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August 23, 2012

Dance with Baru Bian

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LAND remains the crucial issue faced by Hulu Rajang folks consisting Iban, Orang Ulu and other indigenous groups live in this region for centuries.

Hundreds of thousands hectares of NCR lands in this largest parliamentary constituency in Malaysia were ‘grabbed’ by the Taib-led government for his cronies. Most of the landowners were kept in the dark.

Also, some 10,000 Sungai Asap settlers whose old houses were flooded by the Bakun dam are still waiting for their outstanding compensation after 13 years. And this does not include compensation for all their flooded NCR lands in Bakun.

Like many other landowners in Sarawak who took the state government to court, the main problem lies with BN’s land policy that does not respect NCR land.

During a visit led by PKR potential candidate for Hulu Rajang Abun Sui Anyit to Belaga and Sungai Asap end of July, PKR state chairman Baru Bian explained the land issue in Sarawak. The famous land right lawyer who had successful defended more than 10 legal cases also offers a solution. Tell the world about it!

August 20, 2012

Gangster State!

Latest exposure by Sarawak Report

Yesterday we featured Sarawak’s Action Heroes, who have been standing up for their land rights against ruthless plantation companies.

The five campaigners from Melikin in Balai Ringen were arrested last week after false accusations were made against them relating to arson and assault. They were later released without charge.

The reason behind this harassment was that they have been protesting against the plantation company that has been snatching and bulldozing their ancestral Native Customary Rights (NCR) lands.

We can now bring more details of the gangster-style harassment that these folk have endured over the past year and we can also reveal that the owners of the companies that are grabbing their land are two of Taib Mahmud’s top Ministers!

What more do we need to know to understand how the Chief Minister has robbed his people and pillaged the State of Sarawak?

Grabbed and then bulldozed – what Awang Tengah and Naroden Majais’s company United Teamtrade Sdn Bhd is doing to NCR land in Melikin!

Gangster tactics – “Either you take our money or we take your land for free”!

Reporters for Sarawak Report have been interviewing the inhabitants of Melikin over the past days to learn of their problems with one of the major companies that has been operating in their area, United Teamtrade.  United Teamtrade has been granted a provisional licence for 7,300 hectares.

However, as so often is the case, it has treated this provisional licence from the Land & Survey Department as a right to take Native Customary Rights Land, instead of a right to negotiate with the real landowners.

Land right? United Teamtrade’s juicy provisional permit on NCR land in Melikin, Balai Ringen

According to the villagers, who live about 60 miles from Kuching and not far from the Indonesian border, the company has been attempting to bully them into selling the land for a laughable RM300 (£60) a hectare!

When the locals refused to give up their ancestral lands and their livelihoods and timber for less than a month’s wages they say the Company Manager bullied them with the threat:

 “Either you take the money or we’ll take it (your land) for free”

He then produced the provisional lease from the Land & Survey Department, claiming this over-ruled their ancestral rights to the land, which includes their graveyards, fruit trees and Tembawai (the former longhouse).

Up-front profit – the companies have been grabbing the valuable timber as a prelude to turning the land to profitable oil palm, destroying the jungle in the process

However, the people of Melikin have refused to be bowed and they turned to PKR’s native land rights lawyers instead.  With the help of YB See Chee How (now a member of the State Assembly) they have taken the company to court.


August 18, 2012

Forum pasal Tanah Pesaka (NCR) di Sibu kena 18/8/2012

Forum pasal Tanah Pesaka (NCR) di Sibu kena 18/8/2012                                                                             

Compiled by Katut Achong

Haribulan  :  18/8/2012

Endur     :   Kawan Hotel, Sibu.

Jam             :   0800 – 1800 hrs.

Simpul batang penemu ke dikerandauka lebuh forum pasal Tanah NCR Sarawak.

  1. Adat asal bansa Dayak endang udah bisi dititih serta dikena sebedau James Brooke merintah Sarawak tahun 1841.                                                                                                                                   Nitihka Adat asal bansa Dayak : –

(a)    sapa berimba, berumpang menua,  urang nya meh empu tanah;  serta

(b)   sapa menang bekayau, bebunuh, urang nya mega empu tanah.

  1. Tanah pesaka  (NCR) asal bansa Dayak dikelala serta dititihka lebuh James Brooke diberi kuasa merintah menua Sarawak (area Kuching & coastal areas of Sadong) tahun 1841.

Maia Sarawak diserah nyadi British Colony tahun 1946, Adat asal bansa Dayak pasal tanah pesaka (NCR)  mega mengkang dikelala serta dititihka.

Lalu maia beserakup ( Malaya, Singapore, Sabah & Sarawak)  numbuhka Malaysia tahun 1963, Adat asal bansa Dayak pasal tanah pesaka (NCR) mega terus dikelala, dititih, enda kala dipadamka. Nya alai, Adat asal bansa Dayak tentang hak kuasa ba tanah pesaka (NCR) mengkang dikena sampaika diatu.  Adat asal tu mega dibasa serta dijamin dalam Federal Constitution  of Malaysia (baka  Article 153 &  161A.)

  1. Semua ubah undang-undang  (amendments) dalam Sarawak Land Code 1957 (Cap. 81) ke enda nitihka lalau, tuju, semengat dalam Federal Constitution enda ulih dikena serta nadai kuasa madam tauka munaska hak kuasa  bansa asal Dayak Sarawak.

Tu mega terang bendar ditulis dalam Federal Constitution Article 4(1) ti nyebut  “This Constitution is the supreme law of the Federation and any law passed after Merdeka Day which is inconsistent with this Constitution shall, to the extent of the inconsistency be void”.

Tambah mega Article 5(1) nyebut  “No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty save in accordance with the law”.

Lalu Article 13(1) madah  “No person shall be deprived of his property save in accordance with law”

Serta enggau Article 13(2) nyebut  “No law shall provide for the compulsory acquisition  or use of property without adequate compensation”


  1. Adat asal bansa Dayak  pasal tanah NCR ke dikelala serta dititihka, nadai kala dipadam.

Undang-Undang Tanah Sarawak 1957 (Sarawak Land Code 1957) mega ngelala semua kuasa, hak bansa asal Dayak ke berimba, berumpang menua sebedau tahun 1958 .

