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April 19, 2015

Say No To Banglas!!

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More and more peaceful street protest/demonstration needed here in Sarawak.

Teringat semula kata2 seorang sahabat dari Semenanjung tiga tahun lepas, “Orang Sarawak perlu di budayakan dengan budaya Tunjuk Perasaan/Demonstrasi Jalanan untuk menuntut hak rakyat Sarawak”

Thanks God, a successful demonstration today in Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri to protest agaisnt 30, 000 Bangladeshi recruited to work in Palm Oil plantations all over Sarawak.

In the future, a statewide protest should be organised to demand for a change in Land Code (To recognise Pulau Galau/Pemakai Menoa) as part of NCR land, Land Policy, to demand for 20% Oil Royalty, to demand for full compliance of Malaysian Agreement 1963, to demand for scrapping of all 52 damn dams, to demand for “Anak Sarawak” to filled up the federal agency jobs and many others. God bless Sarawak!

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