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April 1, 2015

Happy GST Day Malaysians!!

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Good morning. Semua status update di FB ngan Tweets di Twitter aritok ngerepak pasal GST. Relaks, bak kata orang, its a blessing in disguise

Maybe after this you guys would be more critical or concern on how the Najib spend our taxpayers money

Maybe after this you guys would finally interested to read “Laporan Ketua Audit Negara” every year

Maybe after this you guys would finally interested on how Rosmah Mansor do his shopping all arround the world with private jet bought/rent/paid by taxpayers money

Its a blessing in disguise and hopefully more and more Malaysians would finally open up their eyes on how the Government spend every single cents of taxpayers money.

We dont need GST if the Government can save a lots of wastages due to corruption and to cut unnessary spendings

The only reason for new Taxation being introduce is to generate MORE incomes for the government but its useless if they keep on spending the money the way it is now.

GST is their only and last resort since subsidies for fuel has been implented.

So sapa madah GST tek sikkan nait kan harga barang? Sapa madah GST tek bait untuk Rakyat?

Tok sik kira kau Pro Kerajaan (BN) ka, Pro Pembangkang (PR) ka, semua tetap kenak.

Salam April’s Fool, Salam 1 GST untuk semua. Semua kenak game ngan Najib aritok. Padan muka kita semua. Haha!

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