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April 20, 2015

Adenan suprise?

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BN Surpise

Just wondering what would those suprise be, another rhetorics?

1. “We believe some of the motions are for the sake of publicity only. They insisted because it’s a political ploy by them.” Adenan said one of the motions was on calling him (Adenan) the ‘Prime Minister of Sarawak’ and changing the name of DUN to Parliament.

2. “Asfia said Pujut assemblyman Fong Pau Teck submitted three motions – the first asking for referendum for Sarawak, the second aimed to change the name of DUN to Parliament and the Chief Minister of Sarawak to Prime Minister of Sarawak, and the third to oppose the amendment of the Sedition Act and to repeal the Colonial Sedition Act.

*Come on YB Fong Pau Teck, I believe Pujut voters didnt votes for you to talk about those STUPID and ABSURD RHETORICS. Anyway, just enjoy it while you still can. Dont be a stooges for Lina Soo and co.

I know you’re being partyless for quite sometimes now after being expelled from DAP but you shouldnt mislead Sarawakians with those Rhetorics. What Referendum? Lets votes BN out first and only then we can talk about Referendum or whatever it is. Sigh!

I believe what YB Fong Pau Teck trying to suggest is to elevate Sarawak Council Negri to Parliament similar to Scotland Parliament. Something which totally IRRELEVANT as there is a lots more bread and butter issues which he should talk about. We all know this is just for the sake of public stunt and i agree with Adenan Satem, this is just STUPID.

3. The sixth motion on Hudud, Asfia said, would come from Ba’Kelalan assemblyman Baru Bian. The motion, which he said would be “very long”, seeks that there should be no implementation of Hudud law in Sarawak.

*Looking forward for it YB Baru Bian!

April 19, 2015

Adenan and his many charms

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Lately, its seems like many Sarawakians has fall into CM Adenan’s PR stunt and by now, he must have been revered as the great CM and true blue “Anak Sarawak”

A stark contrast with Taib. Adenan has spoke about almost everything that is dear to the hearts of all Sarawakians such as the issue of Oil Royalty, Malaysian Agreement 1963, Ummo, Unity, Illegal loggings, Integrity pledge to name a few and maybe i missed out some but without any significant changes in Policies, his government is just a continuity of Taib’s legacy.

For a start, he should scrap the plan to built 52 damn dams including 12 mega dams in Sarawak and to have reforms in Land policy.

Its nothing more than just a PR stunt prior to the next state election in which, he need to have a clear mandates from Sarawakians and he need to distance himself from Taib’s shadow.

Btw, its an open secret he is one of Taib’s advisor and a strategist. Be smart and please read between the line folks. Goodnite!

Say No To Banglas!!

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More and more peaceful street protest/demonstration needed here in Sarawak.

Teringat semula kata2 seorang sahabat dari Semenanjung tiga tahun lepas, “Orang Sarawak perlu di budayakan dengan budaya Tunjuk Perasaan/Demonstrasi Jalanan untuk menuntut hak rakyat Sarawak”

Thanks God, a successful demonstration today in Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri to protest agaisnt 30, 000 Bangladeshi recruited to work in Palm Oil plantations all over Sarawak.

In the future, a statewide protest should be organised to demand for a change in Land Code (To recognise Pulau Galau/Pemakai Menoa) as part of NCR land, Land Policy, to demand for 20% Oil Royalty, to demand for full compliance of Malaysian Agreement 1963, to demand for scrapping of all 52 damn dams, to demand for “Anak Sarawak” to filled up the federal agency jobs and many others. God bless Sarawak!

March 13, 2011

BN’s Mega-Construction YB!

Taken from Sarawak Report

In a recent online interview YB Peter Nansian, an Assistant Environment Minister in Taib’s cabinet and State Assemblyman for Tasik Biru, wrote ”I went into politics to strive for the people..if you come to my area.. all the main roads and other infrastructure are already in place..I always think of how to further develop the area and its people”. 

However, what his readers and constituents might not have picked up on is just how much of such publicly-funded construction is carried out by the enthusiastic YB himself!  Indeed, after a hard day’s work in Taib Mahmud’s cabinet he must have to rush home to get on his hard hat in order to oversee the hundreds of millions of ringgit worth of public projects that his company, Juara Beetuah Sdn Bhd, has been commissioned to carry out. 

