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August 30, 2012

Sabah, Sarawak the Kingmaker. Ini Kali Kah?

13th General Election

BN : Survival!

PR : Change!

STAR Sabah / UBF / UBA : Kingmaker

There is 222 Parliament seats

Malaya : 166 (75%)

Sarawak : 31 (14%)

Sabah : 26 including Labuan (11%)

Kalau Bukan Kita, Siapa Lagi? Kalau Bukan Sekarang, Bila Lagi? Ini Kali Lah!!

I have to admit, Dr Jeffrey G Kitingan is indeed a Maverick Politician and everyone has failed to understand his present move

Knowing that STAR Sabah is no way either in Heaven or Hell has the capabilities to fight agaisnt the Gigantic BN Machinery or the Mighty PR Warlords be it in the State or Parliament, he choose to play safe but yet a genius move when he choose to be in a position to leverage both PR and BN in the event of Hung Parliament (When neither BN or PR has an absolute majority of seats in the Parliament to form the Federal Government)



Sabah/Sarawak both plays a roles as King Maker for both BN and PR. Both need us to form the next Federal Government and we need to have this King – making role in order to pursue our rights

This tactical manevouring hatched by Dr Jeffrey is to ensure more bargaining power for the States agaisnt the Federal Government. What happen now was the Centralisation of Power to Federal while the State remain subservient to Federal.

Sabah has did this in 1980s through PBS Government but they fall from grace by dirty/undemocratic tactics by the all powerful Federal/Central government.

This is to protect / fights for the interests of Sabah, Sarawak vis a vis the 1963 Malaysia Agreement, 20/18 Points of Agreement, the Inter Governmental Committee Report and the Cobbold Commission report

What UBF (United Borneo Front), UBA (United Borneo Alliance), STAR Sabah trying to do is reviving Sabah Alliance which was the predecessor to BN Sabah.

Back in the 1963 – 1973, there was Alliance ( Malaya) lead by Tunku Abdul Rahman from UMNO, Sarawak Alliance lead by Stephen Kalong Ningkan from SNAP and Sabah Alliance lead by Tun Fuad Stephens from UPKO functioning as Equal Partner and when Barisan Nasional was form in 1973, both 3 Alliance being incorporated into 1, Barisan Nasional under the chairmanship of Tun Abdul Razak, the then 2nd Prime Minister of Malaysia

Barisan Nasional was formed in 1973 as the natural evolution from Perikatan (UMNO, MCA and MIC), but expanding to include PPP, PAS and Gerakan who until that point were opposition but joined the broader Barisan Nasional after the May 13th 1969 events in the name of national interest with local parties in Sabah, Sarawak

It was also the beginning of the end of the earlier consulative/collective style of the earlier Perikatan style of governing. UMNO took a more dominant role more in keeping of the number of seats they held

From then on UMNO (with Tun Razak at the helm) moved to play a more dominant in the coalition. with seats having to be doled out so that the BN parties would not be competing with each other thus the beginning of  another concept of  Malayan Colonisation of Sabah, Sarawak in the name of Power Sharing.

Barisan Nasional is a legally registered party which all the other parties belong too. There is no vote in BN as far as I know. The president and deputy president of UMNO automatically become the Chairman and deputy chairman of BN

United Borneo Front – Kingmaker or Bust?

I must  commend Jeffrey Kitingan for coming up with this grand idea/plan to finally thwart the ruling Umno. If everything falls into place, it will work.  Yes, I’m saying Umno, because BN=Umno and Umno=BN .

Let us not pretend otherwise as all the other 14 component parties are just mere appendages of Umno.  This brilliant idea can only of course work if Jeffrey’s war cry of ‘Unity is Duty’ is heeded by both Sabahans and Sarawakians alike.

In order to achieve this lofty goal many factors will have to be over come  by Jeffrey’s  group or party. In addition, many more  factors must work in Jeffrey’s favour for the aspiration  to come to fruitation.

With so many political parties and individuals trying their luck in this political jackpot, it suffice that as many ‘problems’ will arise.

The easier part will be to win substantial number of seats to render Umno-BN unable to form the government by itself.

The harder  part will be to keep the coalition together.  If the opposition were successful, will it be 2008 all over again or in Sabah’s case , 1994 rewind?

Umno has all the money  (rakyat’s to be sure) to buy any  politician.  What can this loose amalgamation of people/political parties with different concept  of ‘winning’ do to ensure that  this  ‘pakatan’  does not fall apart?

Your guess is as good as mine. What about making everyone in the opposition seeking to topple Umno/ BN come up with a written pledge to the rakyat that they will not be bought over by Umno if they win?  It might get a couple more votes.

Meanwhile , best of luck Sabahans and Sarawakians!

Please read below article written by Raja Petra Kamarudin on 13th February 2011. I believe this should be a WAKE UP CALL for us Sabahans, Sarawakians :

The Key to Putrajaya

By Raja Petra Kamarudin

PETALING JAYA: For a long time now, since 1963, Sabah and Sarawak have held the ‘key’ to Putrajaya. He who ‘holds’ Sabah and Sarawak, therefore, possesses this key.

This is mainly because Peninsular or West Malaysia controls only 74% or 165 of the 222 Parliament seats. The balance 26% or 57 Parliament seats are in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan.

And that was why Umno decided to go into Sabah in 1990 and aspire to also go into Sarawak if they could — but can’t as long as Chief Minister Taib Mahmud is still alive (which means they would probably do so once Taib is no longer around as Chief Minister).

The March 2008 general election proved this point very clearly. The 165 Parliament seats in Peninsular Malaysia were split almost 50:50 with 80 plus seats going to Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat each. It is because Barisan Nasional managed to win almost all the seats in East Malaysia that it got to form the federal government, yet again.

East Malaysia has always been treated as Barisan Nasional’s ‘fixed deposit’ or ticket to Putrajaya. Barisan Nasional does not deny this and, in fact, openly admitted that this is so. At least Barisan Nasional is honest about what ‘role’ Sabah and Sarawak are playing in the whole scheme of things — the role of ‘kingmaker’.

So what does that say about the importance of East Malaysia? By Barisan Nasional’s own admission, East Malaysia is the route to federal power. And East Malaysia is being treated as a means to ensure that Barisan Nasional gets to retain power.

This may not have been too apparent in the past. But the result of the March 2008 general election amplified this point and made it even clearer that no one gets to form the federal government, whether it is Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat, unless they first figure out how to win (or retain) power in Sabah and Sarawak.

Sabahans and Sarawakians have finally woken up to this fact — not that many did not know this earlier. And those who may not have realised this earlier now do. You do not get to form the federal government without the support of East Malaysia. That is the simple and extremely clear fact.

The question now would be are Sabahans and Sarawakians prepared to continue to allow East Malaysia to be used as a mere stepping-stone to Putrajaya? Are they prepared to continue to be tools of federal or Kuala Lumpur-based political parties in their quest for power? Or do they now want to become equal partners in a political alliance that rules Malaysia as equal partners?

