"Mangkang Menua,Mangkang Dunya,Ngetan Ke Bansa!!"

August 15, 2011

Where is Sulaiman Taib?

We’ve just received information from a very reliable source to confirm that Sulaiman Taib is now in Canada. We were made to understand that he is still sulking with his father (Taib) due to his marriage with Ragad who is first cousin of Robert Geneid (Husband of Raziah Mahmud) and that is the reason why he has been away for so long from Sarawak and neglect his own VOTERS in Kota Samarahan!!

He didnt even attend the wedding receiption. He was known to be “Mummy Boy” and when his mother passed away and his father decide to married Ragad, most of the family members disagree as they know, it is part of Raziah Mahmud strategy to “TAPAU” all his father wealth and it is an open secret that Raziah is the most GREEDY among Taib’s siblings. Now both Hannifar Hajjar and Sulaiman is not in talking term with their aunt Raziah and Taib himself over the matter as Ragad is being planted!!

Taib is Ragad’s second husband and she has 2 kids from her previous marriage with her Arab’s husband. An English teacher from England were hired by Taib to teach Ragad but however, Ragad being stubborn and lazy did not finish her English lesson and Taib only communicate with Ragad through a TRANSLATOR!!

The reason why his father wanted him to join Politics is to ensure that Rahman-Taib Family Dynasty in Sarawak Politics is everlasting. Norah Tun Rahman (MP for Tanjung Manis) and Ali Mahmud (State Assemblymen for Muara Tuang) is one of the classic example of Rahman-Taib Family Dynasty

It was said that Sulaiman actually feel very reluctant to join Politics but he was persuaded and to an extent being forced by his father to stand/contest in Kota Samarahan in 2008 General Election fro which he won.No doubt when its all about MONEY and POWER!. This has further explain his sudden resignation as Deputy Tourism Minister less than 1 year after being appointed to the post in 2009

Our source has also confirm that most likely, he will not defend his Kota Samarahan Parliamentary seat in this upcoming General Election and several names has been said eyeing for the seat and one of them is Dato Ahmad Ibrahim (PBB Batu Kawa Branch Head)

December 30, 2010

Norah Tun Rahman,the future Chief Minister of Sarawak?


This is your future Chief Minister

Stolen from Antu Beduru

We have received new information which supports our recent exposé about the top secret succession plan hatched by Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak and Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud. As reported, our source had revealed that Putrajaya wants Taib to step down and hand the reins of power to an Iban Chief Minister to placate the Ibans by January 2011.

This Iban Chief Minister, Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu anak Numpang, will only be an interim care-taker. He will hand over to Taib’s cousin, Datuk Seri Dr. Mohd. Effendi Norwawi, as soon as BN has won a landslide victory thanks to the Ibans who support an Iban Chief Minister.

The latest news our source has revealed is that Effendi will also be an interim caretaker! The real successor to Taib will be none other than his own first cousin, Datuk Norah Abdul Rahman, currently the MP for Tanjong Manis. Taib’s mother and Norah’s father, the previous Governor and Chief Minister Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub, are siblings. Although the rumour that Norah was the heir-apparent was reported several months ago, our source has verified that this is now not a mere rumour but a very real fact.

The plan is for Effendi to warm the Chief Minister’s seat for a few years while Norah fast-tracks her way up the party hierarchy in PBB. When the time is right, Effendi will resign his DUN seat and a by-election will be called with Norah standing. She will then be crowned the first woman Chief Minister of Sarawak and the first ever woman state leader of Malaysia.

The only stumbling block to Norah will be Datuk Amar Abang Abdul Rahman Zohari Tun Abang Hj. Openg, better known to us as Abang Jo. Enter the Malay faction in PBB. Our source has also revealed that Putrajaya is in favour of Abang Jo as a replacement to Taib, and it is an open secret that Abang Jo has support in high places in Putrajaya. Rumours are rife that within PBB a bitter power struggle is being fought in the corridors of power behind closed-doors. The daggers are drawn and Taib is said to be fearing even his own shadow and everyone is a suspect as far as he is concerned. The united facade PBB is desperately displaying to the public is fast beginning to crumble.

