"Mangkang Menua,Mangkang Dunya,Ngetan Ke Bansa!!"

July 23, 2011

Singapore is out!!

Should Stephen Kalong Ningkan teamed-up with Lee Kuan Yew when Singapore being “Kicked out” by Malaya in August 9th 1965, by now, Sarawak could be one of the most developed Commonwealth state!

July 18, 2011

Let me tell you why the Queen wearing yellow when granting an audience to Najib was NOT a coincidence or a faux pas

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Let me tell you why the Queen wearing yellow when granting an audience to Najib was NOT a coincidence or a faux pas.

Dear Reader,

Let me tell you why Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II wearing yellow when granting an audience to our Prime Minister and his wife was not a coincidence or a faux pas. As much as UMNO would prefer to think otherwise.

Fact 1. The Queen, contrary to popular belief, is very much well-informed. She is constantly kept abreast of the latest developments and news pertaining to her realm and her government by her team of palace advisers, secretaries and civil servants. They, in turn, gather their information from various sources, including ministries, government departments, Scotland Yard, 10 Downing Street, and members of the press corp in the UK. (Scotland Yard, knowing that the Queen would be granting an audience to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, would have certainly informed the Palace of the many demonstrations in London by Bersih 2.0 supporters.)

When a visiting dignitary is scheduled to meet the Queen, she is always fully briefed on the background of her visitor, the current situation of her visitor’s home country, and the DO’s and DON’T’s to observe. Particularly, she would be informed of developments in her own realm regarding the visitor. Scenes in London like the one in the photo below would not have escaped Her Majesty’s team of advisers, who in turn would have briefed the Queen. So, to assume that she was not aware of Bersih 2.0 is untenable.

Fact 2. Royal wardrobe and fashion is strictly regulated, and the Queen and members of the Royal Family are always careful not to make any fashion faux pas or distress their guests. Her advisers would have advised her to stay away from wearing yellow, and explained the significance of the colour in present circumstances. As Sarawak Report suggests, “she MUST have been informed of the sensitivity of the colour yellow”.

My friend (and fashion writer) Sasha Bashir commented at my facebook, “I have read in several write ups about Princess Diana’s wardrobe that English royals are always briefed on current issues and what colours should and should not be worn. One I can remember is that she visited some country where they had just lost an important football match and the whole country was upset about it. The baju she was going to wear at state formal dinner was same colour as flag of the other country, so she had to change her wardrobe plans. Kate Middleton is also following this kind of thing. On her trip to Canada recently, she wore white dress, red shoes and red maple leaf hat. Canada flag is red, white with maple leaf. The royals are not supposed to be fashion icons (even though people like Princess Di and Kate are), they are to be fashion diplomats. :)”

Fact 3. Besides attending public events, state dinners, receiving dignitaries and horse races, the Queen actually does paper work! Yes, Her Majesty, like many of us, has her daily duty of working at one of her many desks reading and signing state papers and official documents (often classified as secret). British fastidiousness with information and intelligence gathering is well-known. Her cache of papers would most definitely have included confidential dossiers on Najib Razak and Malaysia. And Bersih 2.0.

Copyright Press Association Images

Fact 4. Besides official papers, she also reads the newspapers. Knowing that she would be meeting the Prime Minister of Malaysia, an article in The Guardian, a respected British newspaper, with the headline “Malaysia’s Najib must abandon the Mubarak model”, would surely have caught her eye.

Fact 5. The Queen meets her Prime Minister once a week, every week. It would have been incumbent upon David Cameron to apprise the Queen of Najib Razak and Malaysia, in view that he would be visiting the UK on an official trip. News of the Bersih 2.0 rally in Kuala Lumpur, being reported globally the same week the Queen had her weekly meeting with David Cameron, would most definitely have been a topic of conversation. It is also a practice for the British Prime Minister to advise the Monarch on how to appropriately respond to political situations of the day, since she is constitutionally apolitical.

Did Cameron therefore gently suggest that the Queen wear yellow as a message to our Prime Minister and also to the people of Malaysia? Where Cameron could not publicly chastise Najib, the Queen could, with regal aplomb, send a strong message?