For too long Sabah and Sarawak have been treated as mere colonies. No doubt Sabah and Sarawak got their independence from Britain and in the same breath became part of Malaysia back in 1963 — and with this they ceased to be colonies of England. But did Sabah and Sarawak really shed their colony status or did they merely exchange one colonial master for another? Did they, as I have written many times before, get rid of the white colonial masters and merely swapped them with brown colonial masters?

Swapping one master for another

One misconception that must be corrected is that Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore did not ‘join’ Malaysia. Malaysia did not exist before 1963 so what was there to join? What really happened was that Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore agreed to team up with the Federation of Malaya as equal partners to form Malaysia.

What this means, therefore, is that Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore were equal to Malaya, which at that time comprised of 11 states. Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore were not equal to Selangor, Perak, Penang, Johor, Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah, Perlis, Pahang, etc. However, today, Sabah and Sarawak are being treated as just two more states in a Malaysia made up of 13 states.

And that was what Singapore could not accept, which resulted in Singapore eventually leaving Malaysia to become an independent republic. Singapore realised that it was not really getting independence after all. It was just swapping one colonial master for another. It was being downgraded from an equal partner to Malaya to just another of the 14 states of Malaysia, equal in status to one of the original 11 states of pre-Malaysia.

Sabah and Sarawak did not follow Singapore’s move of leaving Malaysia. That was because the leaders of Sabah and Sarawak, unlike the Singapore leaders, were compromised. And those who refused to be compromised were ousted or died mysterious deaths. Basically, the federal government had the Sabah and Sarawak leaders in its pocket. And these compromised leaders allowed the ‘backdoor’ re-colonisation of Sabah and Sarawak.

Sabah and Sarawak not only teamed up with Malaya to form Malaysia as equal partners but also on the basis of the 20-Point and 18-Point Agreements respectively. However, once the early leaders of Sabah and Sarawak were compromised, the 20-Point and 18-Point Agreements were pushed into the background and conveniently forgotten.

We need to look at these two Agreements again. And we need to not only look at them but also explore how the spirit of these Agreements can be restored. Whoever wants to form the next federal government must give Sabah and Sarawak a firm commitment that the 20-Point and 18-Point Agreements will be honoured.

Thus far there is no indication that both sides of the political divide place much importance in this matter.Fundamental to these agreements is to allow Sabahans and Sarawakian what I would call self-determination, for want of a better phase.

This may not tantamount to autonomy seeing that national defence, internal security, foreign policy, and so on, are federal policies and outside the jurisdiction of the states. Nevertheless, there are still many areas not within the ambit of the federal government, which are state matters, but which the states are not being allowed to manage or decide on their own.

Self-determination needed

The Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) is of the view that the entire relationship between the federal government and East Malaysia needs to be reviewed. Things are not happening the way it was intended when Malaysia was first created. There is no so-called partnership between Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak.

What we have instead is a federalisation policy where Sabah and Sarawak are just two of 13 states that come under the domination of the federal government.

To demonstrate that the national or Kuala Lumpur-based political parties are sincere and genuine about ‘de-federalisation’ (again, for want of a better phase) they must first end their policy of the domination of East Malaysian politics. They must allow Sabah- and Sarawak-based political parties to chart their own direction and determine their own future.

The 20-Point and 18-Point Agreements must be the basis of the relationship between Kuala Lumpur and East Malaysia.

MCLM would like to see the national or Kuala Lumpur-based parties releasing their stranglehold on East Malaysian politics. Let the Sabah- and Sarawak-based parties contest the state and general elections.

National or Kuala Lumpur-based parties should form alliances or have electoral pacts with these Sabah- and Sarawak-based parties and assist them in whatever way required. National or Kuala Lumpur-based parties should not instead contest seats in Sabah and Sarawak and engage East Malaysia in three- or more-corner fights.

There may still be three- or more-corner fights in Sabah and Sarawak. In any election this can’t be avoided and is perfectly legal and constitutional. But let it not be the national or Kuala Lumpur-based parties that trigger these multi-corner fights.

Let it be known that the national or Kuala Lumpur-based parties will ensure that they will not be the culprits in multi-corner fights but would instead help the Sabah- and Sarawak-based parties in their attempt to deny Barisan Nasional the states.

MCLM supports the idea of a United Borneo Front comprising of Sabah- and Sarawak-based political parties. MCLM also supports the move to restore the letter and the spirit of the 20-Point and 18-Point Agreements.

MCLM will work towards ensuring that Sabah and Sarawak are allowed self determination so that they can chart their own direction and determine their own future with the help of the other opposition parties in Pakatan Rakyat.

October 30, 2011

What does Auditor General Report says about Pakatan Rakyat controlled states

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WELL DONE PR, dan Selamat Meneruskan Tugas!

What AG’s report says on Selangor:
Overall, the Selangor state government received a ‘satisfactory’ rating from the Auditor General for its financial position ending 2010. “The operating expenditure has also decreased by RM382.56 million or (20.9 percent) to RM1,447.26 million in 2010 compared to RM1,829.82 million in 2009,” reads the AG’s report. (for details:http://en.harakahdaily.net/index.php/berita-utama/3729-what-ags-report-says-on-selangor.html)

What AG’s report says on Penang:
The Penang state government continues to be in the good books of the Auditor General, who commended its improved financial position in 2010 compared to 2009. According to the latest AG report, Penang’s consolidated revenue grew by 2.7 percent, from RM1,101.89 million for 2009 to RM1,131.17 million in 2010. The consolidated cash reserve rose by 6.2 percent to RM572.49 million, up from RM538.95 million in 2009. “The state’s revenue for 2010 has increased by RM34.19 million or 9.1 percent compared to 2009 from RM376.51 million to RM410.70 million,” observes the report. (for details:http://en.harakahdaily.net/index.php/berita-utama/3726-what-ags-report-says-on-penang.html)

What AG’s report says on Kedah:
The Kedah state government achieved a 135.8 percent increase in state revenue with a record surplus budget for 2010 at RM22.50 million, compared to deficit of RM62.89 million in 2009, says the latest Auditor General’s report on the state. “State expenditure meanwhile only rose by RM2.55 million or 0.6 percent. This led to a surplus for the state government in 2010,” it said. (for details:http://en.harakahdaily.net/index.php/berita-utama/3727-what-ags-report-says-on-kedah.html)

What AG’s report says on Kelantan:
The Auditor General has rated the Kelantan state government’s financial position in 2010 as satisfactory. The state saw a revenue increase of RM51.07 million or 52.5 percent, from RM97.23 million in 2009 to RM148.30 million in 2010. “Analysis of 5 years into the consolidated revenue from 2006 to 2010 shows a dip in 2007 and 2008 and then increase in 2009 and 2010. Cash reserves and investment rose in 2010, with the balance of RM97.23 million in 2009 increasing to RM148.30 million in 2010,” reads the AG’s report released yesterday. (for details:http://en.harakahdaily.net/index.php/berita-utama/3728-what-ags-report-says-on-kelantan.html)

Note: Laporan ketua Audit Negara PDF (http://www.audit.gov.my/images/stories/pdf/laporan_kan/2010/FEDERAL/master%20-%20lkan%202010%20aktiviti%20kementerian%20jabatan.pdf)

October 28, 2011

Penang gets AG’s thumbs-up

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An excerpt taken from Free Malaysia Today

1.“The audit analysis found that consolidated funds of 2010 had improved compared to previous years and is at the highest level compared to the previous five years,” says the report.

