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April 20, 2015

Adenan suprise?

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BN Surpise

Just wondering what would those suprise be, another rhetorics?

1. “We believe some of the motions are for the sake of publicity only. They insisted because it’s a political ploy by them.” Adenan said one of the motions was on calling him (Adenan) the ‘Prime Minister of Sarawak’ and changing the name of DUN to Parliament.

2. “Asfia said Pujut assemblyman Fong Pau Teck submitted three motions – the first asking for referendum for Sarawak, the second aimed to change the name of DUN to Parliament and the Chief Minister of Sarawak to Prime Minister of Sarawak, and the third to oppose the amendment of the Sedition Act and to repeal the Colonial Sedition Act.

*Come on YB Fong Pau Teck, I believe Pujut voters didnt votes for you to talk about those STUPID and ABSURD RHETORICS. Anyway, just enjoy it while you still can. Dont be a stooges for Lina Soo and co.

I know you’re being partyless for quite sometimes now after being expelled from DAP but you shouldnt mislead Sarawakians with those Rhetorics. What Referendum? Lets votes BN out first and only then we can talk about Referendum or whatever it is. Sigh!

I believe what YB Fong Pau Teck trying to suggest is to elevate Sarawak Council Negri to Parliament similar to Scotland Parliament. Something which totally IRRELEVANT as there is a lots more bread and butter issues which he should talk about. We all know this is just for the sake of public stunt and i agree with Adenan Satem, this is just STUPID.

3. The sixth motion on Hudud, Asfia said, would come from Ba’Kelalan assemblyman Baru Bian. The motion, which he said would be “very long”, seeks that there should be no implementation of Hudud law in Sarawak.

*Looking forward for it YB Baru Bian!

September 1, 2012

Shame on you Taib!

Taib oh Taib, what is the point of Sarawak having a current average per capita of RM39K but in actual fact, 80-90% of the wealth belongs to only 2-4% of the population which is your cronies and famly members? Shame on you!

Average per capita is just a another way to impress or fool people. Just take out those top 20 earners from the statistic and you will see a more realistic and actual economic condition. Shame on you!

Poor Sarawak! Despite its immense natural resources, it is going to take some time before it can join the ranks of Malaysia’s richest states. Shame on you!

You have been Chief Monster of Sarawak for the past 30 years and maybe 30 years more if you become a Zombie but 60 percent of Sarawakians still live in poverty? Shame on you!

33% of rural Sarawak has no electricity compared to 0.5% in Peninsular Malaysia and 41% has no clean water supply? Shame on you!

But yet, you shamelessly in the most arrogant manner said that Sarawak can be developed into a high-income state by 2015 and probably do not have to wait for 2020. Sarawak is already at the doorstep of (being) a developed state? Shame on you!

How is it possible that after nearly five decades of Malaysia and over four decades of the New Economic Policy (NEP), thousands of Sarawak’s poor continue to rely on rain and river water for their water supply? Shame on you!

How come significant groups of marginalised communities remain mired in crushing poverty, lacking access to the most basic of amenities even as your talks of fabulous incomes far beyond the wildest dreams of poor Sarawakians? Shame on you!

Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang was quoted during DUN sitting in 2011 saying that there were 55,975 poor households in Sarawak.

Their incomes, he said, were less than RM830 per month per household. He said 27, 902 (49%) households were considered to be hardcore poor, earning less than RM520 per month.

The Ibans comprised 13, 349 (47.8%), Malays 5,601 (20%), Orang Ulu 2,925 (10.5%), Bidayuh 2,757 (9.8%), Melanau 1,974 (7%) and Chinese 674 (2.4%).

We should view these figures with grave concern. The majority of the hardcore poor are the natives of Sarawak. Have a heart for these people. Shame on you!

What you had done to eradicate poverty in Sarawak? Shame on you!

After 49 years of BN rule, and 31 years under your rule Sarawak is the 4th poorest state in Malaysia? Shame on you Taib!

How long more will Sarawak’s poor have to wait before receiving clean and secure water supply? 2015? 2020? 2030? 2050? Shame on you!

How difficult is it to solve Sarawak’s water supply woes given the state’s huge annual budget? Why are communities not given secure access to clean piped water when there is no shortage of funds to build hugely expensive mega-dams like Bakun, Murum and Baram along with 50 more planned for the near-future? Shame on you!

What benefit is the poverty-eradicating NEP to the poor if the Sarawak BN cannot even get its act together to supply clean piped water to all poor communities in the state? What benefit is the poverty-eradicating NEP to the poor if both the federal and state governments cannot overcome poverty in Sarawak? Shame on you!

Overall economic growth and standards of living may have risen in Sarawak since the NEP was launched in 1970. Poverty rates, including hardcore poverty levels, reportedly have fallen. But the curse of poverty remains since Sarawak’s development has benefited its population very unequally. Shame on you!

Yet, despite progress, Economic Planning Unit (EPU) figures in 2011 put Sarawak among the bottom five states with the highest poverty and hardcore poverty rates in the country, along with Sabah, Perlis, Kedah and Kelantan. Shame on you!

EPU figures for 2011 note that in 2009, the poverty rates of the other four states were as follows:

Sabah (19.2 per cent)

Perlis (6.0 per cent)

Kedah (5.3 per cent)

Kelantan (4.8 per cent)

Hardcore poverty figures for the same states were:

Sabah (4.7 per cent)

Perlis (0.8 per cent)

Kedah (0.8 per cent)

Kelantan (1.0 per cent)

This would also explain why in 2006, resource-rich Sarawak was officially ranked a mere 11 out of 14 in the country’s overall development composite index.

In 2009, after nearly 40 years of the NEP, the EPU reported that 10.1 per cent of the total number of all households earning less RM2300/month in Malaysia (the bottom 40 per cent distribution of poor households by income class in the country) were in Sarawak! Shame on you!

From these figures, we can surmise that about 242,400 poor households in Sarawak were earning less than RM2300/month in 2009; most of whom only earned an average of RM1400/month

EPU figures for 2010 indicate that the bottom 40 per cent of all households in Malaysia had a total household income level of less than RM2300 per month.