Back to Taib’s succession plan. With Norah in place, Taib will be fully protected and Putrajaya will keep to their gentleman’s agreement not to meddle in Sarawak’s affairs, and the status quo will be maintained.



The future Chief Minister of Sarawak.

Sarawak’s dynastic First Family

However, this highly secret succession plan can only succeed if the Iban continue to vote BN and support the Iban Chief Minister-in-waiting, Jabu, which is very likely if SNAP leaves Pakatan Rakyat and splits the Iban vote. The key to the Chief Minister’s Office now lies in the hands of the Iban, the majority bloc of votes in Sarawak. Will the Iban play into the cunning hands of Taib again and be easily bought by the idea of an Iban Chief Minister, some pocket money, MRPs, a few rounds of Oranjeboom and a dish of grilled pork?Read also Iban Translation

July 26, 2010

Taib’s Top Gig


Taken from Sarawak Report

 The Said Business School, Oxford University


Taib’s Big Moment

 As the news about Taib’s top gig in the UK started to break in the astonished host city of Oxford last week, anyone who was anyone in Sarawak was piling into planes (who paid?) to come and applaud the great moment.  If you were not invited on Taib’s big trip, then consider yourself out of the picture as far as he is concerned.

 For tickets costing £1,000 a head, according to a forest group who enquired, the audience will be entertained with an opening speech by Abdul Taib Mahmud at the University’s Said Business School’s ‘Inaugural Global Islamic Branding and Marketing Forum’ on Monday 26th July.  That’s the top slot, courtesy of the University of Oxford.

 Champions of  justice, freedom, democracy, open government, the environment and indigenous rights, all the great causes espoused by this proud university for hundreds of years, will be left to express their indignation outside. No wonder that the Said Business School is no stranger to controversy!


 In order to find out why the school has decided to invite and indeed honour such a notorious individual, Sarawak Report delegated a journalist to make enquiries.   The answer would appear to be not unrelated to the hefty sponsorship of the event by the Tanjun Manis Food & Industrial Park, based of course in Sarawak.  Tanjun Manis began life as the ‘brainchild’ of Taib Mahmud back in the 1980s as a massive timber processing plant under the State-owned Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC).  This was where the millions of logs pouring out of Sarawak could be sawn up and processed and then transported to the specially-built deep sea port for loading onto  Japanese ships.  Those ships were the ones that the Japanese Tax authorities exposed just two years back as having paid millions and millions of ringgit in kickbacks (bribes) to companies controlled by Onn Mahmud, Taib’s little brother, who has numerous business tie-ups with Taib (see previous reports on this site).

Tanjun Manis – Thousands of Hectares of ‘Pristine Land’ have been made availble for ‘Green Development’ Unfortunately for everyone, even Taib, the wood has now run out.  If Sarawak had been sustainably logged and the forests had been less greedily managed there would have course been a valuable timber trade to benefit Sarawak for future generations. So much for Taib’s self-promotion as ‘A Great CEO’.  Grab and run does not add up to great company management.  Needless to say, the Sarawak Stakeholders, the people of the country whose land the Taib’s have logged, have received very poor dividends indeed!  They have been left destitute with floods and droughts to contend with and no amenities, meagre food and rotten roads (no chance of a view of any of the Boy Racer’s Bugatti and Ferrari collection in Central Sarawak any time soon).

 So Taib’s new big idea has been to diversify from being the world’s biggest timber exporter into the world’s biggest Halal Products Hub and he has taken himself off to Oxford University to promote it.  Tanjun Manis is also laughably entitling itself as ‘Green Development’, while promoting its deep sea port as an excellent location for expanding deep sea fishery of the region’s collapsing marine life. 

Norah – keep it in the family However, as long as there is money in it the long-suffering Sarawakians will know that the Taibs will be interested.  So interested in fact that in keeping with all business ventures in Sarawak, one of the Chief Minister’s closest relatives is in charge.  First cousin Norah Binti Abdul Rahman was appointed as the Chief Executive last year, after the end of the decades-long family feud between Taib and his displaced uncle.  Norah is now being touted as the lastest prospect for Taib’s successor.  At least she is family. Perhaps no surprise that she is also the MP for Tanjun Manis as well.  In Sarawak the Taibs always like to make sure that politics and business overlap in this deeply questionable fashion.

