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August 31, 2012

Royal Blunder! – William And Kate Are Set To Meet Musa In Sabah!

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“Oh No!” – Are the UK’s Royal Couple set for a Dirty Handshake?

Taken from Sarawak Report

Today’s confirmation by the Office of the Attorney General in Switzerland that it has opened a criminal prosecution against the banking group UBS, over suspected money-laundering on behalf of Musa Aman, looks set to cause an awkward diplomatic upset for the UK.

After all, the royal couple Wills and Kate are right now packing their bags to give Musa a friendly visit!

Sarawak Report first exposed back in May the evidence that the Sabah Chief Minister has taken tens of millions of dollars in kickbacks for issuing licences to chop down what remains of Sabah’s rain forests.

And we have laid out damning details of the money laundering operation conducted by the Musa and his associates through UBS accounts in a number of articles.

Details of bank statements and of the official investigations by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission and also the Hong Kong authorities into the affair were made public in our series of exposes and the evidence was sent to Switzerland, where the Bruno Manser Fund requested the prosecution against UBS.

Yet, despite this mounting evidence, UK officials have refused to heed warnings against the planned visit to the state by the British heir to the throne and his new wife.

The visit is due to take place between September 11-19th, as part of a Royal Tour of the Commonwealth in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, marking her 60th year on the throne.  They will also be visiting Singapore and the Solomon Islands.


Great publicity – but could it now all backfire?

To begin with the choice of Sabah might have seemed perfect publicity for the environment conscious Royal Family.  After all the trip is being promoted as an “exotic visit to the Borneo Jungle”.

Just in the past few hours the British press has printed exciting details of plans to feature the Prince and his wife looking daring in lush forest canopies and cuddling up to cute baby orang-utans.

Given Musa’s energetic ‘greenwash’ PR of recent months, the objective has been to praise Musa for ‘slowing’ Sabah’s rate of deforestation, according to UK officials.  They are accepting claims that he now wants to protect what is left of the jungle.

However, for months Sarawak Report has been warning the Royal Palace and the British Foreign Office against becoming associated with Musa Aman’s new campaign to present Sabah as an eco-friendly state, when in fact the Danum Valley Reserve which they will be visiting is a small oasis in one of the world’s worst environmental disaster zones and the Chief Minister is still selling concessions for kickbacks throughout the state.

Sarawak Report has also warned that proof of Musa Aman’s timber corruption is now in the public domain, showing how the destruction of Sabah’s jungle since the early 1990s has largely been driven by his own greed, first as the Head of Yayasan Sabah (The Sabah Foundation which is the trustee of its national forests) and then as the Chief Minister.

There is evidence that over US$90million dollars have been money-laundered through accounts associated with Aman and his key conspirators, a family friend Michael Chia and the Sabah lawyer Richard Christopher Barnes.

For these reasons Sarawak Report has repeatedly pleaded against the Royal Couple being encouraged to endorse a man whose criminality has ruined the jungle that they say they want to see protected!

This is a photo-opportunity that could go badly wrong.

Why endorse a suspected criminal?

Musa and his forest Chief Sam Manan altered the contour maps to allow logging of these once protected steep mountain areas of the state

Despite warnings from Sarawak Report just last week that Switzerland was about to launch its criminal prosecution over Musa’s money, the British High Commission is allowing this visit to proceed!

This opens the Royal Couple to charges of complete hypocrisy.  They will of course be staying in pure luxury in the jungle resort in Danum Valley (a project sponsored by the world’s largest palm oil company, Malaysia’s government-controlled Sime Darby, while all around them millions of hectares of oil palm plantations are still being rolled out by their corrupted hosts.

The questionable judgement of such a visit is made even more severe by its timing, just as Malaysia approaches a crucial election.

What business has Britain to give such an endorsement to a notoriously corrupted and autocratic government, which has remained in power for longer than almost any other in the world?

After 50 years, who can still argue that BN has not cheated or bribed its way to its various ‘election successes’? Furthermore, evidence shows that more money is being stolen from the public in Malaysia and secreted out to foreign bank accounts, like Musa’s, than in practically any other country in the world.

Yet, it seems the royal advisors on this tour are preferring to present a lie rather than cancel the trip or upset their corrupted host, the Chief Minister of Sabah. They would rather the Royal Couple shake the hand through which a hundred million dollars of timber corruption money has passed than take a stand against the forces of corruption that are destroying Borneo!

Eco-friendly? Musa has just signed over 1/3 of Sabah’s forest reserve to ‘mosaic plantations’. He is selling off the licences in return for kickbacks

Most of that money has been stolen from the poor people of the Borneo states of Sabah and Sarawak, whose natural resources have been filched by their politicians, while they have been left in the deepest poverty.

At a time when Malaysia is at last waking up to these shocking truths and when the opposition parties are defying persecution and abuses against them to present for the first time some kind of real challenge to BN’s forces of oppression, is it right for Britain to prop them up with such a high profile visit by its as yet untainted young royal couple?

The cries in Malaysia and even in Musa’s own BN party in Sabah are now becoming deafening for his removal and his position is more precarious than ever.

How he will thank William and Kate, for stretching out their hands and offering him just the lifeline he needed with this visit and their silly praises for his greenwash PR about the ‘eco-friendly’ policies of Sabah.

Swiss Attorney General opens criminal case against UBS over Malaysian money-laundering scandal

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(BERN, SWITZERLAND). Switzerland’s Attorney General has opened a criminal case against UBS, the Swiss banking group, over suspected money-laundering of timber corruption proceeds from the Malaysian state of Sabah in Borneo. This has been confirmed today by the Office of the Attorney General in the Swiss capital, Bern.

The case against UBS was opened on 29th August 2012, following a criminal complaint by the Bruno Manser Fund over the bank’s close ties with Musa Aman, Chief Minister of the Malaysian state of Sabah. Musa Aman and his nominees have been accused of laundering over 90 million US dollars of corruption proceeds from the tropical timber business in Sabah, Borneo, through a number of UBS bank accounts in Hong Kong. Musa Aman also has a personal bank account with UBS in Zurich. According to the Bruno Manser Fund, UBS has failed to properly app

ly due diligence, as is required by law when dealing with Politically Exposed Persons (PEP). Musa Aman is not only head of the Sabah state government but also the brother of the Malaysian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anifah Aman.The case is based on Switzerland’s tough anti-money-laundering legislation, which makes it a criminal offence for Swiss companies to be involved in laundering the proceeds of corruption and other crime in their worldwide activities.The Swiss case is hitting the Malaysian government at a critical moment, just two weeks before the announced visit of the British royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton. The Duke and Duchess are planning to visit Sabah on 15th September 2012 in order to see the “largest remaining rainforest” at Danum Valley. Sabah’s head of government, Musa Aman, has personally benefited from the large-scale logging of the nearby tropical rainforests, one of the world’s most biodiverse habitats.

(31 August 2012)

Via Stop Timber Corruption

August 17, 2012

Melikin Land Grab


The Melikin folks’ nightmare began early this year when several plantation companies encroached onto landowners’ ancestral land Provisional leases over more than 10,000 hectares of land in the area had been awarded to six private companies, believed to be linked to a few assemblymen and a former assemblyman.

