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August 27, 2012

How many times Sarawak has save Malaya?

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How many times Sarawak has save Malaya? The answer is 5 times as being shown below

1st : Malayan Emergency (1948 to 1960)

Iban Trackers/Sarawak Rangers were being assigned to Malaya
2nd : Formation of Malaysia on September 16th 1963Why Malaysia? The initiative apparently came from the wishes of Singapore’s leaders. David Marshall, Chief Minister of Singapore during the mid-1950s, was keen for a merger but the Tunku then was reluctant. Then in 1959, when Lee Kuan Yew of the People’s Action Party assumed the chief ministership, he too proposed a Malaya-Singapore merger for economic and political reasons. The Tunku’s initial reaction was at best lukewarm. As the political Left in Singapore gained momentum, however, the Tunku began to warm up to Lee’s persuasive arguments of merger.

Although the Tunku and his Malay colleagues in the United Malay National Organisation (Umno) did not want to have a Left-leaning Singapore as their neighbour, neither did they wish for a merger with Chinese-dominated Singapore that would mean upsetting the racial arithmetic in favour of the Chinese.

The Borneo territories then became imperative components in the wider federation scheme. Nearly 70% of the nearly 1.3 million inhabitants (1960 census) of Sabah, Brunei and Sarawak comprised Malay-Muslims and non-Muslim indigenous peoples, the Borneo territories were viewed favourably as a counterweight to Singapore’s Chinese majority.”

“This racial arithmetic, however, hinged on an assumption: “that in extreme racial issues the indigenous population of Borneo might choose to align themselves with the Malays (of Malaya), to whom they were racially akin, rather than to the Chinese”.~Dr Ooi Keat Gin~

3rd : Singapore expulsion from Federation of Malaysia on August 9th 1965

Sabah/Sarawak could just pull out from Federation of Malaysia since Singapore has being kicked out.

There were 4 signatories to the Malaysian Agreement: Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak. So, if one party pulls out (or in this case got expelled), then the original Malaysian Agreement is null and void.

A new Malaysian Agreement should have been drafted (and signed) to represent the the three remaining signatories. But there was none drafted or signed. So, if the original Malaysian Agreement was null and void, then Malaysia is an illegal nation. In this case Malaysia does not even exist legally!

4th : Communist Insurgency (1968 to 1989)

Troops from Sarawak were being assigned to Malaya

5th : General Election 2008

The opposition pact won 83 of the 222 parliamentary seats in 2008 election. Of the BN’s 139 seats, 55 were from Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan while in Peninsular Malaysia, it won 84 seats over PR’s 81, BN only obtained 49 percent of vites in Malaya

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