"Mangkang Menua,Mangkang Dunya,Ngetan Ke Bansa!!"

July 9, 2011


Taken from Borneo Independent News Service

I am Lake’ Jaro’ calling from my jungle lair to all my anak-anak, cucu-cucu in Telang Usan.I am very very worried looking at the trend the BN Government is subtly legalizing their claim over our NCR land through the  NCR initiative.

For the information of all, as I understand it the Land and survey Department will carry out perimeter survey on our NCR land. This survey must be approved by the BN government by issuing a letter of approval for Lot Block Alienation Scheme (BAS).

After the completion of the survey work, the land will be gazetted as NATIVE COMMUNAL RESERVE under section 6 of the Sarawak Land Code. The gazette will be kept at the Land and Survey Department, District Office, and  a copy extended to the relevant community heads.

According to the GOVERNMENT THE GAZETTE ITSELF IS LEGAL PROOF THAT THE SURVEYED AREA BELONG TO THE NATIVE LAND OWNERS. The rights over the land gazetted as Native Communal reserve under section 6 is administered by native system of personal law.

I bring your attention to the statement at item No. 4 below. This is the clearest indication so far to indicate that the government is only planning to enforce the NCR land boundaries according the government claim. Once this boundary is gazetted and becomes Native communal reserved Land,  the orang ulu has no right to claim their NCR lands outside the  surveyed and gazette area.

My Brothers and Sisters, anak-anak, cucu-cucu, if you recall, the BN State Government agreed to the survey after tremendous pressure from the Prime Minister just before the last State Election, to boost up support from the poor, marginalized and  uneducated Dayak voters. But the Dayaks NEVER LEARNED and stay loyal to the BN Government that has been keeping them poor so that they can be manipulated and bought with RM15.00, a pig and cases of beers.

ON THE SURFACE, the program look good. So I am sure that the stupid Dayaks will now be appreciative of this new “initiative”, thinking that the BN State Government has finally recognized and take steps to safe guard our NCR lands.

IN MY OPINION, I really think that the Sarawak BN State Government under the able leadership of “PEHIN SRI YANG KITA KASIHI” is actually legalizing their claim on our NCR land. HOW ?

1. The BN State Government will identify the NCR area and approved it to be surveyed. Their statement to ask the NCR land owners to help identify the boundary is utter nonsense because during their briefings they already identify our NCR land boundaries according to the government claim.

2. Owners and demand that the native land owners give their full cooperation.They give the poor dayaks only 2 weeks or a month to make a decision. This is a way to  pressure the land owners to giving in to their demands.


4. During one of the dialogue sessions with the land and survey department in Kapit (Borneo Post Friday July 1, 2011), the Land and Survey Officer Vivilyn Wesly Kapi explained that before the NCR land was handed over to the natives in Sarawak, the measurement of  perimeter to segregate NCR LANDS from that owned by the government, and also to verify boundaries between longhouses in the area need to be carried out.

5. The question the Natives should ask themselves is “WHY DO THE BN GOVERNMENT ONLY SURVEY THE NCR LAND ACCORDING TO THEIR DEFINATION OF NCR LAND?” The answer is crystal clear and very simple. The BN Government NEVER intended to recognize the natives claim of NCR land!. If they do recognize our NCR claim then thousands and thousands of hectares of OIL PALMS and TREE REPLANTING ESTATES belonging to the BN YBs, and their cronies will be included under the surveyed NCR lands.

6. The Natives should never agree with the Land and Survey/BN Government to survey their NCR land according to the Land and Survey Map. Because by doing so you have agreed to give your NCR lands outside of the surveyed area to the State Government and their cronies.

7. So our only course is not to survey our NCR land if it is not surveyed according to the area that we claimed as our NCR land. However we would be very grateful to the Government if the perimeter survey is according to claimed NCR area.

8. According to the Borneo post Friday, July 1, 2011 and Wednesday July 6, 2011

The government has approved perimeter survey to be carried out at the following areas:

a. Perimeter survey of sungai Patah and Batang Baram area containing an area of 9346 hectares belonging to 1455 land owners. i.e an average of 6.4 hectares per land owner. Don’t tell me that after many generations our fore fathers only managed to clear 6.4 hectares (15.36 acres of NCR land)!

b. Perimeter survey of Lio Matoh batang Baram area containing an area of 1095 hectares for some 1187 land owners. i.e 0.92 hectare per land owner. Don’t tell me that the people of Lio Matoh batang Baram only owns 0.92 hectare (2.25 acres) of  NCR land. Even the people at Sungai ASAP are given 3 acres per family for moving away from Bakun Hydro Dam.

c. Perimeter survey of NCR land Long Bedian (Lg. Bedian, Long Atip, Long Wat, Long Bemang) in the Apoh area containing an area of 9710  hectares belonging to 1500 NCR land owners from 200 doors.  One can only ask how many NCR land owners are there from the 4 main longhouses at Long Bemang, Long Wat, Long Atip and long Bedian in the Apoh river. Long Bedian and Long Atip alone has more than 200 doors. And what about the poor Penan lands?

9. According to the Land and survey map there is no inclusion of “pulau galau” (tana lung) and “pemakai menoa” (tana kaso’) even our temuda (ba’e, sepiteng, kaharah uk, kaharah aya’) are not all included.

So dear brothers and sisters in Telang Usan, I hope you understand what I am trying to explain. If I, an old penan man from deep in the jungle can anticipate what the BN Government is trying to do to steal our land further, the rest of you settled Kayan, Kenyah, Penan, Berawan, Kelabits, Ibans etc..etc.. should know better. You will be cursed by your anak-anak, cucu-cucu if you do not fight for your right to your land, better education, infrastructures, opportunities for your children. Your soul will know no peace!

Any way, for the Kayans, Kenyahs, Penan, Kelabits Sebob, Saban above the Baram DAM; you have voted for the BN GOVERNMENT in the last State election. Once the Baram DAM is completed you do not have to worry about your NCR lands, your long house, your ancestors graves, your gardens etc. because all that you have will be wiped out. YOU HAVE NOTHING !. Let Yang di Kasihi take care of you. Your BN representative Datu Seri TAMA PUYANG has assured that The Baram DAM is the best gift of untold Development by Tuan Yang di Kasihi, Pehin Seri  Taib Bin Mahmud.

Our YBs Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan and Brand new YB Dennis Ngau Jok are both mum about the Baram Dam. They keep opening Minor Rural Project left and right at longhouses above the Baram Dam. They are wasting tax payers money, our  money, because their area will soon be under 600 feet of water.

I am appalled by the realization that the people above the Baram Dam seem not to realize what is going to happen to them, including Datuk Seri Tama Puyang. They seem to take it easy, unbelieving that they are going to be displaced and lose everything under the name of Development for Pehin Seri Yang Kita Kasihi. Taib Mahmud.

For those of us Penan in the Apoh Area we look forward to the swarm of wild boars, deers, kijang, pelandok being displaced by the Baram DAM catchment area.

We are only worried that the Apoh and Tutoh river water level will recede and become too shallow for any river navigation. This is what is happening down river of the great three gorges dam in China where there was marsh land / swamp land before is now desert, depriving the locals of fish for their livelihood.

Thank you all.

Lake’ Jaro’

Penan Long Late

Ulu Apoh.

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