Affected villagers had lodged many police reports, staged “camping” protests and held discussions with relevant authorities to seek help. However, their plight continues to fall on deaf ears.

On August 12 near midnight, five landowners from Kampung Danao Melikin were detained by the police in relation to an arson attack. The burnt logging bridge belongs to United Team Trade, one of the six private companies awarded provisional lease and caused an uproar by charging TOLL FEES to pass through their road. The company also alleged that their worker was beaten up by a group of villagers.

The five, aged from 41 to 58, including two headmen, were released three days later by the police and welcomed by some 200 villagers at the police station. None of them was charged in court.What is the purpose to put old helpless innocent villagers in jail? Are all landowners in Sarawak who defend their NCR land risk arrest and lockup?‎”The sob story of the Kampung Danau Melikin. In the past elections, they barred PKR candidates and workers from entering their longhouse during campaign period because they were very strong supporters of BN and its candidates.But when their lands were grabbed and given to a company linked to former PBB state assemblyman, they sought help from BN people who advised them to give up as the lands were not classified as NCR land. What to do – they were forced to seek help from PKR -the very party that they chased away during election time. Sarawak PKR leaders could easily say – no where we will help you.But that is not PKR’s tradition. Supporters or not, they would help. Recently PKR leaders came at the invitation of the villagers themselves. The villagers wanted YB Baru Bian and YB Chee How to take action against plantation company and other parties for grabbing their land.

Then last Sunday, close to midnight, the police team came and arrested Tuai Rumah Nyalu anak Tampa and four of his anakbiaks. The excuse was that the logging bridge, belonging to the company, was set fire by unknown people. There was no witness.The only witness (es) was or were the culprits themselves. After the police have completed their probe, the five were found to be innocent- meaning, they have nothing to do with the burning of the bridge. Now, they have instructed PKR lawyers to sue the police for wrongful arrest.”

“The sob story of the Kampung Danau Melikin. In the past elections, they barred PKR candidates and workers from entering their longhouse during campaign period because they were very strong supporters of BN and its candidates.But when their lands were grabbed and given to a company linked to former PBB state assemblyman, they sought help from BN people who advised them to give up as the lands were not classified as NCR land.What to do – they were forced to seek help from PKR -the very party that they chased away during election time. Sarawak PKR leaders could easily say – no where we will help you.But that is not PKR’s tradition. Supporters or not, they would help. Recently PKR leaders came at the invitation of the villagers themselves. The villagers wanted YB Baru Bian and YB Chee How to take action against plantation company and other parties for grabbing their land.

Then last Sunday, close to midnight, the police team came and arrested Tuai Rumah Nyalu anak Tampa and four of his anakbiaks. The excuse was that the logging bridge, belonging to the company, was set fire by unknown people. There was no witness.The only witness (es) was or were the culprits themselves. After the police have completed their probe, the five were found to be innocent- meaning, they have nothing to do with the burning of the bridge. Now, they have instructed PKR lawyers to sue the police for wrongful arrest.”

October 30, 2011

SPRM : Saya Peminat Ringgit Malaysia, Saya Pun Rasuah Mah

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Harapkan Pagar, Pagar pula makan padi beginilah keadaan di Malaysia kini. Jabatan- jabatan penguatkuasa undang-undang bukan sahaja semakin berani memukul arus perubahan kehendak rakyat malah mereka sanggup menggadaikan Intergriti Negara.

Kita harap polis jaga keamanan Negara , tapi mereka pukul suspek sampai mati. Kita harapan Jabatan Penjara pulihan penjenayah tapi mereka dilatih menjadi mahir. Kita harapankan Suruhan Jaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) , tapi mereka kejar kes kecil-kecilan.

Ratusan Billion ringgit tidak ada sebarang tindakan,sebaliknya hanya -hanya kes rasuah beberapa ringgit dibawa ke muka pengadilan. Mungkinkan sebabnya kerana yang patut mengawal Korupsi itu sendiri Korup.

Tapi tiba-tiba Ketua Pengarah Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia mahu mengundur diri dengan melantik timbalannya sebagai penganti, kenapa? Mungkinkah dia sendiri menyalah gunakan kuasanya?

Saya difahamkan bahawa :

a. Kementerian kewangan tidak membenarkan pemberian Kontrak dengan secara Rundingan Terus atau Direct Negotiation. Kelonggaran hanya diberi dalam keadaan berikut :

i. Peralatan yang hendak dibeli hanya dibuat oleh syarikat/pengeluar/pembuatberkenaan dan tidak boleh diperolehi di pasaran terbuka “open market” atau “off shelf”

ii. Peralatan yang hendak dibeli dibuat oleh syarikat/pengeluar/pembuat kepada spesifikasi kerajaan yang khusus atau “specific requirement” mengikut keperluaan pengguna

iii. Keperluaan kerahsiaan peralatan tersebut seperti alat komunikasi pasukan elite yang menggunakan frekuensi khas agar tidak berlaku ‘tapping’ atau ‘jamming’

iv. Lain-lainkeadaan yang mengambil kira keperluan kerajaan.

b. Pakaian Seragam Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, Kastam DiRaja Malaysia, Immigresen , BOMBO, JPA, Maritim Malaysia, RELA dan lain-lain diperolehi secara Tender terbuka dan Sebutharga terbuka bagi setiap jenis peralatan yang melengkapkan pakaian seragam.

Tidak pernah sehingga kini kita ketahui Badan-Badan beruniform di Malaysia member Kontrak perolehan Keseluruhan peralatan Pakaian Seragam kepada SATU SYARIKAT SECARA ‘HEAD to TOE’. Ini adalah kerana tidak ada satu syarikat di Malaysia yang membuat atau mengeluarkan semua jenis peralatan seragam dan kebanyakan peralatan tersebut boleh diperolehi dari berbagai sumber dan ada yang ‘of the Shelf’

Ketua Pesuruhjaya Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia telah memberikan Kontrak yang dianggarkan bernilai RM 7.5 juta ringgit melalui rundingan terus serta meluluskan pembelian HEAD TO TOE kepada hanya satu syarikat iaitu Syarikat Mariwasa Kraftangan Sdn Bhd yang beroperasi di Kuala Kangsar, Perak. Mariwasa Kraftangan Sdn Bhd adalah pengeluar barangan logam seperti Pewter, Tembaga, Perak dan Emas dan adalah pembuat barangan seerti cenderahati , pingat-pingat dan keperluaan peralatan pakaian seragam yang hanya dibuat dari logam seperti pip, crown, star, collor dot dan lain-lain.

Mariwasa Kraftangan telah memperolehi kontrak pembekalan HEAD TO TOE walaupun mereka tidak mengeluarkan peralatan-peralatan seperti berikut :
a. Topi Peak Lelaki
b. Bawler Hat Wanita
c. Songkok
d. Baju/seluar Istiadat
e. Baju/seluar Mess Kit
f. Baju/Seluar Bush Jacket
g. Baju/Seluar Kerja
h. Tali pinggang Kulit
i. Stokin
j. Tudung
k. Pelbagai jenis kasut
l. Handbag Wanita
m. Tali leher
n. Aggauletter
o. Serta Lain-lain Jenis Pakaian.

