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March 30, 2011

MoCS Fellows can become election observers

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Dear MoCS Fellows and friends,

MAFREL has contacted me and requested MoCS’ assistance to send election observers for the coming polls.

Colonel Shaharudin informed me yesterday that they prefer Sarawakians to be election observers in their own state rather than sending a contingent of West Malaysians.

A MoCS volunteer officially becomes a MAFREL observer. On Nomination Day (April 6) and Polling Day (April 16), you are granted entry to nomination and polling centres to help ensure that everything is above board.

For those you never have the chance to observe polling at close range, this is a golden opportunity to sign up.

If you are interested to be a MAFREL election observer (in any part of Sarawak), please send a photocopy of your IC and two (2) passport-size photo to our Kuching MoCS Coordinator MARK CHIN at:

mark chin <mcfl2000@yahoo.com>, or call him at 012-8839245

So far, five MoCS fellows have signed up to be observers in the Kuching area.

I would encourage you to do so. Get your friends who are not on this list to sign up as well.

Please read the mail below from MAFREL for further info.

Shaharudin will be in Kuching on April 2 to meet up with MoCS volunteers. Those outside Kuching, please find a way to send the necessary to Mark Chin.



Dear Mr Francis Siah,
Reference to our telephone conversation today allow me to thank you and Movement for Change Sarawak for giving me the chance to introduce MAFREL. To give you a bit of background on MAFREL, I have attached a powerpoint presentation which was shown in Kuching on 19 March 2011. Below is the press statement forwarded to Transparency International for inclusion into their press conference on the 30th March 2011.
With these, I hope you are a little bit enlightened by what is MAFREL all about. Please feel free to forward it to your members of the Movement for Change Sarawak, MocS (no copywrite on all our publications). Hoping to hear from you and your friends soonest possible. Thank you and god bless.
Shaharudin Othman. 

MAFREL (acronym for Malaysians for Free and Fair Elections) is the only NGO in Malaysia that has been accredited by the Malaysian Elections Commission (Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya – SPR) to observe all the elections conducted by the SPR since 2004. MAFREL shall embark on an extensive observation mission for the Sarawak State Assembly from 6th April (Nomination Day) to 16th April 2011(Polling Day). The plan of action covers the areas of
a.         Recruitment of observers from volunteers in the state of Sarawak.

b.         Training on election observation by MAFREL trainers.

c.         Conduct election observation in the Sarawak State Assembly to cover:

(1.)       Pre Election Survey.

(2.)       Electoral Roll Verification.

(3.)       Nomination Day Observation.

(4.)       Political Campaign Observation.

(5.)       Media Monitoring of Political Campaign.

(6.)       Polling Day Observation.

(7.)       Post Election Observation (Electoral Petitions).

d.         Voter Education Program for the state of Sarawak.

To conduct the training for the volunteers, MAFREL shall  send a team of 10 trainers be deployed to Sarawak to be stationed in the 4 training centers identified. The centers are in Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri. These training centers will serve as Operation Centers when the elections are underway. The Voter Education programs shall also radiate from these centers.

6.        During the elections proper, it is envisaged that a total of 30 personnel be required to man full time at these centers to carry out the task of voters roll verification, campaign observation, media monitoring and voter education. For the task of Nomination Day Observation the local volunteers (trained by MAFREL) located at the towns and cities in Sarawak will conduct the observation at the Nomination Center for all constituencies. During Polling Day, the deployment of all local volunteers (trained by MAFREL) shall be extensive to cover the polling stations in identified constituencies. This number shall be in the hundreds. These observers shall be provided with “SPR passes” and located in the polling station. It is hoped that the reports shall be positive and free of irregularities and offences.

Shaharudin Othman.

Deputy Chairman, MAFREL.

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