Perhaps it because of his over-loaded schedule that this minister seems to have forgotten that it is criminally corrupt for holders of public office to operate private companies that directly benefit from the awarding of contracts by their own government?

Massive contracts

Peter Nansian is clearly identified in Malaysia’s Construction Industry Development Board’s list of registered companies as a Director of Juara Beetuah, a construction company that has received numerous government contracts worth hundreds of millions of ringgit! [ http://www.cidb.gov.my/directory/local_contractor_details.php?cont_id=28898 ]     

Director of the company Juara Beetuah. Getting listed in the CIDB Directory is crucial for companies seeking government contracts.


Furthermore, the address and contact details for Juara Beetuah, as laid out in the CIDB website are the same as those given by YB Peter Nansian in his Wikipedia online entry.

This is where you can find me. YB Peter Nansen’s Wikipedia entry confirms he is based at ‘Champion Beetuah’, English for Juara Beetuah!

But it is the sheer scale of the public contracts that the YB has been awarded by his own BN ruling coalition that causes real astonishment.  Juara Beetuah is registered as having received a total of 10 public contracts since the year 2000 with a total worth of RM350 million !

YB Peter Nansen’s public construction projects! Total value of around RM350 million. Note that project No 9, which is a road from Oya to Balingian is worth RM256 million alone.

 Constituents, whom YB Peter Nansian has tried to assure he has been working hard to support, may care to notice that these projects do not include developments in his own area!

What construction company? 


December 25, 2010

This goes out to both BN and Pakatan Rakyat!!


Menangkis serangan musuh politik

Taken from Sarawak Update

Dr. Jeniri Amir

KUCHING – If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. – Sun Tzu

Adakah Barisan Nasional (BN) mengetahui kelemahan dan kekuatannya? Adakah BN mengetahui kekuatan dan kelemahan Pakatan Rakyat? Yang lebih penting, adakah BN tahu akan strategi musuhnya? Dan, bagaimana dengan strateginya sendiri? Adakah cukup ampuh untuk menangkis serangan musuh politiknya?

Adakah BN akan bertahan ketika Pakatan Rakyat menyerangnya menjelang pilihan raya negeri akan datang? Begitu hebatkah peluru yang bakal digunakan PR untuk menyerang BN? Tidak mungkinkah BN menyerang PKdengan strategi kempen yang ampuh? Bagi memastikan kemenangan berpihak kepadanya, segala pemikir dan think-tank BN perlu belajar daripada strategi perang Sun Tzu.

Penasihat Khas di Pejabat Ketua Menteri Tan Sri Adenan Satem dipetik sebagai berkata bahawa jentera BN perlu sentiasa bersiap sedia menghadapi kempen parti pembangkang dan berani menangkis dakyah mereka dalam pilihan raya akan datang. Beliau, yang juga ketua penerangan Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), berkata jentera BN tidak boleh bersikap sambil lewa sebaliknya bekerja keras untuk memastikan kemenangan BN pada pilihan raya akan datang.

“Jentera parti harus mendekati masyarakat dengan menyalurkan maklumat yang tepat dan sahih kepada masyarakat tentang isu agar dapat dijawab dan diperjelaskan…Barulah kita dapat memenangi hati rakyat,” katanya pada majlis perjumpaan dengan jentera PBB kawasan dewan undangan negeri Tanjong Datu 12 Disember lalu.

Hakikatnya, pilihan raya ke-10, dijangka April depan, tidak lagi sama seperti pilihan raya-pilihan raya lalu, setidak-tidaknya dari segi tahap kesedaran pengundi dan rakyat tentang apa-apa yang berlaku dan berkembang dalam masyarakat. Mereka tahu apa yang dilakukan dan tidak dilakukan oleh pemimpin negeri. Mereka tahu banyak perkara tentang siapa yang mendapat apa dan bagaimana mereka mendapatkannya.