There were a total of 2.4 million households in this category. The mean monthly income of the bottom 40 per cent households in 2009 was RM1440.

But ironically, Chief Monster Abdul Taib Mahmud and his extended family are valued in the billions (yes, billions!) of US dollars, owning real estate, properties and over 400 companies all over the world.

Deputy CM Alfred Jabu and family are millionaires a few times over.  So too former DCM George Chan. As are senior state ministers like James Masing, William Mawan, Adenan Satem, Awang Tengah, Abang Johari, Michael Manyin and Wong Soon Koh. Mind you, many of them come from very humble backgrounds before making it big in political life!

Ps : I better stop here and thats all for now

March 6, 2012

Shame on you Mong Dagang!!! (Updated)

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Mong: Hentikan bantuan OKU pembangkang adalah betul

Menteri Muda Pertanian Sarawak Datuk Mong Dagang mempertahankan tindakannya mengarahkan Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat bagi menghentikan bantuan kebajikan kepada pekebun kurang upaya, Frusis Lebi.

Mong juga berkata tindakannya meminta Jabatan Pertanian Sri Aman untuk tidak lagi memberi baja percuma dan benih pokok kepada pekebun yang cacat itu sebagai betul.

Beliau ketika dihubungi akhbar harian Inggeris The Sun semalam berkata sebagai seorang pemimpin yang prinsip, tidak akan menarik balik apa yang diarahkannya itu.

“Kita tidak boleh terus memberi bantuan kebajikan dan subsidi kerana beliau adalah seorang penyokong pembangkang yang tegar.

“Bantuan kebajikan harus diberikan kepada orang cacat yang lebih layak,” katanya dipetik akhbar itu. Read more here http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/191188

Masing : Jangan lawan towkay

Kuching : PRS President Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing has come to the aid of his besieged Vice President Datuk Mong Dagang, who is alleged to have cancelled a welfare assistance and government subsidies to a pro opposition but physically challenged (OKU) farmer, by saying “ Following a rule of life- Jangan Lawan Towkay” In any organization, including Political Parties, we cannot go against our boss. That’s a golden rule in life which we must observed,” Masing told The Borneo Post here yesterday



Sokong pembangkang: Bantuan OKU dihentikan

Sepucuk surat yang didakwa ditandatangani oleh Menteri Muda Pertanian Sarawak Datuk Mong Dagang yang mengarahkan bantuan kerajaan kepada seorang lelaki kurang upaya dihentikan atas tuduhan menyokong pembangkang telah menimbulkan kemarahan warga maya.

‘Surat’ berkenaan dimuat naik di Facebook. Ia dikatakan dari “Menteri Muda Pertanian (Penyelidikan dan Pemasaran), Sarawak” dengan tajuk: “Memberhentikan segala bantuan kerajaan – Encik Frusis Lebi dari Entualang Entawa, Sri Aman”.

Surat yang dikatakan ditandatangani oleh Dagang (kiri) itu mengarahkan Penolong Pengarah Jabatan Pertanian Sri Aman supaya semua bentuk bantuan kerajaan untuk Frusis, yang dikenal pasti sebagai orang kurang upaya dalam surat itu, diberhentikan serta-merta.

“Ini adalah kerana beliau menentang dasar kerajaan dan menyokong secara terbuka calon pembangkang pada pilihan raya negeri 2011,” petik surat itu.

“Selain itu, beliau juga menyediakan bilik operasi untuk calon pembangkang.”

Surat daripada YB Mong Dagang, ADUN Bukit Begunan kepada Penolong Pengarah Pertanian, Jabatan Pertanian Bahagian Sri Aman meminta Jabatan berkenaan memberhentikan semua bantuan Kerajaan kepada Encik Frusis Lebi dari Entulang Sawa, Sri Aman yang juga seorang OKU kerana menyokong Calon Pembangkang secara terbuka pada PRN yang lepas

Official Letter from Sri Aman Agriculture Officer to Sri Aman SAAO regarding YB Mong Dagang letter which has requested the Agriculture Department all forms of assistance to Mr Frusis with a reason that he has supporting the Opposition in the last State Election

A Police Report has been lodged at Sri Aman with Mr Frusis. He had requested the Police to investigate Abuse of Power by YB Mong Dagang in for which in his letter has instructed the Agriculture Department to stop all forms of assistance to Mr Frusis with a reason that he has supporting the Opposition in the last State Election. Democracy?

It is Government of the People, By the People, for the People! It is the Government of all Sarawakians regardless of our Political afiliation!

He’s trying to say that only BN SUPPORTERS would get helps and assistance from the Government?

Such statement were very uncalled for and even worse, it came from an Elected Representatives who himself supposed to know better the essence of Democracy!

What The Fuck??????

March 4, 2012

Kisah satu cerita semasa pilihanraya ke-10 Negeri Sarawak (2011)

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Datai ba rumah panjai. Ka pulai ngundi. Aku di bai apai aku ngagai sigi rumah panjai. Aku ngena baju PKR. Enda meh nemu aku tu tadi Tiong benung bekimpin ba dia.

Aku baru aja duduk ninga ka ya speech. Enda mukai2…

“Ar…ini orang pkr. lu datang sini saya bg lu speech. kasi peluang sama lu.nanti saya jawab”

Alahai orang tua ni, Anwar cari YB BN ajak debat tak da seorang pun yang ke depan. Aku ni budak kecik baru belajar jolok buah dabai. Lawak sungguh lawak. Aku bedau ka angkat. Ya majak ngagau ngasuh angkat. Darah aku sudah naik. Enda mukai2 kaban apai aku ngangkat ka aku ngasuh ngelaban orang tuai nya. ” Laban kin,anang takut”

Sekilas darah Rentap masuk merasuk aku bingkas bangun. Mansang kedepan.Nervous..? memang ada? Tapi pengalaman debat dan berpidato wakil sarawak ini bersama dengan aku.

“Apa lu tidak puas hati? pasal PTPTN ka?” dengan nada yg kurang pengajaran dan pembelajaran dia bertanya.

“owh..since you talk about PT, memang saya tidak puas hati. Interest naik ma.” Jawab aku.

