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June 29, 2010

Gathering of the Tribes 2011

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Gathering of the Tribes


Gathering of the Tribes brings the world to Borneo to experience something like no other. It is organised by a Committee made up of people concerned for the revival of traditional Borneo cultures and dying traditions. It started as a tattoo convention but now it has grown and developed into a tribal convention where the focus is now shifted to REVIVAL of the ancient arts, tattooing included.

It is the FIRST of its kind ever to be held in Borneo. Although the thrust of the gathering is TRIBAL TATTOOS, we will also showcase other tribal activities like WEAVING, BEAD-MAKING, CARVING, HEADHUNTING RITUALS, ANCIENT RITUALS AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH TRIBAL CULTURES OF BORNEO.

We hope to attract not just local tribal peoples of Borneo to share, discuss and learn amongst themselves but also welcome visitors from all over the world who want to be a part of our efforts to re-discover the purity of our ancient traditions. The indigenization of cultures is an anthropological exercise that is fast gaining momentum and now is the time to welcome the world to Borneo and show the world how rich and ancient our diverse cultures are!

We are supported by the Sarawak Convention Bureau, the Sarawak Tourism Board and Borneo Adventures.

We are also looking to sell booths for demonstrators, tattoo artists, traders, crafts products, dried foods products, etc etc.One booth is RM500 for three days.Entrance tickets valid for all three days is RM20.Thank you for joining the group and please keep coming back for further updates on the event.

Our website is http://tribes.com.my/ or our FaceBook Group  Gathering of the Tribes 2011

FOR MORE INFO, EMAIL tribalevents@gmail.com

Tribal leaders warned not to vote opposition in violation of Malaysia’s Constitution


Taken from  Malaysia Today


(Bernama) – Any tribal leader who supports the opposition in the next Sarawak state election will face immediate termination of service as the action is a very serious misconduct, said Sarawak Infrastructure Development and Communication Minister Michael Manyin.

“Tribal leaders are the government’s agents in developing local communities and are not supposed to go against the government,” he said at a ceremony to present appointment letters to Bidayuh and Melayu Temenggong (paramount leader) of Samarahan, here today.

In Sarawak, the post of Temenggong is the highest ranked community leader in the local administration system, followed by pemanca, penghulu and tribal leader.

Manyin said as the state election would be held soon, tribal leaders should enhance their efforts to assist the government by disseminating information about the success of the state government in bringing development to the people in the remote areas.

“To improve the government’s delivery system, the state government wants tribal leaders to be open-minded in accepting criticism and suggestions,” he said.

Manyin said the post of tribal leader was not a permanent post as it had been limited to four years.

“No voting or election is needed in appointing a new tribal leader as he will be appointed according to the approval given by the district officer, division resident and state secretary,” he said.

Former teacher, Robert Sulis Ridu, 75, was appointed as the Bidayuh Temenggong of Samarahan representing the Bidayuhs, while former religious teacher, Chek Bujang, 59, was appointed as Melayu Temenggong of Samarahan to represent the Malays.

Bidayuh Temenggong will lead 152 Bidayuh community and tribal leaders while Melayu Temenggong will lead 111 Malay community and tribal leaders in Samarahan.

June 28, 2010

SNAP’s back but at crossroads


Taken from  Malaysian Mirror

KUCHING – After eight years in the political doldrums, Sarawak National Party has been given a new lease of life after the Court of Appeal on June 23, 2010, set aside the decision of the Registrar of Societies to deregister the party.

But what is SNAP’s future like? Will the Dayaks return to the party?

Is SNAP – the pride of the Dayaks in the 1970s when it had 18 State assemblymen and nine MPs – able to recapture its past glory?

Or will it be able to capitalize on the sentiments of the Dayaks against the Barisan Nasional government and the authorities? And what are SNAP’s directions?

snap-dayakThese are some of the questions that many Dayaks and non-Dayaks are asking and demanding to know.

Many believe SNAP can attain its past glory, but to do that it must be led by someone who has the charismatic personality – the bold and the fearless.

“Change of leadership must be made if it is going to play a major role in both state and national politics. During these eight years, SNAP was left with a skeleton of members as many had left due to the uncertainty of its fate with the ‘Sword of Damocles’ hanging over its head,” said a former SNAP leader.  

Its performances in those years in two parliamentary elections and one state election against the Barisan Nasional were not only dismal, but to the point of being embarrassed, considering the fact that at one time it was the party to be reckoned with.