Jadi jangan perlekeh keupayaan dan pengetahuan pengundi dan rakyat. Jangan minta mereka bersyukur dengan ‘pembangunan’yang dibawa oleh kerajaan BN. Juga, jangan beritahu mereka bahawa hanya BN sahaja yang dapat memerintah, manakala pembangkang tidak akan dapat berbuat apa-apa dan hanya akan memecahkan perpaduan dan sebagainya. Hujah sedemikian bagi kebanyakan rakyat ialah hujah basi dan tidak lagi relevan. Bagi mereka hujah demikian mungkin sesuai digunakan untuk membujuk nenek berusia 80 tahun di kampung di pedalaman. Malangnya, sebahagian pemimpin politik masih lagi berfikir dengan menggunakan kerangka pemikiran lama, dan mengharapkan rakyat hanya menelan bulat-bulat apa-apa yang dinyatakan. Tentu sesuatu yang malang jika mereka berpendapat rakyat ialah robot yang tidak mempunyai otak.

BN perlu turun ke gelanggang dengan persiapan rapi dan lengkap. Gunakan strategi dan pendekatan lebih segar dan efektif. Saya masih percaya bahawa pendekatan terbaik adalah untuk menyelami hati rakyat dan berbaik-baik dengan mereka. Mereka tidak seharusnya diserang, dikritik dan disumpah seranah. Apalagi mengecap mereka sebagai tidak mengenang budi, pengkhianat, dan tidak pandai bersyukur. Jangan fikir hanya pemimpin politik sahaja yang mementingkan masa depan negeri ini.

Hakikatnya, rakyat juga mahu melihat negeri ini terus maju. Rakyat mahu sebuah kerajaan yang komited mentadbir dan mengurus negeri ini dengan penuh akauntabiliti dan ketelusan — bersih daripada segala penyelewengan dan salah guna kuasa. Rakyat wajar menegur, malah jika perlu mengkritik pemimpin politik yang melupai prinsip-prinsip kepemimpinan dan demokrasi tulen. Sebab, yang menjulang mereka ke puncak kuasa ialah rakyat.

Sejauh manakah kepemimpinan sekarang mengamalkan tadbir urus yang baik? Sejauh manakah pemimpin politik kita bersih daripada segala amalan rasuah dan salah guna kuasa? Untuk menjawabnya, tanya sahaja bagaimana persepsi rakyat terhadap mereka. Jangan katakan itu hanya persepsi, kerana hakikatnya, persepsi begitu penting dalam politik. Kadangkala persepsi lebih benar daripada realiti. Bagaimana pendapat umum tentang pemimpin dan parti yang bertandinglah yang menentukan sama ada calon atau parti berkenaan menang atau kalah dalam pilihan raya.

Kini, bukan sahaja golongan muda di bandar sudah mempunyai akses kepada maklumat yang dahulunya mungkin tersimpan kukuh di dalam fail di pejabat kerajaan. Golongan tua pun sudah tahu apa yang berlaku di negeri ini. Banyak maklumat begitu mudah tersebar. Jika tidak percaya, telitikan pelbagai sumber maklumat, blog dan portal berita di alam maya, termasuk Radio Free Sarawak dan Sarawak Report? Itu merupakan suara akar umbi yang perlu difahami betul-betul oleh pemimpin elit BN. Mereka tidak boleh lari daripada realiti. Bagaimanakah pemimpin BN dapat menangkis, dengan hujah yang meyakinkan dan masuk akal segala dakwaan dalam Sarawak Report dan radio alternatif berkenaan? Memadaikah dengan sekadar mengatakan bahawa semua itu adalah fitnah dan tuduhan tanpa asas?

Dalam keadaan sekarang, berdasarkan kajian di alam maya dan kempen yang digunakan dalam pilihan raya sebelum ini, ternyata bahawa pihak pembangkang memiliki kelebihan dari segi strategi, pendekatan dan teknik kempen. Kempen mereka adalah berteraskan penyelidikan dengan menggunakan teknik yang lebih berkesan. Jika tidak percaya, imbas balik sahaja apa yang berlaku dalam pilihan raya kecil di Sibu tempoh hari. Sejauh manakah BN memanfaatkan teknologi maklumat untuk menyebarkan dan menangkis hujah dan wacana lawan dengan hujah dan wacana tandingan yang lebih meyakinkan? Adakah portal PBB, SUPP, PRS, SPDP sentiasa dikemas kini? Bandingkannya dengan portal DAP. Dari situ kita akan tahu siapa yang lebih hebat. Adakah BN menggunakan FaceBook, YouTube atau portal berita dan blog yang memihak kepadanya dengan sebaik mungkin untuk menangkis hujah lawan?

