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September 21, 2010

The Damn Dam is a gift from God?

Lihan insists Baram dam a gift for Orang Ulu

September 10, 2010, Friday

MIRI: Telang Usan assemblyman Lihan Jok reiterated that the Baram hydroelectric dam project is a gift from God for the minority Orang Ulu.

Lihan Jok
Lihan Jok

“I am not ashamed to say that the mega project is a gift from God because as a result of the project the government will build a 60-km road from Long Lama to the dam site at Long Keseh, benefitting about 12,000 Kayans from nine longhouses along the river,” he said.

He said he had proposed to have a road to link all the longhouses along Baram River before the dam was even conceptualised, more as a wish for a better  life for the people.

The road came into the picture when the government proposed the Baram dam, he added.

“What I am saying is that if there is no Baram dam, there won’t be any road being built. It does not make any economic sense just building a road like that. The proposed dam justifies the building of the RM500-million road,” explained Lihan.

Urging his critics to look at the bigger picture, he said the stretch of road from Long Lama made up Package B of the overall road project under Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy. He said the package cost the government a massive RM500 million.

Package A is the stretch of road from Beluru to Sungai Tinjar encompassing Lapok road.

The upgrading of 35.73-km Lapok road at a cost of about RM101 million commenced three days ago and is expected to be completed in three years, Lihan revealed.

“Our people who are already poor have had to buy 4WD vehicles to travel through this road, having to bear high maintenance cost due to wear and tear their vehicles were subject to. But this will be behind us three years from now,” said Lihan.Read more here

Pengayau comment

Perhaps,we should send a copy of this You Tube Video to YB Lihan Jok who said that the Damn Dam is a gift from God.Im just wondering,who is God that he refer to.But as far as we are concern,Taib is his one and only god!!

Sorrowful tale of Bakun evictees

“West Malaysians are being fed “spoonfuls of sugar” but the people of Sarawak, particularly those affected by the Bakun Hydroelectric Project, are having to “chow down chillies” after having been evicted from their ancestral homes”

Documentary Series On Bakun Dam

Bakun Update: Operation Exodus

This report is compiled through field visits to the Bakun areas & interviews with the affected residents in different communities. These include those who have moved to the Sg Asap resettlement scheme, those who have moved to alternative communities of their own choice, and those who are still remaining in their respective communities along the Rejang/ Balui rivers. The visits were conducted from November 29-December 4 1998.

The Controversial Bakun Dam Ordeal:

The Bakun dam project has been a controversial issue for the 10,000 over natives from 15 communities living along the Rejang and Balui river for the past 5 years since its revival by the Malaysian government in September 1993. The project was scrapped in 1990 when the Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohammed explained that it was Malaysia’s contribution to global conservation.

Since then, the residents and government agencies have been engaged in a spate of tussle over the issue, which has been shrouded by controversial reports and information. This was especially so in terms of the relocation of the people and the compensation accorded to them. The Malaysian government has been very tight-lipped about the entire project, which it claimed to be the biggest Hydroelectric dam in the SEA region.

Many related issues were raised from the source of the funds needed to build the dam to the safety standards, and the almost non-existent process of dialogue & consultation with the different tribal groups involved mainly the Kayans, Kenyah, Ukits, and Penans, who are the majority among those affected.

In September this year (1998), the government finally implemented their plans to relocate the people after 3 years of postponement. This move came at an untimely period when the entire country and also the SEA region are facing a serious economic crisis. And in early 1998, the government announced that the Dam project would be scaled down and for the moment it had been shelved due to the economic downturn experienced by the country.

But nevertheless, the resettlement exercises, codenamed “Operation Exodus” was carried with the first victims being Long Ayak (Ukits) and Bato Keling (Kayans) in September this year. Then 2 months later in November, Uma Daro (Kayan), Uma Belor (Kayan) and Long Gang (Kenyah) were moved from the Bakun area.

All 5 communities have been moved to the Government-planned resettlement scheme located at Sg.Asap-Sg.Koyan area, an area located in the Northeast direction and about 3 hours (by rough logging roads) from Belaga town.

Resettlement Scheme is a Scam! Read more here

Welcome To Sarawak.Land of The Damn Dams,Hidden Paradise of Logging Activities and A Place Like No Other!!!

Here we have it, 52 dam sites identified covering a large part of Sarawak. How many natives will these dams displace? Irrelevant. Where will they be resettled and under what allternative conditions will they have to live and obtain a livelihood? Irrelevant. How much forest and wildlife will disappear and become extinct? Irrelevant. How will these dams affect the eco-systems and the environment? Irrelevant. How much money will Taib, his family, henchmen and cronies and their children for generations make at the expense of all other Sarawakians? Now that is relevant!

~Sarawak Head Hunter~

August 18, 2010

Welcome to Sarawak Land of the Damn Dams!!!


Taken from Sarawak Headhunter

Sarawak – Land of the Dammed

If what Sarawak Energy Berhad (“SEB”) is scheming to implement for Sarawak together with elements of China’s state-owned companies involved in electricity-generation and hydro-electric power plants/dams, Sarawak will have the dubious honour of having the most number of dams in Malaysia (52 dams to be precise), which it does not need.
What does this mean for Sarawakians? Who will benefit from these dams and the electricity generated from them? How will they affect the natives and the wildlife who live in the areas where they are planned to be located? How will they affect the environment and the entire eco-systems of large parts of Sarawak? What will the costs be like and who will bear these costs? What will the profits be like and who will derive these profits?
The frightening conclusion is that the people of Sarawak, especially the natives, will continue to be held hostage and to ransom by Taib Mahmud, the Chief Minister and his family, henchmen and cronies for a very very long time (long even after Taib is dead and gone – he will be dead soon enough, sooner than later).
Take a look for instance at who is behind SEB, supposedly 65% owned by the state government. Why “supposedly”? Because Taib treats state government-owned corporations as if they were his own, and the same goes for his family, henchmen and cronies. As can be seen from its Annual Report 2007, most of the top management of SEB are either related in one way or another to Taib and are active participants in the continuing gang rape of Sarawak:

Hamed Sepawi is a cousin of Taib’s, also Chairman of Naim Cendera Holdings Berhad and Ta Ann Holdings Berhad. He is a timberman, formerly with STIDC (the Sarawak Timber Industrial Development Corporation) and holds a Master’s degree in Forest Products. Aziz Husain is Taib’s brother in law, former State Secretary, now full time mismanaging SEB for the sake of the family businesses. Wilson, present State Secretary, is married to Mohd Leo Toyad’s cousin.

J.C. Fong is former Sarawak State Attorney General responsible for drafting anti-NCR and other anti-native land laws for Taib’s regime. Idris Buang is Taib’s former Chief Political Secretary, also a Director of Hock Seng Lee Berhad (all Sarawakians should know the significance of this). Nordin Baharuddin is Chairman of KUB Malaysia Berhad and also a Director of Scomi Engineering Berhad (all Malaysians should know the significance of this).

Can they really be classified as “independent” directors? Only nominally.

Their secret plans to build 52 dams in collusion with China state-owned corporations involved in dams (especially the Three Gorges Dam project, described by Chinese journalist Dai Qing as “a black hole of corruption”) have been exposed previously. Notwithstanding this exposure, we can still expect these 52 dams to become 52 black holes of corruption! That is if there is no change in the state government in the next elections.

Let us have a closer look at those plans.

Click on the above link to get a copy of the PDF document of this Powerpoint presentation.

The Panda Bears and the Orang Utans have now teamed up to rob Sarawak in the name of friendship?

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