 Oxford’s Embarrassment


July 3, 2010

Sakti/Sakto – Another Taib Exclusive


Taken from SarawakReport.org


Sakto Canada/Sakti US

 When you have dozens of properties and as many companies to manage them it is always a good trick to stick to similar names.  Sarawak Report can exclusively reveal that there is a US arm to the Taib family’s North American  property empire.

Palatial – just one of the Taib family’s US residences In Ottawa, Canada the family’s interests are managed by Sakto Corporation, but in the US they are managed by Sakti International Corporation. Sakti International Corporation comprises properties totalling an estimated value of US$80,000,000, according to their own company documents.  Each property is held under a separate company, usually named after the property’s street address, again in order to aid recognition.  For example, W.A. Boylston manages 1117 Boylston St, Seattle (shown right).

 However, one of these companies is not so named. Wallyson’s Incorporated, based in Seattle, operates what is known as the Abraham Lincoln Building. The Abraham Lincoln Building houses a top secret FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) facility and to enter requires maximum security clearance. 

FBI Headquarters in Seattle – a Taib Building This is the North West Regional Headquarters for the FBI, America’s domestic security and counter-terrorism service. The Seattle branch lists amongst its particular responsibilities countering terrorism threats from Far East Asia.  This building is owned by the Taib family.

FBI emblem at Abraham Lincoln Building Sakti’s other main US office block, 260 California Street, San Francisco, also rents space to an impressive list of clients, including Citibank.  It shows once again the Taib family’s ability to ingratiate with the establishment in host countries for their foreign investments.

Taib company history in the USA

Also like Sakto, Sakti is currently managed by Sean Murray, husband of Jamilah Taib, who is the daughter of Abdul Taib Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak (salary 20,000 Malaysian Ringgit per month).  Sean Murray was re-named Hisham Murray when he converted to the Muslim faith on his marriage to Jamilah, but never uses this name in his business or social capacities outside of Sarawak.

Hisham (Sean) and Jamilah Murray


June 28, 2010

A Key Question for Taib


Taken from SarawakReport.org

Who is the owner of the Taib family’s real estate fortune?    

Elegance – the Taib Residence in KuchingSarawakians are entitled to a clear answer, backed by documentary evidence, as to who actually owns the Taib family’s massive property portfolio.  A politician such as Abdul Taib Mahmud ought under law to be required to declare all his assets, so that he can be held accountable.  However, he does not.    

 The Chief Minister earns just 20,000 Malaysian Ringgit a month, yet his family owns a property empire worth hundreds of millions US dollars in countries across the world.  So far, the story that the Chief Minister has sought to maintain is that his entire family (male and female, young and old), are excellent business people, who suddenly and simultaneously discovered their talents in the early 1980s, right after he took power, and built their fotune through legitimate means or grand marriages to wealthy foreigners.    

Taid Transport – a bullet proof rolls royce

 Property worth billions of ringgit    

 Surely this highly dubious contention needs at least to be proven against the far more obvious conclusion that the ultimate ownership of much of this property remains with the Chief Minister, who has amassed a phenomenal fortune at the expense of his people?    

The Chief Minister should lay out before the Legislative Assembly proof that he is not the owner or beneficiary of any of his family’s assets and submit to independent financial scrutiny, as is routinely done in countries like the UK.  Not to do so would be to admit to the electorate that he is indeed the aged kleptocrat (an old thief who rules) that he is widely considered to be.     

Home is the place to start   


February 11, 2010

What is Dayak Syndrome?

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Taken from  http://knightadventure.blogspot.com/2008/10/dayak-syndrome.html

By James anak Bond (Founder of Dayak Syndrome)

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed in the 20th Century noticed a spoiled brat in the Malays and boldly he spoke up. I am not a Tun neither a notable lord in the society, but so was farm girl Joan of Arc when she appeared before the disheartened French Army in the 15th Century. I, too, want to save my people and boldly must I speak. A wretched soul who is nobody is probably what it takes to point out the spiteful rats in the Dayak. Our leaders must despised the rodent, too, if they are not rats themselves.