Perang politik dalam pilihan raya akan datang bukan hanya berlaku di pentas politik dan di ruai rumah panjang, tetapi juga di alam maya. Perang di alam maya ialah perang menguasai, menakluki dan menunduk minda pengundi. Siapa yang berjaya menakluki minda pengundi, pihak itulah yang akan memenangi pilihan raya kerana asasnya pilihan raya ialah membuat keputusan berdasarkan keyakinan dan kepercayaan terhadap pihak yang bertanding. Jika calon atau parti yang bertanding tidak diyakini atau dipersepsi mengutamakan diri dan keluarga, ini tentu memberi kesan kepada corak pengundian.

Persoalannya, mampukah BN menangkis serangan musuh politiknya? Jawapannnya tentu lebih jelas menjelang pilihan raya April nanti.

*Penulis ialah penganalisis politik dan penulis prolifik.

July 28, 2010

Gerombolan Perang Panglima Pemuda Alam Maya PBB

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Sebulan sudah berlalu,Di manakah dia Gerombolan Pemuda Panglima Alam Maya PBB yang di janji kan itu?Adakah ianya di dalam bentuk kelibat Panglima yg bernama Sahrein Maloh dan Laksamana Rafique Hafeedzy Muhammad?

Saya dan rakan-rakan serta teman-teman seperjuangan sentiasa menanti-nanti kan kehadiran Gerombolan-gerombolan sekalian di sini Perdebatan yang berserta dengan Hujah yang bernas berasakan Fakta dan Angka amat lah di alu-alu kan.Saya dengan ini mencabar mana-mana jua hulubalang-hulubalang,Panglima-panglima Pemuda PBB untuk berdebat dan berhujah secara berFakta dan bukan nya Auta,secara Berilmiah dan Berhemah untuk membuktikan apa jua yang di dakwa sebagai Dakyah-dakyah dan Propaganda-propaganda jahat Pakatan Rakyat.

Di perslilakan terjun dan memberikan Hujah dan komen.Kita bukan cari Kemenangan tetapi hanya sekadar mencari KEBENARAN yang BENAR Sebenar-benar nya,yang HAKIKI…..

Mari lah kita bersama-sama membuka wacana yang Bebas,sebebasnya untuk berbicara tentang masa depan Bumi Sarawak kita yang tercinta ini.Dengan itu,saya sudahi dengan sebuah pantun 4 kerat:

Dari Kuching hendak ke Miri,
Singgah sebentar di Pasar Sibu,
Apa nak jadi dengan Budak PBB ni?
Isu Taib,kenapa diam,kenapa memBISU?

Salam Reformasi.Lawan Tetap Lawan!!! 🙂

Politics Primary 1 Lesson for Pemuda PBB Information Chief

But what of BN’s Youth leaders?

What about the two young leaders – the Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Fadillah Yusuf and the Asajaya assemblyman Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah – who are said to be the rising stars in Sarawak?Where are they in defending Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud in the cyber world?

YB Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah who as the Chief Political Secretary to the Chief Minister should know that it is his job to defend the Chief Minister.He used the internet blogs and facebook to great effect in his attempt to replace YB Fadilah Bin Yusof as the PBB Youth Chief but has not lift a finger to defend Pehin Sri in the cyber world. Is he still angry or resentful that he was asked by the top leadership to not the contest against YB Fadilah Yusuf?

And what about the PBB Youth Chief YB Fadilah Yusuf who is the Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation in Putrajaya?

With all the federal government power and expertise in cyber world why didn’t he initiate and spearhead a major cyber campaign against the attackers of Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud?Apparently both are intelligent enough to know that the Canada issue is a dangerous issue to tackle and therefore they are smart enough not to put their necks out in the cyber world for Pehin Sri.

Taib’s billions are almost impossible to defend and both YB Fadilah Yusuf and YB Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah are showing their political dexterity by being silent.Read more here

PBB tubuh unit siber tangkis pembangkang,blog

“Pergerakan Pemuda Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) telah mengambil inisiatif menubuhkan unit siber di bawah Biro Penerangan dan Teknologi Maklumat parti itu bagi menjelaskan isu berkaitan dasar kerajaan, kata Ketua Penerangannya Abdul Aziz Adenan.

