"Mangkang Menua,Mangkang Dunya,Ngetan Ke Bansa!!"

February 6, 2011


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A very good article written by gkm2020 taken from Dayak Baru

Votes decide everything; without common interest everything is nothing

It’s a tricky decision. To “Wins” PR must build “TEAM” of friendships and partnerships through “Politics of Common Interests”. If you share a common interest, at least it is a starting point. If you bring “best” to one another, then “Pakatan Rakyat” is true. Together we can make impression, courage and many possibilities.


Beserakup, Berubah & Bepakat

There is an important place in any public policy discussion for a well-researched, facts-based voice of reason and/or for party political benefits. We may not always agree, but the essence of sound public policy is open discussion and constructive disagreement that leads to better ways of empowering individuals and communities to succeed. If we have common interest, we have common “AIM”.

We are a group of common citizens; SNAP, PKR, PCM, DAP, PAS, KITA, PERSB, Ex-PBDS and “Atas Pagar”. We’re motivated by a concern that the excessive influence of partisan and special interest politics has made it difficult for common citizens like us to penetrate through the spin to get honest, substantive information about the issues that we care about.

Say No to BN

Pakat Rakyat Facebook stated that 15,000,000 Malaysians WANTs Pakatan Rakyat (PR) to take over Malaysia from BN!! And today we have 11,660 people like RABAN DAYAK BARU.

It is about time we all need to work ‘together empowers action movement’ of common interest for “Change” making government open and accountable. We want to ensure that “YBs” and government officials are acting in the public interest, not for their own personal benefit or for the benefit of powerful and influential special interest. We need to create a power of “believe” to seeing things we all plan today, happened for tomorrow.

So what is “TEAM”?

The words “Pakatan” and “Rakyat” goes hand-in-hand, and personally, when I think of the word “Change” I immediately think about “TEAM”. “TEAM” simply mean “Together Empowers Action Movement”. “TEAM” is about believing in yourself, and giving value to others for together benefits.

Its not about “Campaigns” at all really, it’s a desire about “TEAM”, about you, your vote, your efforts, and your struggle, and your ability to create those amazing “TEAM” ideas to pro-bono out! And it will come naturally when you conduct it effectively and efficiently. If there is no desire about “TEAM” nothing will ever happen. Through “TEAM” we can pool our talents together, our passions, and drive them into fruition!

It doesn’t matter how intelligence, skilled and how much experience and/or senior you may have or any other type of situation, because in general; we all have things we can’t do alone smoothly and what’s the best way to handle your weakness?

Why “TEAM” important to “PR”?

“Answer” – Forming strategic alliance and partnership including positioning credible networking with others would empower your strength and advantage to accomplish your “VMO” (Vision, Mission & Objective). Whatever your “VMO” (be it politics or personal), employing “TEAM” strategy makes the dream work.

If you really want to do something Big not “pig”, you have to do it as part of a “TEAM”. SNAP and/or PKR  or others will not survive if they stand alone to fight a gigantic “BN” which has lots of resources. DAP could not have won in “Sibu” if they failed to compromise with their alliances and grassroots.

You can look at any team sports for example and it won’t take long to realize that teamwork is essential for a task. However, a task doesn’t have to be complex to meet “TEAM”.

Deploying “TEAM” not only allows a person to do what he/she couldn’t otherwise do; it also has the compounding effect on all he/she posses including his/her talent. If you believe one person is a work of God (which I do with all my heart), then a group of talented people committed to working together is a work of art. Never put things in one basket.

“TEAM” involves more people (“You”, family, relatives, youth, veterans or pensioners), thus affording more resources, ideas, possibilities and energy than any single party possesses.

  1. TEAM maximizes our leaders potential and minimize their weaknesses. Strengths and weaknesses are more exposed in individualism.
  2. TEAM provides multiple perspectives on how to meet a need or reach a goal, thus devising several alternatives for each situation.
  3. TEAM shares the credit for victories and the blame for losses. This fosters genuine humility and authentic community. Individuals take credit and blame alone. This fosters pride and sometimes a sense of failure.
  4. TEAM keeps leaders accountable for the goal. Individuals connected to no one can change the goal without accountability.
  5. TEAM simply does more than an individual.
  6. TEAM can win all without fighting your aim by avoiding any conflict of interest but the ability to work together toward a common vision; the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward core objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.
  7. TEAM encourages peoples of all level to bond and build stronger relationships, which creates a more stable grouping and/or platform.
  8. TEAM spirit cares about the welfare of each other and will be able to work through problems and difficulties together.
  9. TEAM can help identify new strengths both personally and within the alliance. In the hustle and bustle of the struggle for Change may get overlooked, it is chance to find out about any new hidden “leaders”.
  10. TEAM can improve alternative front and/or partnership problem solving skills, and their ability to find solutions and new findings for coalitions and for all.
  11. TEAM can help boost potential voters acknowledgment and grassroots moral. They can increase moral and satisfaction, which is directly connected to the spirit of harmony with a common purpose and goodwill of the alternative front, and success!
  12. TEAM can help improve better communication and networking to move out peoples from their ‘comfort zone’. And by allowing TEAM, working within the alternative front, peoples gets the chance to voice their opinion, produce clues/solutions and perhaps help solves issues by redoubling it’s efforts toward success. Lack of communication is a key contributor to Unity conflict and division.
  13. TEAM leverages the activities of the leaders and peoples within the alternative front. When done with clear intent, commitment and directed at an established objective(s), the partnership will help them to achieve success quicker and easier than doing it solo.

It’s common sense that people working together via “TEAM” can do more than an individual and/or single party working alone. Working together with others via “TEAM” toward a common goal is one of the most rewarding ventures.

So why are some people reluctant to work together?

It can be difficult in the beginning. “TEAM” don’t usually come together and develop on its own. They require good leadership, mutual understanding and cooperation. While it may be more work on the front end, the dividends it pays on the back end are tremendous and well worth the effort.


Political campaign is half the battle of winning. It is not so hard to win as to work for it. Next to lost, is a lack of common interest and mutual understanding.

The true measure of “TEAM” esprit-de-coup is not getting people to work under one common interest. Neither is it getting people to work hard. The true measure of a leader is getting people to work hard altogether!


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