Fact 6. The Queen is a politically astute woman who has seen twelve British prime ministers serve under her reign, the liststarting with Winston Churchill, no less! Her vast experience in international relations and diplomacy is unchallenged and she would thoroughly understand the subtleties and symbolism attached to what one says and what one wears. To assume that Her Majesty has no political acumen is completely ludicrous.

Fact 7. Everything the Queen does is planned in advance and takes into consideration all factors. Everything has a reason, even right down to the colour of the flowers in her audience chamber! Nothing is coincidental, random or arbitrary where the Queen of the United Kingdom is concerned.

These seven facts alone allow us to reasonably conclude that the Queen was very much aware of Bersih 2.0 and the significance of the colour yellow, besides it being the royal colour for Malaysian royalty.

The question now is, knowing full well the sensitivity of the colour yellow, what was the reason behind Her Majesty deciding to wear yellow when meeting our Prime Minister and his lovely wife? The answer, dear reader, is yours to conclude.

The author read law and politics in the UK from 1989 to 1992, where he was greatly fascinated (and still is) with the British Royal Family, the Queen in particularly.The author Blogs here

July 17, 2011

Berita Ter-kini, Ter-now. Ter-sekarang! Najib menghidap “Demam Kuning”

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Sari berita utama, Yang Amat Berhormat Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak telah di laporkan menghidap “Demam Kuning” semasa Lawatan Rasmi beliau ke United Kingdom baru-baru ini

Beliau di kata kan telah pengsan beberapa kali di hadapan Kediaman Rasmi Datuk Bandar London dan juga di hadapan Pejabat Rasmi Perdana Menteri Britain David Cameron di No.10, Downing Street, London

Menurut laporan yang di terima, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor di katakan telah mengarahkan seorang doktor untuk menemani “isteri” beliau sepanjang lawatan di United Kingdom

Berita penuh akan menyusul kemudian…TV3 Suku

July 16, 2011

Najib Razak meet Queen Elizabeth II of England

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Najib: Good morning Your Majesty. Its an honour for my humble self for being granted an audience to meet you and i would like to offer my deepest grattitude for your kindness

QE: “Yellow” Mr Prime Monster Sir. How are ya? Do i look elegantly stunning in my “Yellow” dress? Mr Prime Monster, i’ve been suggested by the Right Honourable David Cameron, Prime Minister of United Kingdom to wear “Yellow” dress today as he was made to understand that “Yellow” is your favourite colour back in Malaysia and the “Yellow Fever” in Malaysia has getting the world attention

Najib: ??????

Ps:Create your on dialogue 🙂

“Tan Sri George said if electoral roll not fair how could I have losts in Miri?”

Tweets from one of PBB/BN Cybertrooper: “Tan Sri George said if electoral roll not fair how could I have losts in Miri?”


Below are the comments taken from our Taib Must Go Facebook Group


Jonathan Fabian u berik $, org ambik tp undi lain.. haha..

Aday Vespa Mandarinia undi pos lambat datang

Anderson Chan Chin Heng if its fair BN shud be losing ALL States !!!! not 5 states in !!!ok !!! moron BN

Chris Singut because you are loser George. not about polls. if it fairer, more lose vote you have. :D. stupid statement.

Denniz Wee hahah….old geezer…..finally open his mouth…but shit comes out…

Wang Sahui you were dumped, G

Kami Rakyat Sarawak Mahu Taib Berundur The votes against you Georgie were so overwhelming no amount of cheating can undo that

Maulviridha Abu Bakar This is a stale argument la.. If it is fair, he would’ve lost his deposit..

Wilson Law If it was fair, not only you that lost your seat. It will be the whole state. Understand??

Richard Leong If fair, how come BN can still be in power for more than 50 yrs?

Kelly Phang ai yo, if with so much ‘help’ given and still lose, then the candidate really kanasai la…

Clement Feng Wah still got face to comment? Cheat so much still lose…. Where u put ur face…. U think God no eyes?

Denniz Wee hehhe…yeah….maybe the backup votes prepared truly was not enuff….maybe shud prep 15k back up votes…opss…but cant hor…ur constituency only how many population? if the result came out ppl who voted overshoot the number of ppl in the constituency by 3 times the amount then also susah kekeke

Wang Keat San undi post habis diguna di kawasan Taib.

Alfred Lim lost because no one wants him around anymore…

Jonathan Fabian it is always not fair.. if it is fair then why the hell damn shit takut sama bersih 2.0..?