“Lu tahu ka itu kerajaan bagi?” Tanya dia lagi.

“Salah jaku d YB, kerajaan mana ada BAGI PTPTN, dia kasih PINJAM sama saya. Saya bayar balik lor.” Jawab aku lagi.

“Itu PT kerajaan bagi” kata si burung tiong.

“Saya tahu itu dari kerajaan, tapi bukan dari duit kocek kamu! Saya tahu la gaji kamu berapa. Mana lu mampu bagi saya. Itu duit cukai rakyat.tugas kamu kumpul dan agihkan wang rakyat. Saya terhutang budi kepada rakyat!”

(*ting ting*) SATU KOSONG.

Kemudian dia punya assistant pun tarik saya ke dalam bilik. Tuai2 rumah dan penghulu yg ada hanya mampu memberi reaksi blur dan mulut mereka terngaga. Muka yg marah….ish2..semua nampak fed up sebab aku ni tengah mempamerkan sikap yg kurang ajar.

Kita balik kepada episod seterusnya.

Aku dan assistant dia. “Awak student mana? Brapa umur? Nak belajar ke nak berpolitik? Nanti kita tarik PT awak. Minta IC.”

Amboi2…sedapnya mulut.

”Awak ni siapa nak tarik pt saya? Umur saya 24. Sekarang saya berhak mengundi. Politik tak pun ganggu saya punya result? I am Malaysian citizen. My first responsibility is to get involved in politic and cast my vote. Keduanya lepas selesai, saya jadi student balik.”

Mereka menakutkan saya dgn isu pt. Saya tak takut pun. Lepas tu saya dibawa ke ruai balik.

“tak payah la you bagi dia speech,lepas ni nanti seetle baik dalam bilik?” kata pembantu no 2.

“tak apa,saya bagi lu chance utk speech” ujar si dia dengan angkuh.

Ok no problem. saya sahut cabaran itu. 5 minit utk saya.

Tuai2 rumah dan penghulu masih bermuka blur dan marah. Sangat nervous owh…Barisan ayat pertama terketar-ketar. pas tu macam biasa…..

“Bala menyadi serumah panjai ke bisi ditu, aku enda sekali ngelaban perintah. Ukai perintah ka dilaban aku diatu. Tang aku nyakal Barisan Nasional. Nama kebuah pia? Laban nadai agi perintah ba menua sarawak ditu ketegal ADUN udah dissolve/tamat tempoh tauka espait. YB i believe you know better than me,what does ot mean by dissolve (muka dia jadi merah, dia tak pandang aku yg sedang speech.dia tengok tempat lain). 30 tahun taib udah megai kitai,berapa mayuh udah tanah dirampas. 5 taun BN megai Kemena semua masalah enda selesai. Nama kebuah baru diatu baru bisi meda jalai bakani mutarka penanggur? Kini BN sepengelama lima taun ke udah? Diatu kitai bepilih. PKR/BN/SNAP bnung minta kasih ari kitai. Kitai anang takut ka YB. YB patut takut ke rakyat ketegal enti nadai rakyat milih sida,sida enda nyadi yb,nadai pangkat nadai nama!

“30 saat lagi” ko MC.

Dah lima minit ke speech aku ni? ” Nya aja ari aku, kitai muai BN ngundi PKR”

Pengujung speech aku disambut ngau panjung bala iban….”IDUP BARISAN!” Aduhai Bangsaku……

“Pulai d, nadai kami ngagau ke nuan datai kitu” ko tuai rumah bejaku.


”Ini tipu punya orang…ini tipu punya orang….” kata tiong lagi.

Mana ulasan / jawapan yg telah dijanjikan? Aku tak dengar jawapan pun….alahai YB BN. Aku yg ciput masih berhingus ini pun muka YB sudah merah, patutlah tak berani nak debat dgn pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat.

Aku berlalu pergi meninggalkan mereka.

Keesokan harinya, undi di saluran aku meningkat mendadak. Past election pembangkang hanya dapat 9 SAHAJA. Kali ini naik kepada 131(estimation) BN 240 (estimation) lupa sikit jumlahnya.

Yang pasti undi pembangkang sudah naik.

Faktor yg besar adalah undi orang Muda.

No wonder BN ini amat takut kepada golongan Mahasiswa. Kita bukan bodoh utk diperbodohkan.

Kita orang muda akan lawan tetap lawan!


Regard from Tubau.

November 18, 2011

Senator Lihan Jok. Senator or a Joker?

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Senator Lihan Jok? Yes, Lihan Joke to be exact. He is the one who said that Baram Dam is a Gift from God, I bet he’s refering to Taib as his one and only god

“I am not ashamed to say that the mega project is a gift from God because as a result of the project the government will build a 60-km road from Long Lama to the dam site at Long Keseh, benefitting about 12,000 Kayans from nine longhouses along the river,”

Taken from Borneo Post

Lihan Jok dilantik senator

Posted on November 16, 2011, Wednesday

KUCHING: Lihan Jok, 54, dilantik sebagai senator selepas pencalonannya mendapat persetujuan majoriti ahli dewan pada Persidangan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Ke-17, semalam.

Pencalonan beliau dicadang oleh Timbalan Ketua Menteri Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr Alfred Jabu Numpang dan disokong oleh Menteri Kanan Tan Sri James Masing.

Dalam pemilihan semalam, Lihan berdepan saingan daripada calon dikemukakan barisan pembangkang, Dr John Brian Anthony yang dicadangkan oleh Pengerusi Parti Tindakan Demokratik (DAP) Negeri Wong Ho Leng dan disokong oleh ADUN Kidurong Chiew Chiu Sing.

Pelantikan Lihan sebagai senator menggantikan Datuk Idris Buang dimaklumkan oleh Speaker Dun Datuk Amar Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar.

“Dr John Brian mendapat 15 undi, Lihan Jok pula mendapat 50 undi… dengan ini saya mengumumkan Lihan Jok dengan sah sebagai senator… tahniah,” katanya.

Setiausaha DUN selepas itu memberitahu pihaknya ada menerima surat rasmi daripada Lihan pada 2 November lalu yang menyatakan kesanggupan beliau berkhidmat sebagai senator sekiranya dipilih.