Juga di fahamkan Mariwasa Kraftangan telah menggunakan beberapa syarikat lain bagi mendapatkan keperluan-keperluan ini di mana diantaranya adalah bukan pembuat/pengeluar tetapi adalah hanya orang tengah . Diantara syarikat-syarikat yang digunakan adalah seperti BENA YAKIN ENTERPRISE. Diantara barangan yang diperolehi dari syarikat ini adalah seperti:

a. Topi Peak Lelaki
b. Bawler Hat wanita
c. Songkok
d. Berbagai Jenis Kasut
e. Barangan Sulama
f. Aggaulette

Bena Yakin Enterprise adalah sebuah Perniagaan jenis Enterprise dengan hanya nilai modal RM2.00, tetapi memperolehi tempahan bernilai hampir Sejuta Ringgit. Yang lebih menghairankan ialah Mariwasa Kraftangan , pembuat barangan logam juga diberi kontrak JAHITAN PAKAIAN. Syarikat yang menjahit iaitu MAROZ TAILOR berpusat di Kuala Lumpur adalah bertaraf ‘High Class’.
Bagi Peralatan seperti Kasut dan tali Pinggang Kulit , Kementerian Kewangan “Treasury” menghendaki bekalan diperolehi dengan syarikat yang ada ‘Central Contract’ dan bukannya diberi kepada pembuat barangan logam yang kemudiannya perolehi daripada sebuah lagi Perniagaan Enterprise.

Kini, tiba masanya Perdana Menteri menjelaskan kepada Rakyat Malaysia kenapa Ketua Pesuruhjaya SPRM ingin berundur serta :

a) Apakah Dasar sebenar Kementerian Kewangan mengenai perolehan Rundingan terus

b) Mengapakah kesemua perolehan oleh SPRM atau BPR sebelum ini tidak dibuat secara tender atau Sebutharga?

c) Apakan hubugan Isitimewa Mariwasa Kraftangan dengan Ketua Pesuruhjaya MACC /BPR

d) Bagaimankan Kementerian boleh meluluskan perolehan Rundingan Terus terutamanya ‘Head to Toe’ kepada satu syarikat .

Saya juga meminta Perdana Menteri agar dekelasifikasikan Perjanjian atau Kontrak-kontrak pembelian segala peralatan melibatkan Ketua Pesuruhjaya SPRM tersebut semasa beliau berada di BPR/SPRM.

Pihak Kerajaan juga tidak seharusnya melindungi Kakitangan Kerajaan terutamanya mereka yang berpangkat Tinggi yang didapati mengugat Integriti Negara. Sudah tiba masa Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia diletakkan dibawah pengawasan Parlimen.

Saya juga akan mencadangkan bahawa suatu Jawatankuasa Khas Parlimen ditubuhkan untuk menyiasat tuduhan –tuduhan rasuah/pecah amanah yang melibatkan pegawai-pegawai tertinggi Kerajaan Malaysia.


October 29, 2011

Kajian Ringkas Laporan Audit 2010

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Kajian Ringkas Laporan Audit 2010


Taken from Harakah Daily



ULASAN: Badan menjadi gagah tiba-tiba setelah mendapat sepucuk SMS dari seorang teman di Malaysia. Laporan Ketua Audit Negara dah keluar. Itu isi mesejnya.

Saya bangkit dari pembaringan, menekan suis laptop dan melayari internet. Web Jabatan Audit diakses dan terus memuat turun fail. Berbekalkan segelas susu dan beberapa keping biskut Ulker, saya meneliti audit tersebut. Beberapa bahagian penting dicetak keluar untuk simpanan anak cucu.

Ringkasan audit 2010:


RM160.7 JUTA telah diluluskan oleh Kementerian Pelajaran untuk membina 300 makmal komputer yang. Namun, sehingga kini, hanya 2 buah makmal yang siap. Peralatan ICT yang dibekalkan sejak 3 tahun lepas masih belum dapat digunakan dan masih tersimpan akibat makmal yang tidak sempurna.

Kata seorang kawan, beliau teringat sewaktu melakukan kajian yang di Sabah dulu. Rakyat Sabah kata komputer sedia, tapi elektrik tak ada! Aduhai.


1. Rak akhbar dan majalah : RM 1445
2. Ubahsuai katil : RM 950
3. Katil Bujang : RM 700
4. Kerusi Plastik : RM 761
5. Meja Kayu kecil : RM 950


1. 55.2% atau 79 buah dari 143 buah Tabika tidak menepati menu dan piawaian makanan yang ditetapkan.
2. Makanan tamat tempoh.
3. Makanan disimpan dalam bilik air dan tempat beracun.


Pembelian alatan yang jauh lebih mahal dari harga tertinggi pasaran.

1. Laptop dan pencetak dengan RM 11 845 berbanding pasaran RM 3428 : 246% lebih mahal
2. LCD TV dan DVD Player dengan RM 16 100 berbanding pasaran 2182: 638% lebih mahal.
3. Radar X-Band dengan RM 47 725 berbanding pasaran RM 8 255 : 478% lebih mahal
4. Bushnell Binocular dengan RM 56 350 berbanding pasaran RM 2 827 : 1893% lebih mahal
5. Marine Binocular dengan RM 56 350 berbanding pasaran RM 1 940 : 2 805 % lebih mahal
6. Walkie-Talkie dengan RM 4 324 berbanding pasaran RM 1561 : 177% lebih mahal


Peralatan tidak mengikuti spesifikasi kontrak :

1. Enjin bot aluminium : Kontrak enjin 4 stroke RM 11 553, beri enjin 2 stroke RM 6549 : Rugi RM 5396
2. Peti sejuk : kontrak peti jenis Panasonic RM 1299, beri peti Mitsubishi RM 629 : Rugi RM 670
3. Dapur : Kontrak dapur Electrolux RM 6955, beri dapur TAIYO RM 2110 : Rugi RM 4855
4. LCD TV dan DVD Player : Kontrak jenama Toshiba RM 16 100, beri jenama Philips RM 195 : Rugi RM 15 905
5. GPS : Kontrak jenama SAMYUNG, RM 5080, beri jenama FURONO, RM1055 : Rugi RM 4025
6. CCTV : Kontrak jenama PARADOX RM5750, beri jenama Belco, RM 640 : Rugi RM 5110
7. Laptop dan Printer: Kontrak jenama Acer Aspire dan HP CP1518, RM 11 945, beri Acer Travelmate dan Canon Pixma RM 2137 : Rugi RM 9808

MSN telah membeli 23 ekor kuda baka khas untuk sebuah pertandingan dengan harga RM 5.66 juta. Pembelian ini dibuat secara runding terus tanpa mendapat kelulusan dari Kementerian Kewangan. Namun, 18 ekor darinya tidak melepasi piawaian Federation Equestre International, hanya lima ekor sahaja lulus untuk menyertai pertandingan.
Anggota tiruan tanpa kelulusan berjumlah RM 310 696.


Sebanyak RM 110.67 juta insentif tidak berbayar kepada 73 291 orang petani. Ianya disebabkan oleh pengurusan yang tidak telus lagi tidak efektif.