2.It says the revenue collected increased by 9.1% from RM376.51million in 2009 to RM410.70 million in 2010. Consolidated revenue increased by 6.2%.
The state debt to the federal government as of 2010 is RM687.79 million, which is a 0.6% increase from the 2009 debt.

3.According to the report, this was due to loans from the federal government to fund the widening of the Mengkuang dam to improve water supply and the building of the Batu Kawan indoor arcade and seafood centre.

4.The state’s assets, consisting of cash and investments, have increased to RM1.13 billion from RM1.10 billion.

5.On development under the Ninth Malaysia Plan, the AG rates the state’s performance as satisfactory. It has spent 77.8% of the allocated RM1.01 billion.
In the implementation of projects, the report hails the state’s performance as “very good”, with 99% of the 9,003 projects successfully carried out.Read more here 

Read also Auditor general’s report highlights Penang’s financial prudence

Ps: Wahh!! Kudos to Lim Guan Eng!! Erk!! PR controlled state isnt it? 🙂








August 16, 2011

Kantoi! Warga asing dikehendaki bersumpah menyokong BN

SATU persatu tembelang United Malays No Otak untuk menang pilihanraya terbongkar, kali ini mereka berselindung di sebalik program pemutihan warga asing.

Inilah jawapan kepada persoalan mengapa mereka begitu bersungguh-sungguh melakukan program pemutihan ini.

Wanita KEADILAN berjaya menyelinap masuk ke dalam program pemutihan ini dan mendapati bahawa pendatang asing dikehendaki bersumpah menyokong Umno dan BN sebagai salah satu daripada syarat proses pemutihan

Apa kejadah warga asing yang datang secara haram dikehendaki bersumpah untuk menyokong Umno dan Barisan Nasional? Apa kaitan program pemutihan dan sokongan kepada United Malays No Otak?

Ini namanya jual negara! Tapi kalau tanya kepada Kesatuan Melayu-Melayu tak ada otak (United Malays No Otak) ini yang dipanggil menyahut seruan kepala taik United Malays No Otak iaitu “defend Putrajaya at all cost!”

source: http://milosuam.blogspot.com/2​011/08/kantoi-warga-asing-dike​hendaki.html#ixzz1VCV7T7C2

August 15, 2011

Di Semenanjung BN hanya ada saki baki UMNO – Komponen lain akan hanyut

Taken from Aspan Alias


Di Semenanjung BN hanya ada saki baki UMNO – Komponen lain akan hanyut.

Kita sedikit sebanyak boleh membuat ‘prediction’ awal tentang apa yang akan berlaku di Semenanjung dalam pilihanraya nanti. Dalam pilihanraya yang lepas di Semenanjung BN telah memenangi hanya 80 kerusi termasuk kerusi yang di menangi oleh calun bebas yang menggunakan symbol PAS, iaitu Ibrahim Ali.

Dalam kumpulan 80 calon BN yang menang ini adalah 15 yang dimenangi oleh MCA, 1 oleh Gerakan dan 2 lagi oleh MIC. Lain-lain perkataan UMNO Semenanjung hanya memenangi 62 kerusi dan menjadi 70 kerusi jika di campurkan dengan kerusi-kerusi UMNO/BN yang dimenangi di Sabah.

Jika UMNO mampu mempertahankan semua kerusi yang dipertandingkan di Semenanjung ia bermakna UMNO hanya mempunyai 62 kerusi selain dari tambahan sebanyak 8 kerusi di Sabah (jika menang). Jika MCA tewas di 11 kerusi di Semenanjung seperti yang di telah di ramal oleh banyak pihak maka BN di Semenanjung hanya memenangi 67 kerusi kesemuanya. Justru BN terpaksa menjadikan Sabah dan Sarawak sebagai tumpuan untuk mencukupi kerusi bagi membentuk kerajaan dengan majoriti mudah 112 kerusi.

Jika di dasarkan kepada kemenangan BN sebanyak 67 kerusi di Semenanjung maka BN harus mencari 55 kemenangan kerusi di Sabah dan Sarawak untuk mendapatkan kemenangan mudah di Parlimen. Tetapi di Sabah dan Sarawak jumlah kesemua kerusi Parlimen ialah, 26 di Sarawak dan 25 di Sabah dan jumlah kesemuanya di kedua-dua negeri Malaysia Timor ini hanyalah 51 kerusi.

Jika BN memenangi kesemua kerusi di kedua buah negeri ini pun ianya tidak akan dapat mencapai matlamat untuk menubuhkan kerajaan mudah di Persekutuan. Persoalannya sekarang ialah mampukah BN memenangi kesemua 56 kerusi Parlimen di Sabah dan Sarawak sedangkan DAP sedang mengembangkan pengaruhnya di Sarawak terutamanya di Kawasan-kawasan Bumiputra Sarawak.

DAP mempunyai ‘advantage’ besar kerana parti itu adalah parti multi-racial yang boleh dianggotai oleh mana-mana suku kaum pun termasuk Iban, Dayak dan lain-lain. Dalam pilihanraya negeri Sarawak baru-baru ini kita telah melihat kemenangan DAP di 12 kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri di kawasan-kawasan bandar di sana.

Banyak pihak berpendapat yang BN akan kehilangan 8 kerusi Parlimen di Sarawak dan 7 kerusi Parlimen da Sabah. Maka kedua-dua buah negeri ini BN hanya mampu memenangi 41 kerusi dari 56 kesemuanya.

Jika 67 kemenangan BN di Semenanjung (termasuk MCA) di campurkan dengan 41 kerusi di Sabah dan Sarawak, maka BN akan hanya memenangi 108 kerusi keseluruhannya dan kita tidak nampak bagaimana BN boleh diyakini akan mampu menubuhkan kerajaan walaupun dengan ‘simple majority’.

Di dalam perkiraan apa sekali pun kita mesti meletakan angka untuk kontijensi. 67 kerusi yang ditelah akan di menangi oleh BN itu harus mempunyai peratusan kontijensinya. Kita tidak tahu lagi apa yang berlaku kepada BN di dalam percaturan pemilihan calun Parlimen ini.

Dalam perkiraan tadi kita tidak masukan kemungkinan Pasir Mas yang akan kembali kepada PAS yang sekarang di sandang oleh Ibrahim Ali. Ibrahim Ali telah memenangi kerusi itu di atas symbol PAS kerana jika Ibrahim Ali bertanding di atas tiket bebas sejarah telah membuktikan yang Ibrahim telah hilang wang pertaruhannya dalam pilihan raya 2004 dahulu. Pasir Mas dikatakan akan jatuh semula ketangan PAS.