Sementara itu Jabu ketika mengemukakan usul mencadangkan pencalonan Lihan berkata tempoh pelantikan Idris yang dilantik menerusi DUN sebagai Ahli Dewan Negara enam tahun lalu iaitu selama dua penggal tamat pada 28 November ini.

“Atas sebab itu saya hari ini mewakili ahli dewan merekodkan terima kasih kepada YB Senator Datuk Idris Buang atas sumbangan dan khidmatnya yang begitu dedikasi.

“Atas alasan ini juga bagi mengisi kekosongan ini, saya dengan besar hati melaksanakan tugas saya dan penuh penghormatan, saya menamakan calon untuk mengisi kekosongan sebagai senator,” katanya.

Lihan, berbangsa Kayan dari Long Bedian, Ulu Sungai Apoh, Baram Sarawak bekas Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Telang Usan selama dua penggal dari 2001 hingga 2010. Read more here

August 10, 2011

The Price of Loyalty by James Wong

The accusation that Datuk Samad (The then Deputy Home Affairs Minister had signed was followed on the same document by “Allegation of Facts” which still seems to me a contradiction in terms which said :

“That you Dato James Wong Kim Min, during a meeting with the agent of a foreign power in May 1974, agreed to received the aid of that foreign power to enable you to discredit (Which you did) the existing government of Sarawak and to replace it with a government formed by you and you also agreed that the government so formed by you would arrange for the cession of Limbang to that foreign power and you further agreed with the said agent of the foreign power to received assistance from that foreign power to accomplish the aforesaid purposes”

I asked for more details about the “Allegations of fact” and was told by the chairman that the agent of foreign power i was supposed to met was the Seri Begawan, Sir Omar Ali Saifuddin,the father of the present Sultan of Brunei. Our meeting supposed to have taken place “at 10 pm in the month of May 1974″. I was said to have been accompanied by an unidentified Iban, and i was alleged to have received $4 Million, presumably in Brunei or Malaysian currency from him

My lawyers at once asked :

1.On what day in May, 1974 was i supposed to have met the Seri Begawan?

2.What was the description of the so called unidentified Iban?

3.Where was i supposed to have met the Seri Begawan?

4.In what form was the money handed to me?

The chairman’s answer to all these question was that he had not been provided with such details. My lawyers insist that the details should be provided.If we had details of when and where the alleged meeting was supposed to have taken place, i would perhaps be able to prove that i could not have been present

Since the authorities who had framed the charge agaisnt me claimed to know so much, surely they should also know the answers to our questions. But no attepmt was ever made to substantiate the allegations

At a later meeting with the advisory board, the chairman was to comment, in response to my repeated demands for answers to my questions, that it was unfortunate that the board was acting only in an advisory capacity to the Minister.

If the hearing had been in an open court, he added, ” I would throw the file out of window”

Ps: An excerpt from the book that im reading right now. “The Price Of Loyalty” by the late Datuk Amar James Wong Kim Min. Thanks to his son Alex Stmrock Wong for willing to gave me a copy of this book as i’ve been looking for it for quite sometimes

July 16, 2011

“Tan Sri George said if electoral roll not fair how could I have losts in Miri?”

Tweets from one of PBB/BN Cybertrooper: “Tan Sri George said if electoral roll not fair how could I have losts in Miri?”


Below are the comments taken from our Taib Must Go Facebook Group


Jonathan Fabian u berik $, org ambik tp undi lain.. haha..

Aday Vespa Mandarinia undi pos lambat datang

Anderson Chan Chin Heng if its fair BN shud be losing ALL States !!!! not 5 states in !!!ok !!! moron BN

Chris Singut because you are loser George. not about polls. if it fairer, more lose vote you have. :D. stupid statement.

Denniz Wee hahah….old geezer…..finally open his mouth…but shit comes out…

Wang Sahui you were dumped, G

Kami Rakyat Sarawak Mahu Taib Berundur The votes against you Georgie were so overwhelming no amount of cheating can undo that

Maulviridha Abu Bakar This is a stale argument la.. If it is fair, he would’ve lost his deposit..

Wilson Law If it was fair, not only you that lost your seat. It will be the whole state. Understand??

Richard Leong If fair, how come BN can still be in power for more than 50 yrs?

Kelly Phang ai yo, if with so much ‘help’ given and still lose, then the candidate really kanasai la…

Clement Feng Wah still got face to comment? Cheat so much still lose…. Where u put ur face…. U think God no eyes?

Denniz Wee hehhe…yeah….maybe the backup votes prepared truly was not enuff….maybe shud prep 15k back up votes…opss…but cant hor…ur constituency only how many population? if the result came out ppl who voted overshoot the number of ppl in the constituency by 3 times the amount then also susah kekeke

Wang Keat San undi post habis diguna di kawasan Taib.

Alfred Lim lost because no one wants him around anymore…

Jonathan Fabian it is always not fair.. if it is fair then why the hell damn shit takut sama bersih 2.0..?

Wilson Ooi you lost bcos the ppl of miri can’t be bribed or held to ransom. if it was fair elections, the whole state will have fallen too

Edwin Limban You will lost your deposit chan if the election is clean

Desmond Lim Dr.George Belachan, if it is fair election i believe that u may lose your deposit. Shit!!!

Jane Joni i agree!hahah mirians cannot be bribed! true!if clean,BN LINGKUP!jual kopi-o,no starbuck for u all!LOL XD







April 10, 2011

Sarawak 2011 – Vote for Change

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For over 30 years, Sarawak has been the bread basket of Barisan Nasional and the jewel in the crown of Chief Minister Taib’s multi-billion dollar empire

The Taib administration has ruled Sarawak with an iron fisted grip for over 3 decades, outstaying Prime Minister Mahatir himself

In this time, Taib and his regime have systematically trampled over the rights of the people of Sarawak, violating the basic human rights of millions of tribal people,stripping them of their native customary lands and causing widespread environmental devastation, of which the ill conceived Bakun dam project is aprime example

This is why it’s time for PEOPLE of SARAWAK to VOTE for CHANGE.30 years is long enough,Down with Taib!! Taib Must Go!!