  1. Nitih ke adat asal bansa Dayak, penemu tauka “concept” pemakai menua endang nyengkaum menua tauka area alai mensia beridup (begiga jelu, begiga ikan, be-ambi rutan danan, alai beban, alai beramu, tanah pendam,  alai bekebun, alai bumai  etc.).

Pemakai menua tu bisi diempu, dikuasa  serta dijaga segenturung rumah panjai ba kandang menua siti-siti.  Tu tanah pesaka (Native Customary Rights ) asal Dayak.

Salah penemu perintah BN Sarawak ke nyebut “pemakai menua” nya ukai tanah NCR.

Penemu perintah BN Sarawak sentang tu amat nadai senutuk serta ngelaban atur, tuju dalam Federal Constitution. (inconsistent with the spirit of Federal Constitution, and therefore , void)


  1. Penyarut pasal tanah pesaka (NCR) Dayak be-pun ari perintah BN Sarawak ti enda nerima,  enda bebasa ke pemutus diberi High Court .

Federal Court  nyukung penemu ari High Court  serta ngelala lalu netapka pemakai menua, pulau galau nya endang tanah pesaka (NCR) bansa Dayak.

  1. Perintah BN Sarawak  sengaja ngerampas tanah pesaka (NCR) bansa Dayak ngena jalai tauka chara

(a)    Nyual Provisional Lease (PL) ngagai kompeni dagang awakka beribu-ribu ekar tanah NCR kena rengkap ladang kelapa sawit .  Kompeni  diberi tempoh 60 tahun ngena tanah nya.

(b)   Selalu ngubah Undang-Undang Tanah Sarawak dikena michit serta ngabis ke hak, kuasa bansa asal Dayak ba tanah NCR sida.

Enggau ubah undang-undang tanah nya mega, bala  Wakil Rakyat BN Sarawak senang agi be-bagi ke Provisional Lease tauka lessen kampong (balak) serta be-empu tanah di Sarawak.

(c)    Ngena jako “Development  Area ngambi tanah pesaka NCR Dayak alai PELITA ngaga dagang  Joint Venture (JVC) enggau Companies.    Laban PELITA udah diberi kuasa lebuh ubah (amendments) undang-undang tanah Sarawak digaga perintah BN Sarawak, nya alai,  tak sepeneka tanah pesaka (NCR) Dayak diambi.

(d)   Benung ngaga serta bisi anggur deka ngaga 13 iti hydro-electric power stations  kena ngeluarka kuasa eletrik.  Siti-siti tekat ai Hydro nya ngampuhka beribu-ribu ekar tanah pesaka (NCR) asal bansa Dayak ( Kenyah, Kayan,Kelabit, Iban enggau bansa bukai) Sarawak.

(e)   Enggai nyukat, enggai meri grant pala tanah pesaka NCR Dayak nitihka Section 18 Sarawak Land Code.

(f)     Nguji nipu bansa asal Dayak ngena Perimeter Survey nitihka Section 6  Sarawak Land Code.

Ngena jako “semaia deka meri pala tanah nitihka Section 18 Land Code” selepas di sukat di baruh Section 6.      Semaia Perintah BN Sarawak nya ukai undang-undang.

Lebuh perintah BN Sarawak enda meri pala tanah munyi ke di-semaia ke, iya nadai salah laban nadai dalam undang-undang .

Section 6 dikena nyali tanah perintah (State Land) ngagai bansa asal ke nadai chukup tanah alai beridup.   Tu tanah ke dikumbai Native Communal Reserve (NCR) land.

Menteri tanah bisi kuasa penuh nyali serta ngambi pulai tanah Native Communal Reserve nya, nadai di beri pampas.

Tang  Section 18  Land Code dikena nyukat serta meri grant pala tanah ngagai bansa asal Dayak ke be-empu tanah pesaka, Native Customary Rights (NCR) land.

Dua iti sections  tu, Section 6 enggau Section 18, enda ulih di-pegulaika.  Nadai dalam bup Undang-Undang  Tanah Sarawak madahka munyi ko disebut Land & Survey. Pia mega jako “Perimeter Survey” nadai dalam bup Sarawak Land Code.

Perimeter survey nya semina policy, ukai undang-undang.

  1. Ari jako peransang sida NGO, bala lawyers serta enggau urang ke bisi pemandai, kitai bansa asal Dayak endang di asuh ngetan ke hak kuasa kitai atas tanah pesaka (NCR).

Bala Dayak nadai belanja bechara ngelaban perintah BN Sarawak, taja pengawa perintah nya enda besenutuk (inconsistent) enggau Federal Constitution.

Lebuh bepilih besai (General Elections), mensia maioh diberi peluang milih wakil rakyat ke ulih di-karapka nyaga hak mensia maioh, ukai nyiping serta madamka hak  kuasa rakyat.

Ketegal wakil rakyat ari BN ke enda jurus penemu, maioh limpang kerja, nya alai kitai patut nganti sida enggau pengari wakil rakyat ari parti bukai, baka,  Pekatan Rakyat (PKR, PAS, DAP).

Selagi kitai milih parti BN, pengawa ke munaska hak kuasa bansa asal Dayak nya nadai ulih di putarka.  Tanah pesaka (NCR) asal bansa Dayak Sarawak majak lenyau, majak abis.

Noted, summarized  and understood to be the main points, reduced into writing by : –Katut Achong

August 17, 2012

Melikin Land Grab


The Melikin folks’ nightmare began early this year when several plantation companies encroached onto landowners’ ancestral land Provisional leases over more than 10,000 hectares of land in the area had been awarded to six private companies, believed to be linked to a few assemblymen and a former assemblyman.

Affected villagers had lodged many police reports, staged “camping” protests and held discussions with relevant authorities to seek help. However, their plight continues to fall on deaf ears.

On August 12 near midnight, five landowners from Kampung Danao Melikin were detained by the police in relation to an arson attack. The burnt logging bridge belongs to United Team Trade, one of the six private companies awarded provisional lease and caused an uproar by charging TOLL FEES to pass through their road. The company also alleged that their worker was beaten up by a group of villagers.

