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April 1, 2015

Happy GST Day Malaysians!!

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Good morning. Semua status update di FB ngan Tweets di Twitter aritok ngerepak pasal GST. Relaks, bak kata orang, its a blessing in disguise

Maybe after this you guys would be more critical or concern on how the Najib spend our taxpayers money

Maybe after this you guys would finally interested to read “Laporan Ketua Audit Negara” every year

Maybe after this you guys would finally interested on how Rosmah Mansor do his shopping all arround the world with private jet bought/rent/paid by taxpayers money

Its a blessing in disguise and hopefully more and more Malaysians would finally open up their eyes on how the Government spend every single cents of taxpayers money.

We dont need GST if the Government can save a lots of wastages due to corruption and to cut unnessary spendings

The only reason for new Taxation being introduce is to generate MORE incomes for the government but its useless if they keep on spending the money the way it is now.

GST is their only and last resort since subsidies for fuel has been implented.

So sapa madah GST tek sikkan nait kan harga barang? Sapa madah GST tek bait untuk Rakyat?

Tok sik kira kau Pro Kerajaan (BN) ka, Pro Pembangkang (PR) ka, semua tetap kenak.

Salam April’s Fool, Salam 1 GST untuk semua. Semua kenak game ngan Najib aritok. Padan muka kita semua. Haha!

August 18, 2012

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“Undi lah Pembangkang jika anda setuju untuk jadikan Kristian sebagai Agama rasmi Persekutuan Malaysia”

The same tactics they use in Sarawak in the last state election whereby posters of YB Baru Bian (Sarawak PKR Chairman) implicating that Sarawak would become a Christian state if PKR won in Sarawak and that has scared away some Muslims voters

The fact is, Sarawak is a Secular State with no Official Religion vis a vis Point No.1 of our 20/18 Point of Agreement prior to formation of Malaysia in 1963 which read:

Point 1: Religion
While there was no objection to Islam being the national religion of Malaysia there should be no State religion in North Borneo, and the provisions relating to Islam in the present Constitution of Malaya should not apply to North Borneo


Of course, BN wont admit it. That is typical “Baling batu, Sembunyi tangan”

UMNO style/modus operandi is similar to NAZI propaganda in the 2nd World War, Racist to the core!

Khairy Jamaluddin said they have taken down that pic, and now investigating who’s that foolish site admin that uploading that image. The pic went viral in just few minutes. He does not know that, that FB page exist, could have been setup by anyone or fanboy. Well, damage is already done.


Excerpt from the Wikipedia :

Article 3 of the Constitution of Malaysia establishes Islam as the “Religion of the Federation”However, Malaysia’s law and jurisprudence is based on the English common law. Sharia law is applicable only to Muslims, and is restricted to family law and religious observances. Therefore, there has been much debate on whether Malaysia is a secular state or an Islamic state.

Originally, the draft Constitution of Malaysia did not specify any official religion for the state. This move was supported by the rulers of the nine Malay states, who felt that it was sufficient that Islam was the official religion of each of their individual states. However, Justice Hakim Abdul Hamid of the Reid Commission which drafted the Constitution came out strongly in favour of making Islam the official religion, and as a result the final Constitution named Islam as the official religion of Malaysia.

Nine of the Malaysian states, namely Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Kedah, Perak, Perlis, Selangor, Johor and Negeri Sembilan have constitutional Malay monarchs (most of them styled as Sultans). These Malay rulers still maintain authority over religious affairs in states. The states of Penang, Malacca, Sarawak and Sabah do not have any sultan, but the king (Yang di-Pertuan Agong) plays the role of head of Islam in each of those states as well as in each of the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya.

