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April 20, 2015

Adenan suprise?

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BN Surpise

Just wondering what would those suprise be, another rhetorics?

1. “We believe some of the motions are for the sake of publicity only. They insisted because it’s a political ploy by them.” Adenan said one of the motions was on calling him (Adenan) the ‘Prime Minister of Sarawak’ and changing the name of DUN to Parliament.

2. “Asfia said Pujut assemblyman Fong Pau Teck submitted three motions – the first asking for referendum for Sarawak, the second aimed to change the name of DUN to Parliament and the Chief Minister of Sarawak to Prime Minister of Sarawak, and the third to oppose the amendment of the Sedition Act and to repeal the Colonial Sedition Act.

*Come on YB Fong Pau Teck, I believe Pujut voters didnt votes for you to talk about those STUPID and ABSURD RHETORICS. Anyway, just enjoy it while you still can. Dont be a stooges for Lina Soo and co.

I know you’re being partyless for quite sometimes now after being expelled from DAP but you shouldnt mislead Sarawakians with those Rhetorics. What Referendum? Lets votes BN out first and only then we can talk about Referendum or whatever it is. Sigh!

I believe what YB Fong Pau Teck trying to suggest is to elevate Sarawak Council Negri to Parliament similar to Scotland Parliament. Something which totally IRRELEVANT as there is a lots more bread and butter issues which he should talk about. We all know this is just for the sake of public stunt and i agree with Adenan Satem, this is just STUPID.

3. The sixth motion on Hudud, Asfia said, would come from Ba’Kelalan assemblyman Baru Bian. The motion, which he said would be “very long”, seeks that there should be no implementation of Hudud law in Sarawak.

*Looking forward for it YB Baru Bian!

April 19, 2015


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They still attacking Anwar even when he’s now in Prison! Modus operandi is to demolish Anwar’s credibility for the second time and to nail him down but nobody would believe it. Not when you’re being presented with the same story over and over again since 1998

You can hate Anwar for everything from the failed September 16th coup to Kajang Move the movie and many more but the fact remain, this is all trumped charges with political motives, this is grave injustice!

As the real Fighter, he stay on and Fight on till the end, even he had to spend another 5 years behind the bars but yet still able to smile to his supporters.


Adenan and his many charms

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Lately, its seems like many Sarawakians has fall into CM Adenan’s PR stunt and by now, he must have been revered as the great CM and true blue “Anak Sarawak”

A stark contrast with Taib. Adenan has spoke about almost everything that is dear to the hearts of all Sarawakians such as the issue of Oil Royalty, Malaysian Agreement 1963, Ummo, Unity, Illegal loggings, Integrity pledge to name a few and maybe i missed out some but without any significant changes in Policies, his government is just a continuity of Taib’s legacy.

For a start, he should scrap the plan to built 52 damn dams including 12 mega dams in Sarawak and to have reforms in Land policy.

Its nothing more than just a PR stunt prior to the next state election in which, he need to have a clear mandates from Sarawakians and he need to distance himself from Taib’s shadow.

Btw, its an open secret he is one of Taib’s advisor and a strategist. Be smart and please read between the line folks. Goodnite!

Say No To Banglas!!

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More and more peaceful street protest/demonstration needed here in Sarawak.

Teringat semula kata2 seorang sahabat dari Semenanjung tiga tahun lepas, “Orang Sarawak perlu di budayakan dengan budaya Tunjuk Perasaan/Demonstrasi Jalanan untuk menuntut hak rakyat Sarawak”

Thanks God, a successful demonstration today in Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri to protest agaisnt 30, 000 Bangladeshi recruited to work in Palm Oil plantations all over Sarawak.

In the future, a statewide protest should be organised to demand for a change in Land Code (To recognise Pulau Galau/Pemakai Menoa) as part of NCR land, Land Policy, to demand for 20% Oil Royalty, to demand for full compliance of Malaysian Agreement 1963, to demand for scrapping of all 52 damn dams, to demand for “Anak Sarawak” to filled up the federal agency jobs and many others. God bless Sarawak!

April 1, 2015

Happy GST Day Malaysians!!

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Good morning. Semua status update di FB ngan Tweets di Twitter aritok ngerepak pasal GST. Relaks, bak kata orang, its a blessing in disguise

Maybe after this you guys would be more critical or concern on how the Najib spend our taxpayers money

Maybe after this you guys would finally interested to read “Laporan Ketua Audit Negara” every year

Maybe after this you guys would finally interested on how Rosmah Mansor do his shopping all arround the world with private jet bought/rent/paid by taxpayers money

Its a blessing in disguise and hopefully more and more Malaysians would finally open up their eyes on how the Government spend every single cents of taxpayers money.

We dont need GST if the Government can save a lots of wastages due to corruption and to cut unnessary spendings

The only reason for new Taxation being introduce is to generate MORE incomes for the government but its useless if they keep on spending the money the way it is now.

GST is their only and last resort since subsidies for fuel has been implented.

So sapa madah GST tek sikkan nait kan harga barang? Sapa madah GST tek bait untuk Rakyat?

Tok sik kira kau Pro Kerajaan (BN) ka, Pro Pembangkang (PR) ka, semua tetap kenak.

Salam April’s Fool, Salam 1 GST untuk semua. Semua kenak game ngan Najib aritok. Padan muka kita semua. Haha!

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