The five, aged from 41 to 58, including two headmen, were released three days later by the police and welcomed by some 200 villagers at the police station. None of them was charged in court.What is the purpose to put old helpless innocent villagers in jail? Are all landowners in Sarawak who defend their NCR land risk arrest and lockup?‎”The sob story of the Kampung Danau Melikin. In the past elections, they barred PKR candidates and workers from entering their longhouse during campaign period because they were very strong supporters of BN and its candidates.But when their lands were grabbed and given to a company linked to former PBB state assemblyman, they sought help from BN people who advised them to give up as the lands were not classified as NCR land. What to do – they were forced to seek help from PKR -the very party that they chased away during election time. Sarawak PKR leaders could easily say – no where we will help you.But that is not PKR’s tradition. Supporters or not, they would help. Recently PKR leaders came at the invitation of the villagers themselves. The villagers wanted YB Baru Bian and YB Chee How to take action against plantation company and other parties for grabbing their land.

Then last Sunday, close to midnight, the police team came and arrested Tuai Rumah Nyalu anak Tampa and four of his anakbiaks. The excuse was that the logging bridge, belonging to the company, was set fire by unknown people. There was no witness.The only witness (es) was or were the culprits themselves. After the police have completed their probe, the five were found to be innocent- meaning, they have nothing to do with the burning of the bridge. Now, they have instructed PKR lawyers to sue the police for wrongful arrest.”

“The sob story of the Kampung Danau Melikin. In the past elections, they barred PKR candidates and workers from entering their longhouse during campaign period because they were very strong supporters of BN and its candidates.But when their lands were grabbed and given to a company linked to former PBB state assemblyman, they sought help from BN people who advised them to give up as the lands were not classified as NCR land.What to do – they were forced to seek help from PKR -the very party that they chased away during election time. Sarawak PKR leaders could easily say – no where we will help you.But that is not PKR’s tradition. Supporters or not, they would help. Recently PKR leaders came at the invitation of the villagers themselves. The villagers wanted YB Baru Bian and YB Chee How to take action against plantation company and other parties for grabbing their land.

Then last Sunday, close to midnight, the police team came and arrested Tuai Rumah Nyalu anak Tampa and four of his anakbiaks. The excuse was that the logging bridge, belonging to the company, was set fire by unknown people. There was no witness.The only witness (es) was or were the culprits themselves. After the police have completed their probe, the five were found to be innocent- meaning, they have nothing to do with the burning of the bridge. Now, they have instructed PKR lawyers to sue the police for wrongful arrest.”

March 5, 2012


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lncorporating all amendments and modifications up to 1.1.1999


Ps : Download the PDF Version here  http://www.keepandshare.com/doc/1831174/section-5-sarawak-land-code-1958-4-2-meg?dn=y

August 26, 2011

Insidious Plantation Activities in Tanjung Upar Destroy Iban Communities’ Livelihood and Sustenance


26 August 2011

SAM would like to express our shock over the progress of plantation activities that are being carried out at a fast pace in Tanjung Upar, Baram Sarawak, which are affecting a group of landowners without their consent. The company involved obtained a Provisional Lease (PL) over Lot No. 1210 of the Puyut Land District several years ago but it has yet to issue official notice to the community regarding their intention to plant oil palm.

This PL was issued by the Sarawak State Government along with those on Lot 197, Lot 1207 and Lot 1200 within the Puyut Land District, measuring about 21,913 ha and affecting three communities including Rumah Chabop and Melayu Narum. These PLs will soon consume the native land that has been timelessly worked by the people to sustain their livelihood and to ensure their daily sustenance – a way of living that has been in existence since Rajah Brooke days and beyond.

Despite having substantial proof of native customary rights on the land, development companies have already taken over the communities’ communal forests and farmlands. The Iban community of Rumah Vincent in Tanjung Upar is reportedly being pressured to stay away from their own farmlands that have been insidiously encroached into by an oil palm company beginning July.

The community, made up of 292 persons, has lost most of their fruit trees and cash crops on their farmland despite pleading the company to stay away from them. They fear that the perpetuity of this project will eventually wipe out their last remaining farmlands and their ancestral graves that are situated near Loagan Tujuh. Already another company has destroyed their communal forest and covered the land with straight rows of oil palm with no compensation being paid to them.

Due to the merciless intensity of the oil palm development in Tanjung Upar, the community staged a protest across the plantation road on Aug 7, 2011. They held up banners that read `Tanah adalah jiwa dan sumber kepenghidupan kami. Harta musnah, pampasan tiada’ (Land is our life and source of livelihood. Our property’s destroyed without compensation). SAM is alarmed that the company’s unfettered actions have resulted in the community being cut-off from food resources and in the loss of their livelihood obtained from lakes that are now heavily silted and contaminated with chemical spray run-off from the plantations.

Time and again, calls have been made to respect the rights of the natives and for the State Government to improve the transparency in land and forestry governance. Therefore, we urge the Sarawak state government to investigate the complaints that have been lodged by the community and to respect the rights of its indigenous communities. We also call upon the Sarawak Land and Survey Department to implement the free, prior and informed consent process in all their decision-making.

Taking all the complaints and hardship suffered by affected communities into consideration, as well as their legal rights to their land, we urge the Sarawak State Government to ensure that all indigenous community village territories are excluded from all plantation licences and any development on such land should only proceed with their free, prior and informed consent.

S.M.Mohamed Idris President of SAM

Sarawak govt ‘constantly’ ignoring court rulings

Taken from Free Malaysia Today


KUCHING: State opposition PKR has accused the Sarawak government of “abusing and misusing” the office of the state Attorney-General’s Chambers (A-G) to defend the wrong-doings of a few who continue grabbing native customary rights (NCR) land.

According to PKR vice-chairman See Chee How, the state government is “constantly” denying court rulings favouring natives on NCR land.

“The High Courts, the Court of Appeal and even the Federal Court have spoken and ruled on the recognition of NCR according to the customary practice of the natives concerned, but the state government chose to have its own restrictive interpretation.

