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March 3, 2011

The White Devil

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Written by  Iskandar Dzulkarnain, Malaysia Chronicle

Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia. It has oil and full of other natural resources. It also has lots and lots of land. With the longest river in Malaysia and the oldest rainforest in the world, Sarawak is world famous for its jungle, flora and fauna. The land of the Hornbills, this grotesque oversized winged creatures, that looks more like prehistoric feathered beasts than the dainty birds we all know. Many have grown to love this majestic creatures hovering above the skies of Sarawak.

Known lovingly as the White Rajah, this Malaysian Maverick Chief Minister Mahmud Taib has been at the forefront of Sarawak Politics for the last 40 years. A suave, shrewd personality, holding the Portfolio of Chief Minister, Finance Minister and State Planning and Resource Management Minister is a life-size celebrity in his own right. This bespectacled, snowy white haired, thin moustache silhouette cannot be mistaken, with a shining aura around him, has kept the people of Sarawak spellbound.

His charisma has not dimmed in 40 years. And behind the suave, cool demeanour, lives a fighter that makes him stands out above the rest. A member of the billionaires club, no doubt. A high flyer, and globe trotter, his well known personality has made headlines around the world. For 40 years he gave his heart and soul for the betterment of Sarawak, while carving out a little piece for his family.

His recent marriage made the headlines with much fanfare. A Middle Eastern beauty with model like looks, reminded many of the Arabian Nights. It has caused Malaysians to swoon, salivate and daydream. The lavish wedding ceremony with the bride clad in rubies and diamond, was beamed around the world much to the delight of everyone. Where most people just daydream, the White Devil has gone out and did it. Now everyone knows that beneath that frail silhouette, lays a body as strong as a horse, while others like him are in the throngs of impotency.

His exploits are legendary. Through the years he has amassed so much wealth, bordering to the obscene. Reported by BMF that his family run business stretches half the globe with 49 companies in all, and hiring nearly a thousand employees. It is overseen by his influential Son, who owns most of the flashiest cars in town. What happened to the 50th company?

The last we heard was the son vying for a stake in Bugatti or something similar. Buggati is the world’s most expensive car and also the fastest production car in the world. With a V16 engine, 8000cc and 1400 of bi horse power. Word has it that Taib put his foot down on this one, and the deal never went through. If the acquisition had gone ahead, Malaysia would be in the league of Lotus, and together with Proton, Perodua, inokom, and Naza, as a top car producer.

His watertight control over his diverse business interests in Sarawak has left many people wondering over his ability to juggle his duties as head of state, and that of managing his vast business empire.

Due to all the adverse publicity at a time so near to the Elections has left him pressured. Reports has surfaced with rumours of his hidden billions, mass land acquisition, and tenders offered to his family owned companies as well as that of his cronies has left many people speechless. Even the Federal government is uncomfortable. With daily broadcasts from FreeSarawak radio being tuned in to the vast interiors of Sarawak, has made him and his government jittery. Simultaneous protests in Canada and the UK a few days ago, has left many to wonder whether The White Rajah is in control.

With the coming state election, followed by the General Election, his agenda is full to the brim. Contrary to popular belief, that the State Elections will be held in unison with the general election would not come about. He would want to have the State Election first, to consolidate his power. And should the election turns unfavourable, he still has plan B to fall back on.

His supporters have attributed to his legacy, the giant oil palm plantations dotting the Sarawakian landscape, providing an endless supply of residual income for the people, coupled by the hydroelectric Dams that will generate power, at 10% of the cost.

On the other hand his enemies, consists of not only political foes, sour business associates but environmental ones as well. It is natural that, if you become Rich and Powerful, you will create for yourself a new set of enemies. The battle ground is set, and the elections will determine his fate.

The ground sentiment, is however surprising. Most Sarawakians are not sad to see him go, while many are still comfortable with a BN government without Taib. Tired of waiting for reforms, empty promises and snail pace development, Sarawakians are yearning for new leadership. Sarawakians are torn between this maverick leader and the Opposition, and this general election will be a very close and dirty fight.

Should PR wins he has everything to lose, but like Muammar Ghadaffi he has vowed to go down fighting. So do not expect him to give any leeway to the Opposition to gain ground.

Largely ignoring the pressure on him by the Federal Government, he will continue to hang on as he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. The coming General Election will determine whether he continues to rule. But the ‘Maverick’ that he is, we will definitely not see or hear the last of him.

It is really up to the people to judge whether he is still relevant. Although, many have openly denounced him, there will be some that has been touched by his magic, who will not hesitate to return him that favour. Just how many of them are out there. And should it come to pass, for him to call it a day, he will just shrug and say: If you don’t want me, I will go! Just don’t miss me when I’m gone.

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