The reason for this article is to probe the pride of the Dayak. So at the end of the day we will start asking ourselves this pertinent question: Are we still a Dayak? If we are Dayak then by all means we had better start working on Dayak image. Or else, we can do away with Dayak altogether. Time is now to make the choice.

1. Prologue
2. Dayak Syndrome: The Origin
3. Dayak Syndrome: The symptoms
4. Dayak Syndrome: Tribal characters
5. Dayak Syndrome: Application in everyday challenge
6. Why James anak Bond hates Dayak
7. Prescription against Dayak Syndrome


When a Dayak disagrees with another Dayak in a society or even in their own longhouse, the Dayaks have all but two options:

  1. They can ignore, forgo or decline all attempts of reconciliation and raze to the ground the foundation upon which their alliance was forged so no one is left with anything to gain from the lose-lose situation, which in Dayak sense is a fair deal – sepik asai, says Iban; paja’k dalo’k, says Kayan.
  2. Or, if the first option is unattainable, either party can walk out to start another home somewhere, similar in architecture and design and function, only smaller – kelap tong tana juu juu sitei ami itao, says the Penan. The longer the juuuu the farther is that somewhere.
  3. While Option 1 offers opportunity to both losers to come to a talking term again, Option 2 is a dead end. It is for that reason the squabbling Dayaks are quick to resort to Option 1 in many cases, which is total demolition of everything they have started. Standing before the ruin, they watched with glee.Option 2 may offer opportunity of remerging in the future. That can happen in other societies but not Dayak. As far as any hornbill can recall, never once two separated Dayak groups come together again.When a Dayak divorces another Dayak, the two Dayaks will only remarry after there’s no more singles, no more widows, no more infidel spouses, no more bitches to choose from. Of course that is only a metaphor. But even that is not entirely remote from Dayak reality. Exception is the Penan; they’re made in pairs till death do them apart. Maybe because living in a small colony of four or five families don’t give them much choice.

    We have no qualms about liking Dayak to traitors to their own future because every argument they can employ to quash this claim will rebound to stare at their face, and they know that.

    The Dayaks always want to be in control. If we cannot take over the ship as a whole, we divide the ship in two to be fair to everyone in the hull. A halved ship will sink! Oh, we forgot that. But we can worry about that after we split the ship.” – James anak Bond.

In 2002, a Dayak started a Dayak-based web forum, the first of its kind. Quickly it was rewarded with a huge popularity among the Sarawakians, Dayak and non-Dayak alike. Sometime later, the site administrators, some IT fellows of Dayak origin, embroiled in a power tussle among themselves. Long story short, a splinter group moved out to start a Dayak-based web forum of its own. Then a long-standing issue of ‘members pinching’ come between the two sites. The moral of the story is, when Dayak envies another Dayak their sense of community is blurred by a sense of competition, although often the competition is not necessary. But the saddest calamity in this case is not even one Dayak, not even those standing in the sideline, can see anything wrong with that. That is Dayak Syndrome case 1.

Dayak Syndrome case 2. In 2006, a Dayak wanted to start an association for his fellow Dayak. He mooted the plan. He was given a lukewarm response; critics were aplenty. Yet while he was finalizing the framework and now everyone can see the relevance of the movement, out of nowhere the many Dayaks hustled into the association and started nominating themselves to the committee board; somehow, they hijacked the whole thing from the first Dayak. The moral of the story is Dayaks are mites without honour.

Dayak Syndrome: The origin


January 29, 2010

Who will be Taib’s successor?

Taken from the Malaysian Mirror

KUCHING – The triennial delegates conference of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) scheduled for March this year may be considered a tame affair electoral-wise. No key posts are expected to be challenged.

However, the event has also generated much interest not only among party members but the public as well. This is because there are indications that long-serving party president and Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud may choose the occasion to announce a successor.

At least this is what some speculate. And many are hoping that this time, the talks will come true unlike in the past when the CM himself announced his possible successors only to ‘chop’ them off one after another in the end.

pbb-abd-taib-mahmudTaib, aged 74, looking frail after an operation, but still mentally alert, is believed to be looking for someone (more seriously now, perhaps) to lead the party which he has helmed since March 26, 1981, a period of about 29 years.

And what makes it more interesting is that whoever is to succeed him as the president of PBB is going to be the chief minister of Sarawak.