“The state government is in its denial mode and likely to continue doing so, no matter how many cases are decided in favour of the native communities that have chosen to stand up against the state Barisan Nasional regime.

“To me, it has reached the extent that it is an abuse and misuse of the office of the state Attorney- General’s Chambers to defend the wrong-doings of a few who continue their land grabbing,” he said.

See, who is also Batu Lintang assemblyman, said the most affected are the investors as they will not be able to recover their investments, having paid dearly for the land and ended up having to re-negotiate with the native landowners.

“In the first place, they should have been able to have (direct) joint ventures with the native landowners and thereby derive mutual benefits.

“Instead, they used Pelita (Land Development and Protection Board) and deprived the natives of their rights.

Losing investors’ trust

“The state government is gradually but obviously losing the trust of genuine investors.

“Eventually, more and more of the rural landowners will realise their mistakes of voting for these BN politicians.

“The popular votes for the BN had been slashed 8% in the last state election to 55%.

“It is losing ground and it is just a matter of time that they will be voted out of office,” said See.

See, who is a lawyer with Baru Bian Advocates, was commenting on a suit brought by Jubang Anak Punjab, Juslin Majang Anak Pundu, Mat Anak Tanggon and the residents of Kampung Sual, Simunjan, against First Binary Sdn Bhd, the director of forestry, the director of Land and Survey Department and the state government for encroaching into 168 acres of their NCR land.

The Kuching High Court Judicial Commissioner Ravinthran Paramaguru, who heard the case, declared that Jubang, Juslin Majang, Mat Anak and the residents of Kampung Sual are the owners of the disputed 168 acres.

Ravinthran said that in view of his acceptance of the evidence on oral history and tradition in respect of the NCR land claim over the disputed area, he was only prepared to grant a declaration that the plaintiffs have established NCR over the 168 acres.

“As the plaintiffs have only succeeded partially against the government, I shall reduce the costs that they are entitled to.

“I shall order the second defendant (director of forest), the third defendant (director of Land and Surveys) and the fourth defendant (the state government) to pay costs of RM30,000 to the plaintiffs.

“In so far as the first defendant (First Binary) is concerned, at the time the suit was filed in 2007, the timber licence subsisted.

“In the premises, I shall order the first defendant to bear their own costs,” he said.

See represented the natives, while Allan Lao and Lidwina Kiew of Messrs David, Sagah and Teng Advocates, Kuching, appeared for First Binary.

Dayang Jamillah Tun Salahuddin of the state Attorney-General’s Chambers represented the director of forestry, director of Land and Survey Department and the state government.

So far, Baru Bian Advocates has successfully represented more than 10 NCR land cases and more than 100 are still pending at the High Court. Click here for the full Case Judgment


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In the Utusan Borneo on 23rd August, it was reported that NCR lands at Entebu, Selambung and Bajau Saratok, an area covering 1,024.8 ha, have been declared as Communal Reserve Land under Section 6 of the Land Code on the 7th of April, 2011. The Section 6 status was granted to the natives in these areas after Perimeter Survey was conducted earlier this year on these lands.

“The natives of Entebu, Selambung and Bajau Saratok must be enlightened on the practical aspect of Section 6. They must be educated on the real worth of the land as Communal Reserve Land as compare to a titled land under Section 18 of the Land Code,” said Ali Biju, ADUN for N34 Krian.

The danger of Section 6 which many native NCR landowners are not aware of is that once notice is issued under Section 6, the title issued is under the name of the community, not individual landowners, and effectively the land is held in trust for the Government by the community.

“Once this happens, this gives the Government the right to extinguish the rights of the landowners at any time and then pay them peanuts as compensation! This effectively downgrades NCR status!” said Ali Biju.

Ali Biju stressed that “Perimeter Survey, on the surface, looks like the Government is pretending to solve NCR problems but in actual fact it is the Government which is actually creating the problem in the first place. Is this what Barisan Nasional is all about, hoodwinking the poor natives and robbing them of their ancestral lands in the name of development?”

Ali also had more questions for the Ministers in charge of lands, “Now, how about the rest of the much bigger NCR lands adjacent Entebu, Selambung and Bajau Saratok which are outside the Communal Reserve Land that have just undergone perimeter survey? Can the native landowners now feel relieved thinking their NCR lands are outside this perimeter survey? Or are these State lands by virtue of the perimeter surveys, and can Provisional Licenses be issued by the Government at its whims and fancies?”

“The rural folk of Krian who have legitimate rights over their lands demand answers, and it is my duty as their representative to demand these answers from the ruling government,” insisted Ali Biju.


Pengayau comment :

When the Land & Survey conduct perimeter survey, they survey your land, including individual plots of NCR lands owned by individual families and bileks. After surveyed, the Government grants NOT SINGLE TITLES (pala tanah) but COMMUNAL TITLES called Communal Reserve Land. This means it belongs to the community, not the individual landowners. Once these lands become COMMUNAL RESERVE LAND, the Government can take it away any time for the purpose of “development” like giving it to Tabung Haji or any company to plant kelapa sawit or reforestation or whatever. The question is, do you think they will pay BIG compensation to the community for taking away these lands or just pay peanuts?
Perimeter Survey and Section 6 are new ways the Government is robbing the poor natives of their NCR lands, as shown in this case in Entebu, Selambung and Bajau Saratok. BEWARE!

Tanah NCR di Saratok mulai disukat selepas Hari Raya

SARATOK: Rakyat di kawasan pentadbiran tiga penghulu Penghulu Ali Bin, Penghulu Isa Geng, Penghulu Garan Chunggut dan Penghulu Amit @ Hamid Salle yang memiliki tanah Hak Adat Bumiputera (NCR) dalam daerah Kecil Saratok akan mula disukat selepas sambutan perayaan Hari Raya nanti.

Kerja pengukuran perimeter (NCR) itu dikendalikan Jabatan Tanah dan Survei (JTS) Bahagian Betong.

Penguasa JTS Bahagian Betong, Anthony Abo berkata, pengukuran Tanah NCR ini adalah merupakan usaha berterusan kerajaan dan JTS.