March 29, 2011

Paul Kadang explaination on SNAP Saga

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SNAP: Why We Do What We Do

By Paul Kadang, Director of Operations, Sarawak National Party (SNAP)

Taken from Sarawak National Party Blogs

SNAP’s recent re-emergence to reclaim its place in the Sarawak political arena has sparked numerous allegations and prejudgements on the motives of the prime movers of the party’s re-vitalisation. Presumably made with good intentions, these prejudgements have been voiced out in the internet by political observers who seem to hold themselves out as being totally familiar with the present Sarawak political scene. Most of these, however, contain presumptions that have not been thoroughly examined.

Let me elaborate on the reasons and circumstances leading to SNAP’s re-emergence.


From the beginning since its founding in 1961, SNAP has had two important characteristics vis-a-vis its support: it has always been a multiracial party. Of equal importance has been its emphasis on Dayak interests, which is not surprising since this community forms its inner core.

It had been the tearing and cracking of this core by its political opponents since 1970, through their divide and rule policies, which not only decapitated SNAP as a viable political organization but also formed the first significant break in Dayak communal unity. The manifestation of these divide and rule policies has continued to this day and has been a contributing factor to the dispossession of the Dayak people of much of their properties and lands by unscrupulous people.

Since that time the holy grail of Dayak politics has been to forge their internal unity and cohesion in their search for equitable power sharing in the country. They have laboured hard towards this end but so far without success. And so to this day, Dayaks have continued to be splintered and their political representation fragmented amongst the various parties in Sarawak.

Over the past eight years, Ibans and other natives did not have any indigenous political party as their platform for democratic dissent. They gave the benefit of the doubt to SPDP and PRS and even PBB to try to regain the rightful political significance of the native population. In those eight years, the blatant disregard for Native Customary Rights and Native Customary Land as enshrined in the laws of the state, continued and became even more widespread till today. All these happened without even the slightest protest coming from legislators and political parties that claim to represent, protect and uphold native interests be they the PBB, SPDP or PRS.

By 2008, the natives, particularly those from the Dayak communities, were totally marginalised politically. A new generation of native intellectuals then decided that the time had come for natives to depend on no one but themselves to fight their battles.

Answering the clarion call of Reformasi that have yielded fruits in the federal general elections of March 2008, these Dayak intellectuals began to look at PKR as the platform from which to fight their battles. Some became PKR members, while some others watched with keen interest and gave their support from the fringes.

But two years later, they slowly drifted away from PKR for reasons which in total had shown to these intellectuals that native problems are of a low priority to PKR. The instances are as follows.

PKR’s Relationship with Natives and Native Issues

The records show that PKR in Sarawak was started by disenchanted Malay-Melanau politicians splintered from the then and present ruling elite. For ten years the main issues that made up PKR Sarawak’s political agenda were their typical infighting and their urge to find a way to replace Taib Mahmud and gang as the ruling elite of Sarawak. All the office-bearers and head of PKR Sarawak were from that group for most of the twelve years of PKR Sarawak’s existence.

It was only in 2008, with the entry of other native and Dayak intellectuals into the party that wider native issues became part of PKR’s campaign fodder to attract these native votes. Before this, there were almost no PKR divisions in Dayak-majority constituencies. Attempts were then made by personalities like Nicholas Bawin to open up branches in Dayak native-majority constituencies.

It is notable that only after twelve years, for the first time ever, a Dayak was appointed a few months ago as head of PKR Sarawak. Even then the appointment was not without vociferous protests from the pioneers of PKR Sarawak. Till now, no Iban sits in PKR’s inflated Majlis Pimpinan Pusat or its political bureau. These are ominous signs of the patronising attitude of PKR that culminated in the Batang Ai by-election catastrophe of April 2009.

The Batang Ai By-Election

The native intellectuals group, Malay Melanau and Dayak, that supported PKR had by the end of 2008 quadrupled in number, ready to adopt PKR as the saviour of the natives. Then came the Batang Ai by-election and it was clear to most of PKR Sarawak native leaders that Nicholas Bawin was the most viable PKR candidate and was expected to be nominated. They were astonished therefore that a long time ex-yang berhormat, formerly from the ruling coalition who was not known to be associated with PKR, was appointed instead of Bawin. That was at the behest and financial lobbying of a Chinese towkay whose official affiliation with PKR was nil but who evidently held a major sway in the personal considerations of PKR’s Ketua Umum. Without consultation with PKR’s native leaders, Bawin was dropped. Such is ‘democracy’ in PKR.

The result of the by-election, as expected, was a major disaster to PKR’s attempts to make inroads into Sarawak Dayak native politics. PKR’s candidate was thrashed. He obviously did not enjoy the confidence of these intellectuals, who chose to stay away in protest against the evident highhandedness. As an excuse for their defeat, PKR went into its typical damage control mode in alleging, for instance, that the ballot boxes were switched while in helicopters. That’s just vintage PKR to ignore the elephant in the room.

In the post-mortem, if ever really there was one, the issue of Dayak leaders’ lack of influence in PKR’s decision-making in Sarawak was never even addressed. Batang Ai is one of the many things observed by these intellectuals which raised questions about native-issue priorities in PKR. They have since kept their distance from the party. PKR remains in their mind as a party that will perpetuate neo-colonial intentions in Sarawak. This is obvious for those who care to see.

Consequently, while those intellectuals were grappling to find a vehicle to voice out native dissatisfaction by natives themselves, SNAP’s re-registration was ordered by the courts. It is only natural therefore that SNAP became a magnet to these partyless native opposition leaders.


SNAP was and is very much in favour of an opposition electoral pact for obvious reasons. Now that the possibility of such a pact appears to be diminishing by the day, it is important that political observers and commentators are made aware of the following:


The opposition grouping has no chairman nor a fixed structure. Even then, it does not matter much to SNAP as to who takes the lead in convening negotiations between the four opposition parties (SNAP, PKR, DAP and PAS) as long as certain rules of political decency and civil negotiations are followed and that the management of the negotiations by whomsoever has the competency and the power to decide.