On the occasion of Tunku Abdul Rahman (Malaysia’s first prime minister)’s 80th birthday, he stated in the 9 February 1983 edition of the newspaper The Star that the “country has a multi-racial population with various beliefs. Malaysia must continue as a secular State with Islam as the official religion.” In the same issue of The Star, Abdul Rahman was supported by the third Malaysian Prime Minister, Hussein Onn, who stated that the “Nation can still be functional as a secular state with Islam as the “Official Religion”

Although the constitution declares Malaysia to be a secular state, there is much confusion on this subject. Several Muslims have argued, especially after former Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad’s declaration that Malaysia is an Islamic state, that Malaysia is in fact an Islamic state.

One Member of Parliament (MP), Badruddin bin Amiruldin, has stated in the Dewan Rakyat house of Parliament that “Malaysia ini negara Islam” (“Malaysia is an Islamic state”) and that “you tidak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia!” (“You don’t like it, you get out of Malaysia!”) Badruddin refused to retract his statement, and a motion to refer him to the House Committee of Privileges was rejected by a voice vote.

However, the first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, contradicted this stance in the 1980s, saying, “All talk on Islamic States is just an empty dream. No man in his right sense would accept a nation which bases its political administration on religion, and in a country like Malaysia with its multiracial and multireligious people, there is no room for an Islamic State.” In 1988, the courts rejected the argument that Malaysia was a theocratic state http://www.loyarburok.com/2010/01/09/criminalizing-liberty-second-segment/

Despite the Federal Government’s denial that Malaysia is an Islamic state, the previous administration under Abdullah Badawi have gradually furthered the agenda of Islamic supremacy at the expense of other religions. The spread of Christianity is a particular sore point for the Muslim majority. The Malaysian government has also persecuted Christian groups who were perceived to be attempting to proselytize to Muslim audiences. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_in_Malaysia

May 13th 1969 in the making?

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Based on current trend/modus operandi by UMNO to play/stir those sensitive issues such as Race, Religion, Royalty, i strongly believe in the even that UMNO/BN lost their power in this upcoming General Election, they would resort to extreme/radical tactics and most possibly, they would try to “re enact” the Bloody 13th May Tragedy and “State of Emergency/ Martial Laws would declared and the Parliament would be suspended, but the question is, are we going allowed that to happen again?

What really happen on 13th May 1963?

Here is an excerpt from Dr.Kua Kia Soong, May 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots 1969 http://www.mphonline.com/books/nsearchdetails.aspx?&pcode=9789834136789

“Subky Latiff,a journalist at the time,wrote in 1977

“The May 13 Incident did not occur spontaneously.It was planned quickly and purposely.The identity of the plannners of the incident cannot be stated with accuracy.

But whatever it was happened,the May 13 Incident was a form of Coup d’ etat directed against Tunku Abdul Rahman.The Tunku’s power in fact ended from then onwards.Although he continued to be Prime Minister and President of UMNO,he was no more than just a figurehead”

This is the first credible account of the May 13, 1969 racial riots in Malaysia using documents recently declassified at the Public Records Office, London after the lapse of the 30-year secrecy rule. These documents provide the only available confidential observations and memoranda by British and other foreign embassy operatives based on their intelligence and contacts with local officials and politicians. They include dispatches by correspondents which were then banned in Malaysia. The local media were suspended at the time and local documents remain classified under the Official Secrets Act.

A social scientist, Kua Kia Soong provides a fresh political analysis of this “May 13 Incident”. In his view, the riots were by no means a spontaneous outburst of violence between Malays and Chinese but rather a planned coup d’etat by the ascendant state capitalist class against the Tunku-led aristocracy. He discusses the contradictions of the post-Independence Alliance racial formula and traces the rise of this new Malay capitalist class which has ruled Malaysia since 1969.


