Social Website’,
  • Bisi nya bekempin ngena Talipon – Call/ SMS/ MMS,
  • Bisi nya ngena Pos; ‘persuasive letters’, ‘petition letter’,
  • Bisi nya ngena “Channel Media Network” ari menua bukai,
  • Bisi nya besadong ka kertas – leaflet, kertas photostat, gambar, souvenir, petition, ‘newsletters’, ‘posters’,
  • Bisi nya besadong ka subsidi/ rebat, bajet,
  • Bisi nya ngena demontrasi, ‘picketing’, ‘parade’, konsert, ‘house party’,
  • Bisi nya ngena bekimpin tisi jalai; kedai kopi, kedai mamak, ba panggong wayang/ cineplex/ mall,
  • Bisi nya bekempin ba Surau/ Masjid/ Gereja/ Tokong/ Dewan,
  • Bisi nya ngena bilun helikopter/ belun gas/ bilun numbai ka pengawa bekimpin terbai sebelah pasar/ kampong/ menua pesisir,
  • Bisi nya ngena ‘duit-ringgit’ mancin undi; ampow, mayar pemakai/ ai irup/ ai bisa/ minyak/ tiket bas-express, ngena koupon, ‘credit card’, ‘donation’, ‘cheque’,
  • Bisi nya ngena “gangsters”/ “samseng jalai” ngacau/ngeragau/ ngenakut bala pengundi,
  • Bisi nya ngerusak ka utai tauka ngaga kacau-bilau awaka pengundi takut nurun muai undi,
  • Bisi nya begaga/ meri tinki baru (IC) ngagai ‘PATI’ awaka ulih ngalah ka undi parti lawan,
  • Bisi nya merisik ngena jentera perintah ngiga “intelligence report”  – Polis, Askar, Jab. Pertanian, Jab. Hutan, SPR, etc (general model of political campaign worldwide)
  • Bisi nya ngena kuasa ti salah,
  • Bisi nya ngaram ka perahu undi, nukar kertas undi, nukar posisi nama endur ngundi,
  • Bisi nya nipu ngena ‘undi pos’, ‘lobby’, ‘betting’, ‘kick-back’,
  • Bisi nya ngena “politik sampah”; ngena kuasa nagang parti lawan bekempin – bekempin sepiak aja tau,
  • Bisi nya ngena kumpulan aktivist,’NGO’ tuaka kompeni (consultant)/ pengawa dagang/ bank,stesyen minyak,
  • Bisi nya bekempin ngena taksi/ bas/ lori, bot expres, perahu panjai, speedbot, kuda, ‘kereta lembu’,
  • Bisi nya bekempin ngena tambai, banner,
  • Bisi nya bekempin secara bedebat, iklan, propaganda tisi jalai, opis, kolej/U/Sekola,
  • Bisi nya ngena “microtargeting” mecah ka undi; sida ketuai ngundi BN – sida ka biak ngundi PR
  • Bisi nya meri kontrak, kongsisi lesen, AP & Permit,
  • Bisi nya ngena ‘divisive policy’, ‘social disintegration’,
  • Bisi nya ngena ‘minority campaign’; ‘bumiputra’/ ‘ketuanan’ / ‘politik jaguh kampung’/ ‘keris’/ ‘duku ilang’/ “symbol”/ etc,
  • Bisi nya ngena ‘proxy’tauka numboh mayoh macam parti baru, ‘independent candidate’, ‘mole’ awaka ka ulih mecah-belah undi parti lawan,
  • Bisi nya ngena “Pork Barrel Politics” tauka ‘politik sederkah’(usually refers to spending that is intended to benefit constituents of a politician  in return for their political support, either in the form of campaign contributions or votes).
  • Bisi nya ngena cara beli; ‘politik katak lompat’,
  • Bisi nya “culvert politics” (politik gula-gula); “election sweetener”, “tax sweetener”, “subsidy sweetener”, “rebate”, or just sweetener, etc
  • Bisi nya ngemesai konsituensi awaka bala minoriti tau kurang undi/ kuasa,
  • Bisi nya bekempin ngena “character approach”; minta kasih, minta tolong, madah ka diri tusah, ngena mua tucum selalu, mua sinu,
  • Bisi nya bekempin meri projek kilat, meri kain pelikat, meli babi/ai menit-bisa, muka ‘pilot project’,

Maya bekempin, bepilih mih enggau manah anang ngitih ka ‘ati ransi’/ ‘ati panas’; fokus ba ‘manifesto’, misi sereta objektif  ti dipinta rayat; anang nyalah undang2 sereta atur adat bekempin.  Tang enti maya nurun muai undi, anang salah pangkah; pangkah ka parti rayat!

YBs Ten (10) Political Commandments

The Ten Commandments have existed for more than 3,500 years as an ethical guide for human behavior and are recognized by all three of the major monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Whether or not one is a believer, the Commandments provide a commonsense guide to avoid adverse consequences in most decision making and conduct.