Wilson Ooi you lost bcos the ppl of miri can’t be bribed or held to ransom. if it was fair elections, the whole state will have fallen too

Edwin Limban You will lost your deposit chan if the election is clean

Desmond Lim Dr.George Belachan, if it is fair election i believe that u may lose your deposit. Shit!!!

Jane Joni i agree!hahah mirians cannot be bribed! true!if clean,BN LINGKUP!jual kopi-o,no starbuck for u all!LOL XD







First arrest ongoing at The Spring Kuching,Sarawak on Yellow Saturday.A Lawyer wearing BERSIH 2.0 T Shirt!

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Emeric Teo   being charged under Section 47 of Societies Act 1966


Under Section 47 of the Societies Act 1966, any person who prints, publishes, displays, sells or exposes for sale, or transmits through the post or who, without lawful authority or excuse, has in his possession any placard, newspaper, book, circular, pictorial representation or any other document or writing whatsoever or which is issued or appears to be issued by or on behalf of or in the interests of an unlawful society shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable, on conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years or to a fine not exceeding RM5,000 or both

Group of PKR comrades and supporters in “Yellow” hanging out at The Spring Shopping Mall, Kuching.But sadly one of their comrades has been arrested by the Police for wearing Bersih 2.0 T Shirt.Im sorry but F**k Tha Police!

Guess who is taking videos and pictures? Its the Police Special Branch lah.Why so kepo? Got nothing else to do meh? So free ahh? Perhaps they should work harder to reduced Crime Rates in Kuching!! Watch the video of the arrest here

Lawyer in Bersih tee arrested

PETALING JAYA: A week has passed since the Bersih 2.0 rally but the arrests continue. Emeric Teo, a lawyer, was picked up in Kuching this morning for wearing a yellow Bersih 2.0 T-shirt in public.

Teo and a group of PKR members and other lawyers were at The Spring, a popular mall in Kuching, to publicise an online petition for the release of the six Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) members detained under the Emergency Ordinance (EO).

According to PKR Batu Lintang assemblyman, See Chee How, the group was having coffee at Starbucks and chatting to patrons when a group of about 30 policemen approached them.

“All of us were wearing yellow but Teo was the only one wearing a Bersih T-shirt,” See told FMT.

“The police took him to the Kuching police divisional headquarters. We were told that he has been arrested under Section 47 of the Societies Act 1966.”

Asked if Teo was handcuffed or whether a tussle ensued, See said: “No they didn’t handcuff him because they know he’s a lawyer. There were no arguments either.”

See, who accompanied Teo to the police headquarters, added that the police had just finished taking his statement and were in the midst of snapping pictures of Teo in the T-shirt.

“We’re still waiting for an explanation from the police,” he said. “We’d like to find out why he was arrested when the rally is over.”

Teo is the second person in Sarawak to be arrested over a Bersih T-shirt. On July 4, PKR Youth secretary Zulhaidah Suboh was arrested at the Miri airport for wearing a Bersih T-shirt and for carrying a few more in her luggage.

She pleaded not guilty at the Miri Magistrate’s Court and was released on RM4,000 bail on July 7.Read more here

Last Welcome Party in London For Najib & Rosmah

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Minister of Malaysia’s Foreign Affair, Y.B. Datuk Anifah bin Haji Aman approached the demonstration group!!

The demonstration took place on 15 July 2011 at a small road divider/pavement in front of Intercontinental Hotel near Hyde Park Corner

After Najib scrambled his way into the Intercontinental Hotel, they chanted for a while more. Then we sang this Yellow Submarine parody

Click here to see the pictures of first welcome party for Najib and Rosmah in London in front of No.10, Downing Street when Najib meet PM David Cameron and the second welcome party infront of Mansion House, the Official Residence of the City of London’s Mayo

July 15, 2011

RESPONSE from MoCS to Taib Mahmud’s remarks in Borneo Post

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MoCS represents the loud voices of the people of Sarawak who want to see changes and reforms in the governance of the state.

Sarawakians have enough of this misrule of their state – the widespread corruption, blatant abuse of power and the perpetuation of the politics of fear and intimidation.

Sarawakian parents are worried for the future of their children, businessmen are finding it difficult to get jobs and even small contracts, professionals and others are forced to leave Sarawak because they find little future in their home state.