This is the question that we Malaysians regardless of Race/Religion should ask sincerely ask ourself

We want to have a CHANGE of Government. We want a NEW Goverment to take over from UMNO/BN who has been in Power since 1957 and along the way, somehow they had become complacent and today predicament is the manifestations of their “Complacent/Corrupts Habits” for the past many2 years

There is a saying, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

Back to the issue, no doubt that UMNO/BN capitalising on the 3R issues to fish for votes from the Malay/Muslims voters for their own Political Survival but the question is, can we UNITED as Malaysians regardless of Race/Religion for one COMMON GOAL which is to demand for a BETTER DAWN and BETTER FUTURE for Malaysia?


To be fair, we need to read/listen to both side of arguement before we can form our own conclusion and not merely being influenced by one views/analysis. Neither do i agree or disagree with any of the arguements

May 13th 1969 – The Correct View (part 1)

May 13th 1969 – The Correct View (part 2)

May 13th 1969 – The Correct View (Intermission)

May 13th 1969 – The Correct View (part 4)

October 29, 2011

Ketirisan amat parah di Kementah

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Taken from Free Malaysia Today

Bagaimana anda rasa sebagai pembayar cukai jika seseorang memberitahu anda bahawa Kementerian Pertahanan (Kementah) membayar sebanyak RM7.55 bilion untuk membeli kereta perisai yang harga sebenar hanya seperempat dari jumlah itu?

Jika anda benar-benar tahu berapa nilai RM7.55 bilion (atau RM7,550 juta) itu, anda mungkin terperanjat dan sukar untuk mempercayai dan memekik: “Adakah kerajaan kita begitu teruk? Adakah mereka begitu berani?

Jawapannya ialah ia; dan tirai drama mula dibuka di parlimen kita, tidak seperti di setengah-setengah laman web yang membuat dakwaan yang tidak berasas.

Ahli Parlimen Petaling Jaya Utara Tony Pua menyoal Menteri Pertahanan Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi kenapa Kementah membayar harga yang sangat mahal, sebanyak RM7.8 bilion untuk 257 buah kereta perisai.

Zahid menjawab bahawa kementeriannya tidak tahu bahawa harganya RM7.8 bilion seperti mana yang didakwa oleh Pua dan harga kontrak muktamad ialah RM7.55 bilion.

Beliau juga menyatakan bahawa beliau tidak tahu menahu tentang urusniaga yang membolehkan pembekal mendapatkan kenderaan- kenderaan tersebut dari Turki pada harga seperempat dari harga yang dibayar oleh Kementah.

Namun penafian Zahid itu akhirnya terbongkar apabila Pua mendedahkan bahawa Zahid sendiri menyaksikan majlis menandatangani perjanjian urusniaga itu di Ankara, Turki pada bulan Februari lalu.

Perjanjian itu ditandatangani di antara syarikat pembekal Malaysia, Deftech dan pengeluar kenderaan pertahanan Turki FNSS, syarikat usahasama di antara BAE Systems Inc. dari United Kingdom dan Nurol Holding dari Turki.

Perjanjian ini dilaporkan dalam satu kenyataan akhbar bertarikh 3 Jun 2011 di laman web BAE System Inc. melibatkan kontrak bernilai USD559 juta yang diberi kepada FNSS untuk “merekabentuk, membangun dan mengeluarkan” sebanyak 257 DEFTECH AV-8 8X8 kereta perisai beroda dan Sokongan Logistik Berintergrasi untuk Angkatan Tentera Malaysia.

Kenderaan-kenderaan tentera yang diberi nama ‘DEFTECH’, sebenarnya direkabentuk oleh FNSS PARS 8X8, kenderaan serbaguna, pelbagai misi, kenderaan beroda lengkap dengan peralatan senjata.
Harga melambong

Ini bermakna Kerajaan Malaysia membayar Deftech sebanyak RM7.55 bilion (RM29.4 juta untuk sebuah), yang kemudian membayar FNSS sebanyak RM1.7 bilion untuk 257 buah kereta perisai itu (RM6.6 bilion sebuah).