“Kami berharap pemilik tanah NCR di sini memberi kerjasama kepada JTS ketika kerja pengukuran perimeter dilakukan,” katanya semasa berucap dalam majlis dialog itu, di sini, baru-baru ini.

Dianggarkan  200 orang hadir dalam majlis dialog tersebut.

Sementara itu kata Anthony, pemilik tanah NCR di Saratok bertuah  berikutan tanah NCR yang mereka perjuangkan selama ini akhirnya diluluskan pihak kerajaan walaupun ia bermula sukatan perimeter terlebih dulu.

“Kemudiannya baru ia akan diwartakan sebgai Rezab Gunasama (Pertanian) Bumiputera di bawah Seksyen 6 Kanun Tanah Negeri.

“Seterusnya barulah sukatan secara individu untuk tujuan pengeluaran surat hak milik tanah di bawah Seksyen 18 Kanun Tanah Negeri,” tambah beliau.

Anthony memberitahu pemilik tanah NCR di kawasan Entebu / Selambong / Bajau telah pun diwartakan sebgai Rezab Gunasama (Pertanian) Bumiputera di bawah seksyen 6 Kanun Tanah Negeri.

Turut hadir dalam majlis itu Setiausaha Sulit kepada Timbalan Menteri Pengangkutan, Jelaing Mersat iaitu Desmond Reynold Jemen,  Juruukur JTS Betong, Kudie Sandak, Pegawai Tanah JTS Betong, David Laeng dan ketua-ketua masyarakat sekitar Saratok.

July 9, 2011


Taken from Borneo Independent News Service

I am Lake’ Jaro’ calling from my jungle lair to all my anak-anak, cucu-cucu in Telang Usan.I am very very worried looking at the trend the BN Government is subtly legalizing their claim over our NCR land through the  NCR initiative.

For the information of all, as I understand it the Land and survey Department will carry out perimeter survey on our NCR land. This survey must be approved by the BN government by issuing a letter of approval for Lot Block Alienation Scheme (BAS).

After the completion of the survey work, the land will be gazetted as NATIVE COMMUNAL RESERVE under section 6 of the Sarawak Land Code. The gazette will be kept at the Land and Survey Department, District Office, and  a copy extended to the relevant community heads.

According to the GOVERNMENT THE GAZETTE ITSELF IS LEGAL PROOF THAT THE SURVEYED AREA BELONG TO THE NATIVE LAND OWNERS. The rights over the land gazetted as Native Communal reserve under section 6 is administered by native system of personal law.

I bring your attention to the statement at item No. 4 below. This is the clearest indication so far to indicate that the government is only planning to enforce the NCR land boundaries according the government claim. Once this boundary is gazetted and becomes Native communal reserved Land,  the orang ulu has no right to claim their NCR lands outside the  surveyed and gazette area.

My Brothers and Sisters, anak-anak, cucu-cucu, if you recall, the BN State Government agreed to the survey after tremendous pressure from the Prime Minister just before the last State Election, to boost up support from the poor, marginalized and  uneducated Dayak voters. But the Dayaks NEVER LEARNED and stay loyal to the BN Government that has been keeping them poor so that they can be manipulated and bought with RM15.00, a pig and cases of beers.

ON THE SURFACE, the program look good. So I am sure that the stupid Dayaks will now be appreciative of this new “initiative”, thinking that the BN State Government has finally recognized and take steps to safe guard our NCR lands.

IN MY OPINION, I really think that the Sarawak BN State Government under the able leadership of “PEHIN SRI YANG KITA KASIHI” is actually legalizing their claim on our NCR land. HOW ?

1. The BN State Government will identify the NCR area and approved it to be surveyed. Their statement to ask the NCR land owners to help identify the boundary is utter nonsense because during their briefings they already identify our NCR land boundaries according to the government claim.

2. Owners and demand that the native land owners give their full cooperation.They give the poor dayaks only 2 weeks or a month to make a decision. This is a way to  pressure the land owners to giving in to their demands.


4. During one of the dialogue sessions with the land and survey department in Kapit (Borneo Post Friday July 1, 2011), the Land and Survey Officer Vivilyn Wesly Kapi explained that before the NCR land was handed over to the natives in Sarawak, the measurement of  perimeter to segregate NCR LANDS from that owned by the government, and also to verify boundaries between longhouses in the area need to be carried out.

5. The question the Natives should ask themselves is “WHY DO THE BN GOVERNMENT ONLY SURVEY THE NCR LAND ACCORDING TO THEIR DEFINATION OF NCR LAND?” The answer is crystal clear and very simple. The BN Government NEVER intended to recognize the natives claim of NCR land!. If they do recognize our NCR claim then thousands and thousands of hectares of OIL PALMS and TREE REPLANTING ESTATES belonging to the BN YBs, and their cronies will be included under the surveyed NCR lands.

6. The Natives should never agree with the Land and Survey/BN Government to survey their NCR land according to the Land and Survey Map. Because by doing so you have agreed to give your NCR lands outside of the surveyed area to the State Government and their cronies.

7. So our only course is not to survey our NCR land if it is not surveyed according to the area that we claimed as our NCR land. However we would be very grateful to the Government if the perimeter survey is according to claimed NCR area.

8. According to the Borneo post Friday, July 1, 2011 and Wednesday July 6, 2011

The government has approved perimeter survey to be carried out at the following areas:

a. Perimeter survey of sungai Patah and Batang Baram area containing an area of 9346 hectares belonging to 1455 land owners. i.e an average of 6.4 hectares per land owner. Don’t tell me that after many generations our fore fathers only managed to clear 6.4 hectares (15.36 acres of NCR land)!

b. Perimeter survey of Lio Matoh batang Baram area containing an area of 1095 hectares for some 1187 land owners. i.e 0.92 hectare per land owner. Don’t tell me that the people of Lio Matoh batang Baram only owns 0.92 hectare (2.25 acres) of  NCR land. Even the people at Sungai ASAP are given 3 acres per family for moving away from Bakun Hydro Dam.

c. Perimeter survey of NCR land Long Bedian (Lg. Bedian, Long Atip, Long Wat, Long Bemang) in the Apoh area containing an area of 9710  hectares belonging to 1500 NCR land owners from 200 doors.  One can only ask how many NCR land owners are there from the 4 main longhouses at Long Bemang, Long Wat, Long Atip and long Bedian in the Apoh river. Long Bedian and Long Atip alone has more than 200 doors. And what about the poor Penan lands?