Disappeared into political oblivion


January 28, 2010

Sarawak civil society condemn settlement demolition

Taken from Sarawakupdate

Mark Bujang

We the concerned civil society organisations (CSOs) having met and deliberated in Sibu on 23 January 2010 on the recent news of the demolition of houses belonging to the residents of Rumah Nor Anak Nyawai, Sungai Sekabai, Sebauh, Sarawak on the 19 January 2010 express utter outrage and deep concern on the blatant disregard of the communities’ customary rights and their right to shelter.

The actions of Tatau Land Sendirian Berhad, a subsidiary of the ASSAR Group and their agents together with the authorities were uncalled for since the residents of Rumah Nor are still contesting the land dispute claim over the area.

The comment made by the Superintendent of Land and Survey Department, Bintulu laying the blame on the lawyer for not informing his clients on the eviction order was false. The fact was, the lawyer representing the residents has yet to receive any eviction order from the court.

There was also no notice given to the residents. The residents’ were only informed about the eviction order after the demolition was done. Furthermore, the residents have since appealed the decision and the case is still pending.

We demand that:


Rumah Nor ak Nyawai being demolished once again!!

One of the affected structure. Pix by TAHABAS President

The land and survey department insisted they were merely discharging a court order while Tahabas president insisted that  the problem arrived from overlapping mistake.

Superintendent of Land and Survey Bintulu, Haji Ajmaen Haji Superi told Sarawak Update: “We are only carrying out our duty. The court has made its decision. The court have communicated to the lawyer, and it is the lawyer duty to inform their clients that they lost the case,” he explained, adding that failure to vacate the land is contempt of court. Full story, here.

TAHABAS president in his widely circulated email, was telling otherwise.

To be fair, we are publishing both Land and Survey statement and Tahabas statement, for the readers to understand.

The court have decided that the land is State Land while TAHABAS insisted that it was the residents ownership despite the court decision.

However, ironically three days have lapse but the affected resident lawyer choose to keep mum and is not replying to our email seeking clarification.

It was not immediately known the affected resident lawyers who happened to be PKR Sarawak leaders are staying away from ICT technology due to Dr Rais Yatim advisory against twitter and FB.

Attached below are unedited email circulated by TAHABAS.


December 30, 2009

Timb menteri: Anak Sarawak ganti Sulaiman

Repost from http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/120770

Anak kelahiran Sarawak akan mengisi kekosongan jawatan timbalan menteri pelancongan yang dilepaskan oleh Datuk Seri Sulaiman
Abdul Rahman Taib, kata perdana menteri hari ini.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak berkata pengganti Sulaiman akan diumumkan dalam sedikit masa lagi.

“(Nama) lebih kurang (tahu) tapi tidak boleh umumkan lagi,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan mesyuarat agung Parti Demokratik Progresif Sarawak (SPDP) di Kuching hari ini.

Beliau ditanya mengenai nama pengganti Sulaiman, yang juga anak lelaki sulung Ketua Menteri Sarawak Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, yang meletak jawatan atas alasan peribadi.

Pada 10 Disember lalu, Taib berkata Sulaiman terlalu sedih selepas kehilangan ibunya Puan Sri Laila Taib, yang meninggal dunia kira-kira enam bulan lalu.

Sulaiman, 41, yang juga timbalan ketua pergerakan Pemuda Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) telah dilantik sebagai timbalan menteri pada 19 Mac 2008 semasa Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi memegang jawatan perdana menteri, dan apabila Najib mengambil alih jawatan perdana menteri April tahun ini, Sulaiman dikekalkan.

Sulaiman adalah anggota parlimen Kota Samarahan yang pernah diwakili oleh ayahnya. BERNAMA

December 29, 2009

KM Sarawak selar pembangkang ‘lapar kuasa’


Ketua Menteri Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud menyelar tindakan golongan tertentu yang bertindak untuk menghasut rakyat agar membenci kerajaan.

“Kita berpolitik untuk menentukan perjuangan kita dan tidak mengetepikan soal pokok untuk menolong rakyat. Sejak akhir-akhir ini, muncul golongan tertentu yang lapar dan dahaga untuk mendapat kuasa memekik sana sini menghasut rakyat.