Jika anda seorang pembayar cukai yang marah dengan ‘rompakan di siang hari’ melibatkan RM6 bilion dari dana awam, tunggu dulu sehingga anda mendengar harganya di pasaran, yang jauh lebih rendah dari yang ditawarkan oleh FNSS.
Pua dalam satu kenyataannya bertarikh 9 Mac 2011, dalam blognya melaporkan bahawa harga-harga berikut untuk kereta perisai yang setanding yang ditawar dan diurusniagakan dalam pasaran.

0 Pasukan tentera Portugal membayar RM4.4 juta sebuah untuk kereta perisai Pandur II 8X8 (EUR364 juta untuk 353 buah)

0 Model terbaru Pirahan III 8X8 kereta perisai beroda yang dikeluarkanoleh Swiss MOWAG GmBH bernilai RM3.9 juta (USD1.2 juta) untuk tiap-tiap sebuah.
Dengan harga-harga ini sebagai rujukan, adalah wajar untuk kita mengharapkan supaya Kementah membuat tawaran tender terbuka dan mencapai keputusan muktamad.

Kita boleh mengurangkan harga tidak melebihi RM4.5 juta dari RM30 juta untuk sebuah kenderaan pada ketika ini dan mengurangkan nilai kontrak kepada RM1.15 bilion dari RM7.55 bilion.

Ini bermakna kerajaan Barisan Nasional telah melambongkan harganya sebanyak enam hingga tujuh kali ganda mengikut dasar pembelian peralatan pertahanan yang sama sekali tidak bersifat telus dan bertanggungjawab.
Jumlah yang sebegitu tinggi amat memeranjatkan yang mungkin tidak pernah kita dengar walaupun dalam sebuah negara yang paling korup di dunia sekali pun.

Perbelanjaan yang menggila

Urusniaga ini adalah salah satu dari kes bagaimana Kementah membelanjakan wang berbilion ringgit untuk membeli bot peronda dan helikopter dengan harga yang begitu tinggi.

Sebagai contoh, Kementah membeli enam buah kapal peronda luar pantaidari Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd pada harga sebuah RM1 bilion (jumlah RM6 bilion).

Harga yang dibayar ini adalah lima kali ganda dari apa yang dibayar oleh Royal New Zealand Navy untuk pembelian OPV, diperolehi pada harga hanya RM210 juta sebuah (NZ$90 juta) dari syarikat kedua terbesar di dunia, BAE Systems.
Begitu juga dengan pembelian helikopter jenis Eurocopter EC725 pada harga RM190 juta setiap sebuah (RM2.3 bilion untuk 12 buah) manakala Brazil membeli helikopter jenis yang sama pada harga hanya RM82 juta sebuah.
Melihat kepada tiga kontrak ini sahaja – kereta perisai, kapal peronda dan helikopter – menyaksikan ketirisan sebanyak RM12 bilion ekoran transaksi Kementah ini.

Dengan wang sebanyak ini, kita boleh membina rumah kos rendah untuk 250,000 keluarga, menyediakan kemudahan perumahan kepada sejuta rakyat yang tidak mampu.

Dasar pembelian pihak pertahanan melibatkan rasuah yang begitu bermaharajalela sememangnya diketahui ramai di kalangan para pegawai dan eksekutif pertahanan antarabangsa seperti mana yang didedahkan oleh Wikileaks.

Wikileaks mendedahkan kabel dari Kedutaan Amerika Syarikat tentang rakaman perbualan di antara saudara mara dan rakan-rakan ahli-ahli politik ketika pemerintahan Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi selaku perdana menteri dan Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak sebagai timbalannya pada sekitar tahun 2004 hingga 2009.

Di samping mendedahkan jenis rasuah secara spesifik, kabel Amerika itu juga mendedahkan bahawa rasuah menjadi sumber pendapatan utama sebagai dana politik bagi mengekalkan kuasa pihak pemerintah.