On April 10, 1961, SNAP became the third party to be formed after Sarawak United People’s Party and Party Negara Sarawak and that opened the way for the Dayaks to play active politics just before Sarawak obtained its independence in 1963. Synonymous with Dayak politics, it produced Sarawak’s first Chief Minister in the person of Stephen Kalong Ningkan.


A Key Question for Taib


Taken from SarawakReport.org

Who is the owner of the Taib family’s real estate fortune?    

Elegance – the Taib Residence in KuchingSarawakians are entitled to a clear answer, backed by documentary evidence, as to who actually owns the Taib family’s massive property portfolio.  A politician such as Abdul Taib Mahmud ought under law to be required to declare all his assets, so that he can be held accountable.  However, he does not.    

 The Chief Minister earns just 20,000 Malaysian Ringgit a month, yet his family owns a property empire worth hundreds of millions US dollars in countries across the world.  So far, the story that the Chief Minister has sought to maintain is that his entire family (male and female, young and old), are excellent business people, who suddenly and simultaneously discovered their talents in the early 1980s, right after he took power, and built their fotune through legitimate means or grand marriages to wealthy foreigners.    

Taid Transport – a bullet proof rolls royce

 Property worth billions of ringgit    

 Surely this highly dubious contention needs at least to be proven against the far more obvious conclusion that the ultimate ownership of much of this property remains with the Chief Minister, who has amassed a phenomenal fortune at the expense of his people?    

The Chief Minister should lay out before the Legislative Assembly proof that he is not the owner or beneficiary of any of his family’s assets and submit to independent financial scrutiny, as is routinely done in countries like the UK.  Not to do so would be to admit to the electorate that he is indeed the aged kleptocrat (an old thief who rules) that he is widely considered to be.     

Home is the place to start   


Sebuyau Iban,in direct action,confiscate logging equipment


Taken from  Borneo Independent News Service’s


In a mass action on 24th June 2010 , Sebuyau Iban travelled upriver to confiscate the keys of logging vehicles and equipment found on their territory. The vehicles are the property of Quality Concrete Sdn Bhd, a logging company who had entered into their forests without the consent of the landowners. The keys have been surrendered to the local police.

Travelling upriver from village to area of tresspass

Taking action as a community


June 26, 2010

SNAP – is relevant again

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Taken from  DayakBaru

Written by: Dr.John Brian Anthony

Kerubong Tekura NO MORE!

I remember in the last election those SNAP candidates were accused of using “kerubong tekura” – : empty tortoise shell because of its legal standing when contesting the last State election. It means SNAP is an empty party without hope.

MDC (Malaysian Dayak Congress)  effort to get registered were denied by the Government at that point in time (2006) and a decision was made to be together with SNAP. In the last election, SNAP won a seat  of DUN Engkilili. Instead of  nurturing SNAP to become stronger and fight for Sarawak people’s issue Johnichol Rayong, the SNAP sole winner he decided to be come a BULL FROG. He is expected to be admitted to join BN/SUPP. It is a blessing for MDC /SNAP not to have a leader like Johnichol Rayong who only has a personal agenda to make himself rich.

Taib says SNAP can ask to join BN

Edwin Dundang and Stanley Jugol, SNAP President and Secretary General respectively says SNAP is with Pakatan Rakyat now. Taib say SNAP can rejoin BN subjected to component parties collective decision.

Suddenly, SNAP become relevant again. It is the oldest multi-racial party in Sarawak and SNAP has a colourful political history. SNAP has given “birth” to the deregistered PBDS and current SPDP. Even PRS leadership were mostly from SNAP. Many of the  leadership of PKR Sarawak were previously from SNAP. Actually, PKR has many former SNAP members.

It is important that SNAP will move towards a new political era, an era of multi-racialism in Sarawak. It is the only local political party with a multi-racial face.

What is expected of SNAP?

In this blog, we have two opinions on SNAP. There are some Dayakbaru who wanted SNAP to die a natural death. Neverthless there are as many Dayakbaru who feels that SNAP must be made active again as it is the only Pakatan Rakyat component that is Sarawak based. PKR , DAP and  PAS are Malaya party.

Many Sarawakian are not comfortable to be a member of PKR, DAP or PAS. In this instance now, SNAP is a very attractive alternative and a political platform that Sarawakian is most familiar with. SNAP understand Sarawak politics very well and without the threat of being de-registered it should be a party of choice for many young Dayak.

Here, the young Sarawakian must regroup again and think carefully of their vision and strategy to counted as a strong political player in Sarawak. SNAP needs money and most of all it needs supporters with Sarawak interest at heart.


