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March 1, 2012

Baleh Iban community receptive to dam

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KAPIT: The Iban community from the Baleh River area is receptive to the proposed Baleh hydroelectric dam at Ulu Baleh River.

Iban community leader Temenggong Datuk Kenneth Kanyan said the community hopes the dam would bring economic growth to the area.

“This is one of the ways the state government will bring in physical development to Baleh. The project is to be implemented by Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB).

“The locals hope the government will be able to help the people in Baleh economically.

We believe the mega project to take place in Baleh would change the landscape of development and benefit us from a socioeconomic stand point,” he said during a dialogue at Nanga Antawau recently. Read more HERE


Temenggong Datuk Kenneth Kanyan is the son of the late Temenggong Koh, Iban Paramount Leader

Extract from thesis: “Why governments fail to capture economic rent: the unofficial appropriation of rain forest rent by rulers in insular Southeast Asia between 1970 and 1999″

Author: David W. Brown
Publisher: University of Washington, 2001
Original from: University of California
Digitized: Jul 26, 2008
Length: 724 pages


Chapter 4 : Unofficial Timber Rent Appropriation in Sarawak (Part 5 – Ibans, divide and conquer)

Chief Minister Taib also uses his timber concessions to buy the loyalty of the leaders of the largest ethnic group in Sarawak, the Iban, who comprise about 30 percent of the population. Taib and his predecessor both belong to the Melanau, a small coastal group.

The Melanau, to ensure their political ascendancy, bind themselves to the state’s Malay population, and play a delicate game of divide and rule with the rest of the state’s large group

Taib must buy the support of the sons of two famous Iban leaders. Their fathers, now dead, led the Iban during most of the twentieth century. The sons are highly visible board members and shareholders in Taib family timber concessions.

The most important Iban leader during much of the pre- and post-World War II period was Temonggong Koh who died in the 1940s. His son, Kenneth Kanyan, is a senator in the upper house of the Sarawak State Assembly (27 May 1997 interview with a reliable and informed academic).

Table 4.8 Taib family timber concessions in which Iban political leaders are board members or shareholders

Director with 42% shares in

Bumi Hijau, 26,000 hectares

Garu, 44,847 hectares

Kerasa, 49,996 hectares

Rajang Wood, 309,575 hectares

Raplex, 72,251 hectares.

Son of Temonggong Koh, the most important Iban leader in the pre- and post-World War II period.

Kenneth Kanyan is now a Senator in the Sarawak State Assembly. He was a strong loyalist to Taib in the 1987 Ming Court affair.


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