9. According to the Land and survey map there is no inclusion of “pulau galau” (tana lung) and “pemakai menoa” (tana kaso’) even our temuda (ba’e, sepiteng, kaharah uk, kaharah aya’) are not all included.

So dear brothers and sisters in Telang Usan, I hope you understand what I am trying to explain. If I, an old penan man from deep in the jungle can anticipate what the BN Government is trying to do to steal our land further, the rest of you settled Kayan, Kenyah, Penan, Berawan, Kelabits, Ibans etc..etc.. should know better. You will be cursed by your anak-anak, cucu-cucu if you do not fight for your right to your land, better education, infrastructures, opportunities for your children. Your soul will know no peace!

Any way, for the Kayans, Kenyahs, Penan, Kelabits Sebob, Saban above the Baram DAM; you have voted for the BN GOVERNMENT in the last State election. Once the Baram DAM is completed you do not have to worry about your NCR lands, your long house, your ancestors graves, your gardens etc. because all that you have will be wiped out. YOU HAVE NOTHING !. Let Yang di Kasihi take care of you. Your BN representative Datu Seri TAMA PUYANG has assured that The Baram DAM is the best gift of untold Development by Tuan Yang di Kasihi, Pehin Seri  Taib Bin Mahmud.

Our YBs Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan and Brand new YB Dennis Ngau Jok are both mum about the Baram Dam. They keep opening Minor Rural Project left and right at longhouses above the Baram Dam. They are wasting tax payers money, our  money, because their area will soon be under 600 feet of water.

I am appalled by the realization that the people above the Baram Dam seem not to realize what is going to happen to them, including Datuk Seri Tama Puyang. They seem to take it easy, unbelieving that they are going to be displaced and lose everything under the name of Development for Pehin Seri Yang Kita Kasihi. Taib Mahmud.

For those of us Penan in the Apoh Area we look forward to the swarm of wild boars, deers, kijang, pelandok being displaced by the Baram DAM catchment area.

We are only worried that the Apoh and Tutoh river water level will recede and become too shallow for any river navigation. This is what is happening down river of the great three gorges dam in China where there was marsh land / swamp land before is now desert, depriving the locals of fish for their livelihood.

Thank you all.

Lake’ Jaro’

Penan Long Late

Ulu Apoh.

April 9, 2011

Evidences Of Taib’s Cronies Land Grab In Sarawak

750 hektar di Sungai Lubai Tengah, Limbang – Sarawak Plantations – Entiti perniagaan ini telah diswastakan, 60% pegangan saham dimiliki oleh Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib) dan Hasmi bin Hasnan.

4,400 hektar di Sungai Medalam, Lawas – Celerity Design Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib (anak Taib Mahmud).

9.000 hektar di Batang, Limbang – Future Atmosphere Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib.

11,000 hektar di Ulu Medamit, Limbang – Dataran Aras Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib.

3,000 hektar di Tinjar, Miri – Amazing Green Sdn Bhd – Teresa Toyad (keluarga Taib yang berkahwin dengan bekas Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri) dan CEO kepada SCORE Wilson Baya Dandot.

750 hektar di Jalan, Miri.

2,000 hektar di lokasi penting lapangan terbang, Miri – Kumpulan Parabena Sdn Bhd dan Mesti Bersatu Sdn Bhd – Taib Mahmud dan Raziah Mahmud.

500 hektar di Sungai Sibuti, Miri – Premium Haven Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib.

5,000 hektar di Sungai Teru dan Batang Baram – Essential Straits Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib.

1,100 hektar di Sungai Karap – Umpama Mantap Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib.

10,000 hektar di Lot 1208 Sungai Karap – Abu Bekir Taib.

50 hektar di Jalan Tusan, Sibuti – Ukiran Mantap Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib.

4,000 hektar di Sungai Bok, Tinjar – Log Oak Promotion Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib.

4,500 hektar di Sungai Tutoh – Syarikat Radiant Lagoon – Abu Bekir Taib.

5,000 hektar di Sungai Karap dan Sungai Kulak – Amgreen Gain Sdn Bhd – Ibrahim Mahmud (abang/adik Taib).

50 hektar di Sungai Karabungan, Niah – Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib) dan Hasmi bin Hasnan.

31,000 hektar tanah NCR di Long Lamai – Merawa Sdn Bhd (anak syarikat Samling Global).

2,600 hektar di Jalan Setium – Mega Bumimas Sdn Bhd (anak syarikat Ta An – Hamed Sepawi (sepupu Taib).

10,000 hektar di Similajau – Sahua Enterprise Sdn Bhd – Mohamid Morshidi bin Abdul Ghani (Setiausaha BN Sarawak).

4,500 hektar di Similajau – Derawan Sdn Bhd – Mohamid Morshidi bin Abdul Ghani (Setiausaha BN Sarawak).

15,000 hektar tanah NCR kaum Penan di Ba Jawi – Samling Plywood (Miri) Sdn Bhd.

1,600 hektar di Setuan – Hasmi Hasan (proksi Taib).

10,000 hektar di Sungai Takan dan Ulu Sungai Nyatak, Tatau – Ikrar Bumi Sdn Bhd – Elia Geneid (anak saudara Taib).

8,000 hektar di Balingian (sebahagian besar kawasan ini asalnya adalah hutam simpan Setuan Besar) – Saradu Plantations Sdn Bhd, Organic Treasure Sdn Bhd dan Kumpulan Parabena Sdn Bhd – Raziah Mahmud (adik Taib) dan Robert Geneid (ipar Taib).

10,000 hektar di Ulu Mukah – Sarawak Plantations – Entiti perniagaan ini telah diswastakan, 60% pegangan saham dimiliki oleh Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib) dan Hasmi bin Hasnan.