Rh Lagan,Sungai Telajin,Ulu Sibuti,Miri


Taken from the Facebook

Terima kasih bala bakih/menyadi laban udah meri komen sereta penemu ti beguna. Map tu diberi serta diterangka bala sida officer Land & Survey Miri kena 8/6/2010 tu kemari. Isu tanah tu ti bendar ukai isu baru tang udah mula taun 1997 suba. Tang apabila ditanya nama penyadi isu tu ngagai Land Survey bulan 5 2010 tu tadi, sida madah tanah tu agi under PL Binu Plantation. Kena ngeluar ka tanah tu ari PL Binu, Land Survey nyuruh kami minta surat pemendar ari Binu ngeluar ka tu ari PL sida. Surat udah dianjung ngagai Binu bulan 2 2010 lalu di cc ngagai YB Adun & YB Parlimen. Udahnya senyap nadai didinga berita ari Binu tauka ari bala wakil rakyat.

Udahnya kami nganjung surat baru 19/05/2010 (merujuk ka surat ti dulu) lalu mai berdialog. Surat nya di tuju ngagai 2 wakil rakyat, pegawai land survey, sida Binu, pegawai daerah, pegawai residen.

Kena 7/6/2010 aku nerima call ari bala land survey mai betemu kena 8/6/2010. Sida alu meri map baka ka ba atas tu. Start ari nya bala kami sebuat meda siti agi kompeni bisi bulih PL dia ianya Kina Juara. Empressa udah lama ngulam tanah dia kenyau ari taun 1998 suba.

Terbaru tu aku nerima berita ari bala, sida ari opis wakil rakyat minta kami ngaga siti surat ianya surat komplen ngagai Kina Juara. Aku bedau nemu enggau silih entang tu. Dalam masa ti sama kami diberi surat ari Binu madah ka tanah kami dikeluarka ari PL sida. Tu pan aku bedau entu nemu lalu bedau ga macha kandungan surat nya laban diatu aku benong ba luar miri. Untuk pengetahuan Binu tu anak syarikat Tradewinds.

Bala menyadi, utai ka paling ditakut ka aku iya nya ‘usaha bermusim’ ari sida ti bekuasa. Kenyau ari 1997 kami nuku ngagai sida Binu tang sida “buat selamba aje” munyi ko jako orang kl. Tang diatu utai nya ba bas express, laju serta muntang. Aku lembau bejako ka tanah bukai iya ka ditanda projek kerajaan nya. Sida land survey pan enda madah enggau silih projek nama nya.

Tuju aku ngayan ka map tu ngagai bala kita, laban aku irau map tu berubah tauka diubah jemah ila. nyadi kitai sebuat ti bisi ditu tau sama nyimpan copy


June 25, 2010

Taib’s fortune: Trio will return to MACC with ‘own copies’

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Taken from Free Malaysia Today

BY FMT Staff

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Anti- Corruption Commission’s (MACC) refusal to forward a copy of a report lodged by three Sarawakians alleging corruption by Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud has shocked the trio and thrown further suspicion on the agency, which is already struggling with its battered image.

Describing the situation as “ridiculous”, the trio – James Wong Joon Min, Ting Chek Ming and Ahmad Nazib Johari – have decided to make their own copies and return on a later date to lodge again their reports with the MACC in Putrajaya.

Said Wong: “We’ve decided to come back on another day. We’ll make our own copies of the report. We want MACC to investigate it. The report touches on Taib and family’s business empire and properties in Canada.”

The trio had yesterday lodged a report against Taib at the MACC yesterday. Having done so, they asked for a copy and were denied.

Shocked, they demanded an explanation only to be told that there was “no ruling allowing for a copy to be issued to the complainant”.

Billionaire daughter

Strangely enough, said Ahmad Nazib, the officer told them that “this case was different, this is a high-profile case”.

“After hearing this, we decided to be cautious. We told them that whether it is high or low-profile, the law is the law and should be applied to all,” said Ahmad Nazib.

Their MACC report was based on a series of articles published on the web portal sarawakreport.org last week.

The report noted that Taib had assets worth RM3 billion in Canada, London and Australia.

It also placed Taib’s billionaire daughter Jamilah as the owner of Sakato Development Corporation,an Ottawa-based construction company which owned assets worth millions of US dollars, with offices in the US and other countries.

The web report also alleged that the Taib family owned a company, Sitehost Pty Ltd, which was worth millions of ringgit in Australia. The family also allegedly owned the Kuching Hilton and Mulu Resort in Sarawak.