Melihat dari perspektif yang lebih besar, ketirisan akibat tiga kontrak ini merupakan sebahagian kecil sahaha dari ketirisan-ketirisan yang berlaku dalam sistem pembelian kerajaan Barisan Nasional, sebagaimana didedahkan oleh Laporan Ketua Audit Negara 2010.

Laporan-laporan tahunan seperti ini, yang mendedahkan amalan rasuah dan salah guna pengurusan (hingga ada yang sukar dipercayai) sering menjadi peringatan bahawa kita terperangkap dengan sistem tadbir urus yang buruk dan akibatnya akan terus menerus mengeringkan sumber dana negara.

Tetapi jika kita menyedari bahawa Laporan Ketua Audit itu adalah sebahagian kecil dari ketirisan yang berlaku setiap tahun, kerana ianya meliputi laporan sebahagian kecil sahaja dari jumlah ratusan jabatan-jabatan kerajaan yang ada maka tentu kita amat bimbang dengan keadaan ini.

Dan adakah perubahan terhadap institusi-institusi telah dan akan berlaku di bawah pimpinan politik sekarang?

August 16, 2011

Kantoi! Warga asing dikehendaki bersumpah menyokong BN

SATU persatu tembelang United Malays No Otak untuk menang pilihanraya terbongkar, kali ini mereka berselindung di sebalik program pemutihan warga asing.

Inilah jawapan kepada persoalan mengapa mereka begitu bersungguh-sungguh melakukan program pemutihan ini.

Wanita KEADILAN berjaya menyelinap masuk ke dalam program pemutihan ini dan mendapati bahawa pendatang asing dikehendaki bersumpah menyokong Umno dan BN sebagai salah satu daripada syarat proses pemutihan

Apa kejadah warga asing yang datang secara haram dikehendaki bersumpah untuk menyokong Umno dan Barisan Nasional? Apa kaitan program pemutihan dan sokongan kepada United Malays No Otak?

Ini namanya jual negara! Tapi kalau tanya kepada Kesatuan Melayu-Melayu tak ada otak (United Malays No Otak) ini yang dipanggil menyahut seruan kepala taik United Malays No Otak iaitu “defend Putrajaya at all cost!”

source: http://milosuam.blogspot.com/2​011/08/kantoi-warga-asing-dike​hendaki.html#ixzz1VCV7T7C2

August 9, 2011

Seloka untuk Rosmah Mansor

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Duit Rakyat Rosmah Sudah Curi,

Cincin Besar Ibu Jari,

Harga Barang Melambung tinggi,

Lepas Tengok Buku Jingga,

Umum Bonus Setengah Bulan Gaji,

Lima Ratus Bilion Masuk Poket Anak Bini,

Pergi Melancong Jumpa Yahudi

February 7, 2011

The Kayan community of Long Bemang submit memorandum to PM



 7 February 2011  

 The Kayan community of Long Bemang submit memorandum to PM  

MIRI – The Kayan community of Long Bemang together with their Chief yesterday submitted a memorandum to YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia demanding that the government look into their issues and problems, especially regarding their native customary rights (NCR) to land.  Security was tight, when Najib visited Miri in conjunction with the National Level Chinese New year Open House held at the Miri City Fan last night therefore the community only managed to pass their memorandum to Najib’s personal aides.

In the memorandum, the community of Long Bemang said that they have settled in the Sungai Apoh area in the Baram District since the forties and with the encouragement of the then colonial government established their communal boundary with the other Kayan and Penan communities in the area.

The government has also supported them throughout the years until today by providing them with a primary school, rural health clinic, gravity pipe water supply, electric generators, the village road and agricultural subsidies for paddy, rubber, pepper and fruit trees. The government also provided the village with grants to maintain their longhouse.

Not only that, the government has also appointed the Chief for the Apoh region from the village as well as the headman and supporting the village development and security committee (JKKK). In the memorandum the community mentioned that their customary land is their blood and life which they had inherited according to their customary practices from their ancestors.