5,000 hektar di Mukah – Delta Padi Sdn Bhd (Taib Mahmud) dan LCDA (pengerusinya ialah Taib Mahmud).

5,000 hektar di Sungai Bawan – Palmlyn Sdn Bhd – Taib Mahmud dan Arip Mahmud.

13,000 hektar di Sungai Bawan – Golden Star Ace Sdn Bhd – Taib Mahmud dan Arip Mahmud.

4,000 hektar di Sungai Sikat, Mukah – Bella Magic Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib.

5,000 hektar di Kenyana – Rajah Mutiara Sdn Bhd – Taib Mahmud dan Arip Mahmud.

2,000 hektar di Loba Kabang – Victoria Square Development Sdn Bhd – Ibrahim Mahmud (abang/adik Taib).

2,050 hektar di Penasu Igan – Victoria Square Development Sdn Bhd – Ibrahim Mahmud (abang/adik Taib).

5,000 hektar di Antara Batang, Oya dan Batang Mukah – Kub Sepadu Sdn Bhd – Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib).

10,500 hektar di Sungai Retus – Hariyama Sdn Bhd – Taib Mahmud dan Arip Mahmud.

768 hektar di Pasai Siong, Sungai Retus – Masretus Oil Palm Plantation Sdn Bhd – Ibrahim Mahmud (abang/adik Taib), Yahya bin Ibrahim (anak saudara Taib) dan Mahmud bin Ibrahim (anak saudara Taib).

400 hektar di Tulai Meradong – Delta Padi Sdn Bhd (Taib Mahmud) dan LCDA (pengerusinya ialah Taib Mahmud).

2,000 hektar di Batang Lebaan, Sibu – Delta Padi Sdn Bhd (Taib Mahmud) dan LCDA (pengerusinya ialah Taib Mahmud).

100 hektar di Sungai Lengan, Sibu – Delta Padi Sdn Bhd (Taib Mahmud) dan LCDA (pengerusinya ialah Taib Mahmud).

600 hektar di Sungai Melayu, Meradong – Sarawak Plantations – Entiti perniagaan ini telah diswastakan, 60% pegangan saham dimiliki oleh Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib) dan Hasmi bin Hasnan.

1,113 hektar di Batang Lassa – Europalm Sdn Bhd (anak syarikat Ta Ann Holdings) – Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib).

1,500 hektar di Jin Matu, Daro – Europalm Sdn Bhd (anak syarikat Ta Ann Holdings) – Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib).

90 hektar di Kampung Tebang, Batang Lassa, Daro – Multi Maximum Sdn Bhd (anak syarikat Ta Ann Holdings) – Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib).

15,000 hektar … di Pulau Bruit – Eastern Eden Sdn Bhd dan Poh Zhen Sdn Bhd – Arip Mahmud (abang/adik Taib), Ali Mahmud (abang/adik Taib) dan Azerina Mohd Arip (ipar Taib).

7,700 hektar di Paloh – Delta Padi Sdn Bhd (Taib Mahmud) dan LCDA (pengerusinya ialah Taib Mahmud).

9,000 hektar di Sungai Machan Tengah – Polar Tower Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib (anak Taib).

5,000 hektar di Sungai Selepong dan Sungai Kawasan – Ample Agro Sdn Bhd – Fatimah Abdul Rahman (kakak/adik kepada YB Norah binti Abdul Rahman yang juga sepupu Taib).

70,000 hektar di Bijat Land District, Sri Aman – beberapa buah syarikat yang diuruskan oleh Titanium Management Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib (anak Taib Mahmud).

2,300 hektar di Sungai Klauh dan Sungai Dor – Tabaruk Abadi Sdn Bhd – Ali Mahmud (abang/adik Taib Mahmud).

700 hektar di Sungai Batang Klauh – Sarawak Plantations – Entiti perniagaan ini telah diswastakan, 60% pegangan saham dimiliki oleh Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib) dan Hasmi bin Hasnan.

900 hektar di Melugu, Sri Aman – Sarawak Oil Palm – Entiti perniagaan ini juga telah diswastakan, 60% pegangan saham dimiliki oleh Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib) dan Hasmi bin Hasnan.

7,000 hektar di Simunjan – Gedong Plantation Sdn Bhd – Naroden Majais (ahli politik BN).

5,000 hektar di Batang Sadong – Indranika Jaya Sdn Bhd – Naroden Majais (ahli politik BN).

5,600 hektar di Batang Sadong – Hydroflow Sdn Bhd – Naroden Majais (ahli politik BN).

700 hektar di Antara Sungai Igom – Poliga Sdn Bhd – Ahmad bin Su’ut (bomoh Taib Mahmud).

1,000 hektar  Sarawak Plantations – Entiti perniagaan ini telah diswastakan, 60% pegangan saham dimiliki oleh Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib) dan Hasmi bin Hasnan.

500 hektar di Munggu Kupi, Serian – Ahmad bin Su’ut (bomoh Taib Mahmud).

354 hektar tanah NCR penduduk Kampung Segenam, di antara Batang Sadong dan Ensengai Road, Serian – diberikan kepada Usaha Jasamaju Sdn Bhd – pemegang saham Usaha Jasamaju Sdn Bhd ialah Asset Teamwork Sdn Bhd (125,000 unit saham), Ting Kang Hwa (187,500 unit), Betty Yii Pick Koung (7,500 unit), Wong Kuok Kai (325,000 unit), Lau Hie Ping (75,000 unit), Wong Kuo Hea (375,000 unit), Knightswealth Sdn Bhd (50,000 unit), Chai Min Kian (125,000 unit), Lim Choo Tad (25,000 unit), Siew Meng Kun (55,000 unit), Century Merit Sdn Bhd (125,000 unit), Transwill Sdn Bhd (125,000 unit) dan Butrasemari Sdn Bhd (900,000 unit) – Nota : Lau Hie Ping, Wong Kuo Hea, Lim Choo Tad, Siew Meng Kun daripada Ta Ann Holdings dan Chai Min Kian adalah politikus parti komponen BN Sarawak iaitu SUPP. Butrasemari Sdn Bhd berkait dengan Abdul Hamid Sepawi (proksi Taib Mahmud) yang merupakan Pengerusi Eksekutif Ta Ann Holdings.