Akibat pengurusan yang kurang efektif, peralatan yang berjumlah RM 64.69 juta masih terbiar dan tidak dapat digunakan sehingga kini. Akibat itu, sejumlah RM 0.44 juta lagi dibazirkan untuk kawal selia dan insurans bagi menyimpan peraltan tersebut.

1. Bayaran Dividen Kepada Kerajaan

Lebih 50% dari syarikat GLC yang tersenarai tidak membayar dividen seperti yang dijadulkan. Daripada 21 syarikat GLC yang mendapat keuntungan RM 264.94 billion sebelum cukai, hanya 10 syarikat sahaja yang membayar dividen setiap tahun kepada kerajaan. Baki 11 lagi hanya membayar pada tahun tertentu sahaja.

2. Nisbah Hutang Ke Atas Ekuiti Negatif

Terdapat syarikat yang mempunyai nisbah hutang ke atas ekuiti negatif selama tiga tahun berturut-turut berpunca dari kebergantungan mereka yang sangat tinggi terhadap hutang. Syarikat tersebut seperti Keda Aquaculture sdn bhd, Kumpulan Modal Perdana, Sepang Internation Circuit, Indah Water Konsortium, Syarikat Perumahan Negara, Perwaja Terengganu, Composites Technology Research Malaysia, Keretapi Tanah Melayu dan Assets Global Network.

3. Penurunan Pendapatan

Yang tersenarai, lapan Syarikat GLC yang mengalami penurunan pendapatan selama tiga tahun berturut-turut. Jumlah penurunan terakhir 2009 ialahRM 26.3 billion.

4. Kerugian

Mendahului senarai Syarikat GLC yang mengalami kerugian ialah, Syarikat Prasarana Negara, Kertapi Tanah Melayu, Assest Global Network dan Indah Water Konsortium. Jumlah kerugian ialah RM 630.45 Juta.

5. Penurunan Untung Sebelum Cukai

Secara ringkasnya, 40.4% sayrikat GLC mengalami penurunan untung sebelum cukai. Berakhir 2009, RM 3.83 billion kerugian akibat penurunan untung sebelum cukai kepada RM 92.35 billion pada tahun 2009 berbanding RM 96.16 billion pada tahun 2008.

6. Pinjaman Belum Selesai

Terdapat 17 syarikat GLC yang menanggung hutang sehingga 2009 yang berjumlah lebih RM 12 Billion. Menduduki senarai tertinggi ialah, Perwaja Terengganu, Indah Water, Malaysia Debit Ventures dan Bank Pembangunan Malaysi Berhad.

Laporan Audit bukanlah perincian SEMUA jabatan, unit dan sebagainya. Setakat pengetahuan saya dalam hal ini, ia hanya mengambil sampel jabatan, unit dan sebagainya untuk diaudit. Kebarangkalian untuk lebih teruk atau lebih baik masih sangat besar.

Kajian ini pula adalah kajian ringkas yang tidak merangkumi perincian lain yang bakal mendedahkan lebih banyak kecacatan, pengkhianatan dan tidak amanah terhadap pengurusan kewangan.

Darul Muttaqin, Mu’tah, Jordan.

April 9, 2011

Evidences Of Taib’s Cronies Land Grab In Sarawak

750 hektar di Sungai Lubai Tengah, Limbang – Sarawak Plantations – Entiti perniagaan ini telah diswastakan, 60% pegangan saham dimiliki oleh Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib) dan Hasmi bin Hasnan.

4,400 hektar di Sungai Medalam, Lawas – Celerity Design Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib (anak Taib Mahmud).

9.000 hektar di Batang, Limbang – Future Atmosphere Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib.

11,000 hektar di Ulu Medamit, Limbang – Dataran Aras Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib.

3,000 hektar di Tinjar, Miri – Amazing Green Sdn Bhd – Teresa Toyad (keluarga Taib yang berkahwin dengan bekas Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri) dan CEO kepada SCORE Wilson Baya Dandot.

750 hektar di Jalan, Miri.

2,000 hektar di lokasi penting lapangan terbang, Miri – Kumpulan Parabena Sdn Bhd dan Mesti Bersatu Sdn Bhd – Taib Mahmud dan Raziah Mahmud.

500 hektar di Sungai Sibuti, Miri – Premium Haven Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib.

5,000 hektar di Sungai Teru dan Batang Baram – Essential Straits Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib.

1,100 hektar di Sungai Karap – Umpama Mantap Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib.

10,000 hektar di Lot 1208 Sungai Karap – Abu Bekir Taib.

50 hektar di Jalan Tusan, Sibuti – Ukiran Mantap Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib.

4,000 hektar di Sungai Bok, Tinjar – Log Oak Promotion Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib.

4,500 hektar di Sungai Tutoh – Syarikat Radiant Lagoon – Abu Bekir Taib.

5,000 hektar di Sungai Karap dan Sungai Kulak – Amgreen Gain Sdn Bhd – Ibrahim Mahmud (abang/adik Taib).

50 hektar di Sungai Karabungan, Niah – Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib) dan Hasmi bin Hasnan.

31,000 hektar tanah NCR di Long Lamai – Merawa Sdn Bhd (anak syarikat Samling Global).

2,600 hektar di Jalan Setium – Mega Bumimas Sdn Bhd (anak syarikat Ta An – Hamed Sepawi (sepupu Taib).

10,000 hektar di Similajau – Sahua Enterprise Sdn Bhd – Mohamid Morshidi bin Abdul Ghani (Setiausaha BN Sarawak).

4,500 hektar di Similajau – Derawan Sdn Bhd – Mohamid Morshidi bin Abdul Ghani (Setiausaha BN Sarawak).

15,000 hektar tanah NCR kaum Penan di Ba Jawi – Samling Plywood (Miri) Sdn Bhd.

1,600 hektar di Setuan – Hasmi Hasan (proksi Taib).

10,000 hektar di Sungai Takan dan Ulu Sungai Nyatak, Tatau – Ikrar Bumi Sdn Bhd – Elia Geneid (anak saudara Taib).

8,000 hektar di Balingian (sebahagian besar kawasan ini asalnya adalah hutam simpan Setuan Besar) – Saradu Plantations Sdn Bhd, Organic Treasure Sdn Bhd dan Kumpulan Parabena Sdn Bhd – Raziah Mahmud (adik Taib) dan Robert Geneid (ipar Taib).

10,000 hektar di Ulu Mukah – Sarawak Plantations – Entiti perniagaan ini telah diswastakan, 60% pegangan saham dimiliki oleh Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib) dan Hasmi bin Hasnan.

5,000 hektar di Mukah – Delta Padi Sdn Bhd (Taib Mahmud) dan LCDA (pengerusinya ialah Taib Mahmud).

5,000 hektar di Sungai Bawan – Palmlyn Sdn Bhd – Taib Mahmud dan Arip Mahmud.

13,000 hektar di Sungai Bawan – Golden Star Ace Sdn Bhd – Taib Mahmud dan Arip Mahmud.

4,000 hektar di Sungai Sikat, Mukah – Bella Magic Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib.

5,000 hektar di Kenyana – Rajah Mutiara Sdn Bhd – Taib Mahmud dan Arip Mahmud.

2,000 hektar di Loba Kabang – Victoria Square Development Sdn Bhd – Ibrahim Mahmud (abang/adik Taib).