In order to reduce political chaos, the following suggestions are offered as discussion points for establishing a basic set of political standards.

Certainly, if these standards were being commonly adhered to, the irrelevant and random noise of the current presidential campaign might be reduced and we would hear less about lipstick on pigs and more about the critical issues facing our country in many years to come.

  1. Have no master before you except those who elect you. Never forget whose trust you hold.   Only citizens of the Malaysia can vote in its elections, and corporations, irrespective of wealth and power, are not citizens. YBs shall treat constituents, stakeholders and staff as they themselves would wish to be treated—with genuine respect and good manners
  2. Look at the big picture. Just like playing chess, political statements, decisions and acts must be based not just upon the immediate situation or motivation, but on how they conform to everything known about the issues and the probable consequences.  If not enough is known, then gather more data before speaking or acting.
  3. Create thoughtful, accountable and effective policies. Among other things, policy is based upon traditions, experience, practice, law and commonsense.  It serves as a logical guide for decision making and the creation of programs.  Modify policy when circumstances change or when more is learned.
  4. Don’t be naive. Accept proven facts, and reject unproven beliefs.  Engage brain before putting mouth in motion. YBs be able to demonstrate independence of mind. YBs should be transparent, open & engaging, and take advantage of all available channels
  5. Don’t tell lies and/or false hope. Respect, honor and value the truth.  Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be honest with the voters!
  6. Follow the Rule of Justice. Or, change the law.  Ignore the law at your peril. YBs not outsource your judgment, independence or opinions to the chief whip
  7. Don’t be greedy. Don’t steal or take what doesn’t belong to you or your government. Thou shall not enter the political arena for personal gain. YBs should not give publicly-funded jobs to family or household members. Recruit openly instead, and advertise locally
  8. Respect and care for others. The cultures and beliefs of others are special to them and must be respectfully considered in the decisions and actions that affect them.  Have empathy for others and the pain and hardships they suffer.
  9. Don’t hurt, abandon, destroy or kill others. There may be some legitimacy in unavoidable self defense, but an unprovoked attack is always the mark of a cowardly bully.
  10. Follow the Golden Rule. The Rule, in one form or another, is a basic part of all religions and has a foundation in ancient Greek philosophies, including that of Epictetus, “What thou avoidest suffering thyself seek not to impose on others.” Do what you promised to do in your manifesto!

Others may include;

  • YBs shall never forget that politics is about improving lives. Other people’s, not your own
  • YBs must be honest with their voters; jumping party is betraying your voters
  • YBs shall treat constituents, stakeholders and staff as they themselves would wish to be treated—with genuine respect and good manners
  • YBs should not give publicly-funded jobs to family or household members. Recruit openly instead, and advertise locally
  • YBs shall not enter the political arena for personal gain
  • YBs shall not outsource your judgments, independence or opinions to the chief whip
  • YBs shall be able to demonstrate independence of mind
  • YBs shall do what you promised to do in your manifesto
  • YBs should be transparent, open & engaging, and take advantage of all available channels
  • YBs not be a pig-ignorant, venal, patronizing, corrupt, money-grubbing, lying, incompetent, lazy, fat-arsed, authoritarian shyster, exclusively out for thine own interest.
  • YBs shall hold the executive to account, regardless of party affiliation, on behalf of the rakyat.
  • YBs should mirror themselves always so they would remember their origin.

Fulfill rakyat agenda

If we, who believe for the rakyat agenda, must go back to the rakyat! This being so, under no circumstances for we are a new breed of leaders in our heart being a part of the rakyat of any development and benefits of this country.

We are all leaders in nature, the veto is in our hands; Whom and what we should vote for? He/she is ,who is a minister/ YB depend on your VOTE (Voice, Opinion, Trust & Epression). Rakyat are YBs who needs and wants  your ‘VOTE’ to sustain and maintain their political power. Remember this, what you vote is your “EQUITY” and/or “EQUALITY” not just expression alone.

We are confident that the courageous our people of this land, will come forward and strengthen the hands of the “People’s Party(s)” (PR) in the forthcoming general election. A victory for the PR is a victory for the people, by the people and with the people, for the Nation, for freedom, hope, dignity, equality, justice. An end to poverty, bitterness, vengeance, violence.


Together we shall face the challenges. Together we shall climb the highest mountain tops and build the broken bridges/ shields. Together we shall herald the dawn of democracy and the promises of a new tomorrow. Everyone has their rights to own their vision/version/ideology of tomorrow; the trust is in “Rakyat VOTE”!

We can only change the situation if only we truly believe in Change. If we want reformation and transformation then Change is the answer.

Enti takut anang berani-berani; nuan udah nyau taring. Enti berani, anang takut-keleput; nuan udah nyau taring.

What is your opinion bala raban DayakBaru?

Change WE Must!

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