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February 7, 2011

PKR Sarawak is killing SNAP?

PKR Sarawak declares war on SNAP

PKR Sarawak Insider

PKR Sarawak has declared war on SNAP, even though both are opposition parties and both want to see the end of Barisan Nasional rule in Sarawak.

The Blog, Antu Beduru, managed by Baru Bian’s boys, published two articles called SNAP – Get real or get lost and SNAP – The stubborn Dayak whore.

Baru Bian’s boys are worried that PKR Sarawak may get left behind once SNAP reemerges as a dominant opposition force in Sarawak.

The recent breakfast meeting between Anwar Ibrahim and S’ng Chee Hua also rattled Baru Bian’s boys who see their boss about to be sidelined.

According to the talk in Kuching, the S’ng clan will soon emerge as the PKR powerbroker in Sarawak who will decide the line-up and candidates for the coming state elections expected in the next couple of months.

S’ng is also said to be the financier of Radio Free Sarawak, which operates out of London.

Pengayau comment
1.We know the author of this letter and he is not a PKR member nor a Sarawakians.You can check his Blogs here

2.PKR Sarawak has never ever declare war on SNAP,as a matter of fact and for the records,we do not want to see SNAP flirting arround with some dubious and suspicious character which their main agenda is to splits the Dayak votes.Who will benefits from this?Of course BN!

3.We know  Antu Beduru personally and he write based on TRUTH and not HEARSAY.Remember when he exposed about Taib wedding a few days before that?

4.We had never ever worried to be sidelined as we fight for the Peoples of Sarawak and not for self interest like some guys did

5.Actually,Baru Bian supposed to met with Anwar for breakfast but he cant due to during that time,he is still at Church.So Datuk Sng just go and grab Anwar and the 2 of them sat together waiting for Baru Bian.

6.Yes,Dtk Sng is trying to persuade and negotiate with PKR Sarawak and offer some funds for the Party and in return he will given a SAY to appoint or to choose some candidates.But do we agree with him?The answer is Big NO!!

7.Radio Free Sarawak  is not being funded by Datuk Sng.That is the truth.Some people has speculate that Sarawak Report is also being funded by him but the truth and the answer is BIG NO!!

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  1. Yes you right…NOT sng….Radiofreesarawak was actually funded by the founder himself(Peter John Jaban) that was before he received more fund from those who supported his movement.Peter has a good conection in Europe including EU.It is that learned that he is involved doing the Famous SARAWAKREPORT and BMF Bruno Manser Foundation.The founder and advisor for MCLM is RPK and PJJ is the first sarawakian to be a member when RPK first started MCLM.Maybe because both of them lives in UK and he is closed to RPK.No dispute lah when he is the fisrt.

    Comment by Ng li cheng (Kuching) — February 24, 2011 @ 9:56 am | Reply

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