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March 3, 2012

Hydropower Project in Sarawak 2008 – 2020

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According to the Top Secret document that being leaked from Sarawak Energy Berhad (http://www.sarawakenergy.com.my/), by the year of 2020, Sarawak would have in total of 7000 Megawatts of Power namely :

Balleh Dam 1400 MW

Baram Dam 1000 MW

Murun Dam 900 MW

Metjawah Dam 300 MW

Linau Dam 290 MW

Belaga Dam 260 MW

Tutoh Dam 220 MW

Limbang Dam 150 MW

Belepeh Dam 110 MW

Lawas Dam 105 MW

Batang Ai Extension Dam 60 MW

Ulu Ai Dam 54 MW

According to the report on 3.8.2010 in the Star “Electricity glut in Sarawak”,
“There is likely to be a major power glut in Sarawak with the coming on stream of two major hydro power projects by the end of 2013 and the lack of firm commitments from investors to take the power up, industry players said.

There will be 2,400MW of capacity from the RM7.3bil Bakun Dam by the end of 2012 while a further 944MW will be added from the RM3.5bil Murum Dam by the end of 2013”. http://biz.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?sec=business&file=%2F2010%2F8%2F3%2Fbusiness%2F6782656

And they are planning to build 52 dams. It does not sound as if they are really bothered about any impending electricity glut, probably because the costs will be fobbed off on the unsuspecting Sarawakians.

Critics has made it clear some time back that Sarawak does not need all these dams: “If what Sarawak Energy Berhad (“SEB”) is scheming to implement for Sarawak together with elements of China’s state-owned companies involved in electricity-generation and hydro-electric power plants/dams, Sarawak will have the dubious honour of having the most number of dams in Malaysia (52 dams to be precise), which it does not need”.

The real reason they are not worried about the electricity glut, of course, is because they are actually going to make a lot more money from the timber that they are going to clear from the dam sites than from the dams themselves.

The dams are just the excuse. How much timber are we talking about here? Billions and billions of RM worth, at minimal cost, all to disappear without a trace.

Yes, that’s what they are really interested in – the timber.

And they don’t care how many natives they have to resettle or the environmental damage caused to get it.

Once all the timber is gone and the revenues banked into their overseas bank accounts, do you think they would be worried about any electricity glut?

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