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April 19, 2015

Adenan and his many charms

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Lately, its seems like many Sarawakians has fall into CM Adenan’s PR stunt and by now, he must have been revered as the great CM and true blue “Anak Sarawak”

A stark contrast with Taib. Adenan has spoke about almost everything that is dear to the hearts of all Sarawakians such as the issue of Oil Royalty, Malaysian Agreement 1963, Ummo, Unity, Illegal loggings, Integrity pledge to name a few and maybe i missed out some but without any significant changes in Policies, his government is just a continuity of Taib’s legacy.

For a start, he should scrap the plan to built 52 damn dams including 12 mega dams in Sarawak and to have reforms in Land policy.

Its nothing more than just a PR stunt prior to the next state election in which, he need to have a clear mandates from Sarawakians and he need to distance himself from Taib’s shadow.

Btw, its an open secret he is one of Taib’s advisor and a strategist. Be smart and please read between the line folks. Goodnite!

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