2,050 hektar di Penasu Igan – Victoria Square Development Sdn Bhd – Ibrahim Mahmud (abang/adik Taib).

5,000 hektar di Antara Batang, Oya dan Batang Mukah – Kub Sepadu Sdn Bhd – Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib).

10,500 hektar di Sungai Retus – Hariyama Sdn Bhd – Taib Mahmud dan Arip Mahmud.

768 hektar di Pasai Siong, Sungai Retus – Masretus Oil Palm Plantation Sdn Bhd – Ibrahim Mahmud (abang/adik Taib), Yahya bin Ibrahim (anak saudara Taib) dan Mahmud bin Ibrahim (anak saudara Taib).

400 hektar di Tulai Meradong – Delta Padi Sdn Bhd (Taib Mahmud) dan LCDA (pengerusinya ialah Taib Mahmud).

2,000 hektar di Batang Lebaan, Sibu – Delta Padi Sdn Bhd (Taib Mahmud) dan LCDA (pengerusinya ialah Taib Mahmud).

100 hektar di Sungai Lengan, Sibu – Delta Padi Sdn Bhd (Taib Mahmud) dan LCDA (pengerusinya ialah Taib Mahmud).

600 hektar di Sungai Melayu, Meradong – Sarawak Plantations – Entiti perniagaan ini telah diswastakan, 60% pegangan saham dimiliki oleh Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib) dan Hasmi bin Hasnan.

1,113 hektar di Batang Lassa – Europalm Sdn Bhd (anak syarikat Ta Ann Holdings) – Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib).

1,500 hektar di Jin Matu, Daro – Europalm Sdn Bhd (anak syarikat Ta Ann Holdings) – Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib).

90 hektar di Kampung Tebang, Batang Lassa, Daro – Multi Maximum Sdn Bhd (anak syarikat Ta Ann Holdings) – Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib).

15,000 hektar … di Pulau Bruit – Eastern Eden Sdn Bhd dan Poh Zhen Sdn Bhd – Arip Mahmud (abang/adik Taib), Ali Mahmud (abang/adik Taib) dan Azerina Mohd Arip (ipar Taib).

7,700 hektar di Paloh – Delta Padi Sdn Bhd (Taib Mahmud) dan LCDA (pengerusinya ialah Taib Mahmud).

9,000 hektar di Sungai Machan Tengah – Polar Tower Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib (anak Taib).

5,000 hektar di Sungai Selepong dan Sungai Kawasan – Ample Agro Sdn Bhd – Fatimah Abdul Rahman (kakak/adik kepada YB Norah binti Abdul Rahman yang juga sepupu Taib).

70,000 hektar di Bijat Land District, Sri Aman – beberapa buah syarikat yang diuruskan oleh Titanium Management Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib (anak Taib Mahmud).

2,300 hektar di Sungai Klauh dan Sungai Dor – Tabaruk Abadi Sdn Bhd – Ali Mahmud (abang/adik Taib Mahmud).

700 hektar di Sungai Batang Klauh – Sarawak Plantations – Entiti perniagaan ini telah diswastakan, 60% pegangan saham dimiliki oleh Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib) dan Hasmi bin Hasnan.

900 hektar di Melugu, Sri Aman – Sarawak Oil Palm – Entiti perniagaan ini juga telah diswastakan, 60% pegangan saham dimiliki oleh Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib) dan Hasmi bin Hasnan.

7,000 hektar di Simunjan – Gedong Plantation Sdn Bhd – Naroden Majais (ahli politik BN).

5,000 hektar di Batang Sadong – Indranika Jaya Sdn Bhd – Naroden Majais (ahli politik BN).

5,600 hektar di Batang Sadong – Hydroflow Sdn Bhd – Naroden Majais (ahli politik BN).

700 hektar di Antara Sungai Igom – Poliga Sdn Bhd – Ahmad bin Su’ut (bomoh Taib Mahmud).

1,000 hektar  Sarawak Plantations – Entiti perniagaan ini telah diswastakan, 60% pegangan saham dimiliki oleh Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib) dan Hasmi bin Hasnan.

500 hektar di Munggu Kupi, Serian – Ahmad bin Su’ut (bomoh Taib Mahmud).

354 hektar tanah NCR penduduk Kampung Segenam, di antara Batang Sadong dan Ensengai Road, Serian – diberikan kepada Usaha Jasamaju Sdn Bhd – pemegang saham Usaha Jasamaju Sdn Bhd ialah Asset Teamwork Sdn Bhd (125,000 unit saham), Ting Kang Hwa (187,500 unit), Betty Yii Pick Koung (7,500 unit), Wong Kuok Kai (325,000 unit), Lau Hie Ping (75,000 unit), Wong Kuo Hea (375,000 unit), Knightswealth Sdn Bhd (50,000 unit), Chai Min Kian (125,000 unit), Lim Choo Tad (25,000 unit), Siew Meng Kun (55,000 unit), Century Merit Sdn Bhd (125,000 unit), Transwill Sdn Bhd (125,000 unit) dan Butrasemari Sdn Bhd (900,000 unit) – Nota : Lau Hie Ping, Wong Kuo Hea, Lim Choo Tad, Siew Meng Kun daripada Ta Ann Holdings dan Chai Min Kian adalah politikus parti komponen BN Sarawak iaitu SUPP. Butrasemari Sdn Bhd berkait dengan Abdul Hamid Sepawi (proksi Taib Mahmud) yang merupakan Pengerusi Eksekutif Ta Ann Holdings.

3,305 hektar di Sebangan – Quality Concrete Holdings Berhad – Raziah Mahmud (kakak/adik Taib).

10,000 hektar di Sungai Bakong dan Sungai Karap – Polar Red Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib (anak Taib Mahmud).

700 ekar (283 hektar) di Batu 13, Kuching – Mesti Bersatu Sdn Bhd, LCDA (pengerusinya ialah Taib Mahmud) dan Lanco Plantations (keluarga Arip Mahmud – abang/adik Taib).

1,300 hektar di Kemajuan, Lembaga – Sarawak Plantations – Entiti perniagaan ini telah diswastakan, 60% pegangan saham dimiliki oleh Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib) dan Hasmi bin Hasnan

March 19, 2011

Film Tribute To Ross Boyert

We quote from Sarawak Report

It was Ross Boyert who helped confirm to Sarawak Report that the ultimate owner of these family property companies run by the Taibs was indeed the Chief Minister himself.  This is a fact that Taib has always sought to hide, but Boyert was able to hand us documented proof.  We have since frequently asked the Chief Minister to confirm or deny this ownership and to explain how in his role as Chief Minister he could have legitimately earned such enormous wealth.

Boyert had regarded himself as a friend of the Taib family and said he met the Chief Minister and his late wife Laila on a number of occasions.  He told us there was never any doubt that it was Taib who was in control of his family’s businesses.  He told us that he had not realised until much later that the buildings had been bought out of illegal profits from deforestation.

However, he paid an enormous price for acting as a whistle-blower against the Taibs.  They retaliated with a ruthless lawsuit that saw him bankrupted and left homeless and penniless.