The web has alleged that Taib had used his wealth in Sarawak to invest all over the world, thus avoiding domestic taxes.

The report also exposed several other alleged abuses by Taib in construction and timber concessions through his family-owned company Cahya Mata Sarawak.

June 24, 2010

How Taib Has Robbed Sarawak

Taken from Sarawak Report.org
How many billion dollars is that Taib? 


No secret about Taib’s thieving ways

Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud’s methods for milking Sarawak’s wealth at the expense of its people has been documented by numerous respected international news organisations, including Bloomberg, The London Times and Al Jazeerah TV.  The real scandal is that Malaysia’s forces of law and order have not long since arrested him and brought him to trial.

 Taib abuses his positions as Finance Minister and Chief Minister to make sure that nearly all state contracts go to companies that he and his family own.  He runs Sarawak like his own private enterprise. This is the essence of corruption. Under proper governance all state contracts should be independently awarded to companies that gives the taxpayer best value for money by the job.  This should be an open process that everyone can check.  But in Sarawak Taib hands out contracts behind closed doors – and he gives them to himself!

Dishonest Contracts

A brand new building that no one needs to feather Taib’s nest Abdul Taib Mahmud governs Sarawak purely in order to make a profit for himself.  The biggest company in Sarawak is Cahya Mata Sarawak, the huge construction conglomerate, which is owned mostly by himself and members of his family.  Before Taib took power CMS was a profitable public company owned by the State, but he used his influence to privatise it and then take it over himself.  Nowadays Taib makes sure numerous government projects, involving huge payments from the taxpayer, are given to CMS.

 An estimated MR 500 million are handed out each year to CMS by the department of Public Works alone.  On top of that there are numerous one-off projects, for example the construction of the multi-million US dollar Aluminium Smelter project linked to the controversial Bakun Dam and of the new MR300 million Parliament Building in Kuching  – guess which company the Sarawak State ‘negotiated’ to give these contracts to?

Straight Scams


June 22, 2010

Hindraf to help track down Sarawak’s assets abroad

By Joe Fernandez

KOTA KINABALU: Hindraf Makkal Sakthi is prepared to help civic action groups in Sarawak to trace, claim and bring back any ill-gotten gains salted away abroad by local politicians. This includes making forensic accountants available from London and other key western financial capitals for the institution of class action suits.

The ad hoc apolitical human rights movement made the offer in the wake of a website report last week that shed light on some of the assets allegedly accumulated by Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud in Canada and other countries.

The assets, as the accusations go, do not commensurate with Taib’s known sources of lawful income as the chief minister since 1981. Taib currently draws a monthly salary of RM 20,000 as chief minister.

“Since 9/11, the international laws against money laundering and terrorism have become extremely tough,” said the London-based Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy in a telephone call last Friday before leaving for Singapore. “There are also laws in western and many other countries against Third World or other dictators parking their ill-gotten gains in their places.”

Ill-gotten gains abroad, said Waythamoorthy, can be frozen by the courts pending the disposal of class action suits.

He said that as far back as the post-Marcos era in the Philippines, civic action groups have successfully persuaded various courts abroad to freeze and return ill-gotten assets.

“Our (Hindraf) role is to study and advise civic action groups on the various international options to bring Taib to justice and return what belongs to the people of Sarawak,” said Waythamoorthy, a British-trained lawyer. “This is not just about Taib but anyone in Sarawak who needs to be brought to justice.”

Third force

Asked what possible benefits that Hindraf could derive from being involved in the pursuit of the Sarawak chief minister in the courts, Waythamoorthy said the movement stood for the solidarity of the emerging “third force” in Malaysian politics.

“Our involvement in the pursuit of Taib must be seen as part of this solidarity of the Third Force,” said Waythamoorthy. “We don’t know whether the journey will end in the destination that we have envisaged. The main concern at the moment is to at least begin the process.”

Hindraf has commenced a trillion-dollar class action suit as well in London against the British and Malaysian governments “for centuries of criminal exploitation” of Malaysians of Indian-origin, especially those in the estate sector.

The Hindraf chief sees the Common Interest Group Malaysia (CigMA), an ad hoc apolitical human rights movement, as its chief ally in the pursuit of Taib “to the ends of the Earth”.

Besides CigMA, chairman Jeffrey Gapari Kitingan, who is based in Kota Kinabalu, Waythamoorthy identified other possible allies such as former Sarawak deputy chief minister Daniel Tajem Anak Miri, green activist and lawyer Harrison Ngau Laing, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) senior activist Nicholas Bawin and native land rights activist Baru Bian. Baru is also the Sarawa PKR chief.