However, in the memorandum it states that the community have found out that their customary land has been licensed out to Pusaka KTS Forest Plantations Sdn. Bhd. (PKTS) in 1989 by the Sarawak Minister of Resource Planning and Management and the Director of the Sarawak Forestry Department for the establishment of an industrial tree plantation.A large part of their customary land which consists of mostly farmland is affected by the licence and the community are concern that this will affect their livelihood. After listing down their concerns, the community in their memorandum demanded that all their NCR land be excluded from PKTS licensed areas.

They demanded that the government should survey and gazette their communal boundary and any survey and demarcation works has to be done with full participation from the communities.  The government and its agencies and the private companies should, in their process of consultation uphold the principle of free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) before implementing any development projects within the community’s NCR territory also in accordance with the principles in the United Nations Declaration on Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

In the memorandum, the community also stated that Petronas’ Sarawak-Sabah Gas Pipeline Project (SSGP) has cut across their NCR territory. However, the community does not object to this project but they demanded that Petronas will be responsible for the welfare of the communities affected by the project according to company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles.

The memorandum is signed by Penghulu Ajang Jok as the Chief of Apoh area, a representative of TK Deng Anyie, the headman for Long Bemang and Ngau Jok as the chairman of the village committee.

Press release issued by:

Mark Bujang Executive Director, BRIMAS 

Lot 1046, 2nd Flr. Shang Garden Com. Centre
Jalan Bulan Sabit ,98000 Miri, Sarawak
Postal Address:
P.O. Box 1065 ,98008 Miri,Sarawak.
Tel: 085 423044
Fax: 085 438580
Email: markbujang@gmail.com 

See the copy of memorandum below

January 3, 2011

Respect,Tolerance and Compromise ala 1Malaysia?

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Taken from Malaysian Insider


Utusan’s Ridhuan Tee defends removal of crosses at Xmas party

 KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 2 — Utusan Malaysia columnist Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah defended today the action by aides of Datuk Seri Najib Razak who sought the removal of Christian symbols at a Christmas gathering a week ago.
The conservative Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia lecturer said the instruction did not violate freedom of religion, and urged the Christians to respect the prime minister’s Islamic faith.

“In my opinion if there is any truth in the report, the request of the prime minister’s office is tolerable. It has nothing to do with violation of religious freedom, except for those who seek political mileage,” said Tee in his weekly column published by Utusan Malaysia’s Sunday edition, Mingguan Malaysia.

Notes:He is staunch supporter of UMNO,so what do we expect?This is 1Malaysia as being championed by our Prime Minister Najib?Yes,talking about Respect.Is it a Mutual Respect or a One Sided Respect?

He said Christians have never been prevented from celebrating Christmas despite forming less than ten per cent of the population and indicated that the community should tone down its celebration to reflect its population size.

“Christmas celebration sometimes looks as if they form more than 50 per cent of the population. Out of respect for religious freedom, no restriction has been imposed, although it should be celebrated moderately as they are less than ten per cent of the population,” he added.

Notes:This is what happen when someone or somebody starts to talk about Majority Vs Minority.Why do you have to talk about majority and minority?By being a majority,you have more authority to imposed restrictions and tolerance to the minority?Why do we have to moderate ourself in our Religion and Belief?Isnt it something that we called Injustice as far as the Article 11 of the Federal Constitution is concerned!!

Last week, The Malaysian Insider reported that Najib’s aides had instructed church officials to remove crucifixes and other overt Christian symbols from being displayed at the party grounds in Bukit Nanas before the PM’s visit, in their zeal to protect his Islamic credentials.

Hymns and prayers were also barred.

Sources disclosed that the orders were issued without the PM’s knowledge. He is now away on holidays in Dubai and is due to return this week.

Notes:With or without PM knowledge is not the issue.The issue is such order shouldnt arise at all!! We have former aide to the Prime Minister who made a Racist remarks and here goes another one,a Religious Bigots!! Again.1Malaysia Slogan is questionable!