Sarawakians who have no means or opportunity to seek greener pastures elsewhere are being bullied at home. The plight of our Dayak NCR land owners are clear for all to see. They are being chased away from their homes and their land taken away. The land issue is also affecting many Malay and Chinese families too.

The thieves and brigands of Sarawak are enjoying life, frolicking away in the land of the rich and famous like Monaco and elsewhere while their fellow Sarawakians in the rural areas are left with nothing on their back, except for their name perhaps. That’s all they have left for being a Sarawakian.

We wish to inform Taib Mahmud that these are the people MoCS represents. The movement will have to play its role, no matter how small, in speaking out for the oppressed, down-trodden and victimized Sarawakians.

MoCS wishes to stress again that the movement is not aligned to any political party. While many politicians share our agenda for reforms in Sarawak, MoCS is apolitical and strictly a citizen’s movement. We are not interested in seeking public office nor expect any reward for our work in Sarawak. But we will continue to do what we have to do for our home land and for our fellow Sarawakians. This is MoCS’s commitment to the people.

To Taib, I wish to say here that I am a nobody – just a Sarawakian who cares deeply for my home state and my fellow citizens. I am not a leader. I wield no authority. I have no power. You are the leader, you are the chief minister.

You have a heavy responsibility. You are supposed to govern the state with wisdom, courage and foresight and great compassion for the people. Sadly, you have failed us in many ways.

As a Sarawakian, you are also my chief minister and I would have accorded you that due respect if only you had been a better leader. But today, I have to say that I’m ashamed to call you my chief minister and my leader because of your misdeeds and mismanagement of our state.

Taib, let me advise you to forget your pride sometimes, be humble for a moment and admit where you have gone wrong. Nobody is perfect. Almost 45 percent of the voters in Sarawak rejected YOU and your government last April 16. You should know why.

I will readily concede that there are good and forthright people in your BN team too. But you have never allowed them to act as their conscience dictates. Because you wield such immense power, they remain fearful of you and hence, subservient to you even when they know you are wrong. This is what is dreadfully wrong with your government today.

One last thing, Mr Chief Minister. You said before the April state election that you would be stepping down in 2-3 years. Just WHEN is 2-3 years? Give us a definite date, like Dr Mahathir and Pak Lah.

If you are not prepared to give the EXACT DATE, then it is impossible for us to believe you. For once, in your old age, give us a reason to believe you.

We are well-meaning Sarawakians. We have no desire to oppose you forever. We still harbour that little hope that you would do something good as you enter your sunset years.

Francis Paul Siah

15th July, 2011


Taib: Movement has no authority to call for rally

Posted on July 15, 2011, Friday

KUCHING: Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud yesterday took to task Movement for Change, Sarawak (MoCS), saying the movement did not represent the people.

He said it was crystal clear that the people had given him and Barisan Nasional (BN) the mandate to govern the state.

“MoCS rally! You find out who MoCS represents, whose voice they are carrying and by what authority is Francis Siah claiming to be the leader,” Taib said to reporters after he chaired the state cabinet meeting at Wisma Bapa Malaysia.

The state BN chairman was asked on MoCS’s plan to hold a rally – A walk for democracy and reforms – on Aug 13.

“People can say why I am a leader and who I represent … and you (reporters) can ask him (Siah) the same question,” he said.

MoCS leader Francis Siah, in a statement yesterday, was quoted as saying that the movement hoped to gather either at Padang Merdeka or Kuching Waterfront and then walk to either Reservoir Park or Museum Grounds where they would hold the rally

On why only a small number of Sarawakians were involved in the July 9 Bersih 2.0 rally, Taib said this was because the people practised good political culture.

Meanwhile, Kuching district police chief ACP Mun Kok Keong said the police had not received any application from MoCS for a permit to hold the rally.

July 9, 2011

2pm, July 9th, Stadium MERDEKA: Malaysia’s moment of truth

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“I’m not afraid to take a stand, Everybody come take my hand, We’ll walk this road together, through the storm, Whatever weather, cold or warm, Just let you know that, you’re not alone, Holla if you feel that you’ve been down the same road”

Malaysians from all walks of life have travelled a very long road to reach this defining point in our nation’s history. With less than 24 hours to our intended peaceful gathering, our resolve to walk the last, most difficult mile as one united people in pursuit of clean and fair elections and a better Malaysia for all is firmer than ever.