He and his wife Jonni also complained to Sarawak Report that they had suffered sustained intimidation during the course of that lawsuit, which left them unable to pick up the pieces of their life.  Last October, a few weeks after he gave us his story, he was found dead in a rare form of suspected suicide with a bag taped around his head in an LA motel room.

We filmed with the Boyerts and came to like and respect them.  We now present that story as a tribute to their bravery in speaking out.

March 1, 2011

Pictures from Anti-Taib Stop Timber Corruption in London

Latest photos from the Stop Timber Corruption in London

Papa Orang Utan A.K.A Peter John Jaban!!

Pictures courtesy of Kakak Burung Tiung and more pictures here

The UK protest took place outside the London headquarters of Ridgeford Properties Ltd, the property company associated with Taib, at 9.30am GMT yesterday.

The protest in London is led by Peter John Jaban and Clare Rewcastle Brown. Peter John Jaban is the DJ of Radio Free Sarawak, an independent short-wave radio station which is broadcast from London. Peter John is the grandson of an Iban head-hunter from the rainforests of Sarawak. Clare Rewcastle Brown, a former BBC journalist, is the editor of Sarawak Report, a news website focussing on governance issues in the East Malaysian state on Borneo. Radio Free Sarawak and Sarawak Report were featured in the London Evening Standard earlier this week.

The Bruno Manser Fund, together with an international NGO coalition against Taib timber corruption, is asking the US authorities to freeze all Taib assets in the United States and to investigate the former Taib aide and whistleblower Ross Boyert’s allegations against the Taibs and the circumstances of his death.

Details of planned Taib street campaigns in the United States:

Seattle: Thursday, 3 March 2011, 12:00 p.m. outside the FBI Northwestern Regional Headquarters at 1110
3rd Avenue (corner Spring St)
San Francisco: Wednesday, 9 March 2011, 10:00 a.m. outside Citibank at 260 California Street
Phone contact for the United States:
Brihannala Morgan, The Borneo Project, Berkeley, California Tel. +1 415 341 7051
International campaign coordination: Bruno Manser Fund, Basel, Switzerland +41 61 261 94 74
Sources used for this release: http://www.sarawakreport.org/; research by the Bruno Manser Fund.
Follow our campaign on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bmfonds

Bookmark this page for more updates – Stop Timber Corruption

Canada, UK governments asked to freeze Taib assets

From BMF

Canada, UK governments asked to freeze Taib assets

Protesters in front of the mansion of Jamilah Taib at Rockcliffe, Canada, defied ice and snow. Jamilah (Taib’s daughter) is a founding director of Sakto corporation and a major shareholder of Cahaya Mata Sarawak (CMS).

OTTAWA (CANADA) / LONDON (UK). Human rights and environmental campaigners from
Malaysia, Canada, the United Kingdom and Switzerland have today protested against corruption in front of property companies associated with the family of Abdul Taib Mahmud (“Taib”), the Chief Minister of the Malaysian state of Sarawak. The protests took place in front of Sakto Corporation in Ottawa and Ridgeford Properties Ltd in central London.

The Canadian and British governments are being asked to freeze the assets of nine Taib-associated
companies in Canada and two companies in the UK which are estimated to be worth hundreds of
millions of US dollars.

The Canadian companies blacklisted by the Swiss Bruno Manser Fund as being associated with the Taib family are Adelaide Ottawa Corporation (Business number 2028546); City Gate International Corporation (446027-8); Glowell Development Corporation (1545868); Preston Building Holding Corporation (2108122), Sakto Development Corporation Pte. Ltd. (155207-4), Sakto Corporation (340439-1), Sakto Management Services Corporation (655948-4), Tower One Holding Corporation (2028542), Tower Two Holding Corporation (2018543). The British companies named on the Taib family assets blacklist are Ridgeford Properties Ltd (3268801) and Ridgeford Consulting Ltd
(5572163). Ridgeford Properties Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Canadian City Gate International Corporation.

The Bruno Manser Fund also disclosed that it had lodged a detailed complaint with Jeanne M.
Flemming, Director of Canada’s Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FINTRAC), in June 2010 already. Hitherto, FINTRAC has left the complaint unanswered. Earlier this week, the Bruno Manser Fund criticized the Canadian authorities for their close business ties with Taib-family companies. No less than eleven Ontario Government Ministries are occupying offices at Sakto’s Preston Square Tower III in Ottawa.

Abdul Taib Mahmud has been Chief Minister, Finance Minister and State Planning and Resources Minister of the Malaysian state of Sarawak since 1981. He has abused his political power in a spectacular way for personal gains and has managed to turn the resource-rich state of Sarawak on Borneo into his own private estate. Taib has been particularly criticized for the destructive logging of hundreds of thousands of hectares of tropical rainforest and for the marginalization of the state’s indigenous communities. Taib’s fortune is estimated to be worth several billion US dollars.

(28 February 2011)

February 28, 2011

Miracle Harvest Yields Miracle Profits for Raziah & Robert!


From Sarawak Report

The company Miracle Harvest Sdn Bhd, belonging to Raziah Mahmud, the sister of the Chief Minister, and her husband Robert Geneid, has certainly yielded some miraculous profits.  They are particularly miraculous because the company has not yet started officially operating, according to Malaysia’s Register of Companies!

Like so many of Razia’s land companies, Miracle Harvest, incorporated 15th June 2005, uses the business address of Kumpulan Parabena Sdn Bhd.  Kumpulan Parabena is run by the Geneids and we have revealed that the Chief Minister also holds a substantial stake through the holding company Mesti Bersatu.   According to our researches the land titles which have been recently awarded to list of different companies based at this address amount to an area greater than Singapore!

Company Records

Miracle Harvest’s details in the Register of Companies. The address is the same as Kumpulan Parabena’s offices in Jalan Sungai, Padungan. It has yet to “commence operations”, but the State of Sarawak has already handed it 12,000 hectares!

In the case of Miracle Harvest, the approval had already been given by the Land Regsitry for an award to the company of 12,000 hectares for the purpose of oil palm plantation (OPL) three weeks before its actual incorporation date!  Land titles handed out to a company before it even comes into existence!  A case of ’Miraculous Pre-conception’?

So, can one detect the Hand of God behind such amazing developments, or perhaps just that of Abdul Taib Mahmud, who doubles up as the Head of the Land Custody and Development Agency?  The LCDA has been taking Native Customary Lands in the name of the State Government and then handing it to close Taib family members like his sister Raziah and son Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib and several others in a pattern that has been escalating in recent years.

Land Registry Records

Robert Geneid is the person registered as the representative of Miracle Harvest in the Land Registry. His office at Kumpulan Parabena is the contact address
From stall-holder’s son to millionaire – Geneid made it big after marrying Raziah!

We can see that in the case of Miracle Harvest Raziah’s husband Robert Geneid is clearly marked as the contact for the Land Title in the Land Registry.  He also lists his office and phone number as that of the Kumpulan Parabena HQ in Kuching, thus directly implicating the Chief Minister in the deal, who has a major stake in Kumpulan Parabena.

Cheap premiums mean the state loses revenue

Our research indicates that the land given to Miracle Harvest was indeed handed out very cheap indeed and now commands a far higher market price. A total of 11 lots were handed to Miracle Havest along with a sister company also owned by the Geneids, Green Ace Resources, on just one day 25.5.2005.  They amounted to 20,000 hectares for an over all price of just RM 15 million.  The stated purpose for the hand out is”OPL”, meaning Oil Plantation.

