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July 16, 2011

“Tan Sri George said if electoral roll not fair how could I have losts in Miri?”

Tweets from one of PBB/BN Cybertrooper: “Tan Sri George said if electoral roll not fair how could I have losts in Miri?”


Below are the comments taken from our Taib Must Go Facebook Group


Jonathan Fabian u berik $, org ambik tp undi lain.. haha..

Aday Vespa Mandarinia undi pos lambat datang

Anderson Chan Chin Heng if its fair BN shud be losing ALL States !!!! not 5 states in !!!ok !!! moron BN

Chris Singut because you are loser George. not about polls. if it fairer, more lose vote you have. :D. stupid statement.

Denniz Wee hahah….old geezer…..finally open his mouth…but shit comes out…

Wang Sahui you were dumped, G

Kami Rakyat Sarawak Mahu Taib Berundur The votes against you Georgie were so overwhelming no amount of cheating can undo that

Maulviridha Abu Bakar This is a stale argument la.. If it is fair, he would’ve lost his deposit..

Wilson Law If it was fair, not only you that lost your seat. It will be the whole state. Understand??

Richard Leong If fair, how come BN can still be in power for more than 50 yrs?

Kelly Phang ai yo, if with so much ‘help’ given and still lose, then the candidate really kanasai la…

Clement Feng Wah still got face to comment? Cheat so much still lose…. Where u put ur face…. U think God no eyes?

Denniz Wee hehhe…yeah….maybe the backup votes prepared truly was not enuff….maybe shud prep 15k back up votes…opss…but cant hor…ur constituency only how many population? if the result came out ppl who voted overshoot the number of ppl in the constituency by 3 times the amount then also susah kekeke

Wang Keat San undi post habis diguna di kawasan Taib.

Alfred Lim lost because no one wants him around anymore…

Jonathan Fabian it is always not fair.. if it is fair then why the hell damn shit takut sama bersih 2.0..?

Wilson Ooi you lost bcos the ppl of miri can’t be bribed or held to ransom. if it was fair elections, the whole state will have fallen too

Edwin Limban You will lost your deposit chan if the election is clean

Desmond Lim Dr.George Belachan, if it is fair election i believe that u may lose your deposit. Shit!!!

Jane Joni i agree!hahah mirians cannot be bribed! true!if clean,BN LINGKUP!jual kopi-o,no starbuck for u all!LOL XD







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