Our reason for gathering is pure and simple – to demand the electoral roll be cleaned, that the postal voting system be reformed, that indelible ink be used, a minimum 21 day campaign period be instated, free and fair access to media for all be provided, public institutions be strengthened, and for corruption as well as dirty politics to be stopped.

The authorities have put obstacle after obstacle where they only needed to provide sincere cooperation to win the trust and confidence of the people. Having faced half hearted offers of stadiums, arrogance regarding meetings as well as denials of permits, arrests, detentions and so much more, we feel that we have done all that is humanly possible to demonstrate sincerity and good faith in dealing with the government – but we have only been met with reversed decisions and stone walls.

There are no walls however, that will arrest the advance of the cause of peace and justice. Come the 9th of July, we will uphold our constitutional right to converge peacefully on Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur.

No government agency has any right whatsoever to prevent Malaysians from exercising their freedom of movement and access to our capital city. No threat or intimidation can overturn this fundamental truth.

Malaysians have now seen for themselves the degree of paranoia and lack of principled leadership that seems to have gripped the government. It is thus all the more imperative that patriotic Malaysians rise now and take this stand together to save Malaysia from slipping further into this insane darkness.

Since the beginning of Bersih 2.0, we have witnessed nothing but the utmost bravery and commitment to peace and justice demonstrated by ordinary Malaysians from every walk of life. Inspired by this example, the Bersih 2.0 leadership reiterates our own unyielding commitment to our shared cause, and to being at Stadium Merdeka at 2pm tomorrow. We will meet at the carpark, and trust that the doors will be opened for us.

This is Malaysia’s single most important defining moment in recent history, and we are fully confident that the rakyat will heed the call to safeguard the principles Malaysia was founded on and together ensure that we pass down to our children a nation that is just, democratic and united in love for one another.

Released by,

Steering Committee

Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH 2.0)

The Steering Committee of BERSIH 2.0 comprises:

Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan (Chairperson), Andrew Khoo, Arul Prakkash, Arumugam K., Dr Farouk Musa, Haris Ibrahim, Liau Kok Fah, Maria Chin Abdullah, Richard Y W Yeoh, Dr Subramaniam Pillay, Dato’ Dr Toh Kin Woon, Dr Wong Chin Huat, Dato’ Yeo Yang Poh dan Zaid Kamaruddin.


Taken from Borneo Independent News Service

I am Lake’ Jaro’ calling from my jungle lair to all my anak-anak, cucu-cucu in Telang Usan.I am very very worried looking at the trend the BN Government is subtly legalizing their claim over our NCR land through the  NCR initiative.

For the information of all, as I understand it the Land and survey Department will carry out perimeter survey on our NCR land. This survey must be approved by the BN government by issuing a letter of approval for Lot Block Alienation Scheme (BAS).

After the completion of the survey work, the land will be gazetted as NATIVE COMMUNAL RESERVE under section 6 of the Sarawak Land Code. The gazette will be kept at the Land and Survey Department, District Office, and  a copy extended to the relevant community heads.

According to the GOVERNMENT THE GAZETTE ITSELF IS LEGAL PROOF THAT THE SURVEYED AREA BELONG TO THE NATIVE LAND OWNERS. The rights over the land gazetted as Native Communal reserve under section 6 is administered by native system of personal law.

I bring your attention to the statement at item No. 4 below. This is the clearest indication so far to indicate that the government is only planning to enforce the NCR land boundaries according the government claim. Once this boundary is gazetted and becomes Native communal reserved Land,  the orang ulu has no right to claim their NCR lands outside the  surveyed and gazette area.

My Brothers and Sisters, anak-anak, cucu-cucu, if you recall, the BN State Government agreed to the survey after tremendous pressure from the Prime Minister just before the last State Election, to boost up support from the poor, marginalized and  uneducated Dayak voters. But the Dayaks NEVER LEARNED and stay loyal to the BN Government that has been keeping them poor so that they can be manipulated and bought with RM15.00, a pig and cases of beers.

ON THE SURFACE, the program look good. So I am sure that the stupid Dayaks will now be appreciative of this new “initiative”, thinking that the BN State Government has finally recognized and take steps to safe guard our NCR lands.