Ramai di dalam UMNO menyatakan yang Tengku Razaleigh akan tidak di turunkan oleh UMNO kali ini sebagai calon. Jika berita ini benar maka Gua Musang juga akan jatuh ketangan PAS. Jika Pasir Mas dan Gua Musang jatuh ketangan PAS maka Jeli juga akan jatuh justru BN tidak akan mendapat apa-apa kemenangan di Kelantan.

Jika ini berlaku maka angka 67 kemenangan BN di Semenanjung tadi akan jatuh kepada 64 sahaja. Saya berkesempatan untuk berbincang dengan pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO di Terengganu akhir-akhir ini. Saya di beritahu oleh mereka yang UMNO di negeri Terengganu tidak akan mampu memenangi di sekurang-kurangnya 3 kerusi Parlimennya kerana pergolakan besar di dalam UMNO di negeri itu Jika berita ini benar maka bilangan kerusi BN di Semenanjung akan turun lagi kepada 61 kerusi sahaja.

Angka kemenangan BN sebanyak 61 kerusi ini belum lagi mangambil kira kerusi-kerusi BN yang dijangka dengan jelas akan menghadapi kekalahan. Satu-satunya kerusi yang dimenangi MCA di Selangor iaitu Ampang yang sekarang di sandang oleh Ong Tee Kiat akan menjadi milik DAP atau mana-mana parti PR.

Di jangkakan kerusi BN Raub akan tumbang juga dengan berbagai-bagai isu peribadi Ng Yen Yen dan di Johor sahaja BN dikatakan akan kehilangan sebanyak 3 lagi kerusi Parlimen. Jika di tolak 5 lagi kerusi ini dari 61 untuk BN tadi maka BN di Semenanjung akan hanya memenangi 56 kerusi kesemuanya.

Jika 56 kerusi di Semenanjung ini di campurkan dengan 41 kerusi di Sabah dan Sarawak maka angka kemenangan BN keseluruhannya akan berlegar di angka 97 kerusi sahaja. Sejak beberapa bulan yang lepas ada pihak yang sentiasa memberitahu saya yang BN akan memenangi lebih sedikit dari 90 kerusi.

Semasa itu saya tidak dapat mempercayainya kerana tidak diberitahu angka itu secara saintifik. Tetapi apabila perkiraan ini dilakukan maka saya sudah nampak lojiknya bagaimana 97 kerusi itu hampir menjadi kenyataan. Yang penting yang mesti diketahui ramai ialah di Semenanjung BN itu hanyalah UMNO kerana parti-parti komponennya akan pupus dalam politik negara selepas pilihanraya yang akan datang.

Nazri Aziz telah menafikan yang beliau melamar DAP untuk bersama BN tetapi sebenarnya beliau benar-benar membuat tawaran tersebut. DAP telah menolak lamaran itu kerana tawaran itu hanyalah sebagai tindakan desperate satu parti yang telah lemas dengan kuasa serta telah hilang segala hidayahnya.

Oleh kerana itu jika kita dasarkan kepada hukum akal kita jelas BN akan tewas di dalam pilihanraya yang akan datang. Hanya perkiraan Tuhan sahaja yang akan mengubah apa yang telah di kira tadi. Perkiraan yang ditulis ini hanya perkiraan manusia yang serba serbi lemah ini dengan tambahan sedikit dengan ‘intuition’ yang ada pada diri saya. Masalahnya ‘intuition’ saya selama ini banyak juga yang menjadi kenyataan.

Kepada sesiapa dan pihak yang tidak suka kepada ‘intuition’ yang ada pada diri saya ini supaya berdoa agar kali ini apa yang saya rasakan itu adalah salah. Semua pihak hanya perlu berdoa sahaja sekarang ini agar yang maha menghakimi akan membuat penentuan. Setakat ini itu semua hanyalah perancangan manusia sahaja.

Hanya DIA sahaja akan menentukan segala-galanya.

August 10, 2011

Negeri2 Pakatan Rakyat Hari Ini Mengumumkan Bonus Kepada Kakitangan Awamnya

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Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng mengumumkan bahawa pentadbirannya akan memberi bonus setengah bulan atau minimum RM600 kepada kakitangan kerajaan negeri. Kadar minimum itu tambahan RM100 berbanding minimum RM500 diumumkan kerajaan pusat. Guru KAFA pula akan menerima RM300.

Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim turut mengumumkan kerajaan negeri itu akan mengikut langkah kerajaan Persekutuan untuk memberi bonus setengah bulan gaji dengan bayaran minimum RM500 kepada kakitangannya pada tahun ini.

Kerajaan negeri Kelantan pula akan turut membayar bonus setengah bulan gaji kepada 6000 penjawat awamnya serta bayaran khas RM500 untuk para pesara, Kata EXCOnya Dato Husam Musa.

Manakala Kerajaan Negeri Kedah dijangka akan mengumumkan pemberian Bonus kepada kakitangannya dalam waktu terdekat

Persaingan yang sihat, Rakyat yang mendapat beruntung. Bayangkan jika di Malaysia kita tidak mempunyai gabungan Pembangkang yang Kuat dan Mantap, adakah KERAjaan BN akan mengambil langkah yang sama dengan memberikan Bonus kepada Kakitangan Kerajaan? Perlu di ingat kan bahawa sudah 2 tahun berturut2 kakitangan Kerajaan (Persekutuan) tidak mendapat Bonus

July 6, 2011

AMK Sarawak condemn the arrest of Zulhaidah Suboh as Unconstitutional and a Violation of Human Rights

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Zulhaidah look weak,pale and tired this morning

Scene outside the court room this morning

Group of supporters with lawyers

Taken from Free Malaysia Today

Bersih t-shirt: PKR S’wak woman leader held

Joseph Tawie July 5, 2011

KUCHING: A Sarawak PKR woman leader has been arrested by the police for allegedly wearing a yellow Bersih T-shirt.

Confirming the arrest, PKR Youth publicity chief Lesley Kalom said Zulhaidah Suboh is believed to be the first Sarawakian to be arrested in relation to the Bersih rally which is calling for electoral reforms.

Kalom said Zulhaida was first questioned at the Kuching International Airport early yesterday. She was on her way to Miri.

The police however allowed her to catch her flight to Miri.

She arrived in Miri at about 1.30pm, where a team of policemen continued questioning her at the airport police station.

