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March 19, 2011

Sarawak Report website has been CLONED!

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We found out that Sarawak Report Website has been cloned.This cloned website has just starts operating 3 days ago based on their postings.When we first came across this CLONED Website,the only thing that went through our mind is “Lame,Pathetic and Desperate”

Sarawak Reports

We strongly believe that this “Shameless,Pathetic,Irresponsible” act being carried out by PBB/BN Bloggers/Cybertroopers who has been paid as high as RM5 K per month to kick start their Cyber Assault campaign against Anti Government/Anti Taib/Pro Opposition Blogs.Come on guys,you can try better than that next time ya?Whats next?Trying to cloned Radio Free Sarawak?

However,we had nothing to worried of because we know and we do believe that the Peoples of Sarawak  were not stupid to made fool of by this diversion tactics.Up untill now,they cant even dissmissed the “Credibilty” of series exposure by Sarawak Report for which,very well documented with proof and evidence to substantiate their allegations

It was also learnt that this Cybertroopers has received some “Training” from well known UMNO Blogger from MalayaWe were made to understand by a reliable source that this Cybertrooper were lead by one active Blogger by the name of Audie Chua.He is Ex PRS strongman alligned to Larry Sng faction before he get sacked from PRS by James Masing during their Party Crisis a few years back.It was also learnt that he is now with Pergerakan Pemuda SPDP 

According to our source,one Vice Chancelor from one ofthe University in Malaya said to be the Lead Strategist and he work together with Audie Chua.

Aziz Adenan Satem,the son of Tan Sri Adenan Satem who is the Special Adviser to the Chief Minister has been appointed as the head of Unit Media Baru PBB but he had done nothing.Instead of heading the UMB PBB to lead the Cyber Assault campaign agasint Pro Opposition bloggers,he had used all the funds to spearhead a Character Assasination campaign agaisnt their own leaders in PBB using a Blogs called Sebanaku Sarawak which they try to disguise as Pro Opposition Blogs.This is to “Kill” any leaders who become an obstacle for his father to be Heir of the Throne of Chief Ministership.

It is an open secret that he is not in a good relationship with YB Fadilah Yusof who is PBB Youth Chief and constantly they attack and discredit Fadillah in their Blogs posting.He work together with PBB Deputy Youth Chief by the name of Pandi Suhaili.But their dirty tactics has been expose.This has been revealed by Sebanaku2u  who had exchanged private message with us at Facebook

Back to the main topic,their Modus Operandi were to counter rebut all allegations and exposure by Sarawak Report and other Pro Opposition Blogs.Some sources leaked to us has confirmed that series of Training and Seminars has been held in Kuching by some “Personnel” from the  Special Bunch

This Training/Seminar was meant to provide some “Diversion with Provocative” tactics which the main agenda is to divert the attention from the REAL ISSUE in Sarawak which is the issues of Corruptions,Cronisyme and Land Grabbing of Chief Minister of Sarawak,Abdul Taib Mahmud

Last week,PBB Youths has lodged a Police Report agasint Radio Free Sarawak and demand for an investigation should be done as they claimed that Radio Free Sarawak broadcasting its malicious lies to the rakyat and also is an illegal Radio Station which constantly insigate the Peoples to go agaisnt the Government other than to disseminate the Anti Government sentiment

Let we quote :

Vice youth chief Pandi Suhaili said the movement felt relief with this assurance because it wants the radio station to stop from broadcasting its malicious lies to the rakyat.

“We are living in a multi-racial state by which it is of great importance for all of us to have a good relationship with all communities in order to have a peaceful life.

“Therefore, we must not condone any act of planting the seeds of hatred among the rakyat by irresponsible party such as RFS,”

However,they have yet to lodge a Police Report agaisnt Sarawak Report.This is very ironic since both the operators of Radio Free Sarawak and Sarawak Report has reveal their identity and they are the same individual who operate both Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak

So over and over again we had challenged PBB members to lodged a Police Report but seems like they prefer to keep their mouth shut when comes to Sarawak Report.There is an old saying “Silent is Golden”

So far,Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud neither denied or confirm all the exposure.His only reply when being asked by some reporters regarding the allegation which being exposed by the Whistleblower website is “Mischiveous” despite several report has been lodged to MACC but sadly,no action has been taken agaisnt him

So to all PBB/BN Bloggers/Cybertroopers,we beg you guys please,please do not stoop so low and resorts to such “Childish” tactics.It only shows how desperate you guys in defending the ever corrupt “Pehin Sri”

But wait,let we dedicate this You Tube video specially to you guys

“You Can Bend and Twist It,Misuse and Abuse It,But even God Cannot Change The Truth” ~Michael Levy~

Ps:The original website is www.Sarawakreport.org while the cloned version is www.Sarawakreports.org .The only different is the last letter S!!

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