3,305 hektar di Sebangan – Quality Concrete Holdings Berhad – Raziah Mahmud (kakak/adik Taib).

10,000 hektar di Sungai Bakong dan Sungai Karap – Polar Red Sdn Bhd – Abu Bekir Taib (anak Taib Mahmud).

700 ekar (283 hektar) di Batu 13, Kuching – Mesti Bersatu Sdn Bhd, LCDA (pengerusinya ialah Taib Mahmud) dan Lanco Plantations (keluarga Arip Mahmud – abang/adik Taib).

1,300 hektar di Kemajuan, Lembaga – Sarawak Plantations – Entiti perniagaan ini telah diswastakan, 60% pegangan saham dimiliki oleh Hamid Sepawi (sepupu Taib) dan Hasmi bin Hasnan

March 16, 2011

Taib’s Balingian is the Epicentre of his Land Grab Corruption – Exclusive Expose !

Kidnapped from Sarawak Report

Taib brings ‘development’ to his constituency in Balingian!

Taib Mahmud promised development, but has delivered disaster in his own constituency of Balingian.  Scores of  communities are at this moment reeling from the shock of the present wave of ‘development devastation’ in areas that were in many cases Reserve Forest lands.

Now, shockingly, our research into the companies behind the destruction shows that in every case the profits can be traced directly back to Taib, his immediate family or to key business cronies and nominees (people known to act as his regular proxy).

These pictures, taken during a tour of investigation just last week, resemble the aftermath of a tsunami – but it has been a tsunami of greed unleashed by one old man and his small army of cronies upon the people in his own backyard.  His own voters!

Everything for me – nothing for you

This was his land – he got nothing for it!

Taib has masked his land grabs by pretending he is benefiting the people through ‘progress’ and ‘modernisation’.  He lectures them to ‘be patient’, while at the same time he impatiently tears out anything of worth from the lands where they have lived for generations.

On the spot researchers have confirmed to Sarawak Report that the only people who have been receiving compensation for the lands taken are the state-appointed headmen, who are now paid not to represent their longhouse folk, but to keep them compliant.

These individuals have been offered a pitiful RM 250 ringgit per acre for their communities’ Native Customary Rights Lands – the rest of the people have received nothing for the loss of their traditional territories and livelihoods.

One 80 year old Iban has testified to his family having lived five generations on his land, clearing the trees and growing up fruit orchards.  These were all swept away without compensation.  In one case the plantation company was narrowly prevented from bulldozing a longhouse into the ground.  Local people say they have lodged reports to the police, but that as ever such complaints are ignored.

Blantant exploitation – Empire Plantation offers a paltry RM 250 per acre to a local headman for his community’s land. Also, while he is forced to ‘relinquish all rights’, Empire only ‘tentatively’ agree to pay up!

Needless to say RM 250 is a pitiful amount compared to the real worth of the wood and oil  palm concessions on these lands, which is demonstrated later in this article by the vast sums which have been paid to Taib family members by the public companies which acquired them.

Enrich my family and pay off my business partners in the name of ‘development’!

Sarawak Report’s investigations into the disposal of the lands in Taib’s area of Balingian and Mukah have revealed a quite staggering level of graft.  Shoddy attempts have been made to conceal the amount of money made by family members out of most of these concessions, but we have been able to trace the links and provide damming evidence of Taib family corruption.

Some of the concessions handed out by Taib in his own constituency. Palmlyn and Golden Star-Ace went to brother Arip, Green Ace, Saradu, Miracle Harvest to sister Raziah, SLDB/Sarawak Plantation, Kub Sepadu to cousin Hamid Sepawi, Empire Plantations to son of Hamid Bugo (political crony) and Chiong family, Rinwood to the crony Hii family…. and much more

Lands taken by Arip Mahmud and also Taib himself through Mesti Bersatu


March 13, 2011

Growing World Attention Focusses on Sarawak

Latest exposure by Sarawak Report 
A picture from the Sunday Times article

The wave of protests and disgust against the destructive regime of Taib Mahmud in Sarawak is continuing and it has gained further attention in the international media.  There have been demonstrations outside properties owned by the Taibs in the UK, Canada and the US and now it has been announced that further protests are planned in Australia, Austria and Switzerland.

Today’s Sunday Times Newspaper, Britain’s premier weekly, has also reported on these developments and summarised the reasons why so many people the world over are rallying to support the plight of the people of Sarawak in the face of the greedy plunder of their jungles and natural resources.  The message is clear – you have not been forgotten and there are many in the world who will move to help you once you are rid of Taib Mahmud.

We present you the article in the Sunday Times, because you will certainly not be hearing about it through any licenced news channels in Malaysia.  This same issue has also been covered in Britain’s Independent Newspaper and also the London Evening Standard in the past few days – the photographs accompanied the article.


This is what they are saying about Sarawak – The Sunday Times article



Campaigners are demanding Britain freeze the assets of a family who have allowed Borneo to become a wasteland through logging and development

Michael Sheridan, Far East Correspondent

Published: 13 March 2011

Campaigners are calling on Britain to freeze the multimillion-pound assets of the ruling family of one of Borneo’s two Malaysian states, accusing them of corruptly benefiting from the rape of the island’s rainforest and the eviction of its native peoples.

The call is part of a concerted effort by conservationists and the Malaysian opposition to end the 30-year rule of Sarawak’s wealthy chief minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud, 74.

In that time, the rainforests of northwest Borneo have been devastated by logging and rare species have vanished. Jungle rivers run foul with industrial poison and the air is often thick with smoke.

Once a treasure house of nature — it is home to the world’s largest flower, flying squirrels and a bird named after the once-ruling British white rajah — Borneo is turning into a wasteland. Its ruin is symbolised by the plight of the orang-utans, whose numbers have fallen by half in 50 years. In place of the pristine rainforests, regimented plantations of oil palms arise to feed the demand for “green” biofuels.

The timber has been felled by companies dependent on licences issued by Taib, and in some cases they are financially connected to his family.


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