“They later took her to the Miri Central police station for further interrogation,” Kalom said.Read more here

 1.She has appeared by the Magistrate Court Miri on 6th of July for the Case hearing and her remand being extended for another 3 days and were summoned to appear once again at Miri Magistrate Court on the 8th of July

  2.The 1966 Societies Act gives the Home Minister broad powers to declare an organization illegal. It also requires that all organizations register with the authorities, which subordinates freedom of association to Government consent. This infringes the right to Freedom of Association, enshrined in Article 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and also Article 10 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia

 3.Under Section 47 of the Societies Act 1966, any person who prints, publishes, displays, sells or exposes for sale, or transmits through the post or who, without lawful authority or excuse, has in his possession any placard, newspaper, book, circular, pictorial representation or any other document or writing whatsoever or which is issued or appears to be issued by or on behalf of or in the interests of an unlawful society shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable, on conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years or to a fine not exceeding RM5,000 or both

 4.Bersih 2.0 has been declared illegal by the Home Ministry effective July 1 for causing “an atmosphere of unrest,” a week before its planned July 9 rally and he gave three reasons for the banning of the movement, adding it was an unregistered group despite fulfilling all criteria to form an organisation under the Societies Act 1966. But why should Bersih seek registration when it is only a coalition of 60+ NGOs that are already registered? And would ROS accept Bersih’s application if it were to apply?

 5.Bersih’s yellow T-shirt has also been declared illegal by the Home Minister. Isn’t that an infringement on our civil rights to wear what we please? What if people choose to wear yellow T-shirts that say ‘We want CLEAN and FAIR elections’ or ‘We reject DIRTY elections’? Would they be arrested too?

 6. Bersih has listed their eight demands as the reason for their 9 July rally as listed below :

1. Clean the electoral roll

2. Reform postal ballot

3. Use of indelible ink

4. Minimum 21 days campaign period

5. Free and fair access to media

6. Strengthen public institutions

7. Stop corruption

8. Stop dirty politics

What started off as a rally for clean elections has now morphed into a civil rights movement that is gaining momentum.The harder the crackdown, the louder the cry for democratic reforms. It is not the rakyat but the government and their use of strong-arm tactics that is giving the country a negative image.

Leslley Kalom,

PKR Sarawak Youth Publicity Chief

May 1, 2011

Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak Shadow Cabinet

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The following is the full Shadow Cabinet

State Opposition Leader: Wong Ho Leng, also holding Natural Resources & Good Governance portfolio

Land Development & NCR Affairs: Baru Bian

Finance: Chong Chieng Jen

Local Government: Ling Sie Kong

Tourism, Heritage & Environment: See Chee How

Rural Development: Chiew Chin Sing

Industrial Development: Yap Hoi Liong

Public Health: Dr. Wong Hua She

Social Development & Women’s Affairs: Violet Yong Wui Wui

Public Utilities: Wong King Wei

Infrastructure Development & Communications: Chiew Wang See

Agriculture: Ting Tze Fui

Housing & Urban Development: Fong Pau Teck

Consumer Affairs: David Wong Kee Woan

Religious Affairs & National Unity: Ali Biju and Hj Adam

The convention of shadow cabinet is based on the Westminster Model in UK Parliament.The Opposition members in their Parliament (House of Commons),form a shadow cabinet to police the ruling government cabinet and only elected members can form the shadow cabinet.However in our case Sarawak,since we only have 16 assemblyman including 1 Independent,concensus has been reached that each party can nominate 3 party members to join the cabinet

April 10, 2011


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DUN Tasik Biru

Walkabout di Pekan Bau

YB Nurul Izzah


DUN Saribas

Ceramah Kelompok di Kpg Bungin

YAB Tan Sri Khalid


DUN Tupong

Walkabout di Pasar Matang Jaya

YB Azmin Ali


DUN Tasik Biru

Ceramah Kelompok di Gerai Mas, Bau

YB Azmin Ali


DUN Opar

Ceramah Kelompok di Kpg Stenggang, Lundu

YB Nurul Izzah


Sidang akhbar di Hotel Grand Continental, Kuching

Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim


DUN Bengoh

Ceramah di Kpg Bratan, Bengoh

YB Azmin Ali


DUN Bengoh

Ceramah di Kpg Bratan, Bengoh

YB Nurul Izzah


DUN Asajaya

Ceramah di Kpg Asajaya Tengah, Asajaya

Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim


DUN Kedup

Ceramah di Rh. Panjang, Benuk

YB Nurul Izzah


DUN Padungan (DAP)

Travillion Square, Padungan

Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim


DUN Kedup

Ceramah Kelompok di Bunan Gega

YB Nurul Izzah


DUN Pantai Damai

Ceramah Umum di Kpg Boyan, Petra Jaya

YB Nurul Izzah


DUN Samariang

Ceramah Umum Lorong 14, Kpg Samariang Batu

Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim


DUN Pantai Damai

Ceramah Umum di Kpg Boyan, Petra Jaya

YB Azmin Ali


DUN Pantai Damai

Ceramah Umum di Kpg Boyan, Petra Jaya

Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim


DUN Satok

Benteng (Open Air Market), Satok

YB Azmin Ali

April 9, 2011


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WE UPHOLD the sovereignty of people’s power, “KETUANAN RAKYAT”.

WE ACKNOWLEDGE that Sarawak is rich in natural resources, has the largest land mass, yet her people are amongst the poorest in Malaysia.

WE RECOGNISE MANY ARE SUFFERING with low pay, poor employment opportunities and live in an unfair business environment which is monopolized by a select few. Prices of essential goods like petrol, sugar, flour, rice and transport are rising. Our lives are getting more difficult. We suffer!

BUT, the Barisan Nasional leaders and their families are getting richer and richer by exploiting the ordinary Sarawakians. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

The time has come to vote in a Pakatan Rakyat Government. For this reason, WE, PAKATAN RAKYAT SARAWAK, PLEDGE TO IMPLEMENT the following people-centred policies for Sarawak.


WE GUARANTEE FREEDOM OF RELIGION as enshrined in the Federal Constitution without any form of hindrance and make no discrimination in assistance and allocations to a particular belief or religion and in the process maintain the status of Sarawak as a secular State.


WE PROMISE GOOD GOVERNANCE premised on proven international principles of Competency, Accountability and Transparency (CAT), which will create and promote a clean administration of the State’s welfare, equal business opportunities, and bring back national pride, patriotism and self esteem in the public sector.

WE PLEDGE A FAIR DISTRIBUTION of the State’s wealth and riches, endeavoring to end the practice of favoritism, corruption, cronyism and nepotism.

WE PROMISE TO SET UP AN INDEPENDENT COMMISSION OF INQUIRY to investigate the allegations of ill-gotten wealth of BN politicians and their cronies, to ensure the due process of law and prosecution and to return the wealth to the people of Sarawak.

WE PROMISE to establish an Ombudsman to receive complaints from the public against corruption and power abuse by Government Ministers and heads of departments.

WE PLEDGE TO RESTORE local government elections for all local authorities including the adat ruai and/or custom of choosing the Village Leaders or Ketua Masyarakat in order to return power to the people at all levels.


We promise:

(a) all expiring leases will be unconditionally renewed for 99 years;
(b) all s.47 notifications will automatically lapse after 2 years of gazettal;
(c) all in perpetuity land titles and 999-year leases will remain when land is approved for development;
(d) land alienation will be carried out through open tenders; and
(e) a Native Land Commission shall be formed having the power to investigate all Native Customary Rights land claims, and thereafter to survey and issue grant or leases to such lands in accordance with the adat or customs of the natives of Sarawak.