“Kalau mereka mahu berjuang untuk rakyat dan negeri belajarlah bersungguh-sungguh bagaimana hendak berkhidmat kepada rakyat dan negara sebelum menjalankan perjuangan politik,” katanya dalam teks ucapan yang dibacakan Timbalan Ketua Menteri Tan Sri Alfred Jabu.

Taib, yang juga pengerusi BN negeri, berkata ahli politik pembangkang membuat janji-janji kosong dan mendakwa mereka boleh melakukan keajaiban bagi menggembirakan rakyat dan pengundi.

Sebagai contoh, mereka mendakwa boleh melindungi pelbagai perkara, mendapatkan lebih banyak wang daripada pembangunan tanah adat dan sebagainya, katanya.

“Masa depan rakyat, dengan kesedaran bahawa lebih baik mereka menyokong BN berbanding ahli politik pembangkang yang banyak bercakap. Mereka tidak dapat buktikan kemampuan mereka untuk membantu rakyat,” kata Taib di majlis perasmian mesyuarat agung Parti Demokratik Progresif Sarawak (SPDP) di Kuching hari ini.

Sementara itu, Presiden SPDP Datuk Seri William Mawan Ikom menyeru semua komponen parti BN bekerjasama dari peringkat atas hingga ke akar umbi untuk menghadapi sebarang cabaran dan kritikan yang boleh menggugat keutuhan BN dan menukar corak politik negeri Sarawak.

“Tidak ada satu parti komponen boleh menganggap bahawa dia adalah lebih penting atau berkuasa daripada yang lain. Dalam keadaan susah atau senang, kita mesti bersatu dalam BN,” katanya.

Untuk menghadapi pilihan raya negeri akan datang, Mawan menyeru pemimpin SPDP di peringkat bahagian dan cawangan untuk menangani isu seperti pembangunan tanah, kaum Penan dan alam sekitar yang dimainkan pembangkang untuk memesongkan rakyat, khususnya di luar bandar.

“Saya berharap pemimpin SPDP di peringkat bahagian dan cawangan untuk mengambil tindakan proaktif dengan memberi penerangan lengkap kepada penduduk di luar bandar melalui sesi dialog dan perjuangan sosial di peringkat akar umbi untuk memastikan penyokong dan penduduk di luar bandar tidak terpengaruh dengan kempen pembangkang,” katanya. BERNAMA

1.BN nadai kala Ngasut Rakyat

2.BN nadai kala Ngugut Rakyat

3.BN nadai kala bejaie ke Penyakal

4.BN nadai kala Gila Kuasa

5.BN nadai kala nabur ke Semaia Bula ngagai Rakyat

6.BN nadai kala Ngerampas Tanah Rakyat

7.BN nadai kala bula senentang Ngemansang ke Tanah

8.BN  aja ulih niki ke duit Royalti Minyak kitai Sarawak

9.BN aja ulih Nyerakup ke kitai Dayak

10.BN aja bendar Ngangkat,Ngidup,Nulung Rakyat

11.BN aja meh Parti ti manah,anang nyukung Parti Penyakal

12.BN udah mayuh meri NCR Land ngagai Rakyat

13.BN enda semina nemu bejaku rauh2 baka Penyakal

14.BN aja ulih mai PEMANSANG!!!!!!!


”Undi meh Barisan Nasional,Manah Ke Nuan,Manah Ke Aku,Manah Ke Semua Kitai,Ngambik Ke Kitai Sama Nyingkang,Sama Mansang Dalam Malaysia”


Ohh Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 5, 2009

The next Sarawak Thief Minister@Chief Monster??

Stolen from http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/119057

Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berkata, timbalan menteri pelancongan, Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib ada menyatakan hasratnya untuk meletak jawatan.

Katanya, beliau akan berbincang perkara itu dengan BN Sarawak terlebih dahulu.

“Nantilah dulu apa keputusannya,” kata Najib dalam sidang akhbar selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi Umno di ibunegara malam ini.

Ditanya mengenai sebabkan Sulaiman (foto) mahu meletak jawatan, Najib berkata, ianya adalah atas sebab-sebab peribadi.

Perdana menteri bagaimanapun enggan mengulas bila Sulaiman menyerahkan surat peletakan awatan itu kepadanya.

