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August 15, 2011

Where is Sulaiman Taib?

We’ve just received information from a very reliable source to confirm that Sulaiman Taib is now in Canada. We were made to understand that he is still sulking with his father (Taib) due to his marriage with Ragad who is first cousin of Robert Geneid (Husband of Raziah Mahmud) and that is the reason why he has been away for so long from Sarawak and neglect his own VOTERS in Kota Samarahan!!

He didnt even attend the wedding receiption. He was known to be “Mummy Boy” and when his mother passed away and his father decide to married Ragad, most of the family members disagree as they know, it is part of Raziah Mahmud strategy to “TAPAU” all his father wealth and it is an open secret that Raziah is the most GREEDY among Taib’s siblings. Now both Hannifar Hajjar and Sulaiman is not in talking term with their aunt Raziah and Taib himself over the matter as Ragad is being planted!!

Taib is Ragad’s second husband and she has 2 kids from her previous marriage with her Arab’s husband. An English teacher from England were hired by Taib to teach Ragad but however, Ragad being stubborn and lazy did not finish her English lesson and Taib only communicate with Ragad through a TRANSLATOR!!

The reason why his father wanted him to join Politics is to ensure that Rahman-Taib Family Dynasty in Sarawak Politics is everlasting. Norah Tun Rahman (MP for Tanjung Manis) and Ali Mahmud (State Assemblymen for Muara Tuang) is one of the classic example of Rahman-Taib Family Dynasty

It was said that Sulaiman actually feel very reluctant to join Politics but he was persuaded and to an extent being forced by his father to stand/contest in Kota Samarahan in 2008 General Election fro which he won.No doubt when its all about MONEY and POWER!. This has further explain his sudden resignation as Deputy Tourism Minister less than 1 year after being appointed to the post in 2009

Our source has also confirm that most likely, he will not defend his Kota Samarahan Parliamentary seat in this upcoming General Election and several names has been said eyeing for the seat and one of them is Dato Ahmad Ibrahim (PBB Batu Kawa Branch Head)

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