WE PROMISE to set up a RM1billion State Poverty Alleviation Fund to ensure that no family in Sarawak lives below the official poverty line.

WE PLEDGE TO KICK-START THE RURAL ECONOMY by the construction of roads connecting all the rural areas of Sarawak that will quicken the provision and construction of public amenities including schools, kindergartens, medical services and telecommunications.

WE ENCOURAGE AND PROMOTE agricultural entrepreneurship, like small holdings through micro-financing to all farmers.


WE PLEDGE to maintain good federal state relations in line with the spirit of the Malaysian Agreement 1963, and to ensure that any marginalization, neglect and omission on the 18 Points be addressed immediately.

Confident that Pakatan Rakyat will take over the federal government WE GUARANTEE to increase the petroleum royalty from the present 5% to 20%.

WE BELIEVE that priority in employment opportunities in the State public service should be given to Sarawakians.


WE WILL ENSURE the observance and implementation of State and International laws and/or conventions on the environment for the benefit of future generations of Sarawakians.

WE WILL STOP the constructions of excess dams.

WE FORBID the construction of nuclear powered plants in Sarawak.


WE ARE COMMITTED to support stable economic growth, sustainable development and a fairer distribution of income and wealth based on hard work, competitiveness and technological innovation.

WE ENDEAVOUR to remain investor friendly, emphasizing long term investment in human capital by offering financial incentives to all industries to upgrade the technical skills of their employees as well as their production processes.

WE PROMISE the immediate registration of stateless Sarawakians and the unconditional granting of citizenship papers to all Malaysians of Sarawak origin.

WE PLEDGE a grant of RM200.00 for every child of Sarawak origin who begins Primary One education.

In appreciation of their contribution to the State, WE PROMISE to give all Sarawakians above 60 years of age who are residents in the State annual welfare assistance of RM600.00 and to set up community support systems within every local government authority for their continued well-being.


WE RESPECT the constitutional rights of all ethnic groups to learn their mother tongues and to treat all mother tongue education equally.

WE PLEDGE that all schools regardless of background will be given systematic allocations according to needs as is practised in Penang, Selangor and Kelantan so that our children can have a bright future.

WE EMPHASIZE that Science and Mathematics subjects in secondary schools must be taught in the English language.


WE GUARANTEE gender equality and will REVIEW all laws that are discriminatory against women.

WE PLEDGE to establish women’s aid centres to shelter women suffering from violence and child care services to reduce the financial and psychological burden of working mothers.

WE PLEDGE to set up more special schools for children with special needs.

WE WILL IMPLEMENT measures to employ those with disabilities and PROMISE incentives to employers who employ them.


WE PROMISE to tackle the flood problems in Sarawak in 2 years.

WE EMPHASIZE in long term investment in human capital and infrastructure to make Sarawak a great economy.

WIFI will be provided free to move Sarawak into a knowledge state.



KAMI MENGAKUI bahawa Sarawak kaya dengan sumber asli, dan mempunyai kawasan tanah terbesar tetapi rakyatnya adalah di kalangan termiskin di Malaysia.

KAMI MENGIKTIRAF BAHAWA RAMAI SEDANG MENDERITA dengan gaji rendah, kekurangan peluang pekerjaan dan hidup dalam suasana perniagaan yang tidak adil dan yang dimonopoli oleh beberapa individu tertentu. Harga barangan keperluan seperti petrol, gula, tepung, beras dan pengangkutan semakin meningkat. Kehidupan menjadi lebih sukar. Rakyat menderita!

TETAPI, pemimpin-pemimpin Kerajaan Barisan Nasional dan kaum kerabat mereka semakin kaya melalui eksploitasi rakyat marhaen Sarawak. CUKUP-CUKUPLAH!

Masa sudah sampai untuk mengundikan sebuah Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat. Untuk tujuan ini, KAMI, PAKATAN RAKYAT SARAWAK, BERIKRAR AKAN MELAKSANAKAN dasar-dasar berikut untuk Sarawak.


KAMI MENJAMINKAN KEBEBASAN BERAGAMA seperti termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan tanpa sebarang bentuk halangan dan tidak akan mendiskriminasikan dalam proses bantuan dan peruntukan bagi sesuatu kepercayaan atau agama, sekaligus mengekalkan status Sarawak sebagai sebuah negeri bersifat sekular.


KAMI JANJIKAN PENTADBIRAN YANG BAIK berdasarkan prinsip-prinsip antarabangsa Cekap, Akauntabel dan Telus (CAT), yang akan mewujudkan dan menggalakkan sesatu pentadbiran bersih berdasarkan kebajikan rakyat, peluang perniagaan yang saksama, dan mengembalikan kebanggaan terhadap negara, patriotisme dan harga diri di sektor awam.

KAMI JANJIKAN KEADILAN DALAM PENGAGIHAN pendapatan dan kekayaan negeri Sarawak dan menamatkan amalan pilih kasih, rasuah, kronisme dan nepotisme.

KAMI BERJANJI UNTUK MENUBUHKAN SEBUAH SURUHANJAYA PENYIASATAN BEBAS untuk menyiasat tuduhan-tuduhan kekayaan yang diperolehi secara haram ahli-ahli politik BN serta kroni-kroni mereka dan untuk mengembalikan kekayaan kepada rakyat Sarawak.

KAMI BERJANJI UNTUK MENUBUHKAN SEBUAH OMBUDSMAN untuk menerima aduan daripada orang awam untuk tujuan menentang rasuah dan penyalahgunaan kuasa oleh menteri-menteri kerajaan dan ketua-ketua jabatan.

KAMI BERIKRAK UNTUK MEMULIH KEMBALI pilihanraya untuk semua pihak berkuasa tempatan termasuk adat ruai dan / atau adat memilih Ketua Kampung atau Ketua Masyarakat supaya mengembalikan kuasa kepada rakyat pada semua peringkat.


(a) semua pajakan yang telah luput akan diperbaharui untuk 99 tahun tanpa
sebarang syarat;
(b) semua notifikasi s.47 akan lelap secara automatik selepas 2 tahun pewartaan;
(c) all in perpetuity land titles and 999-year leases will remain when land is approved for development;
(d) pemberi milikan tanah akan dijalankan melalui tender terbuka; dan
(e) Suruhanjaya Tanah Pusaka Bumiputra akan dibentuk untuk menyiasat semua tuntutan Tanah Hak Adat Bumiputra (NCR), dan selepas itu mengkaji selidik dan mengeluarkan geran atau pajakan bagi tanah yang dipersoalkan sejajar dengan adat kaum asli Sarawak.


KAMI BERJANJI untuk menubuhkan Dana Pembaskian Kemiskinan sebanyak RM1 Billion untuk memastikan bahawa tiada keluarga di Sarawak terpaksa hidup di bawah garis kemiskinan rasmi.

KAMI BERIKRAK UNTUK MENJANA EKONOMI LUAR BANDAR dengan pembinaan jalan raya menghubungkan kesemua kawasan luar bandar Sarawak yang akan mempercepatkan peruntukan dan pembinaan kemudahan awam termasuk sekolah, tadika, perkhidmatan perubatan dan telekomunikasi.