One other possible ally is Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen, said Waythamoorthy.

He said the Sarawak DAP MP has queried Taib many times in the State Legislative Assembly over the lawfulness of his business dealing while in public office.

Waythamoorthy is confident that Chong would like to join forces with the other Sarawak activists and him “to force Taib and his family out of public office and seek the speedy return of the people’s wealth”.

Facilitator role

Jeffrey, in a response late yesterday, said he would have to study how the people of Sarawak would respond to their continuing dilemma over Taib.

“The names mentioned by Waythamoorthy are probably the best ones to work with, for a start,” said Jeffrey. “My role is to act as the facilitator between Hindraf and Sarawak activists.”

Jeffrey, also a PKR vice-president with special responsibility for Sabah and Sarawak, plans to broach the subject of Taib’s multi-billion dollar assets abroad at a meeting of the party’s political bureau in Kuala Lumpur soon.

Baru said he was “shocked” to hear that Taib’s family had amassed such a huge amount of wealth while the rural population in the state remained poor. “I really hope that the Canadian authorities will investigate this case and determine if Sakto Development Corporation is in breach of the Canadian laws,” Baru said.

He added that he was currently trying to get hold of the evidence behind the news report in order to lodge a complaint with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

Taib and his office were not immediately available for comment.

One political secretary requested that a copy of the website report be e-mailed to him.

Another close aide said last night that the Sarawak Barisan Nasional strongman was considering his legal options against the website.

“These reports will not have any effect on the performance of the BN in the rural areas,” said the close aide. “Taib remains strong and will be able to ride out this storm as on previous occasions. All this is the work of jealous people who can’t see the good that he has done so far for the state.”

He said that Taib “had correctly read the political temperature in rural Sarawak” when he stressed recently that the people are poor and depend on the government to help them.

Taib’s predictable response in previous instances where impropriety was imputed to him was a blanket denial of any wrong-doing.


Would BN win the next election in Sarawak? Who is more desperate to hang on to power? The rakyat or BN?. Who will be the next Chief Minister of Sarawak?

After the conclusion of the last BUY-election in Sibu, Taib Mahmud confidently said that the bumiputera in Sarawak still rally behind BN?

Tun Rahman said Alfred Jabu is the leader of the Iban. Rahman is just short of saying that Jabu is the next Chief Minister of Sarawak.

Taib is making some round on the ground and is very convincing about BN’s victory.

Najib is making statements about election as well. Some say of possible snap election. All these seem to create a synchrony to make the best possible chance of BN to win Sarawak or even a general election.

Well, would voters not caught by surprise if there is a knee jerk pre-planned action or strategy made purely fail the opposition, if there are one or a few of such to happen?

Will Sarawak or Sabah remained a fixed deposit for umno led BN government?

The above, coupled with some relevant scenarios on the ground in Sarawak, make me ponder long enough that BN could win if they succeded in executing the move.

These million dollar question need to be answered before the comming election.

Now, How if i say the next chief minister of Sarawak is Tansri Alfred Jabu. Forget about Abg Joe, Dato’ Adenan or Awg Tengah. They would not help BN to win Sarawak based on the racial and religious polarization that mounts in Sarawak today. Would the Iban and other native rally behind BN again? To some extent i would stupidly answer my own question, YES… the Ibans would throw support for BN again and failed the opposition again and again.

If this scenario happened, then what Taib said after Sibu Election is correct….The native is still behind BN.

Now, after BN win and back to power through executing the plan, would the Taib dynasty be happy with Jabu at the helm? My porr guess…NO. Not happy!!

They have enough resources to create havoc and make it a difficult time for Jabu.

One possible option is to throw a vote of no confidence towards Jabu’s leadership and placed him with Tun Rahman’s daughter Norah or anyone from their dynasty.

Another option is to create a scenarios similar to what had happened to Pairin Kitingan in Sabah. This would not be hard to execute as there are precedence to the case.

The bottom line now is BN remained in power again with Taib Dynasty at its helm. The rakyat PUTIH MATA, and worst of all, the opposition leaders in Sarawak are seen as FOOLS.

Just my one cent theory on how BN may retain power in Sarawak. ..


June 21, 2010

Tr Nor Ak Nyawai NCR Land Case Judgement 2001

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Tr Nor Ak Nyawai NCR Land Case Judgement 2001


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