Beliau berkata unit itu dikenali Unit Media Baru, akan menangkis dakwaan pembangkang di samping memantau blog dan laman web dengan memberikan penjelasan terhadap isu yang dibangkitkan yang menjejaskan rakyat.

“Kami tidak akan melakukan serangan peribadi tetapi mahu memberikan gambaran lebih jelas mengenai dasar-dasar kerajaan untuk menangkis tuduhan pembangkang,” katanya kepada Bernama.” Read more here

February 12, 2010

SPDP crisis may be taking a turn for the worst


KUCHING – The deputy secretary general of Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP), Paul Igai, said today that the party is aware of the move by the five elected representatives and three members of its supreme council to leave the party.

“Yes, we are aware of their move, but we still want them to come back,” said Igai who is also a political secretary to the Chief Minister.

He said: “We must, instead, reconsolidate and re-energise the party. Focus must be on the strength of the party and the Barisan Nasional in view of the coming state election.

“Parking permits must never be an option. They are still needed in the party,” said Igai.

He said the party president, William Mawan, had met the Chief Minister and the chairman of the State Barisan Nasional, Abdul Taib Mahmud, to explain the party crisis.

Political observers, however, see the crisis has worsened because of the move by the five elected representatives and three of the supreme council members to quit the party.

Decision to leave SPDP

The elected representatives are Sylvester Enteri (state assemblyman for Marudi), Peter Nansian (state assemblyman for Tasik Biru), Rosey Yunus (state assemblywoman for Bekenu), Paulus Gumbang (state assemblyman for Batu Danau) and  Dr. Tiki Lafe (MP for Mas Gading).

The three supreme council members are Peter Gani, George Garai and Eda Egar.

According to highly-placed sources, the group met the Sarawak Chief Minister on Wednesday to inform him of their decision to leave SPDP. They are asking to be parked with Parti Rakyat Sarawak which is headed by James Masing.

Last Thursday, they met with the Prime Minister informing him of their decision to leave the party.

The sources said that they were told by the Prime Minister not to form another party as they might not be able to join Barisan Nasional later.

Maintaining status quo

But the Prime Minister was said to have told them to consult the Chief Minister as to which party they should be parked.

The crisis precipitated last month after Mawan dropped Enteri as secretary general and replaced him with state assemblyman for Ba’Kelalan Nelson Balang Rining,

Enteri accused Mawan of not honouring his promise of maintaining status quo after listing him as one of the “President’s men” before the party went for its election last year.

A PRS leader, who refused to be identified, has welcomed the move by the group to be parked with PRS as it would not only enlarge the party’s elected representatives, but would also open the way for the merger of Dayak-based parties.

Currently, PRS has nine state assemblymen and six MPs. — Malaysian Mirror

These are the “Explaination” by some of the Rebels at the very first stage of the Crisis

SylvesterEntri(Marudi):”Mawan abused his pregorative and acted according to the advice of only few members.He has ignored the wishes of the Majority”
Rosey Yunus(Bekenu):”I was rushing for a flight back to Miri”
Peter Nansian(Tasik Biru):”I only left when the meeting was over and that was after i informed the President that i had function at home”…
Paulus Palu Gumbang(Batu Danau)=”Paulus,an appointed Vice President said he had to protest because what was announced at that meeting turned out to be different thing”
Tiki Lafe:So far no statement for him but he was present at the Press Conference which being held by Entri
Peter Ghani:”Gani,an SPDP founding member, had called on Mawan to resign, saying the members had lost confidence in his leadership”
George Garai,Cr Eda Igar:Both of them were Supreme Council members.Up to date,no statement from them

**So thats mean all together 8 walkout with 4 CONFIRMED Protest Walkout(Tiki,Entri,Paulus,Peter Ghani) 2 walkout with Good reason(Rosey,Nansian) and 2 Supreme Council Members,George Garai and Cr Eda Igar but yet to come with their statement

Ps:James Wong the former President of SNAP( Sarawak National Party) is still alive and he would be clapping his hands and clenching his fists and saying..Yes about time and Thank God History Does Repeat Itself. William led a walkout in SNAP 8 years ago and now he is swallowing his own medicine and its all his own doing. He has been trapped and he should have listened.

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