Elia Abas Geneid, Raziah’s daughter (left with champagne bottle) has also benefitted from huge hand outs of land from her Uncle Taib’s government department

This low premium marked a very poor return for the taxpayer and a vast potential profit for the Mahmuds.  Worse, such premiums are generally not demanded up front of Taib family members in deals like these.  The payments are allowed to be deferred and delayed or paid in installments – usually (according to insiders) until the land has been sold on at a healthy profit!

Kwantas’s Annual Report of 2008, shows the acquisition of 70% of Miracle Harvest and Green Ace Resources was made after the granting of the Land Titles

However, the ownership quickly moved on from the Mahmuds of course.  In 2006 the publicly-listed palm oil plantation company Kwantas announced that it had acquired 70% of the shares of Miracle Harvest (MHSB), along 70% of the sister company Green Ace Resources, which is also registered under the Kumpulan Parabena address.  It can only be as part of the same set of deals that Green Ace Resources (GARSB) was handed a huge area of 7,000 hectares in Mukah in the region of the Sungai Narub Reserve Forest on the very same day in 2005 that Miracle Harvest gained its own land titles.

Kwantas announced it had payed around RM 17million for the 70% purchase of these two companies, whereas the original premium for the entire amount charged earlier from Parabena was circa RM 15 million.

Sarawak Report would therefore like to ask who Kwantas paid for the acquisition which was made several months after Miracle Harvest/Green Ace acquired the Land Titles? Was it Miracle Harvest, which was still not yet officially operating, according to the Company Register?  We also ask why it is that, although Kwantas had acquired most of the shares of the company, Miracle Harvest continues to be based at the Parabena Office and is represented by Robert Geneid? 

Sister companies. MHSB handed 12 thousand of hectares on 25.5.2005 via Robert Geneid, now 70% owned by Kwantas

Sister companies. Green Ace Resources handed 7,000 hectares via Robert Geneid 25.05.2005. Later 70% acquired by Kwantas – Now up for sale!

Up for sale!

We can now reveal that Kwantas has just started to dispose of its shareholdings in these land titles, giving us a good view of the genuine current market price!  The State of Sarawak originally received just RM 5 million for the 7,000 hectares of land awarded to Green Ace Resources, yet last month Kwantas announced an agreement to sell its 70%  stake for a whopping  RM 32.4 million!  This means that the 30% of the shares still held by the Geneids are worth roughly half that amount – the same that was charged for the entire 20,000 hectares property portfolio handed to them by Raziah’s brother and business partner, Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, in 2005.

Sell-off, subject to conditions, is underway to Golden Agri Resources, part of Indonesia’s vast Sinar Mas timber company

The real miracle would be if Raziah and Robert failed to cash in on their back-breaking efforts!

NCR Land?

Selling on land with just a provisional lease? Tricky now that the Native Land Rights cases are starting to do so well in court!

Of equal concern is the status of this land which is being sold on.  The Kwantas statement makes clear that the land  lease is still provisional.  This means that officially some further agreement is needed before oil palm clearances can begin.

In practice the ‘provisional’ aspect of such licences are frequently and disgracefully brushed aside in Sarawak, as plantation companies simply ignore the existence of Native Customary Rights of the communities whose land they take.

Given they have paid so much money to the Head of Government’s relatives to get it their attitude is perhaps understandable?  Certainly, in a recent court case the judge laid the blame for a similar situation on the state government for handing out NCR land rather than on the company that had bought the titles.  It is likely that as the number of native land rights succeeding in the courts increase that platation companies will be less willing to buy such plots from Taib’s many relatives!

Is this land suitable for oil palm? The lease is only ‘provisional’

So what is the problem with Lot 1 Block 194 Oya-Dalat Land District at Sungai Narub, Mukah?  Is it disputed Native Customary Rights Land?  is it part of the Sungai Narub Reserve Forest?  Or could it be both?

Greenwash peril?

The company to whom this land is being sold is the massive Golden Agri Resources Sdn Bhd, which is the Indonesian Oil Palm arm of the notorious timber giant Sinar Mas.

Golden Agri made a major ‘Green PR’ gesture earlier this month, Feb 9th, when it announced to the world that it will in future stop all further deforestation in Indonesia.  Can we be reassured that Raziah and Robert’s miracle Company will miraculously manage to fulfil the new-found green and ethical credentials of their new buyer as this sale proceeds?

February 27, 2011

Anti-corruption blog founder Clare returns fire at M’sian authories

Anti-corruption blog founder Clare returns fire at M’sian authories

Anti-corruption blog founder Clare returns fire at M'sian authories

Clare Rewcastle Brown, the founder of Radio Free Sarawak and the author of the Sarawak Report blog, has returned fire at Malaysian authorities who said her radio broadcasts were illegal and accused her to trying to stir up trouble in their country.

RFS and Sarawak Report are dedicated to exposing the alleged corruption of Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and removing him from power. The fabulously wealthy Taib has ruled Sarawak with a fist of iron for four decades and is due to call for state-wide polls by July this year.

“This has been the favourite weapon that politicians of his ilk have tried to use to deliberately intimidate people who disagree with them politically or even people who want to exercise their right to vote for the opposition in the upcoming election,” Clare told Malaysia Chronicle.

She was referring to Sarawak BN Backbenchers Club chairman Abdul Karim Hamzah who called on the relevant agencies to act against the station because “RFS incited Sarawakians to go against the state government in the next state election and breed inter-racial hatred”.

“Hamzah is a lawyer, so he knows full well that criticising corruption and failures by his political party, BN, is not the same as ‘going against the government’,” Clare said.

“In his remarks he implies that it is somehow illegal to encourage people to vote for the opposition!!  How can it be illegal – Isn’t that the whole point of a democracy?  Or does Mr Hamzah admit that he is part of a dictatorship in all but name?”

Malaysia to block RFS broadcast

It might seen incredulous to some especially those used to a more advanced system of democracy, but Hamzah was not alone in calling for action against Clare and her team.

According to the Deputy Information Communication and Culture Minister Joseph Salang, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission should act against RFS as it was an illegal and unlicensed radio station.

“I have heard about its existence. I have also been made to understand it is based in Malacca and not in London as believed. If there are reports against it, the MCMC will investigate. If the contents contravene the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, it can block its broadcast,” Joseph had said.

But the deputy minister may have made another blunder. RFS is really based in London and just four months ago, Malaysia Chronicle along with other media was invited to a sneak preview of its operations room and introduced to its staff.

Clare also pointed out that Sarawak Report focussed on exposing corruption, not on adopting any political stance.

“Mr Hamzah also clearly implies in his remarks that it is somehow wrong or illegal to expose the wrong-doings of people in power. Does he therefore think it is the right thing to do to cover up corruption and wrong-doing by people in power and that people who refuse are ‘going against the state?” she asked.

“As a lawyer, he knows perfectly well that people should be allowed to speak up against corruption.  He just wants to keep BN’s position of power so that he and his friends can keep on abusing it to make even more money out of the people of Sarawak.”