KAMI AKAN MENGGALAKKAN keusahawanan pertanian seperti pekebunan kecil melalui pembiayaan mikro bagi semua petani.


KAMI BERIKRAK untuk mengekalkan hubungan baik persekutuan-negeri sejajar dengan semangat Perjanjian Malaysia 1963, dan memastikan bahawa mana-mana marginalisasi, pengabaian dan pengenepian kepada 18 Perkara akan diberi perhatian dengan segera.

Kami yakin bahawa Pakatan Rakyat akan mengambil alih kerajaan pusat dan KAMI MENJAMIN akan meningkatkan royalti petroleum dari 5% kepada 20%.

KAMI PERCAYA bahawa peluang pekerjaan dalam perkhidmatan awam Sarawak harus mengutamakan rakyat Sarawak.


KAMI AKAN MEMASTIKAN pematuhan dan pelaksanaan undang-undang Negeri dan Antarabangsa dan/atau apa-apa konvensyen atau resam berkenaan dengan persekitaran untuk manfaat generasi masa depan.

KAMI AKAN MEMBERHENTIKAN pembinaan empangan yang berlebihan.

KAMI AKAN MELARANG sama sekali pembinaan loji nuklear di Sarawak.


KAMI BERKOMITED untuk menyokong pertumbuhan ekonomi yang stabil, pembangunan lestari dan satu agihan pendapatan yang lebih adil berdasarkan kerja keras, daya saing dan inovasi teknologi.

KAMI AKAN BERUSAHA untuk mengekalkan kemesraan dengan pelabur, menitikberatkan pelaburan jangka panjang dalam modal insan dengan menawarkan insentif kewangan bagi semua industri untuk meningkatkan kemahiran teknikal pekerja-pekerja mereka serta proses-proses pengeluaran mereka.

KAMI BERJANJI untuk mendaftarkan dengan segera mana-mana orang Sarawak yang tiada kerakyatan dan juga untuk memberikan dokumen kewarganegaraan kepada semua rakyat Malaysia yang berasal dari Sarawak.

KAMI BERIKRAR untuk menyumbang RM200.00 kepada setiap kanak-kanak asal Sarawak yang akan memulakan Darjah Satu.

Sebagai penghargaan sumbangan mereka kepada Negeri Sarawak, KAMI BERJANJI untuk memberi bantuan kebajikan tahunan sebanyak RM600.00 kepada semua warga emas Sarawak berusia 60 tahun ke atas dan untuk menubuhkan sistem sokongan masyarakat dalam setiap pihak berkuasa tempatan.


KAMI MENGHORMATI hak perlembagaan semua kumpulan etnik untuk mempelajari bahasa-bahasa- ibunda masing-masing dan berjanji akan berlaku adil dan saksama terhadap pendidikan bahasa ibunda.

KAMI BERIKRAR bahawa semua sekolah akan diberikan peruntukan sistematik menurut keperluan tanpa mengira latar belakang seperti yang diamalkan di Pulau Pinang, Selangor dan Kelantan, untuk menjamin masa depan anak anak kita.

Kami MENEKANKAN bahawa mata pelajaran sains dan matematik di sekolah menegah harus diajar menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris.


KAMI MENJAMIN kesaksamaan jantina dan akan mengkaji semula semua undang-undang yang mendiskriminasikan wanita.

KAMI BERIKRAR untuk mewujudkan pusat-pusat bantuan wanita demi melindungi mangsa-mangsa keganasan terhadap wanita dan perkhidmatan penjagaan kanak-kanak untuk mengurangkan beban psikologi ibu-ibu bekerja.

KAMI BERJANJI akan menubuhkan lebih banyak sekolah khusus untuk kanak-kanak berkeperluan khas.

KAMI MENGAMBIL segala usaha untuk mengupah mereka yang kurang upaya dan berjanji akan membagi insentif kepada majikan yang menggaji mereka.


KAM BERJANJI untuk menyelesaikan masalah banjir di Sarawak dalam jangka masa 2 tahun.

KAMI MENEKANKAN pelaburan jangka panjang dalam modal insan dan infrastruktur untuk menjadikan Sarawak sebuah ekonomi yang mantap.

INTERNET WIFI akan disediakan percuma untuk menjadikan Sarawak sebuah negeri berasaskan pengetahuan.


March 28, 2011

Saut tanya ngagai SNAP

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SNAP diatu ukai baka SNAP maia zaman niang Stephen Kalong Ningkan kelia.SNAP diatu semina kena BN mecah ke Undi Dayak alu nyadi Ulun BN!!!

1.Uji tanya ngagai Edwin Dundang,amat tauka enda 4 iku Ketuai ari SNAP udah di beri mata duit RM20,00 siku kena meli entuka  4wd?

2.Uji tanya ngagai Pemuda SNAP,amat tauka enda sida udah nerima mata duit RM200,00 ari siku Tukey Cina ari Malaya?

3.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP nama kebuah Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) ti betuaika Harris Ibrahim mutus ka semua kaul enggau sida iya?

4.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP nama kebuah Movement Of Change Sarawak (MOCS) ti betuaika Francis Siah mutus ka semua kaul enggau sida iya?

5.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP nama kebuah sida enda nyadi ngaga Training PACA(Polling Agent,Counting Agent) kena 9 aribulan March 2011 ti udah di atur alu di pesutuju ka sida enggau  MCLM di Miri tang nyentuk ka saritu alu bedau madah ka kebuah?

6.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP nama kebuah SNAP mansut ka nama calon sebedau di tapis dulu ulih MCLM laban SNAP sigi udah bejanji deka minta tulung MCLM napis calon sida iya ngambi ka semua calon sida iya nya calon ti berkualiti tauka berkaliber?

7.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP,amat tauka enda Paul Kadang bc nerima duit RM50K kena sida ngaga symposium di Miri,Sibu enggau di Kuching sarinya?

8.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP nama kebuah sida alu bedau meri nyaut saut tanya ari Francis Siah ti meri sida iya 48 jam sebedau iya mecah ke rahsia SNAP?

9.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP amat tauka enda bala calon sarinya di janji tauka udah di beri mata duit RM10K siku alu mayuh agi deka di beri tauka di janji lebuh maia pengawa bepilih ila?

10.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP amat tauka enda sida bisi ngaga sempekat enggau bala UMNO Malaya kena mechah ke Undi Dayak maia pengawa bepilih tu ila

11.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP,dini sida bulih duit kena bejalai ka pengawa Parti sida tu tang suba madah ke diri nadai duit?

12.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP nama kebuah bala Ketuai dalam SNAP enggai ngangkat talipaun ari Francis Siah tauka Radio Free Sarawak kenyau ari berita tu pansut sarinya?

13.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP nama kebuah sida selalu enda datai maia baum Pakatan Rakyat enggau bala Raban ari DAP,PAS enggau PKR senentang bebagi ka penuduk?

