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July 23, 2011

Singapore is out!!

Should Stephen Kalong Ningkan teamed-up with Lee Kuan Yew when Singapore being “Kicked out” by Malaya in August 9th 1965, by now, Sarawak could be one of the most developed Commonwealth state!

April 4, 2010

Remembering Dad (Stephen Kalong Ningkan)

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Taken from Malaysian Mirror

PAUL SIR WRITES: Diana Ningkan, daughter of Stephen Kalong Ningkan, contacted me last week, asking whether I could write an article in memory of his late father on the 13th anniversary of his passing on March 31.

She said she still missed her dad so much even after all these years and would appreciate a little public recognition of his services to the state and nation again. This was Daddy’s girl.

It would be good as a history lesson for the younger generation too, she said, as her father had played a prominent role in the early years of Sarawak’s independence and the formation of Malaysia.

Indeed, there is something which history could never take away from Stephen Kalong Ningkan. It will always be recorded that this great Iban warrior from Betong was the first Chief Minister of Sarawak.

Diana said she wanted me to write because I was a family friend and that “my father used to favour you when he was alive.” Probably she meant that since I knew her dad so well and was close to him in the final years of his life, I was a suitable candidate to pen a tribute to him.

But then I thought that the best person to invoke wonderful memories of a departed loved one would be a family member. Who else would know a man better than his wife or children.

So I suggested to Diana to write the article herself with the title “Remembering Dad” for publication in this column in the Borneo Post today.

Diana got down to work immediately and sent me this article the next day.

This is Stephen Kalong Ningkan as his daughter, Diana, saw and remembered him.


“Loving And Kind In All His Ways
Upright And Just To The End Of His Days
Sincere And True In Heart And Mind
A Beautiful Memory Left Behind”

Stephen Kalong Ningkan was undeniably a born leader, full of charisma with the charms of a man who could entice the deadliest of foe to be his friend. Strong-willed and full of determination and most of all courage, none would have been so brave as to take on the Federal Government of his time to court over what he deemed as injustice – not to him alone but to the people of Sarawak. The premature termination of his post as chief minister of Sarawak in 1966 did not break his spirit but instead he marched on, though wounded, to lead his beloved Sarawak National Party (SNAP).

It was not easy to have a great man like Stephen Kalong Ningkan as a father for he was seldom around when we were growing up. He was more like an elusive figure whom you fear but also deeply admire and respect.

Stephen Kalong Ningkan, Chief Minister of Sarawak 1963-1966

Dad was a visionary who foresaw the unification of the numerous races in Sarawak through the formation of SNAP. The power he exudes was immense and seldom was those who got to know him personally not affected by his magnetic personality and then far-fetched ideas. His downfall was partly due to  this way-off mental attitude that was far too advanced for many of his time.

Dad had a colourful life from an early age with a ‘mixed family’ to match. A son of a farmer born in Buloh Antu, Betong, Saribas (home of the late Orang Kaya Nanang), he had a diverse background – both fascinating and strange to those who have known him and his family.

Dad was only six years old in 1926 when his grandfather Mok Bak Seng took him to China for a few years. His grandfather was born in Namhoi, Kwangtung Province, China in 1870 and wanted him to learn the culture and the way of life there. His grandfather believed he had better opportunities in Sarawak then living in China and thus they both returned and stayed a while in Bau. This man whom Dad admired died on 20th October 1963, a few months after Dad took office as the first Chief Minister of Sarawak.


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