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March 30, 2015

Dont be emotional Daud? 

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Minister in charge of Islamic Affairs (In Secular State?) Daud had reminded all parties not to be too emotional on the issue of a 13 years old Dayak school girl from SMK Lutong being converted by by his 2 teachers who happen to be from Malaya.

Im just wondering what would be his reaction if it was the case of a Muslim being converted to Christian?

The school teacher explained that the girl herself interested in Islam and had requested to be converted ane even choose her own Muslim name.

Even if is true which to be fair, i truly believe its true, the teachers should aware the facts that minor below 18 years old cant change his religion without his/her parents consent. That is the law.

Even if they cant or dont understand the Laws, by right they have moral obligation at least to inform, or try to get the consent from her parents though i believe they wouldnt get it

Another issue, by right they should know this is a very sensitive matter

Even if the girl wanted to convert to Islam, if i were they,  i would just ask the girl herself to go to the nearest Jabatan Agama Islam and i dont need to involved in this matter.

It seems like the 2 teachers failed to be sensitive or failed to respect the multireligious, multiracial harmony in Sarawak!

Adenan should walk the talk. Now is the time for him to show if he’s really CM for all Sarawakians regardless of Race and Religion since he himself has declare publicly that he’s CM for all

The 2 teachers must be transfered/deported back to Malaya.

Adenan can do this by pressuring State Education Department which fall under Federal list

Or he can use our Autonomous Power over Immigration. This, he need not to consult State Education Department

This is to send a strong message to the so called “Troublemaker” (In Adenan own words) as this is not the first time we heard about Dayaks converted to Islam by tricks

The 2nd option, Adenan can exercise his absolute power over Immigration

According to Malaysian Insider, the 2 teachers were given desk job at Education Office

According to the Star, they were suspended

Which one is true? Suspended from teaching in SMK Lutong and given desk job at Education Office in Miri?

This is misleading. Why should they given a desk job? They should be suspended or given unpaid leave and then deported back to Malaya!

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