It was Najib’s first time attending a Christian function in his official role since taking over power in April 2009.

Tee, however, said Najib’s presence at the Christmas celebration was a major compromise made as a Muslim.

“True, Christians have every right to mark the celebration. But shouldn’t they show some respect to the prime minister as the No 1 leader who is a Muslim?” asked Tee.

Notes:Like i said,Respect and Tolerance should be in MUTUAL.Compromise?Yes.dont talk about Compromise when you only compromise in 1 thing but say NO to the other 10!!Shouldnt the Prime Minister or BN Government compromised too with the Christians regarding the usage of the words “ALLAH” with the Christians?Why do you need to imposed restrictions to others in the name of  “Compromise”?

“According to the Islamic laws, Muslims are not supposed to attend many of the non-Islamic celebrations, but for the sake of promoting tolerance and harmony, our leaders decided to close one eye.

Notes:If that is the case,if it is probihited according to Islamic Laws,why dont he just choose not to attend it?This issue would never arise at all.Isnt it something that we called Hypocracy?Or his attendance to the gathering is just a Political Gimmick to win over the hearts of the Christians?

“In my opinion, even without the instruction, the church should have understood Muslim sensitivities in the country after 53 years of independence. However, if it is no longer an issue, I suggest for the Selangor or Kelantan mentri besar to one day officiate the opening of a temple or a church. I am confident non-Muslims too would not be comfortable if we have them attend Islamic celebrations in mosques,” he added.

Both states mentioned are run by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) governments and have been subject to criticisms by Tee, who has never hidden his admiration for Umno and its policies.

Notes:Now,that is a Political question!! If one claimed that someonelse purposely raise up this issue for Political Mileage,so how does he justify this type of question? Apolitical?

Tee also said that Najib would suffer political setback if his aides had not taken the precautions.

Notes:Damn if he DO and damn if he DONT!He is being traped by his own rhetoric Slogan of 1Malaysia

“Imagine if the prime minister was not cautious when entering the ‘house of worship’, pictures of the prime minister with a crucifix over his head would surface. It will be politicised by the opposition,” said Tee.

“I still remember how a crucifix was used to undermine a Muslim leader not too long ago. It does not matter who did it, but the incident should be a lesson,” he added.

He was referring to the campaign in Election 1990 when photographs of then Semangat 46 leader Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah wearing a Kadazan headgear with a crucifix symbol was distributed. The photograph was printed by Umno-controlled newspapers on the eve of the election and was said to have helped secure victory by Barisan Nasional (BN) under then prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Notes:Million Dollar question is,who has Politicised it before?Wasnt it UMNO?Now,please put your brain in your head.The same issue that you raised up is only pointing 10 other issues to yourself or UMNO or perhaps,your own Party

Tee said to avoid similar controversy in the future, Christmas celebrations should be held in public places and not in church grounds.

“We hardly see hari raya open house celebrations being held in mosques out of respect to non-Muslim’s sensitivity. Celebrations are usually held in public places to avoid controversy. The main objective is unity,” he said.

Notes:Again,it shows that you are suggesting and imposed restrictions to others!! It is our Religion and Belief,it is not you or anyonelse to imposed restrictions or guidelines to us the Christians!! Unity yes,but what kind of Unity?Ask yourself!!

The Christmas party last week was hosted by Catholic Archbishop Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam and held at the car park of his official residence in Cardijn House in Jalan Bukit Nanas.

Ps:I have no problems with the Muslims or Islam,in fact some of my own relatives were married to Muslims,there would be a True Unity in every sense of words if we kick this Racial and Religious Bigots out in the next General Election.Without UMNO,Malaysia would be a better place for all Malaysians irrespective of Race and Religions.

As far as UMNO is concerned,there is no such thing as RESPECT,TOLERANCE and COMPROMISE!!

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