“As he put it in a recent interview, he thinks it is ‘only fair’ that politicians like his boss Taib should be able to ‘take the opportunities’ that come their way in political office – in Sarawak Report we have been laying out just what those ‘opportunites’ are and how Taib and his cronies have profited.”

Hypocrisy of Malaysian authorities

Hamzah had also criticised her outspokeness and questioned her motives. Clare, a British citizen, was born in Sarawak. After a recent visit to the East Malaysian state, she had decided to take up the cudgels for the poor and downtrodden tribes that live in the state’s interior regions.

Environmentalists the world over have condemned Taib and the Malaysian government for allowing Sarawak’s unique rain forests to be logged without apparent control.

“It is strange that people would want to do things that are harmful to their own country. If anything, people with the right kind of mind will want to improve the situation in their own country and not destroy it,” Hamzah said.

Clare also denied that RFS had “stirred racial or religious hatred”.

“What we have shown is that there is a unity between all the tribes of Sarawak in how they have been swindled out of their lands and neglected and abused over the past years.  From the Ibans in Serian, to the Melanau in Pulau Bruit to the Chinese in Sibu, Bidayuh in Bengoh, Penan in the Baram region and every other racial group including Malays, they have all suffered from the land grabs,” she said.

“We have also pointed out some cases of disunifying discrimination in education and jobs on the part of the government and we have pointed to hypocrisy where YBs say one thing about their religion to their constituents while doing another thing to advance themselves in the discrimatory system set up by BN.”

Not a whimper from Taib, MACC or Putrajaya

The 51-year old sister-in-law of former British premier Gordon Brown said that widespread corruption and illegitimate political practices reported Sarawak Report were a matter of public record.

Yet, neither she nor RFS had heard from Taib, despite issuing several invitations to him to reply to their accusations.

Clare also took to task the Malaysian police and the MACC who despite the accusations on her blog, have “not shown the slightest interest” to probe Taib for his alleged wrongdoing.

“Karim Hamzah should be careful of drawing further attention to the key failings of BN’s own management of the government by the nature of the accusations he makes,” she said.

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A White Lady vs The White Hair Monster and the winner is…….

February 26, 2011

S’wak Report founder: Not my job to oust Taib

A British journalist who runs an website and online radio critical of Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Abdul Mahmud says that her task is not to oust the long-time leader.

NONE“I do not see it as my job to bring down Taib. That is for the Sarawakian people to decide,” said Clare Rewcastle Brown in an email interview with Malaysiakini.

Rewcastle Brown runs the fiercely anti-Taib website Sarawak Report which has exposed the chief minister’s alleged global business empire and corrupt activities.

She is also responsible for underground radio station Radio Free Sarawak, which began broadcasting in November last year on shortwave.

“I just want to make sure that they receive all the information about what has been happening to their resources and to their wealth, so that they can make an informed choice,” said Rewcastle Brown, who is sister-in-law of former British prime minister Gordon Brown.

‘Evidence easily available’

She argues that she is providing a “vital service from a safe distance” because Sarawakians right to a free press was being denied by the use of the Internal Security Act (ISA) and abuse of power.

 “It is up to Sarawakians how they wish to spread the news (we provide),” she said.

The former BBC journalist, who began her career in 1983, also adds that her work      relies only on material that can be proven and she would readily hand over evidence to the Malaysian authorities.

“Most of it, as we have demonstrated, is a matter of public record. This is why it has been difficult to disprove. We have heard nothing back from Taib Mahmud, despite several invitations to reply to our accusations.

“We would be only too delighted to hand over all this evidence to the Malaysian police and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission should they show the slightest interest. Most of it they could have accessed themselves anyway without much trouble,” she said.

The brains behind Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak were revealed on Wednesday. They decided to go public following several death threats.

Excerpts of the email interview, edited for clarity, follows:

Malaysiakini: In the London Evening Standard report, you mentioned that Sawarak Report had received death threats. Tell us more. Were they from Taib’s men? Do you take this seriously? Have you reported this to the authorities?

Rewcastle Brown: We have received unpleasant emails, but they were anonymous so we are making no accusations about who sent them. However, this was one reason why we decided to come out into the open.

We have lodged a report to the UK police, who are monitoring the situation. We think our safety is less threatened in the UK that it would be if we went to Malaysia.

Sarawak Report has been reporting Taib’s alleged corrupt activities and his alleged global business empire. Do you have hard evidence and witnesses to back your claims? Are you prepared to hand them to Malaysian or international authorities?

We have only published what we can prove and we have laid out our sources and evidence in Sarawak Report. Most of it, as we have demonstrated, is a matter of public record. This is why it has been difficult to disprove.

We have heard nothing back from Taib Mahmud, despite several invitations to reply to our accusations. We would be only too delighted to hand over all this evidence to the Malaysian police and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) should they show the slightest interest.

Most of it they could have accessed themselves anyway without much trouble!

Are you prepared if Taib and his alleged business associates take legal action against you?


It would seem you are building up momentum to oust Taib. But then again, most in Sarawak has no access to the Internet. Have you found ways to help spread your reports in Sarawak?

I do not see it as my job to bring down Taib. That is for the Sarawakian people to decide about. I just want to make sure that they receive all the information about what has been happening to their resources and to their wealth, so that they can make an informed choice.

azlanThis is their right and BN have corruptly denied them that right by suppressing the freedom of the media and persecuting people who speak out or hold the government to account.

Because of the abuse of the ISA law and the abuse of power generally, no journalist or opposition person who speaks out about the corruption in Sarawak is safe from persecution.

It is for this reason that I am providing this one vital service from the safety of a distant country, where the role of objective journalism is still respected and protected. It is up to Sarawakians how they wish to spread the news.

Your critics have dubbed your work as blatant Western meddling in Asian countries. They accuse you of being funded by “foreign agents” with vested interests. How do you respond to this?

Well they have to say something! BN has spent millions of ringgit hiring New York, Maddison Avenue PR (public relations) people to plug their own message in the Malaysian media, so why are they so upset by my shoestring, voluntary operation to redress some of that balance?

My agenda is the agenda of the people of Sarawak, whose jungle and resources have been greedily taken leaving them destitute. So many of the people I have met there have asked me for whatever help I can give them in exposing their terrible problems and now they are warmly thanking me.

This is my agenda and I will stop the moment people from Sarawak no longer want or need my help.

You left Sarawak for the UK when you were eight years old. Have you tried to go back? If yes, did you face any problems?

Yes, I have come back a number of times in recent years, which is how I came to learn of the terrible things that have happened to Sarawak’s people and environment.

NONEI was appalled at the dismissive view of the chief minister towards his people when I asked him at a press conference in 2005 whether he thought the interior tribes had anything of value to offer to the rest of the world.

His reply? “Ha ha, yes, we have put all that stuff into a museum somewhere!”

I realised that this arrogant and ignorant attitude was behind nearly all of the problems facing the poor people of Sarawak today. On recent visits to Malaysia, it has been made clear that I am no longer welcome for being outspoken on these issues.

Officials have informed me I am on a ‘blacklist’ and will be watched whenever I enter the country. I am now always held up at immigration and my mobile phone is then always blocked.

Taken from Malaysiakini.

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