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September 8, 2010

Non-renewal of Land tenure in Betong

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There was this unusual dialogue held on the 30th July at SRK Chung Hwa school in Betong (of all places) that had this bold theme that surprised everyone! “RE: Jemputan ke majlis dialog bagi tanah yang terletak di kawasan Betong town District on 30 July at SJK Chung Hua”

Why at the Chung Hua school? Its because the topic will effect the mainly chinese folks. You see, in Betong everything is politics…lock, stock and barrel..! So, to kinda respect and tarik ati the chinese, lets hold this dialogue at a chinese school. For your kind information, the Dewan Rentap is much bigger and more suitable than the Chung Hua.

So, the gist of it all is this…All land that is 3km square radius covering the Betong town areas will NOT BE RENEWED after its expiry. Thats mean, all land in Semumok, Pasar Miskin, Paya Udak, Gernis, Entanak, Lempaong, Bebanggai, Tg Palai, part of Malaban, all that part of areas along Tg Assam Rd and all surrounding areas will not renewed come its expiry date.
This policy or ruling, or whatever you called them, will hit hard the land owners in these areas.

It is very naive of us to rely on the Sarawak Land code to administer all administrative and legal land matters. Nowadays, politicians, especially “older” ones, decide a policy terribly impromptu and at impulse.

Already, this State Government is bogged down by numerous land cases suit served against her, and now this, its baffling. There must be something terribly wrong, either your Land Law is flawed, or your land policy is bad, that there are hundreds of court cases pending against the Government resulting in the aforementioned.

Not forgetting the millions of tax payers money coughed out by the Government to pay for damages awarded. And now this weird decision, almost suicidal in nature.

The dialogue was chaired by Alfred Jabu and surrounded by top civil servants in Betong.Eagerly awaiting the aftermath and retribution comes next election, if any..

By the way,please be reminded that once your lease expires, there is no compensation.You, the landowners will have to decide. Renew now, you have no chance to have the approval. You wait for expiry date, all will be gone..no compensation and no ownership of the land.Original link here

Comment from my source in Betong

Ba pekara tanah ke di-frozen perintah ba kami di Betong ditu, endang amat munyi ke ditusui BB tu dalam blog iya nya. I can say 90% true. The other 10%, aku enda berani ngumbai iya amat, laban iya nadai come up with actual figure. Alasan Jabu ke freezing 3km radius semua tanah ditu laban dikena perintah re-organized ke pengawa pemansang ngaga/ngemanahka sistem tebatan banjir. Nya aja gist dialog iya kemari. Tang bisi 2, 3 minggu ke dialog, nya aku ke ninga Jabu empu bisi tanah dalam payung 3km radius nya, tang enda diserangkung atur tu, which is very100x funny. Funny, because, why his property is exempted, while the other hundred landowners’ don’t?

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