IN MY OPINION, I really think that the Sarawak BN State Government under the able leadership of “PEHIN SRI YANG KITA KASIHI” is actually legalizing their claim on our NCR land. HOW ?

1. The BN State Government will identify the NCR area and approved it to be surveyed. Their statement to ask the NCR land owners to help identify the boundary is utter nonsense because during their briefings they already identify our NCR land boundaries according to the government claim.

2. Owners and demand that the native land owners give their full cooperation.They give the poor dayaks only 2 weeks or a month to make a decision. This is a way to  pressure the land owners to giving in to their demands.


4. During one of the dialogue sessions with the land and survey department in Kapit (Borneo Post Friday July 1, 2011), the Land and Survey Officer Vivilyn Wesly Kapi explained that before the NCR land was handed over to the natives in Sarawak, the measurement of  perimeter to segregate NCR LANDS from that owned by the government, and also to verify boundaries between longhouses in the area need to be carried out.

5. The question the Natives should ask themselves is “WHY DO THE BN GOVERNMENT ONLY SURVEY THE NCR LAND ACCORDING TO THEIR DEFINATION OF NCR LAND?” The answer is crystal clear and very simple. The BN Government NEVER intended to recognize the natives claim of NCR land!. If they do recognize our NCR claim then thousands and thousands of hectares of OIL PALMS and TREE REPLANTING ESTATES belonging to the BN YBs, and their cronies will be included under the surveyed NCR lands.

6. The Natives should never agree with the Land and Survey/BN Government to survey their NCR land according to the Land and Survey Map. Because by doing so you have agreed to give your NCR lands outside of the surveyed area to the State Government and their cronies.

7. So our only course is not to survey our NCR land if it is not surveyed according to the area that we claimed as our NCR land. However we would be very grateful to the Government if the perimeter survey is according to claimed NCR area.

8. According to the Borneo post Friday, July 1, 2011 and Wednesday July 6, 2011

The government has approved perimeter survey to be carried out at the following areas:

a. Perimeter survey of sungai Patah and Batang Baram area containing an area of 9346 hectares belonging to 1455 land owners. i.e an average of 6.4 hectares per land owner. Don’t tell me that after many generations our fore fathers only managed to clear 6.4 hectares (15.36 acres of NCR land)!

b. Perimeter survey of Lio Matoh batang Baram area containing an area of 1095 hectares for some 1187 land owners. i.e 0.92 hectare per land owner. Don’t tell me that the people of Lio Matoh batang Baram only owns 0.92 hectare (2.25 acres) of  NCR land. Even the people at Sungai ASAP are given 3 acres per family for moving away from Bakun Hydro Dam.

c. Perimeter survey of NCR land Long Bedian (Lg. Bedian, Long Atip, Long Wat, Long Bemang) in the Apoh area containing an area of 9710  hectares belonging to 1500 NCR land owners from 200 doors.  One can only ask how many NCR land owners are there from the 4 main longhouses at Long Bemang, Long Wat, Long Atip and long Bedian in the Apoh river. Long Bedian and Long Atip alone has more than 200 doors. And what about the poor Penan lands?

9. According to the Land and survey map there is no inclusion of “pulau galau” (tana lung) and “pemakai menoa” (tana kaso’) even our temuda (ba’e, sepiteng, kaharah uk, kaharah aya’) are not all included.

So dear brothers and sisters in Telang Usan, I hope you understand what I am trying to explain. If I, an old penan man from deep in the jungle can anticipate what the BN Government is trying to do to steal our land further, the rest of you settled Kayan, Kenyah, Penan, Berawan, Kelabits, Ibans etc..etc.. should know better. You will be cursed by your anak-anak, cucu-cucu if you do not fight for your right to your land, better education, infrastructures, opportunities for your children. Your soul will know no peace!

Any way, for the Kayans, Kenyahs, Penan, Kelabits Sebob, Saban above the Baram DAM; you have voted for the BN GOVERNMENT in the last State election. Once the Baram DAM is completed you do not have to worry about your NCR lands, your long house, your ancestors graves, your gardens etc. because all that you have will be wiped out. YOU HAVE NOTHING !. Let Yang di Kasihi take care of you. Your BN representative Datu Seri TAMA PUYANG has assured that The Baram DAM is the best gift of untold Development by Tuan Yang di Kasihi, Pehin Seri  Taib Bin Mahmud.