PKR took the mantle and in the same breath publicly announced that it will run in 53 seats and SNAP will be accorded only 3. It was as if the seats were for PKR to distribute. SNAP had no choice but to respond publicly that it intends to run in all of the native-majority seats numbering 29.

Negotiations commenced in a haphazard manner and much later than ideally possible. SNAP refuses to be marginalised and to underscore its seriousness and capacity to compete, declared publicly its 16 candidates for 16 named constituencies. A startled PKR came back to ‘offer’ 4 seats, instead of 3. SNAP responded to this infantile insult by announcing 11 more candidates for 11 more constituencies. Altogether totalling 27 seats.

PKR’s incompetency in leadership and management of the negotiations was obvious. There was no negotiation agenda and things were done by the seat of their pants and at their convenience. SNAP expected the first session would have been attended by decision-makers of all parties. There is no point in negotiating if the negotiators have no power or mandate to decide. Decisions from higher-ups must be obtained at the point of negotiation. That wasn’t the case with PKR. At all times, PKR insisted that the final decision would be made by KL after a negotiating position had been reached by the parties. To any seasoned negotiator, such a statement is already a ball-breaker.

We had also expected that the first order of the day was to get a consensus of the proportionate spread of the number of seats to be contested by each party in accordance to macro demographic factors which all four parties hold themselves to champion for. It was clear that DAP would run in Chinese-majority areas, PAS in a few Muslim-majority areas and PKR in Malay-Melanau areas, where they had concentrated their efforts in the past decade for better or for worse. SNAP, being a multiracial party but traditionally a Dayak-based one, will contest in the native-majority areas. It was only in the mixed areas that overlapping claims will have to be resolved through negotiations.

But PKR having suddenly realised that native issues could be the determining issues in the coming elections, and still hung-over from the ecstasy of the 2008 electoral tsunami in the peninsular, thought that by placing their candidates in these native constituencies PKR can be the beneficiary of a Sarawak tsunami.

The opinion-makers and intellectuals who had fled to SNAP therefore fear that the beneficiary of native electoral dissatisfaction may be a national party that has shown in the last two years little sensitivity to the natives’ political predicament. They fear that Sarawak’s native problems, under PKR, will remain secondary to a grander federal plan of PKR’s national leaders. At worst, SNAP will never be able to be given back those constituencies by PKR.

If in fact PKR had made a positive impact in native constituencies and indeed enjoyed native support, by putting in hard work in building up an articulation of native dissatisfaction, the results would have been evident. But instead, PKR had never won nor come close to winning a native-majority seat in 3 federal elections and 2 state elections in the 12 years of their existence in Sarawak. In fact, a number of their candidates lost their deposits. So much for PKR’s desire to contest in 53 seats.

The second order of the day would be for the negotiating parties to consider the ‘winnability’ of their candidates as a basis for their allocation of the overlapping seats. Till this very moment, the ‘conductor’ of the negotiations themselves has not sorted out their own internal selection problems as to who runs where. They fear that if they make representations of the winnability of a particular candidate, it may incur the wrath of another party member also aspiring to be the candidate for the same area.

Out of this fear and indiscipline, it is PKR’s practice that their candidates list is only completed on the eve of nomination day so that those among their members who have lost out will not have options but to play along. Knowing this, SNAP decided that it would not be encumbered by PKR’s internal deficiencies. SNAP announced its candidates way ahead of time to give them a head start in going to the ground in the vast constituencies to familiarise the voters with their candidacy.

What is the Status Quo?

To date, SNAP has announced its decision to run in 27 of the 29 native-majority seats. It has refrained from contesting in the remaining 2 seats in deference to the work done by and its support for two PKR native leaders. In a gesture of goodwill and in recognition of the winnability factor, these concessions are made. The truth is that PKR has no other native leaders of their calibre and SNAP’s candidates in the 27 seats will be at par, if not better than PKR’s candidates.

As it has always maintained, SNAP will be happy to be a part of an electoral pact if it is allowed to contest in the said 27 constituencies. However, should there be a free for all, SNAP has the capacity and candidates to contest up to 40 seats. That is an option that it will take only if there is no more rules of engagement among the opposition parties.


Opposition supporters are hoping, and SNAP along with them, that the natives in a bold decisive move will act with political maturity and courage to invoke an electoral tsunami. It is indeed high expectations.

However, it is disheartening to note that while such a lofty commitment is expected of natives, the possibility that their commitment might extend to financing the election campaign that they favour is strangely dismissed by these commentators. On this premise, SNAP is maliciously accused of conspiring with BN in order to get political funding. Such accusations are insulting to SNAP and are the furthest from the truth.

These commentators underestimated and underrated successful natives as people who cannot put money where their hearts are. In the last few months, SNAP has been inundated with monetary contributions from well-to-do natives working abroad. Perhaps these commentators have stereotyped natives to the point that it is unthinkable to them, for example, that a native petroleum engineer working in the Middle East and earning US$ 25,000 a month and who is moved by the plight of his community, will contribute up to RM100,000 to SNAP’s election campaign.

SNAP needs money badly but it also realises that an efficient and honest campaign will not be too dependent on huge campaign budgets.

Quality of Candidates

It has been mentioned that SNAP’s candidates are of the quality that can be bought over once elected. It is as if there is a fail-proof formula to prevent this. At SNAP, we humbly submit that we have dealt with this issue on a ‘best-effort’ basis. It is only those who have not gone through the rigours of election management that wishfully think a watertight formula is ever possible. By the same token SNAP would like to hear those people who doubt the integrity of our candidates, if it is at all possible, to attest their supreme confidence that candidates of PKR or any of the other opposition parties will not jump ship once elected.

SNAP’s list of candidates is multiracial in nature. It comprises young professionals and also a good mix of Dayak nationalists with experience far beyond those of the commentators.


Let the voters decide. SNAP respects the opinions of others as their right to voice out opinions in a democracy. By the same token, SNAP reserves its right to its own political action without having to be accused of treachery and all the other tales that make interesting gossip at the teh tarek stalls.

SNAP urges that before certain presumptions are made, basic empirical research should be done that goes beyond mere rhetoric and wishful thinking.