14.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP,amat tauka enda siku Ketuai sida kala nginjau duit ari Ketua Cabang PKR Miri suba kena bejalai ke pengawa SNAP tang nyentuk ka diatu alu bedau di bayar?

15.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP amat tauka enda sida udah bisi Election Machinery sereta mayuh sukung ari bala Dayak?

16.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP amat tauka enda sida iya suba semina minta sereta bersetuju enggau 3 iti seat ianya Marudi(Edwin Dundang),Bukit Saban(Darrel Walter) enggau Telang Usan(Kebing Wan) maia keterubah iya berunding ka penuduk enggau Baru Bian ari PKR suba?

17.Uji tanya ngagai bala SNAP nama jaku sida maia nya suba?

“Auk,enda ngawa,3 iti seat nya pan cukup meh laban kami SNAP ndai duit”

List of SNAP candidates

1. Edwin Dundang (Marudi) SNAP President,Former District Officer of Baram,Lost to Robert Lawson Chuat in Bukit Saban in 2006 Sarawak State Election

2. Kebing Wan (Telang Usan) SNAP Acting Deputy President,Lost to Lihan Jok 2006 Sarawak State Election

3. Augustine Liom (Machan) Ex Industrial Court Judge,Lawyer,Former Policy Director of PKR Sarawak,Former SNAP candidate in Sarawak State Election 2006 and lost to Joseph Mauh Ikeh in Tamin

4. Anthony Liman Sujang (Krian) Lawyer,Former Treasure General of PBDS

5. Dayrell Walter Entrie (Bukit Saban) SNAP Youth Chief,Lost to to Alfred Jabu Layar in 2006 Sarawak State Election

6. Stephen Sigar (Opar)

7. Frankie Jurem Nyumboi (Tasik Biru)

8. Richard Peter Munai (Bengoh) Former Personal Assistant of Dr Jerip Susil

9. Sylvester Belayong (Kedup) Lost to Ritchard Riot Jaem in Serian in 2008 Parliamentary Election

10. Abang Othman Abang Gom (Lingga) Former PKR candidate in Sarawak State Election 2006 and lost to Simoi Peri

11. Dan Giang (Balai Ringgin) Former campaign manager for Cobbold John in 2006 Sarawak state election

12. Joe Unggang (Layar) Former bank employee in Sri Aman

13. Tedong Gunda alias Jamal Abdullah (Pakan) SNAP member,associate himself with PKR with hope to contest in Pakan and now back to SNAP

14. George Lagong (Baleh) Half brother of Datuk Sng Chee Hua

15. John Bampa (Belaga) Former SNAP candidate in Sarawak State Election 2006 and lost in 3 corner fight with Liwan Lawang,Stanly Ajang Batok.Managed to secure only 912 votes

16. Johari Bujang (Lambir) Former District Officer of Miri

17. Simijie Janting (Engkilili)

18. Ateng Jeros (Tarat) Lawyer based in Kuching

19. Anthony Nais (Tebedu) Businessman

20. Ivanhoe Anthony Belon (Bukit Begunan) Businessman

21. Bakin Umpa (Meluan) Farmer

22. Alexius Douglas (Ngemah) Self Employed

23. Munan John Andrew (Tamin) Self Employed

24. Adang Jirau (Kakus) Farmer

25. Douglas Alau (Pelagus) Businessman,Ex Lecturer,former PBDS candidate in Sarawak State Election 1991,stand as Independent in 2001 but lost in both attempt to Gramong Juna in Machan

26. Toh Heng San (Katibas) Ex Assemblymen and SUPP Chairman for Engkilili

27. Rosnah Mohamad (Jepak) Businesswoman, Former exco of Angkatan Muda Keadilann (AMK) Sarawak

28. Lawrence Cosmas Sundang (Batu Danau) Government Pentioner

29.Thony Badak (Bekenu) Shell employee,SPDP member and Councilor in Miri

March 25, 2011

Why MCLM has severed ties with SNAP

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Taken From Peoples Parliament

I reproduce the press statement released at the MCLM press conference this morning.


On 16th February, 2011, MCLM announced the formation of a strategic alliance with the Sarawak National Party (SNAP), the objective being to lay the foundation of a concerted effort to, firstly, end the plight of the marginalized Sarawakians by ending Barisan Nasional and Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s 30-year reign of pillage in Sarawak in the soon-to be held state elections and, secondly, to establish a pro-rakyat federal government post the 13th General Election and begin the process of restoring the nation to the rakyat.

In late February, during a meeting with the SNAP leadership in Kuching, MCLM had, in keeping with its drive to improve the quality of candidates offered to oppose BN candidates in the state elections, as well as to empower citizens to be effective agents of change and reform, offered to assist SNAP in screening the prospective candidates of SNAP as well as organising polling agent/counting agent training for its members.

Whilst the SNAP leaders had, then, enthusiastically accepted this offer of help, leading us to arrange for the training to take place in Miri on 19th March, 2011, developments over the last two weeks have led us to the irresistible conclusion that there was little sincerity, if any, on the part of the SNAP leaders in ever wanting to achieve the stated objectives of the alliance as aforesaid.

Towards the end of the second week of March, without proffering any reasons, we were informed by SNAP that the training was cancelled until further notice.

Then, on 15th March, 2011, we received information that SNAP would, on the following day, be announcing the names of 16 candidates to contest in the state elections even though, until then, we had not been given the full details of any of those candidates to be screened.

On 16th March, 2011, SNAP did indeed announce the details of 16 candidates, none of whom, as far as we know, had been screened to ensure capability and integrity.

Intelligence reports from our operatives in Sarawak have confirmed our worst fears: many of the 16 candidates are regarded as high-risk, integrity-wise.

Over the last few days, we also received reports that the SNAP candidates and some of their ‘privileged’ leaders had suddenly come into significant funds that were being made available by operatives from Kuala Lumpur acting under the directions of BN.

On 22nd March, 2011, SNAP announced the names of another 11 candidates.

Again, information we have received of these latest candidates is not favourable.

It must be stressed here that the action by SNAP to renege on an arrangement to screen all potential candidates, and to now announce candidates of questionable integrity, without more, makes the continuation of the alliance quite untenable, as we have at all times made clear our insistence that only candidates of unquestionable integrity are to be offered to serve the rakyat in the state assemblies and Parliament.

On 23rd March, 2011, reports in the news portals Sarawak Report and Free Malaysia today confirmed the information that we had received last weekend that SNAP was receiving funding from Barisan Nasional and had entered into an alliance with BN to keep the latter in power in Sarawak.

We have since sought from the leaders of SNAP some cogent and convincing reasons for their actions, and a rebuttal of the most serious allegation that they are now working in concert with BN to undermine efforts to bring about a regime change in Sarawak but, regrettably, none has been forthcoming.

For these reasons, we are, with immediate, effect, severing our alliance with SNAP.

We also call on the people of Sarawak to exercise their vote wisely in the coming state elections and to reject the overtures of BN and its allies, both open and concealed.




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