Our YBs Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan and Brand new YB Dennis Ngau Jok are both mum about the Baram Dam. They keep opening Minor Rural Project left and right at longhouses above the Baram Dam. They are wasting tax payers money, our  money, because their area will soon be under 600 feet of water.

I am appalled by the realization that the people above the Baram Dam seem not to realize what is going to happen to them, including Datuk Seri Tama Puyang. They seem to take it easy, unbelieving that they are going to be displaced and lose everything under the name of Development for Pehin Seri Yang Kita Kasihi. Taib Mahmud.

For those of us Penan in the Apoh Area we look forward to the swarm of wild boars, deers, kijang, pelandok being displaced by the Baram DAM catchment area.

We are only worried that the Apoh and Tutoh river water level will recede and become too shallow for any river navigation. This is what is happening down river of the great three gorges dam in China where there was marsh land / swamp land before is now desert, depriving the locals of fish for their livelihood.

Thank you all.

Lake’ Jaro’

Penan Long Late

Ulu Apoh.

July 6, 2011

AMK Sarawak condemn the arrest of Zulhaidah Suboh as Unconstitutional and a Violation of Human Rights

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Zulhaidah look weak,pale and tired this morning

Scene outside the court room this morning

Group of supporters with lawyers

Taken from Free Malaysia Today

Bersih t-shirt: PKR S’wak woman leader held

Joseph Tawie July 5, 2011

KUCHING: A Sarawak PKR woman leader has been arrested by the police for allegedly wearing a yellow Bersih T-shirt.

Confirming the arrest, PKR Youth publicity chief Lesley Kalom said Zulhaidah Suboh is believed to be the first Sarawakian to be arrested in relation to the Bersih rally which is calling for electoral reforms.

Kalom said Zulhaida was first questioned at the Kuching International Airport early yesterday. She was on her way to Miri.

The police however allowed her to catch her flight to Miri.

She arrived in Miri at about 1.30pm, where a team of policemen continued questioning her at the airport police station.

“They later took her to the Miri Central police station for further interrogation,” Kalom said.Read more here

 1.She has appeared by the Magistrate Court Miri on 6th of July for the Case hearing and her remand being extended for another 3 days and were summoned to appear once again at Miri Magistrate Court on the 8th of July

  2.The 1966 Societies Act gives the Home Minister broad powers to declare an organization illegal. It also requires that all organizations register with the authorities, which subordinates freedom of association to Government consent. This infringes the right to Freedom of Association, enshrined in Article 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and also Article 10 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia

 3.Under Section 47 of the Societies Act 1966, any person who prints, publishes, displays, sells or exposes for sale, or transmits through the post or who, without lawful authority or excuse, has in his possession any placard, newspaper, book, circular, pictorial representation or any other document or writing whatsoever or which is issued or appears to be issued by or on behalf of or in the interests of an unlawful society shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable, on conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years or to a fine not exceeding RM5,000 or both

 4.Bersih 2.0 has been declared illegal by the Home Ministry effective July 1 for causing “an atmosphere of unrest,” a week before its planned July 9 rally and he gave three reasons for the banning of the movement, adding it was an unregistered group despite fulfilling all criteria to form an organisation under the Societies Act 1966. But why should Bersih seek registration when it is only a coalition of 60+ NGOs that are already registered? And would ROS accept Bersih’s application if it were to apply?

 5.Bersih’s yellow T-shirt has also been declared illegal by the Home Minister. Isn’t that an infringement on our civil rights to wear what we please? What if people choose to wear yellow T-shirts that say ‘We want CLEAN and FAIR elections’ or ‘We reject DIRTY elections’? Would they be arrested too?

 6. Bersih has listed their eight demands as the reason for their 9 July rally as listed below :

1. Clean the electoral roll

2. Reform postal ballot

3. Use of indelible ink

4. Minimum 21 days campaign period

5. Free and fair access to media

6. Strengthen public institutions

7. Stop corruption

8. Stop dirty politics

What started off as a rally for clean elections has now morphed into a civil rights movement that is gaining momentum.The harder the crackdown, the louder the cry for democratic reforms. It is not the rakyat but the government and their use of strong-arm tactics that is giving the country a negative image.

Leslley Kalom,

PKR Sarawak Youth Publicity Chief

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