Like everybody else in this state, we wish to unseat the Taib regime. But we will do it in a manner that safeguards Sarawakian and Dayak control over their own affairs and destiny, and avoid jumping out of the pot into the fire. Our words are based on actual experience but we certainly welcome learned comments and guidance from armchair politicians made in good faith.

God bless the people of Sarawak.

The writer holds a master degree in political science from University of British Columbia, Canada. He was previously the deputy secretary-general of PKR and is now the director of elections for SNAP in the coming Sarawak state elections.

March 28, 2011

Saut tanya ngagai SNAP

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SNAP diatu ukai baka SNAP maia zaman niang Stephen Kalong Ningkan kelia.SNAP diatu semina kena BN mecah ke Undi Dayak alu nyadi Ulun BN!!!

1.Uji tanya ngagai Edwin Dundang,amat tauka enda 4 iku Ketuai ari SNAP udah di beri mata duit RM20,00 siku kena meli entuka  4wd?

2.Uji tanya ngagai Pemuda SNAP,amat tauka enda sida udah nerima mata duit RM200,00 ari siku Tukey Cina ari Malaya?

3.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP nama kebuah Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) ti betuaika Harris Ibrahim mutus ka semua kaul enggau sida iya?

4.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP nama kebuah Movement Of Change Sarawak (MOCS) ti betuaika Francis Siah mutus ka semua kaul enggau sida iya?

5.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP nama kebuah sida enda nyadi ngaga Training PACA(Polling Agent,Counting Agent) kena 9 aribulan March 2011 ti udah di atur alu di pesutuju ka sida enggau  MCLM di Miri tang nyentuk ka saritu alu bedau madah ka kebuah?

6.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP nama kebuah SNAP mansut ka nama calon sebedau di tapis dulu ulih MCLM laban SNAP sigi udah bejanji deka minta tulung MCLM napis calon sida iya ngambi ka semua calon sida iya nya calon ti berkualiti tauka berkaliber?

7.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP,amat tauka enda Paul Kadang bc nerima duit RM50K kena sida ngaga symposium di Miri,Sibu enggau di Kuching sarinya?

8.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP nama kebuah sida alu bedau meri nyaut saut tanya ari Francis Siah ti meri sida iya 48 jam sebedau iya mecah ke rahsia SNAP?

9.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP amat tauka enda bala calon sarinya di janji tauka udah di beri mata duit RM10K siku alu mayuh agi deka di beri tauka di janji lebuh maia pengawa bepilih ila?

10.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP amat tauka enda sida bisi ngaga sempekat enggau bala UMNO Malaya kena mechah ke Undi Dayak maia pengawa bepilih tu ila

11.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP,dini sida bulih duit kena bejalai ka pengawa Parti sida tu tang suba madah ke diri nadai duit?

12.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP nama kebuah bala Ketuai dalam SNAP enggai ngangkat talipaun ari Francis Siah tauka Radio Free Sarawak kenyau ari berita tu pansut sarinya?

13.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP nama kebuah sida selalu enda datai maia baum Pakatan Rakyat enggau bala Raban ari DAP,PAS enggau PKR senentang bebagi ka penuduk?

14.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP,amat tauka enda siku Ketuai sida kala nginjau duit ari Ketua Cabang PKR Miri suba kena bejalai ke pengawa SNAP tang nyentuk ka diatu alu bedau di bayar?

15.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP amat tauka enda sida udah bisi Election Machinery sereta mayuh sukung ari bala Dayak?

16.Uji tanya ngagai SNAP amat tauka enda sida iya suba semina minta sereta bersetuju enggau 3 iti seat ianya Marudi(Edwin Dundang),Bukit Saban(Darrel Walter) enggau Telang Usan(Kebing Wan) maia keterubah iya berunding ka penuduk enggau Baru Bian ari PKR suba?

17.Uji tanya ngagai bala SNAP nama jaku sida maia nya suba?

“Auk,enda ngawa,3 iti seat nya pan cukup meh laban kami SNAP ndai duit”

List of SNAP candidates

1. Edwin Dundang (Marudi) SNAP President,Former District Officer of Baram,Lost to Robert Lawson Chuat in Bukit Saban in 2006 Sarawak State Election

2. Kebing Wan (Telang Usan) SNAP Acting Deputy President,Lost to Lihan Jok 2006 Sarawak State Election

3. Augustine Liom (Machan) Ex Industrial Court Judge,Lawyer,Former Policy Director of PKR Sarawak,Former SNAP candidate in Sarawak State Election 2006 and lost to Joseph Mauh Ikeh in Tamin

4. Anthony Liman Sujang (Krian) Lawyer,Former Treasure General of PBDS

5. Dayrell Walter Entrie (Bukit Saban) SNAP Youth Chief,Lost to to Alfred Jabu Layar in 2006 Sarawak State Election

6. Stephen Sigar (Opar)

7. Frankie Jurem Nyumboi (Tasik Biru)

8. Richard Peter Munai (Bengoh) Former Personal Assistant of Dr Jerip Susil

9. Sylvester Belayong (Kedup) Lost to Ritchard Riot Jaem in Serian in 2008 Parliamentary Election

10. Abang Othman Abang Gom (Lingga) Former PKR candidate in Sarawak State Election 2006 and lost to Simoi Peri

11. Dan Giang (Balai Ringgin) Former campaign manager for Cobbold John in 2006 Sarawak state election

12. Joe Unggang (Layar) Former bank employee in Sri Aman

13. Tedong Gunda alias Jamal Abdullah (Pakan) SNAP member,associate himself with PKR with hope to contest in Pakan and now back to SNAP

14. George Lagong (Baleh) Half brother of Datuk Sng Chee Hua

15. John Bampa (Belaga) Former SNAP candidate in Sarawak State Election 2006 and lost in 3 corner fight with Liwan Lawang,Stanly Ajang Batok.Managed to secure only 912 votes