Sebelum ini, laporan Malaysian Insider yang memetik sumber-sumber berkata, anak ketua menteri Sarawak itu, telah menyerahkan surat peletakan jawatannya kepada Najib atas sebab kesihatan.

Bagaimanapun terdapat desas-desus sejak beberapa minggu lalu yang mendakwa Sulaiman mengambil keputusan meletak jawatan kerana tidak sehaluan dengan Menteri Pelancongan, Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen.

Juga terdapat spekulasi yang mendakwa, ianya ada kaitan dengan pelantikan bekas ketua pegawai eksekutif MAS, Datuk Idris Jala sebagai menteri penuh.

Sebelum menyertai kerajaan, Sulaiman menerajui syarikat milik keluarganya, Cahaya Mata Sarawak Bhd (CMS).

Beliau juga merupakan bekas pengerusi RHB Capital – cawangan pembankan RHB, yang pernah dimilik oleh CMS.

Dalam pilihanraya umum lalu, Sulaiman menggantikan bapanya sebagai calon Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) untuk bertanding di kerusi parlimen Samarahan dan kemudiannya terus dilantik sebagai timbalan menteri oleh perdana menteri ketika itu, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Program Umno

Sebelum itu, Najib yang juga presiden Umno berkata, mesyuarat MT malam ini telah meluluskan program yang akan dijalankan oleh Umno tahun depan.

Menurutnya, program-program yang berkonsep ‘Umno sebagai juara rakyat’itu meliputi bidang pendidikan, keagamaan, kerohanian, keusahawan dan ekonomi serta sosial.

Program-program tersebut, katanya, akan mula dilaksanakan bulan depan secara berterusan serta akan turut membabitkan parti-parti komponen BN yang lain.

Najib juga memberitahu bahawa Pendaftar Pertubuhan (ROS) telah meluluskan pindaan perlembagaan Umno berkuatkuasa 10 November lalu.

Pindaan tersebut yang diluluskan dalam mesyuarat agung Umno baru-baru ini, termasuk memperkenalkan sistem pendaftaran menggantikan sistem kuota pencalonan dan pemilihan bagi peringkat bahagian dan pucuk pimpinan tertinggi akan diadakan secara serentak.

Umno juga, kata perdana menteri, akan melaksanakan kaedah pemutihan ahli supaya senarai keahliannya adalah terkini.

Di samping itu, katanya, ia juga penting untuk menentukan kesahihan ahli parti itu.

It has been speculated in the Net for a couple of weeks ago regarding his resignation from the Federal Cabinet.It was said that he was in “Cold” ties with his Boss Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen who is the Tourism Minister over some disagreement and he has  also being side lined in some Official Duties as Deputy Tourism Minister.

He was appointed as Deputy Tourism Minister during Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi tenure as Prime Minister despite being a first term MP.He has replaced his father in Parliamentary Seat of  Samarahan in the last GE which he has won with a huge majority.He has been retained under new cabinet line up by Najib.Taib has been an MP for Samarahan since 1970

I believe this is some sort of ORIENTATION and EXPOSURE for him at the Federal Level before he’s going to take over Chief Monstership from his father. In the past,both Taib Mahmud(Yang Di Kasihi) and Abdul Rahman Ya’kub were once a Federal Minister.Taib was Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department(1970-1972) and Natural Resource Minister(1972-1974) before succeeding his uncle Abdul Rahman Ya’kub as Sarawak 4th Chief Minister.

Are we about to experience another History in the making?The succession of Power in the Kerajaan Melanau Of Sarawak from a father to his son?Just like what has been predicted in the past?Is there is any succesion plan by Taib other than to his family members or relatives?Who is the second in line to the Throne?Its going to be great drama and add to another episode of Sarawak Political History?It will further strenghten my PREDICTION that there would a Great Kerajaan Melanau in Sarawak,just like the Great Roman Empire!!!!

To all my fellow DAYAK’S, Wake Up,Stand Up and Fight!!!Let us free ourself from this CORRUPTS REGIME which has systematically oppressed us from the past and will be in the FUTURE if we still have this so called CAWAT MENTALITY!!!!!

“From an Uncle to a Niece and now from a Father to his Son?” What a Fatherly Love….

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