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August 10, 2011

The Price of Loyalty by James Wong

The accusation that Datuk Samad (The then Deputy Home Affairs Minister had signed was followed on the same document by “Allegation of Facts” which still seems to me a contradiction in terms which said :

“That you Dato James Wong Kim Min, during a meeting with the agent of a foreign power in May 1974, agreed to received the aid of that foreign power to enable you to discredit (Which you did) the existing government of Sarawak and to replace it with a government formed by you and you also agreed that the government so formed by you would arrange for the cession of Limbang to that foreign power and you further agreed with the said agent of the foreign power to received assistance from that foreign power to accomplish the aforesaid purposes”

I asked for more details about the “Allegations of fact” and was told by the chairman that the agent of foreign power i was supposed to met was the Seri Begawan, Sir Omar Ali Saifuddin,the father of the present Sultan of Brunei. Our meeting supposed to have taken place “at 10 pm in the month of May 1974″. I was said to have been accompanied by an unidentified Iban, and i was alleged to have received $4 Million, presumably in Brunei or Malaysian currency from him

My lawyers at once asked :

1.On what day in May, 1974 was i supposed to have met the Seri Begawan?

2.What was the description of the so called unidentified Iban?

3.Where was i supposed to have met the Seri Begawan?

4.In what form was the money handed to me?

The chairman’s answer to all these question was that he had not been provided with such details. My lawyers insist that the details should be provided.If we had details of when and where the alleged meeting was supposed to have taken place, i would perhaps be able to prove that i could not have been present

Since the authorities who had framed the charge agaisnt me claimed to know so much, surely they should also know the answers to our questions. But no attepmt was ever made to substantiate the allegations

At a later meeting with the advisory board, the chairman was to comment, in response to my repeated demands for answers to my questions, that it was unfortunate that the board was acting only in an advisory capacity to the Minister.

If the hearing had been in an open court, he added, ” I would throw the file out of window”

Ps: An excerpt from the book that im reading right now. “The Price Of Loyalty” by the late Datuk Amar James Wong Kim Min. Thanks to his son Alex Stmrock Wong for willing to gave me a copy of this book as i’ve been looking for it for quite sometimes

August 7, 2010

Iban fears on Malaysia still haunt ex-Sarawak DCM


Taken from Malaysian Mirror

FORMER Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister James Wong Kim Min, 88, is still haunted by the fears that the Ibans expressed in 1962/63 over the formation of Malaysia. They had their suspicions of the Malayans and worried that Britain, the departing colonial power, would let them down.

The veteran politician first realised this when the legendary Iban Temenggong (paramount chief) Jugah repeated more than once in his native language: “Anang Malaysia sebaka tebu, manis di pohon, tawal di hujung.”

(Malaysia should not be like the sugar cane, sweet at the head and getting less and less sweet towards the end.)

“His misgivings were shared by many of the other Sarawak leaders as well,” said Wong in a paper to 500-odd participants at a closed door forum, “Formation of Malaysia, a Promise Re-visited and the Way Forward“, in Kota Kinabalu over the weekend. The forum was a curtain-raiser to the first official celebration of Malaysia Day on Sept 16.

Wong’s paper, “The Equal Partnership and the Merger Concept of the Federation of Malaysia”, was read by Sarawak’s Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) chief Baru Bian to an appreciative audience. The former was under strict doctor’s orders not to travel.

The forum was organised by the Borneo Heritage Foundation (BHF) in association with the Common Interest Group Malaysia (CigMA), an ad hoc apolitical movement dedicated to “reversing the recolonisation of Sabah and Sarawak and disenfranchisement of the people”.

Now, nearly 47 years after the formation of Malaysia, Wong still can’t get Jugah’s prophetic words out of his head. It’s like an old musical theme that keeps playing over and over again in his head.  

Wong himself has bitter-sweet memories. He was accused of plotting Limbang’s secession from Malaysia. He was incarcerated in 1974 under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA). He was only released after his Sarawak National Party (Snap) agreed, albeit reluctantly, to join the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN). This was not at all the Malaysia that Wong had expected.

However, there had also been moments of regret earlier for Wong, brought about after Sabah shot down a Sarawak proposal that they federate together with Brunei. This was in the late 1950s as the people of Sarawak quietly explored the various avenues whereby they could be independent. There were dialogues unofficially on the proposal between Sabah and Sarawak for a federation in Borneo.

The Sabahans were not keen, continued Wong, since Sarawak was wrestling with an armed insurrection formented by the outlawed communist movement. The Sabahans told their counterparts in Sarawak frankly that they did not wish to get involved in helping tackle the insurrection since they did not have similar problems.

Also, Sarawak was not a rich state in the late 1950s and seemed to have low economic potential.

“Our 47th year of independence within Malaysia would be an occasion to remind ourselves as to why and how Malaysia came about,” said Wong. “It is also appropriate for us to remember the saying that when one drinks the water from a stream, one must not forget the source from which the water flows.”

This is particularly true of the younger generation, urged Wong, especially those in their mid-fifties and below, who were then too young when Malaysia was formed to grasp and understand the implications.  

“But what all Malaysians here must know and understand is that we (Sarawak) did not enter Malaysia, we formed Malaysia together with Sabah, Singapore and Malaya,” Baru read from Wong’s paper to thunderous applause from the audience.  

Giving personal glimpses into the formation of Malaysia, Wong recalled that he was in London in 1960 on a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) meeting, representing Sarawak, when he was invited to the British Foreign Office for a meeting. Here, they wanted to know his views on the possible formation of a federation of Malaya, Singapore and the British territories in Borneo. He was taken aback but remembers being non-committal.


The Birth Of Malaysia

“I would like to repeat and emphasize again, that Malaysia is a Nation formed of equal partners, Sarawak did not join; but Sarawak formed Malaysia together with Malaya, Sabah and Singapore.

Malaysians are all equal under the Law and Constitution, irrespective of race, color or creed. There should not be distinction or discrimination. The rights of each component state are inviolable and inscribed in the IGC and London Agreements.”

~~Datuk Amar James Wong Kim Min~~

To all my fellow Sabahans and Sarawakians friends who is interested to get a copy of this book,please feel free to email me at Pengayau@ymail.com In Sarawak,this book is only available at Belle’s Bookshop,Pelita Comercial Centre,Miri.There is only a few copies left

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