16. Johari Bujang (Lambir) Former District Officer of Miri

17. Simijie Janting (Engkilili)

18. Ateng Jeros (Tarat) Lawyer based in Kuching

19. Anthony Nais (Tebedu) Businessman

20. Ivanhoe Anthony Belon (Bukit Begunan) Businessman

21. Bakin Umpa (Meluan) Farmer

22. Alexius Douglas (Ngemah) Self Employed

23. Munan John Andrew (Tamin) Self Employed

24. Adang Jirau (Kakus) Farmer

25. Douglas Alau (Pelagus) Businessman,Ex Lecturer,former PBDS candidate in Sarawak State Election 1991,stand as Independent in 2001 but lost in both attempt to Gramong Juna in Machan

26. Toh Heng San (Katibas) Ex Assemblymen and SUPP Chairman for Engkilili

27. Rosnah Mohamad (Jepak) Businesswoman, Former exco of Angkatan Muda Keadilann (AMK) Sarawak

28. Lawrence Cosmas Sundang (Batu Danau) Government Pentioner

29.Thony Badak (Bekenu) Shell employee,SPDP member and Councilor in Miri

March 25, 2011

Why MCLM has severed ties with SNAP

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Taken From Peoples Parliament

I reproduce the press statement released at the MCLM press conference this morning.


On 16th February, 2011, MCLM announced the formation of a strategic alliance with the Sarawak National Party (SNAP), the objective being to lay the foundation of a concerted effort to, firstly, end the plight of the marginalized Sarawakians by ending Barisan Nasional and Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s 30-year reign of pillage in Sarawak in the soon-to be held state elections and, secondly, to establish a pro-rakyat federal government post the 13th General Election and begin the process of restoring the nation to the rakyat.

In late February, during a meeting with the SNAP leadership in Kuching, MCLM had, in keeping with its drive to improve the quality of candidates offered to oppose BN candidates in the state elections, as well as to empower citizens to be effective agents of change and reform, offered to assist SNAP in screening the prospective candidates of SNAP as well as organising polling agent/counting agent training for its members.

Whilst the SNAP leaders had, then, enthusiastically accepted this offer of help, leading us to arrange for the training to take place in Miri on 19th March, 2011, developments over the last two weeks have led us to the irresistible conclusion that there was little sincerity, if any, on the part of the SNAP leaders in ever wanting to achieve the stated objectives of the alliance as aforesaid.

Towards the end of the second week of March, without proffering any reasons, we were informed by SNAP that the training was cancelled until further notice.

Then, on 15th March, 2011, we received information that SNAP would, on the following day, be announcing the names of 16 candidates to contest in the state elections even though, until then, we had not been given the full details of any of those candidates to be screened.

On 16th March, 2011, SNAP did indeed announce the details of 16 candidates, none of whom, as far as we know, had been screened to ensure capability and integrity.

Intelligence reports from our operatives in Sarawak have confirmed our worst fears: many of the 16 candidates are regarded as high-risk, integrity-wise.

Over the last few days, we also received reports that the SNAP candidates and some of their ‘privileged’ leaders had suddenly come into significant funds that were being made available by operatives from Kuala Lumpur acting under the directions of BN.

On 22nd March, 2011, SNAP announced the names of another 11 candidates.

Again, information we have received of these latest candidates is not favourable.

It must be stressed here that the action by SNAP to renege on an arrangement to screen all potential candidates, and to now announce candidates of questionable integrity, without more, makes the continuation of the alliance quite untenable, as we have at all times made clear our insistence that only candidates of unquestionable integrity are to be offered to serve the rakyat in the state assemblies and Parliament.

On 23rd March, 2011, reports in the news portals Sarawak Report and Free Malaysia today confirmed the information that we had received last weekend that SNAP was receiving funding from Barisan Nasional and had entered into an alliance with BN to keep the latter in power in Sarawak.

We have since sought from the leaders of SNAP some cogent and convincing reasons for their actions, and a rebuttal of the most serious allegation that they are now working in concert with BN to undermine efforts to bring about a regime change in Sarawak but, regrettably, none has been forthcoming.

For these reasons, we are, with immediate, effect, severing our alliance with SNAP.

We also call on the people of Sarawak to exercise their vote wisely in the coming state elections and to reject the overtures of BN and its allies, both open and concealed.




March 13, 2011

BN’s Mega-Construction YB!

Taken from Sarawak Report

In a recent online interview YB Peter Nansian, an Assistant Environment Minister in Taib’s cabinet and State Assemblyman for Tasik Biru, wrote ”I went into politics to strive for the people..if you come to my area.. all the main roads and other infrastructure are already in place..I always think of how to further develop the area and its people”. 

However, what his readers and constituents might not have picked up on is just how much of such publicly-funded construction is carried out by the enthusiastic YB himself!  Indeed, after a hard day’s work in Taib Mahmud’s cabinet he must have to rush home to get on his hard hat in order to oversee the hundreds of millions of ringgit worth of public projects that his company, Juara Beetuah Sdn Bhd, has been commissioned to carry out. 

Perhaps it because of his over-loaded schedule that this minister seems to have forgotten that it is criminally corrupt for holders of public office to operate private companies that directly benefit from the awarding of contracts by their own government?

Massive contracts

Peter Nansian is clearly identified in Malaysia’s Construction Industry Development Board’s list of registered companies as a Director of Juara Beetuah, a construction company that has received numerous government contracts worth hundreds of millions of ringgit! [ http://www.cidb.gov.my/directory/local_contractor_details.php?cont_id=28898 ]     

Director of the company Juara Beetuah. Getting listed in the CIDB Directory is crucial for companies seeking government contracts.


Furthermore, the address and contact details for Juara Beetuah, as laid out in the CIDB website are the same as those given by YB Peter Nansian in his Wikipedia online entry.

This is where you can find me. YB Peter Nansen’s Wikipedia entry confirms he is based at ‘Champion Beetuah’, English for Juara Beetuah!

But it is the sheer scale of the public contracts that the YB has been awarded by his own BN ruling coalition that causes real astonishment.  Juara Beetuah is registered as having received a total of 10 public contracts since the year 2000 with a total worth of RM350 million !

YB Peter Nansen’s public construction projects! Total value of around RM350 million. Note that project No 9, which is a road from Oya to Balingian is worth RM256 million alone.

 Constituents, whom YB Peter Nansian has tried to assure he has been working hard to support, may care to notice that these projects do not include developments in his own area!

What construction company? 


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