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November 9, 2011

Salcra to pay out RM100.888 mln in dividends

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RM100.888 Million divide by 16 374 Land owners = RM6161.48, divide by 12 months = RM513.70 a months? This is by average. Jabu oh Jabu. How i wish i could pee on your face!!!

Taken from Borneo Post

KOTA SAMARAHAN: Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (Salcra) will pay RM100.888 million in dividends early next year.

Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu said the amount would be divided among the 16,374 land owners who participated in Salcra oil palm plantations.

“Looking at our financial strength, Salcra has enjoyed profits due to prudent management which enabled high production, thus we are able to pay the amount to the participants,” Jabu, who is Salcra chairman, told a media conference at Salcra headquarters here yesterday.

He had earlier chaired Salcra 87th Board of Directors meeting at the headquarters.

Jabu explained that only participants with mature estates were entitled to receive the payment, and not those who had just started.

The Rural Development Minister pointed out that the payment would be split into two – one in early next year and the other in July – and he hoped recipients would use their dividend wisely, taking into account the educational welfare of their children.

“We (Salcra) chose to pay the dividend by early next year because we are aware that parents need money to register their children at schools,” Jabu said.

He added that Salcra did not want to see the participants face financial burden when they send their children to schools.

The Modernisation of Agriculture Minister went on to say that the second payment in July was to prevent overspending by some participants during Gawai.

July 24, 2010

As usual,Jabu with his RUBISH


Pengayau Comment

“Salcra had paid out dividends totalling some RM330 Million to its participants”

*I believe this is the total figure and not yearly!!!!!

“NCR Land,if not being developed properly,will become useless.It will generate zero income!!”
*Ya rite,the only way to develop it is by robbing away the land from the people!!!
For all this while,Jabu has been shouting here and there,now and then that Salcra has successfully uplift the Socio Economy of their participants.Ya rite,berapa iku Iban udah kaya lbn Salcra??? SALCRA:Such A Low Crappy Revenue Annually?We should ask him to give the breakdown. Salcra has been operating for more than 30 years!!

RM330 Million being paid out over a period so many years and over so many participant. How much is the average return per annum per participant? There is one of my frens who suggested that we should dedicated a monument for Jabu,to homopured him for being the Self Proclaim Paramount Chief of the Dayaks.A Monumental Of Lies A.K.A Tugung Pemula in Simpang Layar dedicated specially to Jabu
If you do simple arithmetic,let’s say each participant have the same size of land for Salcra, the dividend supposed to be paid out this year according to the news report is only a mere RM200 per month per participant.50 acres of palm oil can produce more than RM10K gross a month at current price RM500 per ton. Let’s say we take RM8K/month as a profit, then 1 year we can make RM96K, 5 years we can make RM480K.!!

January 3, 2010

Masing refuses to “own” SALCRA?

Re-post from The Broken Shield

Since the beginning of January 2010, SALCRA which has been entrusted to develop NCR land from 1976 is now no longer under the Ministry of Land Development. It is now under Alfred Jabu’s Ministry of Modernisation of Agriculture and Minister of Regional Development.

Masing’s close aides said that he met the Chief Minister a few months back requesting that SALCRA should not be under his ministry since Jabu refuses to step down as chairman of the SALCRA’s Board of directors.

James Masing

As chairman, Jabu is allegedly behaved as if he is also chief executive officer of SALCRA, rendering Masing completely powerless.

It appears that SALCRA will follow whichever ministry Jabu is holding.

The Broken Shield asked Masing’s aides why he wants to disown SALCRA even though it is involved in land development.

According to the aides, SALCRA has financial, administrative and operational problems and any time the problems will burst to the top.

The aides claim that SALCRA has to use money given by the Federal Government and declares it as “dividends” to be paid to the scheme participants. There are more than 16,000 scheme participants.

Masing does not want to inherit the problems that have been created and to be blamed later on.

Isn’t it a pity that the scheme participants are made to suffer just because some people are greedy for power and money? And is MACC sleeping?– The Broken Shield

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